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Accept, Approve, Appreciate, Validate & Smile

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 16, 2009

I watched the most incredible 15 minute video of my entire life.  The lessons in this short 15 minutes cover a range from joy to depression, victories to setbacks, naive positivity to chosen positivity, self to others, individual to team, living small to living large, hopeless to hopeful, taking to giving, paycheck to significance, and many more. 


The longer I live, the more I realize the essential hunger inside of everyone to be accepted, approved and appreciated.  If we, as human beings, could all learn to focus on others before focusing on ourselves, we would overcome so many of the problems that plague our society today.  If we desire acceptance in life, then we must give acceptance.  If we desire approval in life, then we must give approval.  If we desire appreciation in life, then we must give appreciation.  If we desire validation in life then we must give validation and if we desire smiles then give others your smile. 


I know people can accuse me, an engineer, of losing my rationality and falling into sentimentality, but I know what I speak is true.  A sincerely thought out and spoken or written comment can fuel a person for a week.  I know many high achievers and it is as true for them as it is for a young child.  Recognition: grown men die for it and babies cry for it.  Do not hoard this precious gift.  Do not feel that complimenting and praising others takes from you.  Appreciation is one of the few gifts that the more you give it away, the more it returns to you.  You will gather more bees with honey than vinegar.  There is a shortage of honey and stockpiles of vinegar in life.  This short film has inspired me to share my thanks with you.


I want to thank all of my friends and family for the many kind words and encouraging statements.  I will never be able to share how much they have meant to me over the last year.  The world tends to beat the joy out of you, but you still have the choice of whether to surrender your joy.  If you lost your joy in 2008, then choose now to reclaim it by giving away joy to others.  Start a virtuous cycle of sincere praise and appreciation and let’s change the world one life at a time!  Can you imagine if every person at every open encourage the other people at our opens like Hugh Newman?  The Team would be well past one million people in no time at all!  God Bless, Orrin Woodward


Assignment: Please share the names of people who have brought joy to your life through their encouraging words of appreciation and validation.

11 Responses to “Accept, Approve, Appreciate, Validate & Smile”

  1. […] the incredible gifts of others right before our eyes.  I did an earlier article on the video validation that captures some of these points.  If a person is not validated, they may lose hope and […]

  2. Tennyson Heen said

    Cheryl Ching, Merilyn Heen, Donald Heen, Wendy Ching, Albert Maglines, James Ingland, Chris Mattis, Roger Sitcler, Tim Marks, Dean Frey, Rich Hauser, Gabriel Negrete, Alex Loya, Elmer Javier, Joseph King

  3. Lloyd Lam said

    What an insightful and powerful blog and video!

  4. Hi Orrin. Still a favorite video! We have used these principles over the last few years and needed the reminder of how valuable they are to other’s. We will double our efforts to help others feel validated.
    John and Heather Richardson.

  5. […]  What he says is everyone has an essential hunger for these three things. And, as I read on orrinwoodwardblog.com talking about this […]

  6. Jamie Jewer said

    Thanks for this message. Accept, approve, and appreciate is such a simple (yet often misunderstood) concept, and this video shows the value of that combined with the power of a smile. Thank you for sharing it – it made my day!

  7. Debi Tinker said

    What an incredible video!!! My mentor and friends, Jeff and Cathy Otto have given me many encouraging words and validation in my life thru the LIFE Business. I am very pleased to call them my friends.

  8. Le'Troy Andrews said

    Blessings Orrin,
    Went over my notes from this weekend’s Leadership in Columbus to figure out what I had learned. Between your …impress others with their greatness & CD 3 from the Jackie Lewis Tribute Pack (How to Win Friends), I realized that I’m still a player, not in the business the “science” so much but very much so in the “art” & the 3A’s. Anyway I came to this posting from the CD. Jackie Lewis, still doing The Lords work. LIFE is teaching me to love life!
    Le’Troy Andrews

  9. […] I was listening to a few days ago had a commentary from the late Jackie Lewis.  She mentioned a blog post by Orrin Woodward who was recently ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the world’s top 20 […]

  10. So thankful for my mentor Larry VanBuskirk. He is a tremendous encourager!

  11. Michael Rellera said

    Absolutely amazing video Mr. Woodward!! Just by watching that video triggered tons of happy emotions that made me smile even as I type this reply 😀 I would like to thank Ethan And Whyatt Bristol, Andy dercks, Pat Edwards, and the rest of the leaders that continues to mentor and encourage me through audios and books.

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