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    Former Guinness World Record Holder for largest book signing ever, Orrin Woodward is a NY Times bestselling author of And Justice For All along with RESOLVED & coauthor of LeaderShift and Launching a Leadership Revolution. His books have sold over one million copies in the financial, leadership and liberty fields. RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE made the Top 100 All-Time Best Leadership Books and the 13 Resolutions are the framework for the top selling Mental Fitness Challenge personal development program.

    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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Archive for August, 2009

Tim Hawkins – The Government Can

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 25, 2009

Tim Hawkins is the best clean comedian out there and Laurie and I enjoy watching his videos.  His one liners have become classics in the Woodward family repartee.  Here is one of his best music videos.  Enjoy! God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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Federal Reserve – An Honest Dollar?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 24, 2009

In 1913 there were two big issues in our Congress.  The enacting of the Federal Reserve and the introduction of a Federal Income Tax.  Who said the number 13 was unlucky?  They may be on to something.  Ron Paul states that our dollar is worth only $.04 compared to one dollar in 1913 at the founding of the Federal Reserve.  Did you get that?  Our USA money has been inflated 25 times since 1913!  Inflation is a form of secret tax that drains away net worth without Congress having to approve unpopular higher taxes.  Oh what I would do for more honest men to lead our country!  Watch the video and ponder how inflation kills honest savings and productive effort by bleeding away its value.  God Bless, Orrin Woodward Orrin Woodward Facebook

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Read the Fine Print!

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 18, 2009

Here is a hilarious video on reading the fine print. Enjoy! God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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Top 25 Leadership Gurus

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 11, 2009

The latest Top 25 Leadership Gurus in the world has just been released by an independent organization. This is a special post for me personally as many on this list have made a significant impact on my life.   This post is to thank all of the leadership guru’s on the list who have made a difference in my life.  Below is the latest list of the Top 25 leadership gurus.  Through this list, I can show how important it is to read and learn for your own personal development.  No one is a self made person.  It truly takes a team in anything to win, but especially when it comes to leadership.  Here is the list with my comments on each person’s role in helping me to grow.  I have not read all of the leaders on the list, but I do plan on picking up their materials and learning from them.  Here is the Top 25 and the Best of the Rest:


1. John C. Maxwell – John wrote the first leadership book that I read called Developing the Leader Within.  This was the first book that convinced me that I could change and become a leader.  Thank you John for sharing your thoughts with the world!


2. Stephen Covey – Outside of the Bible, Stephen’s book, the 7 Habits, affected my outlook on character and doing the right thing the most!  This is a book for all-time and will never go out of style as it is based upon timeless principles.  I thank you Mr. Covey, for sharing your profound wisdom.


3. Rudy Giulliani – I recently picked up Rudy’s book and look forward to delving into it. I have followed his meteoric rise and appreciate how he helped transform New York.  That is what leaders do – drive change & that is why Rudy is on the list.  Keep leading Rudy as America needs it.


4. Tom Peters – I read Tom’s book, In Search of Excellence back in college.  Tom is a visionary that I follow to see what he is thinking.  One of the things that I appreciate about Mr. Peters is that I know he will stretch my thinking.  Keep thinking and leading Tom.


5. Jack Welch – Jack’s book, Straight from the Gut, is a powerful read.  Jack is not afraid to make the tough decisions and as a leader you must make them.  Jack taught me that as a leader, you cannot make everyone happy, but you must help everyone on your team be productive.  Jack has made a huge impact in leadership.


6. Meg Whitman – I have not read Meg’s leadership material and I look forward to doing so.  She has clearly made an impact and I look forward to studying her leadership thoughts. 


7. Anthony Robbins – Anthony wrote a couple of best sellers that I read in the mid 90’s.  Both started me thinking and believing that I could do more if I expanded my vision.  Robbins started the ball rolling that I could be more than a no people skills engineer.


8. Ken Blanchard – Ken is a legend in the corporate training field.  I really appreciate Ken’s Christian testimony and leadership thoughts.  Mr. Blanchard has led, taught, and lived his life with an uncommon class and dignity.  His books have made a difference in me.


9. Mark Driscoll – I have been hearing comments about the leadership of Mark and look forward to reading his thoughts.  Mark is stepping out of the crowd through his leadership and vision.


10. Ram Charan – Ram’s book Execution is a must read.  I promoted this book to anyone I met for several years.  Ram breaks complex thoughts down to the simple principles that must be focused upon. 


11. Robin Sharma – I have not read Robin’s books, but have picked them up to read and review.  I have heard many great things from others and look forward to learning from him.


12. Jim Collins – Jim Collins book, Good to Great is one of my Top 5 leadership books.  I read this book at the right time and it had a major impact in my thinking and belief.  I have sold thousands of his books to others.  Jim is one of the writers that makes me continue to think long after I have put down his books.


13. Mike Myatt – Mike is another leader that I can’t wait to learn from.  This is another case of a top leader that slipped though the cracks.  I will not let that continue and will review further after reading his materials.


14. Marshall Goldsmith – Marshall’s book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, is filled with wisdom to help people breakthrough to the next level.  Marshall’s book helped me improve my ability to mentor and I am thankful that he shared his thoughts with the leadership community.


15. Warren Bennis – Warren in one of the legends in the leadership field.  I have read several of Warren’s books and have enjoyed them immensely.  Mr. Bennis recognized early the crucial need for leadership to guide our country through times of change.


16. Tim Ferris – I recently finished Tim’s book on the 4 Hour Work Week.  Tim is one of a select few that can make you think outside of your current paradigm.  Tim is not afraid to go against the crowd to obtain what he desires.  An excellent book to get you thinking and changing.


17. Sydney Finkelstein – I have not read Sydney’s materials to date, but will read and post a review.  The fact that he is on this list tells me that he is making an impact on the leadership community.


18. Tony Dungy – Tony’s book, Quiet Strength was impressive.  The book is filled with nuggets of wisdom derived from life, coaching, and personal challenges.  After reading Tony’s book, I felt that I knew him and have become a big fan of his leadership style.  His Christian faith is inspiring to other Christian leaders.


19. Jack Canfield – Nearly everyone has read the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, but Jack has also written some of the most powerful personal improvement materials.  I enjoyed his book, The Success Principles and applied many of his points immediately.  Jack’s books are must reads.


20. Deepak Chopra – I have portions of Deepak’s books and thoughts.  Deepak makes you think about how your actions affect others and helps you to start improving yourself.  Deepak helps you to understand that inward change must precede outward change.


21. Harvey MacKay – I have read several of Harvey’s books and have enjoyed them all.  Harvey is a businessman who has walked his talk.  A powerful speaker and writer, you cannot go wrong reading any of his leadership materials.


22. Clayton Christensen – Clayton is another leader that I look forward to reading and learning from.  I will review when I have completed some of his materials.  Congratulations to Clayton for making the Top 25.


23. Brian Tracy – Brian has written extensively in the areas of sales, personal development and leadership.  All of his books will make a difference in your life and I highly recommend his books to improve your leadership.


24. John Piper – John is an excellent writer that has written top notch Christian books. John’s book, Don’t Waste Your Life, is a wake up call to many.  Reading John’s books will strengthen your faith and desire to doing something great for God’s Glory.


25. John Baldoni – I will delve into John’s materials and review shortly.  John is clearly making a difference in the leadership field and I look forward to learning from him.


Best of Rest in Alphabetical Order:


Art Petty – I have not read Art’s materials but will shortly. Congratulations on making the Best of the Rest category.


Carly Fiorina – Carly is one of the top CEO’s in America.  She has led high tech companies and I have read many of her articles.  I recently picked up her book and look forward to reading and learning.


Colin Powell – Colin has led a life of leadership wherever he has worked.  Colin is an inspiration because of his drive to make a difference and his character to do it right.  I have his book and plan to read.


Jim Rohn – Jim is a living legend in the personal development field and his book 12 Pillars is one of my favorites.


Orrin Woodward– I am honored to be on the Best of the Rest list.  I would like to thank my Creator for blessing me with an opportunity to grow and change.  Second, I would like to thank my wife Laurie for patiently giving me 10 hours a day to read and write.  She is a true blessing in my life!  Third, I would like to thank Chris Brady who is my co-author and leadership partner.  Chris and I can sit down for a couple of hours and all of our ideas are better due to the incredible synergy.  Chris can take any of our thoughts and capture them in the written word better than anyone that I know.  I share this recognition in full with Chris Brady. Fourth, I would like to thank the incredible Team of Leaders that I am honored to work with.  We are on our way to 1 million and beyond. You are the best!


Patrick Lencioni – Patrick’s books on Dysfunctions are must reads! I have enjoyed his wisdom and thoughts in all his books.


Steve Farber – Steve’s books have been highly recommended by other leaders close to me.  I plan on reading his books soon.  I will review them when I have finished reading.


Wayne Dyer – Wayne is a student of success and personal improvement.  He has written many top selling books and has made a significant impact in the leadership field.


I thank everyone on this list for their role in improving the leadership community worldwide. In my opinion, the world is ripe for Launching a Leadership Revolution and everyone must step up to the plate and learn from this inspiring group of leaders to make a difference in your communities!  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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Goal Setting

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 9, 2009

If you are going to hit a goal, you must have a goal.  Goal setting is critical for high achievement!  A person without a goal is like a ship without a rudder – directionless.  Leaders set their own goals and help their team’s set goals.  Do you have a goal? Here is a short video on goal setting. God Bless, Orrin Woodward  Orrin Woodward Photo   Orrin Woodward Elevision  Orrin Woodward LLR

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American Fascism – Thomas DiLorenzo

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 6, 2009

Here is an excellent video from Thomas DiLorenzo. When a country loses its Economic freedoms, it is bound to lose its Spiritual and Political freedoms also.  Educate yourself on the roots of American freedoms and share with your friends and family.  The Mises Institute is a great place to start the process.  America is at the crossroads between liberty and tyranny.  Our choices and actions will have major consequences on the next generation of Americans.  Enjoy the video. God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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