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Mental Fitness Challenge: 90 Days to Change Your Life

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 26, 2012

Mental Fitness Challenge

It is here – The Mental Fitness Challenge! The official release of the best systematically designed personal development program ever.  I teamed up with NY Times best-selling author Chris Brady to conceptualize and develop a step-by-step process to grow personally from the inside out starting with private achievements, moving onto public achievements, then to leadership achievements, and eventually culminating in a legacy achievement. Anyone reading this who has the mind, heart, and desire to change can now achieve his or her destiny.

The Mental Fitness Challenge is based around my book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE. Each of the resolutions is focused on for one week, leading to a 13-week program designed to inculcate the 13 resolutions mindset into your life. I have never been happier with a personal development product, and I am excited to play a part in helping people fulfill their purposes. What is the life you have always wanted? Isn’t it time to pursue it today?  Here is Chris’s short description of the Mental Fitness Challenge.


Orrin Woodward

Mental Fitness Challenge: 90 Days to Change Your Life pictureThe Mental Fitness Challenge, the product that has required more study, time, effort, input, design, and blood, sweat, and tears than anything the LIFE company or Team have ever come out with, is coming soon!

How soon? At the Spring Leadership Convention in Columbus, Ohio this coming weekend!

What is it? A life-changing package of information, including three best-selling books, a bunch of CDs, an online environment for tracking progress, a video library which accumulates for future viewing as videos stream in through email on a regular basis, a self-assessment test, unlimited 360 feedback, accountability partners, goal and tracking sheets, and more! This product encompasses years and years of learning how people change and maximize in their lives in all the 13 areas of resolutions from Orrin Woodward’s best seller RESOLVED.

Why is this such a great thing for LIFE members? Because it embodies an extremely low-priced, overall package of life improvement that can easily be sold to customers who want to “Live the Life They’ve Always Wanted to Live!”

There is so much more to tell you than we can possibly do in this little blog. Therefore, we’ll just have to put it all out there for you at this convention (One big reason, among about 100, that you need to be there!) You won’t believe what you will learn about this product and how it is especially designed to help your business (and your future) go viral!!!!

16 Responses to “Mental Fitness Challenge: 90 Days to Change Your Life”

  1. Catherine said

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about this, Orrin. The most successful men and women in history employed disciplinary programs like this to help them achieve, and countless books have been written trying to unlock their “secrets.” Now it’s laid out for the “common” man and woman to grab hold of it. Thanks for all your hard work. The LIFE business is changing lives!

  2. We are the new “mental” Gladiators in the Mental Fitness arena.

  3. Paula Young said

    Cannot wait to hear about it this weekend!!!!!

  4. Reblogged this on Dave Ober Life Leadership Team and commented:
    This is a great tool for anyone from large business to individual that wants to maximize their efforts!

  5. Bill Eder said

    You leaders are amazing. The Life products we have are truly world class and at every turn keep getting better almost daily. An old dog can learn new things. Can’t wait to get to Columbus it’s gonna be awesome. See you there.


  6. asmies said

    Thank you Orrin, Chris and all others who have been among those who have prepared this product for public release!!

  7. Chris Rodinsky said


  8. Maribel Damphousse said

    Big thanks, Orrin and Chris! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and start the journey! I always thank God for the generosity of your heart and for giving us the tools needed to become better sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. So excited to start the trip to Columbus – God bless!

  9. This is very interesting, looking forward to knowing more about this product and what it’s all about. Woohoo! The LIFE Biz rocks! 🙂

  10. Jamie and I have our Mental Fitness Challenge and ready to dive in. We can’t wait to find as many people as possible who want to take it with us.
    Steve Leurquin

  11. Rob Crichlow said

    Measurable growth with great information behind it! Perfect!

  12. Mental Fitness Challenge has been a HUGE hit and it is going VIRAL! Appreciate all the comments. thanks, Orrin

  13. Great write-up, Orrin! The Mental Fitness Challenge is a flagship product for LIFE and a total game-changer for anyone wanting to grow themselves!

    Chris Brady

  14. Jason Lundin said

    Thank you Orrin! The 90 days to change your life is tremendous! Inside change will change and influence the outside world for generations! The application of the resolutions via group accountability truly facilitates long term change! Habits! Habits! Habits! This is so great! I love the systematic approach!

  15. Orrin:

    There are so many aspects to the Mental Fitness Challenge people are enjoying. I seem to hear the most about the accountability partners, but recently it’s the Challenge Groups that have everyone buzzing. There are so many features to the Challenge that I believe it is downright impossible for someone to take the Challenge and not come away totally changed for the better!


    Chris Brady

  16. Brian Suddeth said

    This product is outstanding, I have heard of churches (including my own) and even NBA teams showing interest in it. It’s what we need. A Leadership “how to” program that prepares us to seize those turning points in life and lead the way we were designed to. This information has allowed me to grow in areas of leadership I never thought possible. I have started a mentoring program in the public schools in my town, as well as started a leadership program at my church. The goal is to help people grow to be all that God made them to be and the Mental Fitness Challenge is definitely the tool if choice!

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