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Mental Fitness Challenge Rolled Out in Columbus

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 30, 2012

Mental Fitness Challenge Rolled Out in Columbus picture

LIFE poured into Columbus for the launch of the Mental Fitness Challenge – the greatest personal development program created to help the average person achieve above-average results in life. What is the life you have always wanted to live? Learn the principles taught within the Mental Fitness Challenge and pursue your dreams. Here is a video explaining more!

The team has never had as powerful an event as what took place this weekend. Speaker after speaker stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park! If you attended the event, what was your key nugget or magic moment that you took away to implement into your life?


Orrin Woodward

22 Responses to “Mental Fitness Challenge Rolled Out in Columbus”

  1. It was a super charged weekend! The mental Fitness Challenge is a great addition to the perfect storm we have with the monthly subscription and fantastic association through community building.


  2. Fired UP!
    Good Morning Orrin. Thank you for a great weekend! Thank ‘IT’ for the great MFC site!

  3. Awesome!! Lead the way!!

  4. Already through the first 2 CD’s in Module 1.
    My LIFE’s purpose: Exporting Individual Freedoms around the WORLD.
    Thank you so much Orrin and Chris, for the fantastic teaching!

  5. I came away with the belief in myself. Things in my job are spiraling out of control and that’s where my focus was. After this weekend, I believe God is just opening up a door to bigger and better things in my LIFE! Thanks Orrin, Chris, the other PC and to my friends in TEAM Rhino. CHARGE!

  6. Ken Hendon said

    GOOD GRIEF! Our seven new Kosher power players are going nuts planning their free trips. The motivation of this amazing, unified system is off the charts. Your Master Mind PC has nailed it!

  7. What an amazing weekend!!! Just imagine being at a football game but without any negative people. Oh yeah, with 50 quarters and your exhausted wishing it had 51. These PC guys are amazing. LIFE itself was already the best ever and now with the MFC all the defense is off the field. Just have fun and spread the word. Everyone needs this they just don’t know it. God Bless

  8. Yancy Mejia-Chaj said

    That is exciting how people have a vehicle to change there lifes

  9. CAROL BAKER said

    The MENTAL FITNESS CHALLENGE is creating a ton of excitement in our teams as well as the team!!
    FREE TRIPS!! Are you kiddn’ me…awesome! Everyone is already planning on which trip that they’ll take in the next 6 months. DISNEY, JAMAICA, COSTA RICA, 7 DAY CRUISE or maybe MAUI OR ALASKA…hmm!

    Thanks for an amazing weekend! It was VIRAL!!!

  10. Alicia Johanning Reg Eagles!!!! said

    Vision and influence!!!

  11. Elizabeth Drumm said

    Best Nugget: Just because someone doesn’t drink your water in the middle of the desert, doesn’t mean the water’s bad!

  12. Richard Dudek said

    So fired up and excited about this new program. Thank you Orrin and the rest of the PC for continuing to strive for excellence! We are going to restore our country!

  13. a grand slam .hit this one out of the park.amazing.
    GLORY TO GOD thank you PCs and Orrin for the music inside you

  14. Rob Crichlow said

    The future is looking very bright!

  15. Little bummed about the Costa Rica trip, because thanks to LIFE I’m already living there so I can’t earn it as a free trip ;). However; the TON of positives far outweighs that tiny little detail. The best nugget I got was seeing myself doing this. Seeing the opportunity with 1 focused product to lead the way. I can see going to every business etc. become a door to door Mental Fitness Challenger. Applying the quote from Frank Bettger “Any man who can go out and earnestly tell his story to 4 people a day can’t help but make good in this industry” That just gives me a whole new confidence to go share this with everyone I meet. University of Freedom provided by LIFE TEAM and the MFC I’m PUMPED UP. We’re going viral!

  16. Orrin, flawless weekend in Columbus! Thank you for inviting Marc MacDonald and Pastor Tom Ascol for sharing their messages. They are a perfect fit for this organization! I envision the next 90 days coming into the July major with people looking their best, feeling their best and thinking their very best! We really do offer the whole package and I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do with my life!

  17. David Enns said

    Wow what a magical weekend!! So excited for the Mental Fitness Challenge! Orrin’s talk about LIFE island on saturday night was my favourite! Gotta keep swimming! So thankful for what LIFE and the Team have done for us!
    God Bless

  18. Hi there Orrin – Absolute gold medal x 5 star x 2 thumbs up extended weekend ( that includes Thursday, when I helped volunteer + today, with all of the fantastic roll out items on all the websites ) 🙂 WoW. We are seriously off the charts fired up in one corner of Claude’s Kaizen tribe! Thank you to every single PC member, the LIFE support, TEAM office staff (which I think includes IT? ;)), & everyone else not already mentioned for all their hard + smart work, over time to bring this to all of us in the field :o) p.s. You & the head rascal are hilarious on the vids! 😉

  19. This challenge is going to revolutionize the way we interact with our fellow human beings. You can super charge your personal and professional environment by taking 90 days and giving it your all. Find three friends to do it with you and you get your challenge for FREE! Then you can help others do the same! WHAT COULD BE BETTER THEN THAT!?! If I’m reading your mind correctly, your thinking FREE TRIPS! Tim Marks, over the weekend, said to think of this journey as fun, easy, fast, and WORTH IT! This challenge will go a long way to ending job misery in this country. So get out of your living rooms, cause you really have SOMETHING TO SHOUT ABOUT!!!!!!

  20. Brian Suddeth said

    Amazing!!! My church wants to use it as a leadership training program!! Thanks PC!!!

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