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The Tom Chenault Show

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 7, 2012

The Tom Chenault Show pictureTom Chenault, my good friend and a top leader in community building across the globe, recently asked me to join him on his radio show The Tom Chenault Show. I enjoyed the interview immensely as Tom has a unique way of coaxing out the good stuff and summarizing the material into bite-sized morsels for mental consumption.

My personal highlight of the interview, however, wasn’t anything I said, but what Tom and Denice (Tom’s lovely bride) shared about his recovery from alcohol abuse, being sober now for over 23 years. Tom’s forthright conversation on his alcohol addiction and his resolve to join AA many years ago was inspiring. This victory is impressive enough, but there’s more. At the beginning of this year, he added further resolutions to his plate – working out, attending daily AA meetings, etc. – and has followed through faithfully. This is what makes the Chenaults champions. I loved hearing Denice explain how the resolutions have helped Tom grow and change. You can hear the authenticity of the admiration coming from her voice in the interview.

Tom and Denice Chenault exemplify the power of resolutions to change a person’s life. The whole point of my writing RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE and launching the Mental Fitness Challenge was to have millions of stories like that of Tom and Denice, who went through the struggles, resolved to change, and through God’s grace, achieved victory! To God alone be the glory!

Here is the link to the interview (about 25 minutes into first hour) if you would like to give it a listen for yourself. Have a great day and resolve to live the life you’ve always wanted today!


Orrin Woodward

12 Responses to “The Tom Chenault Show”

  1. Rick Britton said

    That’s fired up! Im at my largest task ever. . . to quit smoking. This awesome story will help fire me up and stay the course!

  2. ROY TAYLOR said

    I admire Tom Chenault for his change of life style and a new life. I had several addictions drinking and smoking. It will be 50 years come July 7, since I decided to quit the drinking with the help of AA and the using the principles along with the individuals who help others.The smoking ended September 1970, I know that some individuals need asistance in changing and I had self determination and resolve that sawme through. I write this in hope that it might help others deal with obstacles in their life. God Bless all.

  3. Orrin, what an awesome story on overcoming. thank you so much for sharing this story. I can’t wait to hear of more people who will resolve to grow and get better so that we can go out and inspire others do the same.

    god bless

  4. melissadrover said

    Orrin, thank you for sharing this story. Tom & Denice’s story is a great inspiration for anyone resolving to make a change in their lives.

  5. Troy Gallant said

    Thanks Orrin for creating this life changing information. This is one of the many inspiring stories that I’m sure you will be sharing over the coming weeks and months. Can’t wait to hear them all.

  6. Orrin,
    What a great story. Just goes to show that results in life come through consistent, persistent effort; not one time emotional decisions.

  7. Elaine Koleske said

    This story is very touching because I have been around alcoholics all my life. I know I cannot change anyone. Its hard to watch family members that are going down the wrong path. Its a challenge to ‘be different’ from your family. To get involved with the right group with character, integrity, morals and vision … is a blessing.

  8. Fantastic story!! Thanks for sharing Orrin!

  9. Bill Eder said

    Terrific interview Orrin.The principles you outlined and Tom’s witness shgould be enough to convince many people that LIFE can and will make a difference.
    Thanks for sharing with us once again.

  10. What a great testimony to your vision. Thank you Orrin and the policy council for forging a path that is so filled with purpose AND will make a difference in peoples lives. Godspeed to 1 million and beyond!

  11. Forrest Schwartz said

    You won’t hear a story like this on the evening news, love to hear the victories. Thanks Orrin!

  12. Wildtarg said

    The one part of this interview that has stuck with me:

    “Tom, how long have you been sober?”
    “All day.”

    That’s “The Slight Edge” in action.

    Keep going, we’re with you…

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