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Resolved to Change

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 15, 2012

A person either hates losing enough to change, or he hates changing enough to lose. These are the two options available to anyone at any time. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a program of personal change designed for the person that wants to grow, change, and win at the next level. What areas in life would you like to improve? What are you doing to create the appropriate changes in your life? Here is a video describing what George Washington did in order to change.


Orrin Woodward

27 Responses to “Resolved to Change”

  1. worduplife said

    The logical choice to take seems that it should be “I hate losing enough to change”. Actually I’m sure it’s the logical choice. I wonder how many make the logical choice but then make the emotional decision the tough decision to stay on the journey of change!

  2. Joanne Brandtjen said

    We are so fortunate to have people in our history and in our current day, who refused to take the easy way out and hated losing enough to change. It’s tough, so we are very blessed to have you and the PC and now the Mental Fitness Challenge to help us all grow, change and WIN!!

    • AMEN!! Changing is tough but the alternative is even tougher! And the rewards for changing are well worth the effort! So proud of you and Kurt for hating losing enough to change!

  3. We all want to change once realize that it is “I” who needs to change not everyone else. Yet, the decision is not enough, it takes action to realize the change and in walks the MFC. It is just what the doctor ordered; accountability, bite sized pieces, 360 review and so much more at a price anyone can afford or get three and theirs is FREE. WOW!


  4. Orrin,

    Now you know this is one of my favorite lesson’s I have learned from you. It is all about the decisions we make. Fortunately we all get to choose. Change or lose, our choice.

  5. Orrin thanks for The Mental Fitness Challenge and all that you do to get out information to the world to only better the world. You are an amazing man and an incredible servant to thousands of people everyday. We will do our part in sharing this great program with as many people as we can to help them become discplined in their everyday lives, also to become veracious readers and independant thinkers.

  6. John Graff said

    Thank you for all you do (and are). So excited for this evening and the team-wide launch of the Tuesday night “challenge groups”! Let the masses be “heard”.

  7. Orrin, this statement “A person either hates losing enough to change or he hates changing enough to lose.” has made a huge impact on mine and Raylene’s life over the past few years.we had to stop complaining of losing and not wanting to change and start doing something about our problems…we had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  8. Red Clark said

    “To follow the road to success, simply face reality and move forward”. Orrin’s work and how he lives inspired those words not long after i got started in TEAM. The 13 resolutions and the MFC are the best way to accomplish those deceptively simple steps that I have ever encountered. Thanks to Orrin, Chris, and the whole TEAM/LIFE community for stepping up and leading the charge to a better tomorrow!
    Veritas Liberabit Vos!

  9. Just what it says…it is a challenge! Isn’t tHat what we all need in life!

    Thanks for all you do!
    Sandra Saunders

  10. Bill Eder said

    Once again you amaze me. I so apprciate you and the PC for perserving change
    to give us the excellent tools to make a difference in peoples lives. You help us to continue to sharpen our saws, as Steven Covey advises. It is so gratifing to see
    you younger people embracing change to “WIN” a life you want to live and give to others. God bless you.

  11. Mental Fitness Challenge is the real deal!!! ya baby!! MFC!!

  12. George Washington has always been one of my fave historical leaders to study. And, as we’ve heard often, the best experience to learn from is someone else’s. So, I love that we can see how he tackled changing himself and apply that to our own lives.

  13. Kerrin said

    A wonderful reminder to look to those who have accomplished what we want to accomplish for guidance and knowledge.

  14. Steve and Farrah Sargent said

    Thank you for reminding us about the direct pursuit of happiness. It is so easy to forget that. I love Chris Brady’s perspective that our blessings are not for our pleasure but for our purpose. It takes so much discipline to keep those thoughts at the forefront. You guys do such and amazing job providing the materials to keep our minds in the game =) Thanks again!

  15. Laura Crawford said

    Thank you Orrin for reminding us that change is very important. Many people are unwilling to to change because it is difficult, but what many people do not realize is that is will always be worth it. It is time to start living life instead of sitting back and letting it fly by. Thank you for the great message.

  16. Hans Widener said

    Amazing Orrin! Your heart for changing lives is so evident. Thanks for your example!

  17. Awesome Orrin! I’m 63 yrs old and I need to change. Doesn’t make a difference what age you are, change is good. Tired of following the crowed, time to live my life and help otahers change theirs.

  18. Sheryl Ashford said

    Thank you Orrin Woodward for launching the MFC. Our whole family is doing the challenge together. What a great way to help each other reach our goals and learn some excellent principles along the way!! Sheryl Ashford

  19. james said

    Orrin your the best thank you for all you do!!!!!!!!

  20. james said

    Just to think my little ones will go to disney and its all because of the business,,thanks again!!!

  21. Debra Mohr said

    I have a story to share. My husband and I were shopping and he realized after we had left the store, we hadn’t paid for a pack of batteries. He quickly put them in his pocket and continued to walk toward the car. I asked him to wait while I checked the receipt and sure enough, we hadn’t paid for them. I reached out for the batteries while he looked at me with confusion, and promptly turned around and went back to our cashier and informed her we had realized we hadn’t paid for these and promptly paid her. She thanked me with amazement in her voice. I am doing the mental fitness challenge but my husband isn’t. Before this, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it – but now, well, it just didn’t sit right knowing I was actually stealing from the store. The program clears the cobwebs away and makes you think about choices and decisions everyday. I love this person I am turning into. Thanks Orrin.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Great job Debra!!! Private Achievements always come first! Thanks for sharing. God Bless, Orrin

  22. Kara Plank said

    This talk is so timely for our culture today. I am so thankful to be a part of the team and help changes lives with the power of the gospel and life-changing information!

  23. Wildtarg said

    What a tremendous contrast you highlighted, Orrin, between infant America’s first hero and first national traitor. Washington has been remembered for many things, fine words and fine deeds, during the United States’ colorful history. Benedict Arnold is remembered for one act of betrayal – and his favorite food dish. A remarkable depiction of how the choices we make shape the legacy we leave.

    Keep going, we’re with you…

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