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Dan Hawkins: Making Decisions

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 29, 2012

Dan Hawkins has become one of the best communicators and teachers in the LIFE Business. In truth, he is a model for what the LIFE products can do in a person’s life. In what other business can a mechanic working at an auto dealership transform himself into one of America’s top entrepreneurs and life coach? When people ask me what is the product in the LIFE business, I could say the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC), since it’s sweeping the nation right now; however, in actuality, the real product is the improved people in the LIFE community, that accept responsibility for who they are and where they are going.

Congratulations to Dan and Lisa Hawkins for setting the pace on what is possible for people with the courage to dream. In a couple of weeks, I will be staying at the nearly 8,000 square foot new home. I can remember just a few years back staying at their 1,000 square foot house. Dreams come true to those who are willing to make reasons, not excuses. Author Steven Pressfield highlighted the importance of self-mastery in the quest for freedom with this profound quote:

“It may be that the human race is not ready for freedom. The air of liberty may be too rarified for us to breathe. Certainly I wouldn’t be writing this book, on this subject, if living with freedom were easy. The paradox seems to be, as Socrates demonstrated long ago, that the truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery. While those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them.”

Dan and Lisa developed self-mastery through the concepts available in the MFC and now enjoy FREEDOM! Here is Dan’s latest video.


Orrin Woodward

41 Responses to “Dan Hawkins: Making Decisions”

  1. So encouraging!

  2. Tobi said

    Thanks, Orrin! We are so inspired by Dan and Lisa in so many ways…thanks for the reminder!

  3. Dave ober said

    Love the mental fitness challenge and how it helps me set priorities and then stay focused on them! Thanks beth ober

  4. Adrianotroli said

    Amazing! This couple blows me away! I remember seeing their story and how much it inspired me. They are living proof that the life products work!

  5. Matt Mielke said

    My family just spent Memorial Day with the Hawkins and I couldn’t agree more. Their story, their work ethic, their vision and mentoring have helped MIchelle and I embark on the sAme journey and we owe them a life debt. Their only repsonse to that is pay it forward. Dan and Lisa are becoming leaders of leaders and we look forwArd to following in their footsteps.


    • Jammie Fisher said

      That was an awesome time, Matt. We are so thankful for the guidance, support and example. We too, see their leadership exhibited as they help others make the decisions to raise up their leadership levels. They are so intentional about all they do, I appreciate and aspire to become more like them in that area.

  6. nathan fox said

    that is awesome!! lead the way!!

  7. John Kurz said

    Dan’s CD’s on Life subjects and Leadership are outstanding!!!

  8. Orrin, we all appreciate the Hawkins for all that they have done and all that they are going to do to make this world a better place!!

    fired up!!

  9. James Pyka said

    Wonderful insight, it has been amazing watch people increase their leadership in all areas of life.

    Thanks for sharing and keep leading.


  10. Fairbear77 said

    Thanks Orrin, Dan and Lisa are great inspirations and examples for us to follow =)

  11. Tiffany Schaefer said

    Dan Hawkins is certainly an inspiration to countless people! One of the things that I appreciate most on my learning journey is to see where the leaders have started; their humble beginnings. No matter what your personality type or background, everyone has the same opportunity to live a successful life and reach out to others so they may do the same. I’m truly thankful for the leadership in this organization!

    Let’s keep paying it forward!


  12. Eben Smith said

    Orrin, I seen the growth from the first time the Hawkins came and spoke in Battlecreek when thehawk flew across the stage until now. That is truly amazing.

  13. Dan and Lisa are hero’s of mine for their courage to do what most will never do! And what’s most beautiful is that they are molding and duplicating incredible leaders who are also developing leaders within their organization which is a true example of level 5 leadership. We are blessed to have them speaking week in and week out at the Wisconsin open meetings for all our Teams to learn from! Thank you Dan and Lisa!

  14. natalie said

    I find Dan and Lisa such a relatable couple. Being a mom, I understand how Lisa was desperate to be a stay at home mommy. And I appreciate how Dan found the courage to do what he knew he needed to do to become successful. I can’t wait until Rhys can go to ‘daddy and daughter dance classes’ because he is earned his him back! From his latest video I was reminded about the importance of making the decision and following through in order to become a better person. The MFC is great because it provides small doses of advice and encouragement to keep us accountable. I am looking forward to our community group tonight!

  15. brian powers said

    I could not agree more. Dan and Lisa represent the elite in the world of Leadership. They exemplify Chapter 2 in your Resolved Book, by leading a life of character and integrity. We are all very blessed to have Dan and Lisa serving on the PC. Onward to a million changing lives!!
    All 4 One, One 4 All

  16. Eric Blodgett said

    Very encouraging! They are an amazing couple, and great examples of the impact that courage, character, and integrity can have on ones life.

  17. great article orrin. dan is truly a man of inspiration with his story!

  18. Barb Berry said

    Dan and Lisa model their leadership so well. They definitely get their message across to anyone willing to listen and learn. I have learned much from their teaching. Thanks, Orrin, for highlighting the leadership abilities of people on your team. Lives are being changed for the better!

  19. Maribel Damphousse said

    “Everything starts with your thinking”. This is so true and Dan and Lisa have modelled this through changing their thinking which brought them to where they are now and being an authentic product of the LIFE TEAM system. Thank you Dan and Lisa, for inspiring us to do the same. With the MFC, the Policy Council is helping us to achieve the life we’ve always wanted. Thank you and God bless each Policy Council member and their families!
    Alain and Maribel
    Team Central

  20. John Oliva said

    Dan is an inspiration for so many people. I really appreciate Dan’s commitment to LIFE. He is giving many people like me hope that we can and will achieve our goals and dreams. Thanks for the great post Orrin!

  21. Lisa Volkmann said

    Thank you so much for sharing with us the knowledge and insight you have through your learned self mastery and life that you can pay it forward and change someone else’s lives like Dan and Lisa among many others and for the future generations to come. I am so grateful for this information.

  22. Larry Groser said

    Dan and Lisa’s story is inspiring to multitudes of people, including me and my family. We have been blessed to watch them grow in their leadership over the years, all the while remaining humble! I have a great respect for Dan because of his courage to step up and lead his family and others…a great role model in today’s society.

  23. Jen Ulrich said

    We feel so blessed to be part of Dan and Lisa’s organization, and the fact that we’re now living in their backyard means we get to learn from them in person all the time! Such fantastic examples for everyone to follow; thanks, Orrin and Laurie, for helping them so that they can in turn help us.

  24. Yancy Chaj said

    That fantastic congratulation Dan and Lisa Hawkins For the grow for paving the way for many people for being great teachers and life coaches and for giving all of Life Team the best that you have.I am really thankful and grateful to be part of this group of leaders.

  25. robert wilcox said

    Awesome! We cannot change our thinking if we don’t change the information we are putting in our head. “Everything starts with our thinking.” We have seen Dan many times … watched him grow and change, Dan and Lisa have definately been a huge asset in helping us to grow ourselves by setting the example for us to follow. Thanks for sharing Orrin Look forward to every blog you write … definately a great way to start the day …. new information! 🙂

  26. Derek Griswold said

    We thoroughly enjoy the messages that Dan & Lisa have to share! They are such great communicators and leaders. Thank you Orrin, for the uplifting message about them!

  27. Mary Hermsen said

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Wisconsin in June, Orrin and Laurie!!

  28. Dan & Lisa,

    It has been a privilege watching you grow and change. Your development into a leader and speaker has been one to emulate. Congratulations as you continue on your journey.

  29. Bill Eder said

    Dan & Lisa a true products of the LIFE/TEAM system. We here in Wisconsin are blessed and proud of this couple who were not afriad to take the challenge to move from 95% to 5% thinking.

    Thanks for the blog Orrin and thanks to Dan & Lisa

  30. Ryan Calovich said

    Great post Orrin, Dan and his wife are true examples of the LIFE system and Gods grace in their life!

  31. george guzzardo said

    Orrin, Thank you for building a system (Mental Fitness Challenge), (LIFE Business), and (Team System) that allows people like Dan and Lisa to find the winner within. For many of us, this is our only chance at doing something great with our lives. We are equally excited about the future. I pray that God keeps his hand on you and the other Policy Council. God Bless, George

  32. I feel very blessed to be introduced to the Life Business. I am equally encouraged and proud to have Dan and Lisa here is Wisconsin. Orrin, thanks for the great post about the couple.

  33. Dan and Lisa Hawkins have both become excellent communicators/ teachers for certain! We are all blessed they are Life Founders : )

  34. It has been such a privilege to get to know Dan & Lisa Hawkins as they chased their goals and set an example. Love to hear them speak!

  35. Steve Pezold said

    Great video from Dan. He hit the nail on the head. Thanks for sharing, Steve

  36. Sheri Lucas said

    Thanks so much for the video of Dan Hawkins. Reminds me – one year ago in July I saw my first Team video and it was Dan and Lisa telling their story! I knew in my heart on that day this was where I needed to be and I have never looked back! Some day soon I will meet them and personally thank them for showing me the way!

  37. Charles Gopez said

    Wow, greatness really is in the moment of the decision (thank you Jeff Olson for the Slight Edge). I’ve decided: the MFC really stands for “Making the Future Count.”

  38. Denny & Jeanne Fritch said

    Dan and Lisa Hawkins hosted one of the first TEAM events that we attended. From a distance, we have watched their growth – and it is a testimony to the TEAM system, their vision and their determination that they continue to grow and advance in leadership. There is always so much to glean and gain from what they share.

  39. Rosemarie Lewandowski said

    I love the Steven Pressfield quote. Thanks to Dan and Lisa for sharing it.

  40. Roy Hamilton said

    I remember when they came to Houston the first time. Dan was standing in the back of the room and you see him watching people and wondering ” are they coming to talk to me”. Today they provide me hope. He talked to cars all day and I talk to computers at NASA all day and we build a LIFE at night. Thanks to you and the Hawkins for being there for us.

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