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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 30, 2012

The older I get and the more I study the more I realize the full truth of the statement – Birds of a feather flock together. Indeed, I learn as much, if not more, about a person from his associations than I do from spending time with him personally. Why is this so? Because people can play a role for a period of time, but their association gives them away their true interests.

One of the most significant reasons why the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) is sweeping the nation is the power of the community groups to help the changes stick. In other words, even if a person works on his attitude, if he still associates with whining, complaining, stinking-thinking attitudes in his free time, he will struggle greatly in his personal transformation. In contrast, Will Rogers stated, “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people,” so a person must associate with others who sharpen him.

Roger’s quote explains how a person can overcome tough personal circumstances and still succeed in life. Simply put, by changing his information and association inputs, he or she will start to change the result outputs. This doesn’t mean a person should ditch his old friends, but it does mean he should be discerning of the environment so his new inputs influence his friends, rather than the old inputs influencing him. The LIFE Business is a step-by-step program to change the inputs, association, and outputs, in order to win in life thanks the the LIFE Business Compensation Plan.

Success isn’t easy, but then again, neither is failure. However, the price of success is paid in easy monthly installments of desire, discipline, and deeds, while the price of failure is ignored until it becomes an unmanageable mountain of debt, destruction, and despair. I walked down the failure path for years; but thankfully, by God’s grace, I was turned back from the precipice of purposelessness and detected my magnificent obsession. Laurie and I want to reach one million people plus with life-changing truths that make a difference in their lives. What is your magnificent obsession?


Orrin Woodward

93 Responses to “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”

  1. nathan fox said

    Awesome Orrin

  2. James Pyka said

    Fantastic post, we are seeing the change happening in small groups all over. Proud to be associated with amazing front runners as yourself. Keep setting the bar higher for all of us to strive for.


  3. Jammie Fisher said

    I am so encouraged by this article, as we see and hear the impact that the challenge groups are having for people. As far as I can tell, my magnificent obsession is with leading people to truthful information and helping them win! So many live their life without the personal belief or the belief of someone else, that there is greatness inside of them. And an equal if not greater group has never put in the work or doesn’t believe they are capable of putting in the work necessary to win. In small instances, while a part of a team, I experienced the rush of a true victory as I was growing up. No other high can compare to this, in my opinion, especially if you are the underdog. I think that is why I loved athletics and coaching so much. Especially at the lower levels, the will to win and EQ meant more than athletic ability, and both can be a discipline.

    I believe God has fashioned each of us with a purpose and internal desire to achieve its fulfillment, and it is my focus to bring this information to people and encourage them along so that they can and feel that victory of doing what they were made to do.

    I’ve got a lot of work to do on myself, but with this system of information and mentorship, I know my odds are better than ever! Thanks so much for your and Laurie’s perseverance.

  4. carla girard said

    I love making a difference in people’s lives. LIFE & the MFC are keys to doing that. The challenge groups are fantastic and are a huge key to growth and change.

    Thanks for all you and the PC for this great system. Changing lives, one at a time.


  5. I AGREE!! When I look at my own leadership journey I know that it is the community of like minded people that has made the biggest difference! Thank you Orrin for helping me continue to sharpen my skills!!


  6. robert wilcox said

    The whisper of … “Well done, my good and faithful servant” That is the ultimate obsession but I understand it is not from the things we “do”. I have heard many say it … “Our Life is a gift from God what we do with it is our gift to God.” To live a life that exemplifies just that.
    To make an impact on today’s culture… understanding that it starts with our inner development first. The Legacy of impacting thousands of lives in a positive way and get back on track to principles that our founding fathers adhered to starting with the MFC!
    Orrin I thank you and the founders of LIFE for all you have done and continue to do. I cannot wait until one million …. but I think we all agree it will be beyond that because when a man’s time has come… there is no stopping him. You have the Courage, Persistance, Determination and the Vision to see it through! Thank you for your Leadership!

  7. Alaysha Loughrie said

    Orrin, Thanks Again for taking the time to write this. Once again, nother great article.

  8. Adrianotroli said

    So true! Success is paid in monthly installments of desire, discipline and deeds!!! The three d’s!!
    thanks for your wisdom Orrin!

    Adriano and Marie

  9. Larry Groser said

    Thank you Orrin for posting this! Since joining the LIFE business, the learning culture consisting of reading great books, listening to CD’s and association with courageous leaders is continuing to improve my attitude! Our challenge group that met last night is a perfect example of like-minded people going against the grain of our cultural norm by sharing great thoughts and ideas.

  10. Steve and Harlene Wiseman said

    Great post Orrin! I wish I had all the associations I have now when I was in my 20’s! Thank God we have them now. I can remember my father always saying, “You’ll be known by who you hang with.” We are proud to be “hanging” with the Team!

  11. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Association is one of the most POWERFUL influences in a person’s life. Thank you Orrin for teaching me that! And providing me with GREAT people to associate with in person and through CDs, Videos, and Meetings!!!

  12. Phil Wall said

    “People can play a role for a period of time, but their association gives them away their true interests” beautiful statement. LIFE is the perfect formula for personal growth. Association and access to world class material.

  13. Bob and Tina Rasmussen said

    Great post Orrin! As usual, your wisdom far outweighs your years. We are with you on your magnificent obsession of making a difference in one million lives through association with the LIFE community. God Bless!

  14. Tina Abernathy said

    Awesome post.

    My magnificent obsession is to live my God ordained purpose. To help equip and empower to women and young girls become who God created them to be and leave the nonsense of the worlds media to purposeless people.

    I am so thankful to have been a part of this self-directed education. It have blessed and changed my life in meaningful ways.

    I think so many people underestimate the power of consistent good information in small doses over time as well as the power of association to have life changing implications.


    Tina A

  15. Scott Staley said

    I love the association with people who are seeking to move on and change (in a positive manner) their circumstances. So many people today seem to seek association by convenience and comfort without any further thoughts to the future – I did this for years and I hated the consequences within my life.

    I love that success is made in made in small steps – as anyone can choose to start down their success path with daily choices – over time. Thank you for being an example that people can see and follow, and for providing an environment where there is iron to sharpen iron!

    God bless

  16. Love this post Orrin! We all have a choice to either accept where we are at and never change the influences around us that got us there or change and be influenced by a completely different environment and group of people.

    My magnificent obsession is helping people believe that they can accomplish great things and I understand that the first step is getting them around our communities. Even if they never pursue LIFE as a business I want to them get that glimmer of hope that their life is worth accomplishing something great. That’s where I started to believe and I know there is infinity times more power in community than I will ever have trying to influence on my own. We do have something special and I am blessed every day to be a part of it!

  17. Imelda Román said

    This is what got my attention initially, my first seminar where hundreds stood and shared in a prayer to my Lord, a pledge to the flag of my country, and the inspiring words of both Lisa and Dan Hawkings. I felt I had found a group of people I had a common bound, but they had something else I had been looking for, new, different and exciting information. Information that brings hope to a hopeless situation, brings joy of new things to come, and to the measure it is used a better me, a better you, a better family, community, country and world! Thank you for your leadership Mr & Mrs Woodward.

  18. Scott Russell said

    Great post Orrin!! Magnificent obsession is: Helping Creator God’s people in the three E’s area! (1)Eternity (2) Economically (3) Earthly

  19. David said

    Thanks for the reminder to choose our association wisely. We are to be in the world, but not of the world.

    In the world helping people with their mental fitness, but mentally & socially fit ourselves.

    The Attitude chapter in ‘Resolved’ has helped me to do that.

    Thanks for all your time, energy, and effort Orrin!

  20. Orrin,
    Another fantastic post! It just reminds me how much I need to get free from my job, that association is a great big reason!
    My magnificent obsession is to become the person I know I was meant to be, by my God, and fulfill my purpose here on this earth! Thanks to the-life-business.com and mental-fitness-challenge.com for changing the decline in my life, and making the greatest difference. The thought of where I’d be without it makes me shutter..

  21. natalie said

    My magnificent obsession is to love those around me and help people to live out what God has made them uniquely special to do. I loved our challenge group discussion last night, we talked about developing our character and having the courage to go out and do what God has called us to do. I am thankful for the LIFE business and the mental fitness challenge as it has brought us together as a community to strive to grow and help others.

  22. Great information to think about.
    As I looked around the room last night at the challenge group it struck me how much people enjoy being in this environment. A group of people who can share their ideas and have others truly listen to them and comment back is something that so many people are looking for. As we closed up the discussion last night with what everyone took from the discussion, one gentleman with an amazed look on his face stated how he was relieved that there were still people out there that thought like he does.
    My magnificent obsession is letting people know there is a large group of us (and growing) that believe in truth.
    Steve Leurquin

  23. Dave Chatmon said


    Great message! Your right, I have often seen people pulled to like minded people, but sadly enough it has been in some very negative and life threatening situations whether that be at work or fun. I have seen this happen with loved ones also and even with showing and giving a huge amount of time and love the pull to those communities of like minded folks is extremely strong!

    Courage! It seems that fear holds one group together and courage holds the other one together. In the Mental Fitness Challenge this is covered and taught very well. I believe that giving people the choice of learning from materials that can speak in their own voice will give them the courage to join the right communities and our job is to simply offer it to everyone willing to listen.

    My magnificent obsession is to give a hand up by offering people the Life tools so that they can unlock the greatness inside them. I know we can reach a million and I know that million can reach a nation!

    Thanks Orrin

  24. John Hatchell said

    I agree with you, but it is weary when you see your friends and family struggle. As you grow, you change and they do not. I have found myself wanting and desiring to help the unwilling. I just want to lead them to the clear water..green pasture..but they are unwilling and do not desire the change..Leadership ….Imagining what will be and striving to change yourself to allow it to happen..

    • wildtarg said

      I know how you feel, John. I found this statement on a forum for veterans, and it helped correct my thinking about people I care about who are simply not hungry for better thinking or results:

      Each individual must answer for his or her own soul before their Creator. We have to do our best not to lead others astray but, ultimately, we must allow them to sin or do good on their own.

  25. Lisa Volkmann said

    Well stated! Thank you very much for giving us true information to apply to our lives. This information brings a new life of intentional desires and commitments.
    Association is a huge part of society – the Challenge Group is an awesome association of people striving to make each life a better one. I feel we can talk openly and discuss areas of our lives that we need to make intentional changes to better our self.
    Thank you

  26. Jesse Sheldon said

    The power of association has never been clearer to me until I started associating with the LIFE and TEAM communities. Thanks Orrin for becoming the leader needed to create the culture of excellence in this community.

  27. Rob Crichlow said

    The more I hang around good people, it is hard not to get better. I have been finding that the challenge groups help all of us dig deeper into the information, and begin to hold each other accountable for growth in our leadership capacity. Thanks for leading!

  28. kirk birtles said

    Be an accomplished reader and hang out with people who are smarter than me! Check…check!! It has completely changed my life! Thanks Orrin

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Kirk, I felt Will Rogers quote explains many of our journeys of listening and associating. 🙂 Great comments by everyone today! thanks, Orrin

  29. Kathy Paullin said

    Last night in our challenge group we were talking about the importance of associating with people of high character in order to continue to build our own character. One person recounted an exercise that our pastor used to demonstrate this: one person sits in a chair and another stands up and tries to pull the person up to his feet – hard to do! But when the seated person tries to pull the standing person down, it is very easy. If we continue to associate with people of questionable character we will be taking a risk of being pulled down to their level. I had a tremendous sense of gratitude last night for all you and Chris and the PC have put together when I envisioned all the challenge groups going on all over the US and Canada with people learning these core principles. We really are changing lives!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Kathy, Great analogy. There were thousands of challenge groups going on last night who were listening, learning, and sharing while making commitments to grow and change. I LOVE IT! thanks, Orrin

  30. Adam Rossman said

    ” the price of failure is ignored until it becomes an unmanageable mountain of debt, destruction, and despair.” I used to be the type that ignored my failures/mistakes and they did pile up on me. Fortunately, I was brought around the Team by some great friends which gave me the opportunity to associate with others that are smarter than me and read books recommended by those people, and because of that- the Slight Edge principles are now working in my favor and helping me lead my family to the life we have always wanted!

  31. Farrah Sargent said

    Thanks so much for this Orrin! Association is definitely one of the KEYS. I TRIED to change many areas of my life many times before. I never had any lasting change until the association of this TEAM. Thank you for providing the MFC material and challenge groups so we have a complete package for living the LIFE we always wanted. My magnificent obsession is to help Steve realize his…restore the biblical foundations of peoples lives through apologetic based hands-on education!

  32. Ken Hendon said

    Will Rogers nailed it. This business is the best way to associate with great people.

    Thanks for making it that way. It was not accidental.

  33. Sheldon Bouchard said

    Love the post Orrin. The small group meetings are so powerful. Last night after watching the video on character by you and Chris, then sharing about examples good and bad character in our own lives, about how involvement in the LIFE program and association has given them courage in “those” moments, and then leaving there with the resolve to work on our character! Fantastic – life-changing! Thank You!

  34. Eric Blodgett said

    Very true. Association has played a huge part in this journey. I’ve seen many times what the wrong association can do to someone, and the negative effect it can have on ones choices in life. Thankfully it works the same way with the right association. I never put 2 and 2 together until these challenge groups, which really opened my eyes to the positive impact this associationis haveing on my life.

  35. Mary Hermsen said

    I love being around Team people,and can really notice a difference when I haven’t had my “fix”. I just spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend visiting my daughter in NYC. I knew what to expect using public transportation, but the reality of the lack of manners from many people really struck me. My usually friendly demeanor became more guarded and aggressive as needed. It is easy to become hardened to one’s environment and take on the traits of those around you. I couldn’t help but wonder how many people sitting on that subway used to be openly friendly and smiley, and now they don’t even dare to make eye contact. (My lovely young daughter included) I was so looking forward to getting home Tues. to attend the challenge meeting. But alas, Tropical Storm Beryl delayed my flight 5 hours and I missed the meeting. Are there any plans to rebroadcast a challenge meeting? I agree with all the positive comments about these meetings. I think they are a great addition to the association part of our system. Thanks Orrin!

  36. Robert Daley said

    I heard my mother say that exact thing for years as I was going through my younger years. Never really understood it till years later. Now I agree 100 percent that you will be like those you associate most with. Thanks for creating the environment for all who choose to change their feathers Orrin. Birds of a feather do flock together…… At least that is what I see in Wisconsin

  37. i agree. the topic of association came up last nite during the mfc group meeting and everyone present emphasized how important association with “winners” is. great post!

  38. Kevin Hamm said

    Orrin, great post!

    “and all these things I will commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” That’s it in a nutshell and LIFE is an awesome tool.

    Kevin Hamm

  39. Bruno Caron said

    Thks Orrin

  40. Anthony Longlois said

    The MFC and the Challenge groups have been very beneficial to us. It helps us to stay on point and stay commited to our growth personally and in our marriage. We have been able to really pin point some areas of weekness that without this system matic way to diognose your strengths and weeknesses, who knows how long we would have gone without getting these addressed.

  41. Jeremy Weiss said

    Great stuff Orin! The more I associate with people in the life business the more I see the real change in me and others around me. Which encourages me to learn and associate even more.

  42. Andrea Renkas said

    Thanks for the post Orrin, very insightful. I got to tell you… the Challenge Groups are a huge success, we are learning so much from each other. I love associating with the people in this organization, and I love the culture. People are attracted to the encouraging and positive environments we all produce. Its so amazing to be a part of this. Thanks for all you do.

  43. Rob Robson said

    We just had our first Challenge Group last night and I must say that it was amazing! Everyone opened up and shared and after, I was told by several people that this was the most empowering event that they had ever been to. Thank you so much Orrin for laying the groung work for everything that is happening. This is truly Launching a Leadership Revolution!

  44. Jason Dames said

    This post is so right Orrin. I love the challenge groups every other week and I can see how it is going to make such an impact on our culture. God bless you

  45. Tessa Mercier said


    I really enjoy reading your posts ! They really stretch my thinking and I appreciate that ! The path to success is far more interesting then the path to failure …

    Tessa Mercier

  46. Orrin,

    Had a fantastic Challenge Group. Lots of very positive, and some great in depth conversation. The mediator made the comment that few of their friends get together and have any in depth meaningful conversations. This group was made up of 7 business owners, a former NFL player, a sales manager, and several moms. All felt the information was excellent and felt they would have liked more time to discuss even further. They agreed they want to do another group.

  47. The Challenge Group concept has been a gold medal x 2 thumbs up winning idea! Thank you, Orrin, to you, and the rest of the founders for your selfless service to the entire LIFE tribe across the nations we serve 🙂 Eagles soar, and Chickens cluck 😉 All the best regards from Kaizen!

  48. Roger & LaDonna Miller said

    I couldn’t agree more.
    The last 2 challenge group meetings have been amazing.
    People are coming out of their shells and opening up to the team and thru that addressing some of their struggles in a whole new way with feedback as other people share their struggles as well.
    The bonding of groups is very exciting.
    The LIFE business along with the Mental Fitness Challenge that you and the PC have put together is totally awesome.
    The responses we are getting back from people even several days after a meeting on how they have changed their lives & how they are continuing to think about the topics days later is wonderful.
    Roger & LaDonna Miller
    Team VIP

  49. You can count on Deb and I to help buddy!

  50. Diann Schultz said

    It was exciting to be part of one of the thousands of challenge groups last night who were listening, learning, and sharing while making commitments to grow and change. Chris pointed out in the video with the story of the soccer player how a flaw in character that slips out under pressure can undo years of building one’s reputation. Character is precious because it IS hard won. We discussed in our Challenge Group, that a person of good character can redeem reputation by being willing to admit fault and apologize.


  51. Chris Beaubien said

    Great post Orrin! The challenge groups are true iron sharpening iron. Our magnificent obsession is the life transforming truth made tangible through the life products, a community to share it with, and the result of communities across north America growing in the 8Fs and finding their magnificent obsession! Excited and blessed to be on the journey!


  52. Eric Schilling said

    So proud to be associated with this group… Thanks O!

  53. Trent Crane said

    Orrin, I love your comment “the price of success is paid in easy monthly installments of desire, discipline, and deeds…”. In a society where the norm, more and more, is leading to “unmanageable mountains of debt”, it’s terrific to see a solution like the Mental Fitness Challenge that WILL turn the tide on this downward spiral.

    It’s an honour to “Flock” with a group of Men and Women where the culture is Trust, Integrity, Character and Win-Win or no Deal!

    Take Care

  54. CJ Calvert said

    Fantastic post, Orrin… I am blessed to be associated with this organization.

  55. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: Speaking as one who survived the forty-five year plan (got off it a decade ago),I am so glad my daughter introduced me to the Team organization. I’ve been around many different
    organizations over many decades of my life. Work, sports etc.
    This community of people is one of the most positive, God loving, patrioic, fun loving, group I’ve known in my life. Suffice to say I’ve a few more birthday celebrations then most of you. I’ve been blessed to be able to apart of this TEAM. I guess my obsession would be to be around to be one of the million that will make a difference in the world.One of my favorite Orrin sayings is ‘Don’t walk away from negativety RUN.Amen Mr. Woodward God blessings –Bill–

    • God Has big plans for you Bill! You will see the day LIFE hits 1,000,000 people and I believe you will play a big part in that growth. You are truly a blessing for this organization!

  56. Amy Grimm said

    speaking truth as always. thanks again Orrin for great post.

  57. Torrey Butterfield said


    Thank you for the Life changing knowledge.Team and Life are the one place that I have found which actually has answers that have changed my perspective and has allowed me the ability to learn how to think instead of being told what to think.

  58. I have certainly experienced both situations where just listening to positive information with and without the positive association have had radically different influences on me. I know I not only feel better about me but about everything I am involved in when I listen and associate with positive influences.

    Thanks Orrin,


  59. Terry Kaiser said

    My magnificient obession is definety leaving a legacy not only for my family but also in building a community. My goal is to show my family how they can be financially free and help them achieve that goal. And in these times to develop a community that will band together to help each other to also be free.

    Thanks Orrin,

    Terry Kaiser

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Terry, I have watched you and Barb change and grow, creating that legacy. Keep it up! God Bless, Orrin

  60. Maribel Damphousse said

    My magnificent obssession is to be available to God and His people, to be His instrument in leading each one to the life He has always wanted for us. The more we move forward through LIFE, the Challenge Groups and the associations we share in Open Meetings, Seminars or Major Leadership, the closer we get to His heart. God bless LIFE TEAM and the Policy Council members, the RTs and all those aiming to become better.

  61. Josh Meinel said

    I couldn’t agree more. Who knows where I’d be today without the reading and association of LIFE. We’re with you to 1 million and beyond!

  62. Heather Woods said

    I’ve seen how it’s had a terrific impact in my life simply in my interactions at home, at church and with the people around me. By associating with positive people who are all striving for excellence, it has helped me be that person to others outside this community. Thanks, Orrin, for providing this stage. Red Eagles are First to Serve!

  63. Joe McGuire said

    Great pos. Love the Community groups and all the great bonding that they create!!

    • wildtarg said

      I must agree. It’s really beneficial to have an educational format in tandem with the motivational format of the open meetings.

  64. Renee Oettinger said

    So true. The power of association has so much to do with our decisions just as it does with kids. Knowing there is a group of positive focused people, willing to stretch themselves to help others is a blessing. Thank you for leading

  65. oliver dale burton said

    Orrin, the words you speak are always so full of truth. The Mental Fitness Challenge is, by design, a tool that not only shows you in what areas of your life you need to improve, but also provides an avenue for measurable feedback. It is easy to watch, read and listen but the action stage is where the “rubber meets the road”. Thank you and the other founders for giving us accountability.

  66. Finishing the first 30 days of MFC has already opened my eyes to how much I have and how much more I can offer to others. It is good to stretch and grow.

  67. Heidi said

    It is to spread truth. I just read a memoir by my grandmother today in which she recalls living in Germany during the depression they experienced after WWI. It came to a point where inflation was so bad that they were paid daily (if they even had a job) and had to buy necessities daily. Food was rationed. She remembers paper money printed daily that had “millions” and “billions” written on it. The people were not well informed at all. She was amazed at how much information was available to Americans when she arrived here in 1939. She said we have no excuse to not know what is really going on. How much more true that is now.

  68. Justin Hogan said

    Great post and so true. I am proud of the association I have with TEAM and LIFE. The MFC is great and the challenge groups are going to change lives and make our community even stronger. As well as get us closer to 1 million.

  69. The power of the right associations…those that encourage, uplift and teach…is amazing!

  70. Kim Morisett said

    I’ve never been surrounded by so many people that encourage me to grow and get continually better like I have with TEAM! Thank you!

  71. Kim Decker said

    This is so very true in all walks of Life..just sit back and listen to people talk and what a shame it is and so very sad. This worlds needs a change and yes I will help to get to that million if its the last thing on do in life. GOD does honor commitment…and I am committed as I see in a few short months how I have changed. Thank you all at Team/Life

  72. Sheri Lucas said

    Never realized how important association was until I joined this wonderful organization. Now, when I hear the gossiping, complaining and whining I really HEAR it and know there is a better way. Thanks to you and the PC for that!

  73. Simon (Yanky) Weill said

    I am so inspired by this article, the challenges and the business helps me alot. before joining LIFE months ago I didn’t even know what a dream is, i never ever picked up a book to read, now Im reading books and dreaming like never before. love the challenge groups, love the people were surrounding with and love LIFE. Thanks ORRIN & Chris

  74. Simon (Yanky) Weill said

    I am so inspired by this article, the challenges and the business helps me alot. before joining LIFE months ago I didn’t even know what a dream is, i never picked up a book to read, now Im reading books and dreaming like never before. love the challenge groups, love the people were surrounding with, love LIFE… thanks ORRIN & Chris

  75. Laurie Tallio said

    And by God’s grace, your magnificent obsession has blessed us all. Thank you!

  76. Abe & Sue Miller said

    “Success isn’t easy, but then again, neither is failure.”–so true and thank you for the reminder.

  77. Thank you. I’m new, and I’ve been looking for a positive direction. Everything in life happens for a reason, and I’m glad to have met Bill Ogden, who has introduced me to this program. I hope to better myself and those around me.

  78. Linda Graves said

    Thank you to TEAM and LIFE for supporting me to become a better me! Blogs like “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” bring home the point that we need to keep our associations and minds free of negative people and negative thinking!

  79. Linda Graves said

    Thank you to TEAM and LIFE for supporting me to become a better me! Birds of a Feather Flock Together Blog brings home the fact that our associations should be with positive people thinking positively about doing positive things.

  80. Joel Clifford said

    Thank you for continuing to give a hand up while pushing the bar forward and upward. This TEAM is and continues to be a blessing to myself and many others.

  81. Anthony Nieto said

    WOW!! So many nuggets in such a small post. You can really tell the difference in people who associate with winners than those who chose to be losers. Posture is so different in the winners, you can’t help but want to be around them.

  82. Alaysha Loughrie said

    Helping YOU reach ONEMILLION PEOPLE!

  83. Charles Gopez said

    And have you heard…that the bird…the bird is the word (cue the melody…bah-bah-bah-bird bird bird, bird is the word, hahahaha). On a serious note, I’m very pleased to be flying with the Team. We shall soar…TO A MILLION PEOPLE!

    • Charles Gopez said

      P.S. Thanks Orrin for signing my copy of the Dream Giver in Visalia! I loved the book! As a Team, we can traverse the Wasteland together.

      Time to MOVE ON UP! It’s JUST BEGUN!

      Charles Gopez
      Team Liberty Quest
      “Let Freedom Ring!”

  84. Michele Norris said

    My obsession is listening for where God would have me give next, and learning all i can along the way.

  85. teri smith said

    My magnificient obsession is to help the Team reach that one million goal…besides just loving the principles that Team stands strong on, I have six grandchildren that are the light of this world. Their beautiful faces and minds deserve the best I can help them with; the bible and system. Thanks for all your genuine efforts.

  86. wildtarg said

    Okay, after some tumultous events and soul-searching moments in my life, I have to confess: My great dream is not to follow Orrin Woodward ‘to a million and beyond.’ It is to help America and all the civilized nations return to space. I didn’t want to admit it before, because what is going on around LIFE and other freedom movements is much more necessary – but my heart has from childhood been in adventure, exploration, and aeronautical and spacefaring technology. I still harbor great dreams of the flavor that gave rise to some of the science fiction classics. It is not in my heart to ‘conquer’ space, but to bravely and ‘awe-fully’ explore it and expand the reach of humanity.

    As I said, some things are more necessary. Only the highest-achieving nations, those possessing the right technology and the right culture are able to consistently field spacefaring personnel, craft, and missions. Since human beings have gone into space and as far as the moon using slide rules and less computing power than is in a single smartphone, what is stopping us from going farther? The answer is not limitations in scientific knowledge, economic or technological means, or lack of desire. It is our own limitations, in belief and in leadership ability. You yourself said that once America successfully landed on the moon half a dozen times, the goal was achieved, the vision became reality, and that without a higher, further vision and leaders to pursue it, the capabilities and success of America’s space program began to falter and fade.
    I feel that I understand how I ended up so far from my original purpose – like Homer Hickam, sometimes you have to go down a dark, dirty shaft before you really want to reach the stars.

    Keep going, we’re with you…

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