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Power-Player Promotions

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 12, 2012

It’s summer time in Michigan! Enjoying our properties in both Florida and Michigan, Laurie and I find it difficult to determine which we like better. In truth, when I am in Michigan, I don’t want to leave; however, when I am in Florida in the wintertime, I am glad I did. 🙂

My goal for this summer is to shake hands with every Power-Player on the team. Since Power Player is the most effective way to build communities for the long haul, I am running mainly power player promotions this summer. Of course, some of the groups are double Power Players and above because of the size, but the objective is the same – to keep the main thing the main thing.

The Team is on its way to 1 million people through the LIFE Business because we keep Power-Player the main thing. The Mental Fitness Challenge, LIFE & LLR subscriptions, and the EDGE series are all amazing, but they are not the main thing. Only Power-Player ensures the community grows through depth which leads to numbers and then volume. LIFE has nearly 9,000 customers (not including the tens of thousands of members) since November 1, 2011, mainly because anyone out starting conversations about LIFE and the MFC will stumble across customers. Even so, the number one point of focus for anyone desiring a long-term business plan for success is Power-Player.

This is going to be a wonderful summer and I hope you are planning on going Power-Player and introducing yourself at one of the summer time promotions. The Team has one play that scores a touchdown every time we call it: Hut 1, Hut 2, Power-Player!


Orrin Woodward

100 Responses to “Power-Player Promotions”

  1. Nathan Fox said

    Awesome Orrin!! Keep leading on, you are an inspiration the way you stay the fastest thinker on the Team.

  2. I love the Power Player focus…when a play scores a touchdown everytime it’s called, why call anything else…fired up! Thanks Orrin for all you and Laurie do to make a diffence in people’s lives.

    • Matt Mielke said

      Amen Brother Bloomdahl! It’s time to run this play like it’s meant to run and let’s have so many life victories because of it. It’s more than just a play for business, it is a pathway to freedom in so many different area in life.

    • Amy Nelson said

      Agreed, Love it!

  3. Orrin, I am super excited how well you simplify things and keep the main thing the main thing. Simplicity encourages movement; and when movement starts momentum can hit at any time. Thank you for all you do Orrin!!

  4. james pyka said


    My wife Claire and I are excited to see Sister Lakes again, this time as powerplayers. Thanks for leading and staying true to your principals.

    God Bless
    James and Claire

  5. I am so excited to be part of such a world-changing culture!! Each day I am changing and growing and helping others is what I want to do!
    Thank you so much for your courage, purpose, and vision to help this country!!
    Monique Bell
    in Virginia

  6. Teia Gareiss said

    Hut 1 hut 2 Power Player!! We can do it. Keep focus and serve your teams.

  7. This is going to be a great summer!

  8. Aage Smies said

    Count us in Orrin!! Team Kaizen all the way to a million in Canada!!
    I do find it absolutely incredible how you and Laurie are such servant leaders to all of us. Spending time with our team at your place has been life altering for my wife Kathleen and I. We are so fortunate to have leaders like Claude & Lana Hamilton and Wayne & Raylene MacNamara who follow your example. Thank you

  9. Matt Ambrose said

    Power Player is such a great business focus… a short term goal for long term success! Thanks Orrin for creating genius play that works every time!

  10. kalmy & malky said

    Orrin, we met last summer about 2 months after we got in to the business of course by goin power player (we met by greg johnson’s house in PA, I’m from jerry & polly’s group) looking forward to meet again & bring along more power players from my our team. This is the best business that ever hit this planet, u & the PC are awesome, I couldn’t of prayed for a better opprutunity in our life, & like my 5 year old daughter says when asked what does ur daddy do ? “Help a lot of ppl get what they want so we can have what we want” FIRED UP!!

    • Moshe Deutsch said

      Well sad Kalmy keep it up, and tx Oriin for the promotions we are so excited to meet u in person again and again we get inspired just by being around u c u soon

  11. Tammy Broderick said

    POWER PLAYER!!! POWER PLAYER!!!Let’s keep the main thing the main thing! POWER PLAYER all the way to a MILLION!

  12. Jammie Fisher said

    We are so excited for everything to be focused and systematic with all three C’s lined up! I cannot wait for people to see, feel and get results the way the Team knows how-using Power Player.

  13. Mary Hermsen said

    Welcome back to the midwest, Orrin and Family! Looking forward to a great summer and to shaking your hand as a first time Power Player. Great promotion!

    Pat and Mary

  14. Dave Chatmon said


    Thanks for putting us back on point! We have certainly been busy with all the great new innovations and getting us back to the “ONE Thing” As “Curly” would say, it is vital for our growth.

    See you at the first summer Power Player function this weekend!


  15. Alaysha Loughrie said

    Another great blog Orrin. Thank you.

  16. Jennifer Bylund said

    Shaking your hand is another great motivation for us Rascals to go Power Player. Great to hear you on the call last night!

  17. Miriam Chong said

    Orrin. Power Player is and always will be the play that hits home. Love the simplicity and the basics of Power Player. Thank you for keeping us focus on the main thing – Power Player!

  18. Anthony Nieto said

    Fired up!! By Power Player being the main thing it gives us a way to focus only on one thing and manage the rest.

  19. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, Thank you for re-focusing us on the RESULTS we need to win in LIFE!!!

  20. Page Andrews said

    I am so excited to shake your hand! And even more excited to bring people to shake your hand! Fired up! Thank you for leading the way!

  21. Kevin Hafner said

    Power Player it is! See you at Sister Lakes!!!!



  23. Laser focus on Power Player!! We all know it works so lets git ‘er done! Thanks for directing us back on track with promotions and team unified communication so we can take LIFE to 1,000,000 people!

  24. Ken Hendon said

    Thank you for being so available and so transparent. You and Lori are more tha great leaders, you are friends of the highest quality. Thanks, again.

  25. Maribel Damphousse said

    Thanks for the reminder, Orrin. It sends me back to focus on the main thing – Power Player! Big rocks first before the others in the jar!What a great system!

  26. We are fired up and running hard! Time have fun, make money and make a difference! Thank you Orrin for your continuous leadership!

  27. BREANNE Hafner said

    Kevin and I have had the chance to be invited to both of your beautiful homes Orrin and Laurie, and took you up on both. They are both beautiful and thank you so much for opening your lives for us to see how””normal you guys are but AWESOME at the same time, and helping us to dream build! See you again this summer, can’t wait to try out new swing over the lake!

  28. Jason Cymbaluk said

    Orrin I have to say I have never been so focused in my life my wife and I have been together for almost 10 years now and with the birth of our first child we asked our self why we couldnt have a great marriage and more time to spend with her. Then this amazing opertunity came into our lives we have never been closer to each other we are blessed to part of such a great team with Wayne and raylene and the rest of the Peterborough crew. We feel like we have found our calling and what to share I with the world. Thanks goes out to you and all the rest of the PC’s for giving even the little grass cutter guy a chance at the life he always wanted. God bless.

  29. Thanks for the dilligence in leading the way Orrin! God Bless!!!!

  30. Yancy Chaj said

    thank You Orrin for this encouragement that is fabulous.My husband and I are working hard at getting it right in our team and mostly helping our team members also and thank you for leading by example.

  31. Cynthia Matchette said

    Thank you Orrin for helping us to keep the focus on power player TGPP .

  32. Tim Marks said

    Always has been, always will be the play!!
    Great post O!

  33. Angela Hunstiger said

    Awesome. One of my favorite parts about this business is that it’s simple and focused and that stickin’ to the plan is the key to success! Thanks for leading the way!

    • Farrah Sargent said

      Great point Angela, it is SIMPLE AND FOCUSED! Have a road map like power player is KEY!

  34. I love it!! Hut 1 Hut 2 Power Player!! Watch out world here comes the TEAM!

  35. Debbie Spolar said

    The POWER in this play combined with the information is lighting up the LIFE business!!! Our future is so bright! We are going to have so much fun on your lake this summer and so many are on track & anxious to join us there. We value your friendship & the time & energy you & Laurie spend investing in the leadership of your organization. Power player baby!!!

  36. Chris Harvey said

    HUT 1 HUT 2… POWER PLAYER!!! I love it!!

  37. Kirk Birtles said

    Hut 1, Hut 2….everyone going POWERPLAYER!!!

  38. Steve Callarman said

    Most businesses struggle from a lack of focus on a core principle. The TEAM should be the prime example for corporations who want to develop a true hedgehog concept. Want to grow your business? – Go Power-Player. Want to help more people? Go Power-Player. Want to go on a cruise, or Disney or Maui? Go Power-Player. Want to be free? Go POWER-PLAYER!!!

  39. Elaine Mallios said

    We are so excited to come to Michigan – and to bring some people with us. That is the key. Thanks for opening this promotion up. We are power player focused.

  40. Janet Davidson said

    Jesus sent them OUT two by two. To make a change in the world we MUST GO OUT. OUT of our living rooms. OUT of our comfort zones, OUT into the world. Thank you for challenging us to go OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Jeff Darling said

    Time to break some POWER PLAYERS!!
    FOCUS & DISCIPLINE to 1 Million!!

  42. Let’s play the play that keeps on giving….money, trips, and freedom….Power Player!
    Hut 1, Hut 2, Power Player

  43. Adam Rossman said


    Thank you for bringing the focus back on the play that works and encouraging us to win! My wife and I look forward to seeing you again next weekend!


  44. Steve and Harlene Wiseman said

    Focus! Focus! I hear you! Power Player!!

  45. Dept numbers volume equals power player.

  46. Chris Dorr said

    What a great opportunity to associate with performers who are sharing truth. We are going to bring as many power players as we can.

  47. Kim Decker said

    We all know what to do so lets all JUST DO IT! Power players

  48. Mike Hartmann said

    Love the focus! HUT 1, HUT 2, POWER PLAYER!!
    Let the explosion begin!

  49. Trish Rusiecki said

    Woooo Whooo Fired Up!! Hut 1 Hut 2 POWER PLAYER!!! Awesome promotion Orrin!! I just love that saying and it fits TEAM/LIFE to a tee!! Thanks Orrin for coming up with another way for us all to all stay focus on what really works on the TEAM!!!

  50. Juleen Ray said

    Thank you for this wonderful promotion Orrin & Laurie. It is time to Focus NOW!!!
    Hut 1 Hut 2 Power Player!!!

  51. Woohoo!!!! We’re excited!

  52. Jorge Carrazco said

    Looking forward to shaking your hand! Hut 1, Hut 2… POWER PLAYER!

  53. Denny & Jeanne Fritch said

    AWESOME!!!! We’re excited for ALL the new PowerPlayers!

  54. Mark Pruitt said

    Thanks Orrin and can’t wait to shake your hand again as a Power Player! We are rolling!!!!

  55. Scott Pfister said

    Thank you for being the type of leader that wants to meet the folks who are in the field. Power Player is the building block to greatness.

  56. Elam k Stoltzfus said

    I can’t wait to come to the power player promo at your michigan property !! Tic Tic Kaboom !!!

  57. Nick Tzekos said

    Orrin, thanks for paving the way and providing the motivation for running for power player as you always do.

    I’m proud to be running for it

    Carpe Diem!!

  58. Jenny Salter said

    Thank you so much for all the promotions you & Laurie run for the TEAM!!! And thank you to your children, for the time they give up with you both, so you can spend time with us!!!! Can’t wait to have fun at Sister Lakes!!! Power Player to a million!!!!!

  59. Kevin Burton said

    Progress,,,,, results,,,,, life,,

  60. Troy Gallant said

    Orrin thank you for everything you do. Power Player is the Play.

  61. Dave and Coleen said

    Hut 1, Hut 2, Power Player! Be a humble student. Perform- keep your info coming and reach out to others. Achieve results – help those you reached out to by placing them on a team in the best community in the world for personal growth, acceptance, and appreciation. Simply genius!

  62. Power Player truly is brilliant! It gets everything to work together in the right way! What a play!!!
    Can’t wait to be with You and Laurie and the POWER PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Marie Claude Troli said

    Power Player here we come!

  64. Louise & Alan McKeen said

    We all excited for what lies ahead; including this summer, this year, and the next! LIFE IS all that and more…thanks for being who you are!

  65. Thanks Orrin! What a great promotion! Sister Lakes here we come!

  66. I’m SO excited for these power player promotions! Our teams are thanking you, Orrin and so am I. Thank you!!

  67. robert wilcox said

    A play that cannot be stopped !!! Why run anything else love it thanks for your PDCA process and sorting Powerplayer! 🙂

  68. Josh Dames said

    Thx Orrin for the best oppertunity ever!!! Hut1 Hut2 PP

  69. Kenyon Bitter said

    Power player for ALL

  70. Eben Smith said

    Hut 1 Hut 2 Power Player. Fired up!!!!

  71. Marc Mercier said

    Hey Orrin,

    Thank you for keeping us on track! Keep the main thing the main thing; HUT 1, HUT 2… POWER PLAYER!!!

  72. Clif Gibson said

    Fantastic conference call promoted by Chris providing any of us on his Team a means to earn the opportunity to listen in on some incredible dialog and teaching from you. Thanks so much, Orrin, for giving the work horses of the Team access to you. Can’t think of a better “two sided good deal” than shaking hands with your Power Players while your Power Players get to shake hands with you. What an occasion this is to catch the coming wave. See you higher up!!

  73. Debra Mohr said

    Fantastic conference call and thank you very much. Keeping things simple and power player is the play. Amen.

  74. Windy Stanton said

    Looking forward to shaking your hand. : )

  75. Gerry Fortin said

    awesome that everything is lined up for life but still nice to always see power player out there.

  76. Orrin,

    Thank you for always reminding and redirecting back to the basics! Power Player, Power Player, Power Player!!!


  77. Jonny Nolan said

    Focus is such a big to success. Thank-you for bringing the focus back to POWER PLAYER!!(the play that can’t be stopped) With PP, it’s only a matter of time before we reach a million people. Can’t wait to see you and all the Power Players at the promotion!!! God bless.

  78. Jerry Entrekin said

    Power Player is the winning play solets focus and get er done.
    Thanks Orrin

  79. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, thanks for the focus on the TEAM’s “Packers Sweep”… I look forward to seeing you this summer and shaking your hand!

  80. Phil Mette said

    “The only reason men fail is broken focus.” This is So true about power player also, it is easy to get distracted by so many other “good” things along the way & forget about the main thing that secures a business. Thanks for setting a great example for everyone by staying on point.

  81. Teri Smith said

    We are so fired up over the new promotion. See you in Michigan this summer. Thanks again.

  82. It is all a mental game. Everything begins with the mind and we just need to align our ant with our elephant; visualizing success. We need to visualize showing fifteen plans a month–making it a habit– and visualize ourselves going power player. We will acheive success because through Christ we can do all things!

    Thanks Orrin For opening up your home again.
    God Bless
    Paul Richter-Patriot Revolution.

  84. Paul & Lisa Elliott said

    I love how we have promotions to motivate us to earn our freedom. Its amazing how this system is set up for success.

  85. Debra Mohr said

    Powerplayer has always been what has worked. If it works, don’t change it. Simplicity is always better than complicated.

  86. Michelle Mielke said

    Thanks Orrin for reminding me of the basics that work….Power Player! A huge thank you to you, Laurie and your entire family for opening your hearts and home to us this weekend. It is always a privilege to be together – to learn and have fun at the same time! I am always impressed with the company that we keep when we and our teams get to hang out with you and other LIFE leaders. Thanks for your persistent growth, vision and expectancy that we ARE going to 1 million by going Power Player, step by step!! Michelle Mielke

  87. Kim Decker said

    who wouldn’t want a free vaction… right words right people to make it all right

  88. Laurie Tallio said

    Thank you for the serving nature of you and Laurie. The incentive of spending time with you at either of your homes is a very inspirational driver for so many!

  89. Joe Schoonveld said

    Power Player is such an easy way to focus on. Achieve it a few times the help others achieve it then freedom. Plus all the other gifts along the way.

  90. Sarah H. said

    Thanks for offering promotions that even the newest person can qualify for!

  91. Thanks for opening up Sister Lakes to the performers. Power Player is the key to success in LIFE. See you there!

  92. Ryan Calovich said

    Thanks for opening up your place Orrin!! A true servant leader 🙂

  93. Steven Johnson said

    Looking forward to shaking your hand, Orrin!

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