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George Guzzardo: Lifetime Learner

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 14, 2012

George Guzzardo pictureGeorge Guzzardo has become a professor of history over the last 18 years along with one of the top business builders in LIFE. He went from not reading at all, to reading the Team Top 5 books in order to build a huge business and now reads many of the classics. What happened to George? The same thing that will happen to anyone who starts a self-directed education through the LIFE Business. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a 90-day kickstart to get your brain off and running on a new course of growth and change. If a physical therapist from Ironwood, Michigan can make the change, so can you! Enjoy George’s latest video.


Orrin Woodward

86 Responses to “George Guzzardo: Lifetime Learner”

  1. George Guzzardo is a great man! My family and I enjoy the wisdom he provides for all to grow.

    • I totally agree! I learn something new every time I hear George speak. He inspires me to continue learning.


    • Adam M Rossman said

      George is not only very inspiring, but he is very encouraging as well. It seems that his face is permanently smiling. We really enjoy when he is around!

  2. nathan fox said


    • Rosemarie Lewandowski said

      Saw the rebroadcast of the Seminar last night. It was incredible. Can’t wait for it to come out on CD. George is incredible.

  3. Matt Carter said

    George is such a great teacher. I along with my team enjoyed his talk at last saturdays seminar and he really hit home with the information. Thanks to George and for Orrin as well as the other PC for creating this opportunity to change so many peoples lives!


    i enjoyed the monthly so much due to george’s talk. such wisdom!

  5. Bill Eder said

    George is a great witness to the value of continued education.
    My father never went to high school however he was an advid reader. He often would chid us so “So high school grad whats the answer.” Dad knew and often we didn’t. Since being in this
    organization I have read more than ever in my life. None readers take note George went from no reading to become “The
    Professor” we know and love FANTANTIC !!!

  6. George is an incredible leader and person! He has pushed me beyond my comfort zone many times when it comes to reading and I am so thankful for it. It’s a blessing to be in the battle with George and Jill and all the PC! Thanks for all you do George πŸ™‚

    • Cliff Olson said

      I really appreciate the example that you and George set for our team. If you want to LEAD, you have got to READ. Thanks George and Kristen.

    • Joanne Brandtjen said

      You are doing the same with all of us Kristen and you are a great student. Thanks George for the great example- I love this talk! Gotta go read!!

  7. Marie Claude Troli said

    George really focuses on learning and improving. He did a great job at Saturday’s seminar and we appreciate him passing on all his knowledge.

  8. Jose zaragoza said

    I love George’s style very simple and easy to understand

  9. Joe McGuire said

    This video is great! George has made a great impact on my life. His ripple effect is huge!!!

    • M. Fitzgerald said

      Joe, I second your comment! George has huge influence on all of us!

    • Angie Johnson said

      Kyle and I feel SO blessed to be part of this ripple effect!! Thanks, George, for all you’ve done and continue to do for so many!!

  10. Josh Dames said

    Thanks Orrin for posting this article and video… I love what George says “you are a product of your culture” and I know that to be true reading very little before I was introduced to TEAM/LIFE and now am a avid reader do to the culture Orrin and the pc has developed. We are seeing the fruits of reading as George talks about in the video come to fruition. Thanks again and god bless

  11. Trish Rusiecki said

    Orrin, thank- you so much for sharing that short video, but very powerful video on the power of reading by George Guzzardo. I loved his statement about how everyone gets stuck in the culture of being too busy to read, but by not reading we are not learning either. How he then used the example of history to show by increase reading we help improve the individual as well then the our fellow Americans. Thats one of the best things about I love about TEAM/LIFE is that we teach people the truth thru reading, cds, associations, etc.

    • JoAnne Dykhuizen said

      Hi Trish: I couldn’t agree more with your comments about George Guzzardo. He’s such an excellent motivator and teacher. In the few short months that I have been involved with TEAM/LIFE, I have already seen changes in my life and I am eager to helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

  12. Brandon Perry said

    Man I can’t believe the truth in this. Reading great books will have an amazing affect on your life. I never read anything growing up and looking back it shows! Over the last 10 years through this training system and now subscriptions I can see the many changes that had to happen and are currently happening in my life. It’s amazing the education you will get if you invest some time into those books. Thanks for all guys continue to do, teach and live πŸ™‚

  13. Yancy Chaj said

    That is fabulous and it sure is amazing that by reading you can improve so much and so many things but Like it’s said not only reading but reading the right things.
    Thank You

  14. curtis spolar said

    What this world needs is more leaders like George Guzzardo!

  15. Chad Sutkay said


    Thanks for posting, George is a blessing to this organization in so many ways. I am personally thankful for his incredible depth of knowledge and his astounding ability to teach to anyone. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from him through his audio/video recordings and more in person as our friendship grows.


  16. George Guzzardo is amazing! He truly gives me hope that I might e able to have such great passion someday.

  17. Wes Smith said

    George Guzzardo at his best! This talk was amazing. He has turned me on to history in a big way! I love the information we have access to through the LIFE business.

  18. Denny & Jeanne Fritch said

    George’s ability to communicate concepts and relate to those seeking understanding is amazing!

  19. George has impacted my life in so many great ways. I am proud to be partners in LIFE with a man of such character and an incredible hunger for the truth!

  20. Hilary Dorr said

    We love listening to George. Thank you for this post.

  21. Geneva said

    George & Jill Guzzardo are amazing leaders & exemplify what people can accomplish with a self-directed education.

  22. Radine! said

    pssst edit alert ~ you may want to change the headline from ‘leaner’ which we all know George isn’t to “learner”

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Fixed. I hit approve and as it was approving read the title one more time and laughed out loud. One thing George is not is a leaner. πŸ™‚ thanks, Orrin

  23. Gary Severson said

    George is such a great teacher because he’s such a great student. He has the ability to take the deeper issues that are essential for society to learn and teach them to people in a way in which they can be understood, yet, not give a watered down version of the subject at hand. He’s been the most influential male role model in my life and one of the most loyal friends and mentors you could ask for. Thank you George for your commitment to learn and your courage to stay the course!

  24. Tom Manzer said

    Thanks Orrin for edifying George and his accomplishments.I’m happy to report to you and anyone else reading this that Team has had the same effect on me in the fact I have read more books in the 11/2 years I have been associated with TEAM/LIFE than in my entire life which is at 1/2 a millenium now.It has also created desire to seek knowledge and to apply Truth as the bookmark to the worth of the knowledge gained.Your example is the testament to our successes and I love to hear George share with us another attribute of all the leaders in place. Thanks Orrin

  25. Elam k Stoltzfus said

    George is one of the best !! I look forward to seeing him on the seminar rebroadcast !!

  26. Heather Coleman said

    George , you have done it again. Presented an idea that is certainly one that I have never thought about before. The link between reading and thinking and how inportant it is for our society today both in the United States and here in Australia. Thank you.

  27. The last few times George has been in Michigan we have heard amazing feedback! One person said, “Best talk I’ve ever heard!” And another said, “George was amazing at the seminar! We are promoting it like crazy this week to get more people to the rebroadcast!!” Thank you George! On top of being an amazing leader and speaker, George is one of the very best encouragers I have ever met. He certainly goes out of his way to make the Militellos feel valued!

    Thanks for all you do for the TEAM!

  28. Maribel Damphousse said

    It’s amazing the knowledge that George has accumulated through these years because of his hunger for learning. Sharing his knowledge with us has started a hunger in me to read and self-educate myself as well. I thank God for this learning culture that we have with LIFE TEAM! Thank you George!

  29. George is an excellent teacher! I love his material and presentation.

  30. Jonny Nolan said

    The truth is sweet to the ears. I love to hear George speak because he speaks the truth. What a great teacher!!!

  31. Jorge Carrazco said

    If it wasn’t for you guys the only time I would have picked up a book would have been looking for the remote! If there are any shortcuts in LIFE, I would say there are thousands!… They’re called Books! Thanks George and Orrin

  32. Chuck Pyle said

    George makes it very easy. He explains it well and gets the point across simply. The wealth of story telling and examples always paint a great picture as an example on how to get the job done. Marvelous!

  33. George is awesome…thanks George and Orrin for all you do…we greatly appreciate it!!!!

  34. Thomas and Vicky Sumner said

    George has an amazing teaching style, very easy to understand. FIRED UP

  35. Marc Mercier said

    Hey Orrin,

    George is an amazing student and has such a great way of teaching. He is an inspiration to alot of people and a true warrior in the media war. Keep fighting the good fight George.

  36. Tim Johnson said

    George’s talk at the last seminar was amazing! What a great student / teacher! George was the speaker at my first seminar and after hearing him I was totally hooked on Team LIFE. The urge to dig deeper to increase my knowledge through reading and listening to cd’s intensifies each time I hear him, as does the urge to encourage others to follow suite. Thank you for posting this, Orrin!

  37. Michele Connolly said

    George & Jill are some of my favorite speakers. In many ways it is like being around my family, but with words of wisdom that are profetic and profound. Thank you George & Jill.

  38. Vicki Mullica said

    Thank you for posting this video Orrin! I was in attendance for this speaking engagement and was taking notes as fast as I could. This is wonderful to see again! I can’t get enough of Mr. Guzzardo’s teaching and special thanks to you Orrin for presenting it! All of our TEAM leaders amaze all of us with each seminar we attend! GO TEAM!!!

  39. Debra Mohr said

    Thanks for the leadership George. When you speak, everyone stops to listen. You always speak incredible wisdom from your heart.

  40. Kevin Hamm said


    I love George and his wisdom. It gives me hope that we became associated with Team at about the same age…me being ten years behind. I have the plans clearly formed for my library/office and I have resolved to free my life for study to become what George has so competently demonstrated. There is no better venue to do that in than the LIFE business. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. Paul & Lisa Elliott said

    I am always amazed at the wisdom of the PC. It inspires me to keep reading more.

    Paul & Lisa Elliott

  42. Adam Rossman said

    “massive prosperity linked to taking the time for leasure to read.” MASSIVE…wow!

    George is brilliant! this whole talk on Leasure was fantastic.

    Thank you both Orrin and George

  43. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, thank you for posting this video with a portion of George Guzzardo’s talk. He truly has become a professor of history! We can learn so much from history. And they say that if we don’t learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it. The concept of needing “leisure” time to think and reflect certainly should be a major concern for our culture where we don’t seem to have one spare moment for “Skhole” or time to reflect, think, meditate, or alow for discussions and disputations between a “teacher” and “student”. Keep these thought-provoking talks coming!

  44. Mark Pruitt said

    I love your blogs and posts Orrin!
    Just finished “Centurion Principles” and WOW!
    If it weren’t for you, and the LIFE business I would have never read all these amazing books.
    Thanks again for all you do,
    Mark Pruitt

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Mark, You are stepping up and claiming your spot as RT and PC! Keep going! God Bless, Orrin

  45. Michael Stithem said

    I am extremely excited to see George speak this coming week in Arizona. He is a gifted speaker and can’t wait to hear his LIFE talk.

  46. Patrick Lipzinski II said

    George has truly become a man of wisdom and grace! I love listening to his audios and going to events where he is the keynote speaker, his passion for waking up this country is enough to bring a man to tears, so glad he chose to change himself to help others see that they too can change.

  47. Jeremy Arena said


    Thanks for sharing, George’s talk on leisure was one of my favorite talks I’ve heard in a long time. His message so clearly shows the difference from what America was originally was and what it has become, as well as how we can back to our foundational truths! Whenever we have our challenge groups I refer to them as “Leisure Nights” because that is exactly what we are doing! Taking time out of the week to talk about the important things in life, to talk about ideas, to just sit and think and grow with each other. It is one of my favorite parts of the MFC. Thanks for all that you do Orrin, keep living the dream!


  48. Jason Cymbaluk said

    Love George’s passion and insite in any topic he teaches. I think last Saturdays seminar was absolutely fantastic. The whole room was silent at full attention.

  49. Ken Hendon said

    What great examples we have!

  50. Kim Decker said

    You never cease to amaze me that when something in on our mind there to seem to be with the answer without even realizing it. To put George’s video on where so many of us our not taking the time to contenplate…Stop, Think, Plan then…..just DO. Thanks again for what you have to off and GOD bless the Team/Life and all the leaders to follow.

  51. Cliff Olson said

    Orrin, You correctly say that self-directed education is the key to genuine leadership development. Thanks for creating the Mental Fitness Challenge and making a way for thousands of people to re-discover what being a life-long learner is really all about.


  52. Heston Glenn said

    I didn’t know George was a professor of history! Are we speaking literally or figuratively?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Glenn, Figuratively. He was a Physical Therapist that didn’t read and now he reads like a professor! πŸ™‚

  53. Scott Pfister- Team Rascal said

    George has provided me with great insight and provided me very powerful words to use in discussion with my friends and family. Thank you Orrin for having the guts to share the top five books with him all those years ago.

  54. Tom Gavin said

    George, Always is growing and sharing ,so we can also grow and share. Thank you Orrin and George

  55. Matt Ambrose said

    George is one of my favorite teachers/ leaders in the LIFE Business. It’s hard to believe that he use to be a man who didn’t read because of the wealth of information he is able to share with our community. He is a perfect example of how the LIFE Business and TEAM can make a significant difference in people’s lives!

  56. Jeremy Weiss said

    Love the history lessons every time George speaks and I did not like history in High School!

  57. Cori Ragan said

    George is so incredible. My cup overflows with informaiton every time I hear him speak.

  58. Windy Stanton said

    When I first started listening to George, I had a really hard time keeping up with him. But you, Orrin, were his constant edifier and that meant something! I figured if Orrin is listening and learning from George, then maybe I can too. I knew there were nuggets in his oratory if only I was smart enough to catch them. It only took a few months of vigilant study of the top 5 books and top 50 cds before he was starting to make sense! He is now one of my absolute favorite speakers! I thoroughly enjoy his messages. He gave one at the last Major that I was proud to say I could follow, on historical leadership. You see, I had been homeschooling my daughter on World History, and he covered many of the lessons we had just gone over. He has a philosophical way of looking at things. He has a passion about self-directed learning and leaving a legacy that gets me FIRED UP! George Guzzardo is a great leader. πŸ˜€

  59. george guzzardo said

    Orrin, I so appreciate all the comments but I am just a product of this system. Truth is oxygen to the soul and you passed it on to me eighteen years ago and I fell in love with it. God has made each of us with the ability to learn. We should all take the gift inside us and develop it to the fullest for His Glory. In Christ, George

  60. I love to listen to George when he throws down about history or education! It’s an absolute intellectual call to arms!

  61. M. Fitzgerald said

    George is far better a professor than any “professor” at the University!

  62. Elam k Stoltzfus said

    Wow what an awesome rebroadcast of the seminar on sat with George an Curtis & Debbie !! I look forward to the new seminar subscriptions so that we can watch our favorites over again in the archives!!

  63. Laurie Tallio said

    I find George’s teaching inspirational and amazing — neither are words that I would have used to describe my past experiences with history! I also appreciate that so much of his learning is done poolside! As George has shared, a certain amount of men need to give their lives to contemplation, and I am grateful that George is one of them!

  64. Cathy Hofmann said

    George knows so much about how to inform us about what he keeps up on. He is showing great passion.

  65. Sarah H. said

    George is awesome!

  66. This is a great post about a great leader. George has become a captivating speaker on history and the impact it has on us currently. His talks are deep yet shared in a way that allows for easy understanding.

  67. Josh Botts said

    Thank you professor for your amazing wisdom
    keep up the good work

  68. George always makes me think. He’s a tremendous teach. You should also check out his blog.

  69. Mathieu Catellier said

    Thank you George for your example, you truly are inspiring

  70. TAAL SIMON said

    I am so bless with the knowledge that God has embedded on you George to directly influence lives
    I thank God for Adam Gordon who links me up with this wonderful men full of Grace.Here I quote ” No body will know you until you know what they don’t know”
    God bless you.

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