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Tony & Sharon Hoffman – Freedom Day

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 8, 2012

Tony and Sharon Hoffman have earned their freedom through faith, hard work, and perseverance. Few couples have worked as hard as Tony and Sharon to get free from their jobs in order to pursue their destiny. Recently achieving Round Table level, Tony ended his employment as a school vice-principal and is now focused on going Policy Council. The LIFE Business is changing people lives through world-class success training. The compensated community is getting people job-optional and the leaders are changing communities one person at a time.

The dream is alive and well for those who build depth, build numbers, and build volume though power-player. What dream is alive in your soul? Isn’t it time you lived the life you always wanted? Here is a wonderful video that Denny Smith made of Tony’s freedom day. Can you imagine your freedom day? Make 2012 your year.


Orrin Woodward

68 Responses to “Tony & Sharon Hoffman – Freedom Day”

  1. This is soooo FIRED UP!!! Congratulations Tony and Sharon! Way to be a servant by building a massive community and giving your job away to someone who really needs it πŸ™‚ Great video also!! Thank you for setting the example!

    • Bill Eder said

      How cool is this !!! Kristen you say it all in your awesome comment.The video sure is grrreat. More and more
      freedom days to come don’t you think?

  2. M. Fitzgerald said

    Servant leadership in action!

  3. Congratulations to the Hoffmans! We are so proud of you guys, keep up the great work, we look forward to you joining us at PC!

    • Jammie Fisher said

      This video is amazing!! Got some great ideas, for sure. Thanks for your example; we are so thankful for leaders like you who step up, do the work and have a victory!

  4. Debbie McMichael said

    Tony and Sharon,
    You are a great inspiration for those of us that are on your team. You are so caring and giving! So happy I could be a part of this awesome day. You’ve helped me keep my heart focused on God’s will for me during this crazy time in my life. I will be there assisting the team on your quest for PC. Let’s do it!!!!!

    Love you guys!

  5. Naddia said

    That is wonderful, congratulations!

  6. Rob Crichlow said

    Freedom day!! What a motivator for all of us. Thanks for posting this.

  7. Kay Johnson said

    Great job!! Cant wait to celebrate freedom days on our teams and our own!!

    • Peggi Kern said

      Yours will be a celebration by the many people you will help along the way to freedom! I’m proud of you and Todd for reaching your goal this month! One of many victories to come.


  8. Richard Muslusky said

    Congratulations Tony and Sharon !!!!!


    Great job Winner! I am so proud of you and Sharon. Thanks for helping us believe!

  10. Jeremy Pethke said

    Congratulations on your Freedom day!!!!! Fired up stuff! You guys are such an inspiration to so many people! This is what everyone has to look forward to by serving more people! You two are the beginning of the wave of Life Freedom Fighters! Way to lead the “CHARGE”!

  11. Peggi Kern said

    Congratulation, Tony and Sharon! Thank you for providing the picture for so many who are working for the same freedom you’ve achieved! You are an inspiration!


  12. Randy Donais said

    I am absolutely convinced that if you work hard and do everything the right way that job optional can happen to all of us. I love to hear when somebody leaves their job and does this fulltime.
    That’s why after four months of having been exposed to LIFE I will do something every day toward that end. If not I will die first. There is no better option out there. Where else can you get paid for getting better and others better?

  13. jimmy varghese said

    great job guys!

  14. Awesome, rascal charged video! πŸ™‚ Heartiest congratulations & blessings from your Kaizen neighbors to the west!

  15. Kim Decker said

    Thank you for sharing as it is always nice to hear the great news of another person living the life they always wanted. LIFE TEAM moves forward again

  16. Andrea and Mike Renkas said

    Congrats Hoffman’s! Awesome video.. very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  17. CONGRATS!!!! So excited for you Tony and Sharon! Looks like it was a day just like you dreamed it to be! Just makes me smile : ) Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us!

  18. Jen Ulrich said

    Fired up! Tony came through my line in the tool room checkout during the April Major. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but he had this excitement in his eyes that something awesome was about to take place; like he knew something that nobody else knew. Later that weekend the Hoffmans were recognized on stage for hitting a new level and I thought, “Oh, cool, that must be why he looked so happy.” Now I know the rest of the story! How awesome! Congratulations!

    • Michelle Mielke said

      I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite part of this business is watching, or being a part of, retirement parties! COngrats Tony and Sharon!! We know the effort it takes to reach your level and we celebrate your victory here in Wisconsin. We are so proud of you two and know this is only a temporary stopping point on your way to PC. We look forward to running the journey with you. Love from your brothers and sisters on the Red Eagles!


  19. Jessica said

    Yikes! Super cool.

  20. Hey bud, so proud of you and your family for paving the way for many to follow! Congratulations from the Leurquins!

  21. Adam Rossman said

    Simply awesome!!

  22. Jose zaragoza said

    Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing Orrin

  23. congrats tony and sharron

  24. Zach Frey said

    These guys are some incredible role models! Watching their journey from since I was young has been amazing. The hearts that Tony and Sharon have to serve people are beyond sincere. They love and work what they preach! So proud of and happy for their family and their TEAM! πŸ™‚

  25. Juan Alcala said

    Congrats! This is the future for so many of us if we choose it. Leading the way to a million, one family at a time.

  26. Wes Smith said

    Amazing. Simply amazing…

  27. Chris Gerhart said

    Congrats to Tony Hoffman. He has been such a great example of a servant leader to all of us. I am truly blessed to have met Tony and his beautiful family. Thanks for everything Tony. I can’t wait for more of this incredible journey in this “crazy little business” with you brother! God bless, Chris Gerhart

  28. Kara Plank said

    Congratulations Tony!!! It’s great for new people like us who are just getting started to see what you have just accomplished. It’s inspiring, motivating & exciting to know what results in the TEAM will bring when we do the work and help change lives around us! Proud of you and Sharon & can’t wait to get to know you all better!

  29. CONGRATS! We are so happy for you guys! You two are a great example of LIFE TEAM! Thanks for sharing


  30. Matt Moser said

    Wow what an incredible victory – Congratulations to both Tony and Sharon!!! They communicated their vision for this day for so long that it was clear to all it would become an inevitable event in their life. Thank you for believing so fiercely in your dreams and showing us the example of what an incredible work ethic can accomplish! We are so proud and humbled to know you both. Can’t wait to see what’s next – Matt & Casey Moser

  31. Way to go Tony, Super proud of all the hard work you put to have this day come true. You and Sharon are true champions that have stood the test of time. Congratulations once again and look forward to seeing you in Springfield.

    All the Best in LIFE,

    Alex Nickerson

  32. Steve Callarman said

    Congrats Tony and Sharon!!! You two have always been a great example of excitement and commitment. And congratulations to TEAM RHINO! I’m sure one of many Rhino retirements to come.
    We need a collection of retirement videos on TEAM Tube just to get everyone’s elephant charging. Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Josh Meinel said

    Fired up! That’s going to be a hard one to top. I’ll have to work on my freedom day plans. Congrats Tony and Sharon!

    • Michelle Mielke said

      Josh, i know your day is going to be extra special too. I can’t wait to hold your baby Cilas as he watches you and Kristina step out from your limo on your retirement day. He is never going to remember mom or dad working a traditional job, but he will be proud of you two for going out and serving night after night in the living rooms of America.


      • Jen Ulrich said

        I’ve seen the poster Silas “made” for his daddy’s freedom day: lots of glitter, and much, much bigger than he is! He’ll need you to hold him AND the poster πŸ™‚

  34. Jerry Harteis said

    Congrats to you Tony. A job well done. That helicopter ride from the school was awesome. Polly and I did the same 22 years ago. I know your next 22 years are going to be awesome. Fired up for you. It was great spending time with you this past Saturday and we look forward to many more. Proud of your persistence and passion. God Bless. Jerry & Polly

  35. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, thank you for yet ANOTHER person finding FREEDOM and the LIFE they have always wanted through your incredible system! Congratulations to the Hoffmans!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  36. Teesa Rossman said

    Congrats to the Hoffmans! Sweet video.

  37. Mark Smith said

    Congrats to Tony and Sharon Hoffman! Making their dreams come true and helping many others realize that they too can do it! Carol and I want to thank you for all the help and the example that you have set for us and many others. You both are truly amazing! We look forward to hitting it hard and coming along on this awesome journey we call LIFE! Thank you again and God Bless.

    Mark and Carol Smith

  38. Holly Brown said

    That is so awesome!!! Congratulations!! Goosebumps and tears over here as I think about what it must feel like to experience that moment! My husband and I are looking forward to it! Thank you LIFE for giving us the vehicle to get there!

  39. Matt Mielke said

    Congrats Tony and Sharon! That is FIRED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! About 50 of us watched your video in Hawkins basement for a turbo 10 meeting. Needless to say, your retirement day Rocked and we are so proud of you two and your family. You made it to the “RT buoy” now its on to triple 100 buoy, then then quad then PC island. We will see you on the beach. Godspeed to you and team Rhinos- CHARGE!!!.


  40. Cassandra Faust said

    Congratulations Tony & Sharon!!! Words cannot express how happy I am that you have achieved your freedom! What a blessing for you & your family! I couldn’t be more proud to be apart of your team only to know personally the passion, intensity & commitment you have in all you do. You are a true inspiration to us all& I cannot wait to for the moment you reach the next achievement of policy council! Thank you for sharing your special day with us! Love you both tremendously!


  41. Mary Hermsen said

    Congratulations Tony and Sharon!! Thanks for setting the example.

  42. Woody and Sue Boyer said

    Tony and Sharon are two of them most humble servants on the Team. We love you and are so proud of your accomplishments. We know that you will continue to serve your team and The Team with love and support. Congratulations Tony and Sharon.
    Woody and Sue

  43. Freedom has never been free in the history of the world. There has always been a price…

    Tony & Sharon have been true warriors, losing many battles, with the winning attitude of quitting is not an option.
    They have paid a price that most people are simply not willing to pay,
    however like Ben Franklin, freedom from the 9-5 means the ability to focus more on public achievement and service to other people as well as this great country.
    They are now free to invest 40+ hours a week previously trading time, to their passion and purpose. Many people have been blessed in numerous ways by Tony & Sharon, however as they say: you can count how many seeds that are in an apple, but you can’t count how many apples that are in a seed. They are truly making a difference and on their way to moving from success to significance.

    We are very proud of them, for who they have become…and realize they are just getting started in this game called LIFE.
    Like Oliver DeMille says: True (North) Americans never retire. They work hard to make a better world for their grandchildren.

  44. Keith Sieracki said

    Great Job Tony and Sharon!!! Lifting the bar for everyone on the Team!!!

  45. george guzzardo said

    Congratulations Tony and Sharon! We are proud of you. We need more full time freedom fighters. God Bless, George and Jill

  46. Tammy Murphy said

    Congratulations Tony and Sharon! You are both such AMAZING servant leaders. Andy and I feel blessed to be a part of your team. We know that this is only the beginning. Thank you for all you do for us individually and as a team. Tony’s Freedom Day was an amazing experience. We loved sharing in the victory and look forward to many more FREEDOM parties for Team Rhino. Thank you for never quitting and sharing your belief! We love you both and grateful God brought us into your lives!

  47. Congrats Tony and Sharon. Thank you for blazing the trail, paying the price , claiming your victory. Yet, this is just the beginning. Love you guys. See you in Milwaukee.

  48. Keith Wrage said

    Congratulations Hoffmans! Awesome video too!!

  49. Jeanne Fritch said

    Absolutely, amazingly fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Orrin!

  50. Andy said

    Totally awesome!!! Congrats Tony and Sharon! Your a inspiration and an example that the harder the fight the sweeter the victory.

  51. Emily said

    Amazing inspiration! Congrats!

  52. Mike Hartmann said

    Tony & Sharon: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !
    Thanks for sharing your victory day with the entire Team!
    Dream-Struggle-Victory! I’m happy to see the two of you achieve this dream-come-true!

  53. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! What an inspiration! Thanks for Leading the way!

  54. Ken Hendon said

    Congrats to true winners!

  55. Jason Dames said

    Great Job Tony!!! Thx for your leadership!!!!

  56. Wade & Rhonda Hamblin said

    Congratulations Tony! Thank you so much for feeding out elephant by sharing this video with us!

  57. Dean Frey said

    Congrats Tony and Sharon! We are so proud of you for the example you have set and are continuing to set as you lead on. We thank God for leaders like you to carry the torch with on our journey to a million. God bless!!

  58. Debra Mohr said

    Thanks for sharing your day and being inspirational. Love the limo!

  59. Awesome, I’ve been missing out on this great info. Thanks for sharing Orrin, God bless u.

  60. and to Tony & Sharon Hoffman.

  61. Wildtarg said

    This is quite tardy, I know; all the same, a great achievement, and a super-cool video. Extra props for blowing away alarm clocks.

    … dreams can become real, I am seeing that now.

    Keep going, we’re coming…

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