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Chris Brady: Chance of a LIFE-Time

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 11, 2012

Chris Brady’s twenty minute talk describes the innovation around the LIFE Business better than anything else I have heard. With the Mental Fitness Challenge, LIFE and Leadership subscriptions, and compensated communities, LIFE has many intersectional business innovations. Enjoy the video.


Orrin Woodward

20 Responses to “Chris Brady: Chance of a LIFE-Time”

  1. Jeanne Fritch said

    Great to post this, Orrin!

  2. Rob Crichlow said

    This is great talk by Chris. Having leaders that are able to see farther into the future and understand business trends and apply them as principles to a business model that helps people grow is one of the greatest rewards of being part of LIFE. The principle behind the 20 mile march provides us an easy way to teach the basic building block of our system. Thanks for the great video Orrin.

  3. Michele Connolly said

    So glad Chris shares his talents and skills with us!

  4. angie ballah said

    Thank you for posting this video showcasing the power of what the founders of LIFE have created! Lives are changing for those jumping on board!!

  5. Jeff Darling said

    Great Post Orrin!

  6. Mathieu Catellier said

    What a great explanation of the business

  7. Keith Sieracki said

    Smart, Simple, and coming to a living room near you. Lets go serve others!

  8. Peggi Kern said

    Orrin, I remember sitting in the audience hearing this explanation of the LIFE business and was very excited, because Chris does such an amazing job laying it out so logically, yet casting the vision of the future of this business! It makes sense to plug into this community in a day and age when everyone is looking for an edge in at least one area of their life. Thanks for putting it on the blog! Peggi

  9. Jason Dames said

    Chris does such a great job of communication and simplifying things that seem difficult. Thank you Orrin for posting this!!!!

  10. Wes smith said

    This is on of my favorite talks! 20 mile march to freedom!

  11. Kim Decker said

    As ususal another great talk. Keep up the good work.

  12. Ali Staneart said

    Fired up!!!!

  13. Joanne Brandtjen said

    This is a fantastic explanation of our awesome LIFE business. Makes total sense and who just doesn’t love Chris Brady, his humor and amazing teaching ability!! Thanks for posting Orrin! God Bless!

  14. Chris Brady has many wonderful gifts as displayed by this video! So thankful we have Chris Brady sharing those talents with all of us! Life Team certainly wouldn’t be the same, or as funny!, without him.

  15. Kim Decker said

    thank you for sharing as there is nothing like seeing the top people do the same thing we all are doing…Sharing the words to help us all succeed.

  16. lorraine said


  17. Bill Eder said

    Great reviww by Chris. Thanks Orrin it’s good to go over the reasons we do what we do. This talk is a great tool to help keep us on track. Thanks again for the leadership you and all the PC provide. Blessings

  18. Debra Mohr said

    Another excellent video to be watched again and again.

  19. JCavner said

    I really liked the talk. Most of this made complete sense. I just wish that these talks didn’t get ‘political’. I am thinking of joining LIFE within the next few days and I get really put off when leaders who are trying to reach the masses get political.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Neither Chris nor I are Republican or Democrat so politics isn’t our thing. Limited government is since we are leaders and teach people to solve their own problems. However, with that said, I would fight for your right to disagree with me because that is what freedom and thinking is all about. thanks, Orrin

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