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Conquer, Fortify, Domesticate

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 17, 2012

Strategies for Compensated Community Building

World War II Europe

Both Chris Brady and I love studying history. War history, in particular, is a fascinating way to study leadership, strategy, and courage. Since business is basically economic warfare, where the company who best serves the customer wins (at least in a true free enterprise setting), Chris Brady and I developed a warfare analogy to describe the building of communities. First, one must conquer new territories through building depth. Second, one must fortify the territory through education and LIFE skills. Third, and the final step, one must domesticate the new territory by producing volume within the community. These three simple, but not always easy, steps produce long-term growth.

Reflecting over the years of building communities, no analogy does a better job of describing the keys to building communities – Conquer, Fortify, and Domesticate, or put another way: Depth, Numbers, Volume. When a person builds depth, he can build numbers, which ultimately leads to building volume. The majors in both Springfield and Milwaukee will covers these concepts in more detail. It reminds me of a talk I gave many years ago – Depth is not an Option. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Majors.


Orrin Woodward

52 Responses to “Conquer, Fortify, Domesticate”

  1. Jeremy Pethke said

    We look forward to learning from you! Since Bob Rasmussen recommended the blogs to me I can’t get enough info! I have become so enthralled with information that I stay up late at night and get up early in the morning to study! Thank you Orrin for this opportunity that makes the possibility of success easily attainable with the willingness to work, submitting to a mentor and the system, and becoming a true servant (being more concerned about the future of others rather than self). Safe Travels!

    God Bless and see you in Milwaukee

    Jeremy Pethke

    • I agree with your comment on the integrity of wanting to serve others not self in making success( which is a form of self serving ones ego and material needs along with social statues) attainable. I just have an extra thought to swing sideways. Its merely a suggestion coming from a perspective of being sensitive to all humans not merely those with the most power. Rather then Conquer, Fortify and Domesticate, which does work if all concerned, are happy with this, I would suggest – Communicate, Integrate and then Domesticate. This comes from a belief system of respecting all humans body, soul and spiritual needs, being a wholistic approach.

  2. Peggi Kern said

    I have been to many majors and have NEVER walked away without learning something new that I can apply to my life and business immediately. The Conquer, Fortify, Domesticate approach to building communities is a powerful analogy to make the process of depth systematic and simple. This is a great reminder of the leverage the majors provide. I can’t wait to be there!


  3. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: Thanks for yet another good analogy. These nuggets in the blog format are just one more way to self educate ourselves.The major promises to be again one of the best.It’s really amazing how these events keep getting better an d better. We often ask can they top this one and lo and behold he answer is oh yeah!!

  4. Keith Sieracki said

    The rapid expansion of Nazi Germany in early WWII is an example of conquering territory, their plans were to eventually domesticate these conquered territory for the new German nation. However the crucial fortification (education) step was never accomplished due to the torture and oppression of these conquered peoples. Finally, through the service of brave men and women from many countries the tryant was defeated.
    In LIFE we serve oppressed thinking by team depth building with speed. Yet, we take the time to “bond” by serving those new to the community which allows fortification of community teams. This allows a now domesticated LIFE community to create wealth in all the 8F’s to a level which the world has never seen. Thans Orrin and all the LIFE founders!

  5. Marc said

    Great analogy. I need to keep it in mind more often. Thanks.

    I am so looking forward to Wisconsin!

  6. Maribel Damphousse said

    I love the parallelism with history and the LIFE community we are building. It gives more meaning to what we are doing. Thanks for all the inspiration you give us to help us succeed in our goals and dreams. Looking forward to the Major and bond with the greater Team!

  7. I am really excited about this major! I can’t wait for the teaching about community that will be delivered by the best of the best! That coupled with the LIFE material is a recipe for 1 MILLION!!!! Thanks Orrin and Chris for the perfect picture of building communities.

  8. It’s amazing how conquer, fortify and domesticate fall right in line with Power Player. I hear ya loud and clear Mr. Woodward! We are conquering new territory and ready for the explosion. Looking forward to seeing you and all the leaders in Milwaukee!

    • Mary Hermsen said

      I agree, Kristin. I’m looking forward to learning more about this topic in Milwaukee!

  9. Tina Abernathy said


    The more things change the more they stay the same. Yet, I am glad to be reminded because I can sometimes want the cart before the horse. Excited to hear from The Best, who always give us their best.

    Onward and Forward to 1 million!

  10. Jeff Darling said

    Thanks for another great post! I love the analogy of “Conquer – Fortify – Domesticate”, as it so depicts what we want to accomplish. Can’t wait for the great teaching that will be coming out of the Majors. By plane, train, car & a BUS, TEAM Braveheart we will be ROLLING IN to get educated & inspired to run for a MILLION!

  11. Randy Donais said

    I, too, love the analogy and can’t wait to hear more at the Bradley Center next weekend. I can feel it! We are at war!

  12. Matt Mielke said

    Orrin, I love that we are focusing in on this concept. Dan Hawkins recently added to the simplicity of Depth-> numbers -> Volume; Get in -> get around the people -> get learning. You all are brilliant strategists and thank you for sharing that with all of us to learn. Godspeed to 1 million.


  13. Forrest said

    Can’t wait to learn all the details of depth, numbers, and volume at the major. On our way to a million!

  14. Josh Dames said

    Thanks Orrin for all you do!! We are excited to be at this major and all be united going to one million through Depth,numbers and volume!!

  15. Dan White said

    The beauty of the basics. “Depth is not an option”, so true. Also depth is not a given. It must be intentional. The splendor of the Conquer, Domesticate and Fortify process. This will be a great major. The excitement is contagious!!!!

  16. I will see you at the Life major as well. Liberty quest “let freedom reign”

  17. Fantastic! Jason Myler will love reading this after his walk through the woods with you!

  18. Rob Crichlow said

    With LIFE materials combined with building depth creates a culture like none other. We are not just building communities … we are building communities of leaders! Looking forward to the upcoming Leadership Convention.

  19. Rob Robson said

    Orrin, thanks so much for reminding us about the basics that have set Team apart for the last 13 years. Hanging with you and Laurie and Chris and Terri at your home last weekend was amazing! I so appreciate how much of your life your are willing to share with us. Thank you for your example of passion and purpose!

  20. jimmy varghese said

    wow. you are absolutely right! this is a war! a war on mediocrity and complacency. the culture in sw florida with the sons of liberty south with the help of leaders like keith seiracki and scott russell is garnering much momentum! this is a war we intend to win!

  21. Brandon Perry said

    Looking forward to all the talks in Milwaukee! The majors are always amazing! It’s amazing how every time its more amazing than the last one. Such a blessing and honor to be out representing the LIFE/Team companies in the living rooms across this great nation.

  22. Alex Obiden said

    I love how systematic, duplicable, simple, but not always easy, and transparent this business is. Nothing I know of compares. It is not merely training, but practical education, combined open communication, coaching, mentorship, and a personal relationship. I would like to make one point I find beautiful when considering the analogy; conquer, fortify, domesticate. One man doesn’t conquer, fortify, and domesticate new territory alone, but one man can lead an nation, or a TEAM, to do just that.

  23. Thank you for the great insight. This major will set off a title wave of success! See you in Milwaukee.

  24. Mike Kolp said


    The Conquer, Fortify, Domesticate pack has always been a kick butt weapon and one of my favorites. Pumped to get to Milwaukee. Charge to One Million.


  25. Barry Quinn said

    See you in Milwaukee. Cant wait for the next nuggets. Thanks for all you do.


    Orrin I love your war analogy.
    We are definitely in a war to take territory and not give it back to the enemy (self-doubt, wrong thinking, and bad attitudes.)
    But when I read your blog your ideas triggered my mind to somewhat of a different direction. The primary success factor I have read about in all the wars was the factor I have learned from LIFE, once again. “He who hesitates is lost.” We are at war and we can’t think about strategy all the time. Patton didn’t Eisenhower didn’t and Rommel in the early stages of WWII didn’t either.
    For example, I was in a store waiting for another appointment and I saw an individual who was a stranger and I decided because of some leadership actions I observed that he took with his children,I decided to approach him quickly, before he walked out of the store. Because of the incredible mentoring by my leaders Jimmy Varghese and Keith Sieracki, of the Son soif Liberty-South, I did not hesitate and took a risk, knowing that I may have lost the battle. It was worth it, as this person may be one of those people like me who had been looking for LIFE all his life. As a result, I not only made a friend, but I introduced new territory that LIFE can claim as their own. We need to remember that axiom: Do not hesitate. It is a war we are fighting and the darkness is creeping in faster everyday. We need to go to battle quickly and get to as many people as possible with this system of life changing information and leadership principals. The battles for their minds and hearts will be worth the cost of leadership, if we get a few people ecited about possibilities, again.
    Thanks Orrin and the PC
    for bringing this information to my leaders who have brought it to the Team who will pass it on to others, and train them to do the same thing, etc.
    We will win this war with 1 million souls

    • Wildtarg said

      Michael; I would dare to add to your comments on one point: Patton and Rommel, specifically, studied tank warfare in the interim period between the world wars. When the new conflict came, they were not unprepared for or scrambling to understand the new methods of warfare, because they had already thought and fought through them in their own minds and on the training fields. Proper Preparation Produces Proper Performance. The founders and leaders of LIFE have had years of practice between the first conflict and this new war to save our freedom and culture. With their leadership and expertise, we are ready. Onward to a million!

  27. Nicole Geremesz said

    I love your comment “business is basically economic warfare, where the company who best serves the customer wins (at least in a true free enterprise setting).” I never thought business as being an economic warfare, but you’ve made me think. That is exactly what it is. Thanks to both you and all the PC, you’ve given us weapons/tools to win this economic war!

    • Peggi Kern said

      Great point, Nicole! I hadn’t thought about business being an economic warfare, either! However, I’m so thankful for the system and tools that will take our business to millions!

  28. Farrah Sargent said

    Wow, great point Orrin. I am so excited for this major. I know I say that every major =) I can’t wait to hear what great insights you all have on how to apply these thoughts to our business so we can rock and roll our way to ONE MILLION!!!! Also Thanks to Dan Hawkins for doing a great job in Southfield last night regarding this topic. Steve did a great job as well. Thanks you guys!!

  29. Orrin,

    In studying the Depth Pack comprehensively I (listening several times with specific intent), it is amazing how systems oriented and consistent the TEAM process to building is. One of the CD’s referenced Tim Marks being on the TEAM only 19 months at the time of the recording of the material. The language I heard is still the same I am hearing today in LIFE. Building and Bonding, building communities, TEAM Approach, Sling and Squeeze, etc., etc.

    Once we (myself included) master the TEAM system of building I expect we will see an explosion of growth.

    Thanks for the consistent message,


  30. Ali Staneart said

    Thank you Orrin! See you in Wisconsin!

  31. Yancy said

    That is such a great analogy and is just fasinating how you can piece them together so good that a person can understand it really good.
    thank you

  32. Mike Hartmann said

    Conquer-Fortify-Domesticate: A timeless strategy for success! Looking forward for fine tuning the vision of our brighter future next weekend in Wisconsin!

  33. Wes Smith said

    Thanks for keeping the TEAM focused on the master strategy to go to a million!

  34. Bryan A. Kemp said

    Awesome post as always! Can’t wait to hear whats coming in Milwaukee, Thank you and the whole PC for your constant PDCA, and blazing a path for the rest of us to follow. Tuly Blessed to be apart of this Community. Thanks again and God Bless!!

  35. Eben Smith said

    Fired up !!!!!!

  36. Marianne Ashton said

    Very much looking forward to the Major in Milwaukee! As has often been said, its better to be reminded than instructed & I need a lot of reminders!

  37. Scott Gray said

    As we go out and share the Life opportunity, it amazes me when people act as if the business may not work. My only response is “Its already working”. In the lives and checkbooks of people all over the country. These blogs help prove that. Thanks Orrin!

  38. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Great analogy Orrin and Chris! I am loving the “old school” teachings that remind us that you have developed a SIMPLE system and therein lies true genius-taking the complex and making it simple. Depth is EVERYTHING! Concentrating on building COMMUNITY still is the strength of LIFE through Team Approach and everything else follows. Thank you for contantly taking us back to the basics. I can’t wait to attend this upcoming Major Leadership Convention in Wisconsin! I know it will be the BEST ever!!!

  39. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I just began listening to the Depth pack again this week- so good, great nuggets!
    The warfare concepts of Conquer,Fortify and Domesticate have always been somewhat hard for me to grasp until I started building communities and the analogy of Depth, Numbers and Volume came alive. They are so interdependent. I still have so much to learn, but am grateful to be in the fight and learning as I go.

  40. Garrett young said

    Always bless to read anything you write Mr. Woodward. This Major we are blessed even more by having you here in Milwaukee. Cannot wait as the adrenaline is already starting to boil.

  41. Good morning, Orrin! SO looking forward to Milwaukee and hearing more details on this amazing war-analogy concept (conquer, fortify, domesticate) … and how it relates to my growth in the business as I serve with the Sons of Liberty under the loving training and example by my sponsors, Keith and Elizabeth Sieracki! FIRED UP!

  42. Debra Mohr said

    Always blessed to read your blog. Looking forward to Milwaukee.

  43. Kyle Starr said

    Don’t accept Impossible
    looking forward to seeing you at the major!

  44. Windy Stanton said

    Wow. I am overwhelmed by this comparison. This is a weird coincidence. I went with my family today to the World War II Museum in New Orleans, LA. It was an amazing museum. I must have slept through history in high school, because I learned a lot I did not know before. The Americans, British and Canadians took back France in Operation Overlord aka D-Day. They re”conquered” an allied country. And they did it with numbers and volume. But they also had a strategic plan, amazing leadership and the knowledge that there would be sacrifices. You were right in saying it would not be easy. Conquering anything takes so much courage. I can’t imagine how scared those young men must have been storming the beaches of Normandy. But I know how scared I am to contact someone about our business. My fear pales in comparison to someone shooting at you. So many sacrificed their lives so that I would have the opportunity to overcome my own fear, to be courageous, to conquer new territory. I left the museum today with tears in my eyes, overcome with emotion. But also, I left with a new spark in my heart. I value freedom more because I have felt fear. New territory comes with a cost I will gladly pay over and over again. Because I know the cost my forefathers paid, they paid with their lives. I only have to pay with a little discomfort.

    • Wildtarg said

      Windy, your words are thought-provoking and inspiring. I will keep them in my notes. Thank you for sharing.

  45. Kim Decker said

    Went to the major in Springfield and oh how great it was. It will help the less fortunate in todays econmy to get a start on a new life. Thank you to the Life/Team for this new opportunity.

  46. Fantastic! I can’t wait for the major!

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