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LIFE Teams Gather Across America

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 30, 2012

For the last two weekends, teams from across America and Canada gathered in Springfield and Milwaukee for the LIFE Conventions. Guest speakers Mark Macdonald and Oliver DeMille, along with the LIFE Founders poured out the best step by step plan for growth period. With the numbered packs to learn the basics, easier sign-up procedure, and the Power-Player depth focus, the team is rolling. In addition, Chris Brady rolled out his recently released A Month in Italy book!

There were so many teachable and magic moments that it might be difficult to narrow down to a few for the comment section; however, I have to ask the question. If you attended the convention, what were your magic moments and what are the key take-aways for you to move ahead in business and life? I personally have never been prouder of the PC leaders for the continued drive to grow and change for the good of their teams. Today is the day!


Orrin Woodward

112 Responses to “LIFE Teams Gather Across America”

  1. Jesse Sheldon said

    Great weekend in Wisconsin! The venue was excellent and the staff at the venue could have been more friendly and accommodating. The new signup procedure is amazing!!! No excuses left. Power Player to one-million people!

    • Ben Zeier said

      I agree completely with Jesse. The staff at the Bradley Center were by far the friendliest at any venue I have experienced with Team. Always smiling & friendly – even into the late night!

      I also agree with the best sign-up procedure yet. This is win-win for everyone. I have never seen belief gained so fast! Thank you to all the PC for this! PDCAing to 1 million & 100,000 in one dome!

  2. Randy Donais said

    This was my second convention and it was clearly more educational and entertaining than the first! The only downer, if there was one, was Claude and Lena having to go home early. My magic moment was ‘Reverend” Woodward’s sermon! Priceless!

    • Randy, you nailed it, Christ was certainly dwelling in Orrin’s heart Sunday morning. Proud of you for your commitment to chase after your dreams and impact lives using the LIFE business!

    • That sermon Sunday actually brought tears to my eyes a couple different times.

      • Jammie Fisher said

        For me now, not in the beginning, this is the most powerful part of the weekend. To see the master orchestrator bring people together through such thin threads and create connections to Him, and impact eternity – WOW! The numbers, the emotion of the testimonies and the growth is so inspiring. I am so overwhelmed with thankfulness and all involved in using this venue and system to lead people to truth.

        Thank you.

    • I know what you mean. Orrin such a tremendous leader and is truly plugged in. He not only gives Christ the credit but he lives the values. I feel so blessed to find this wonderful group of people and the material to improve my life. Thank you to all of the PC for your sacrifices, leadership, and belief in us.

  3. Rob Crichlow said

    This was the best leadership convention I have attended in many years. You could feel the excitement. Power Player focus was my take away. We will need a bigger facility next time. Thanks for leading Orrin.

  4. Scott Reinhold said

    The PC has continued to grow and develop themselves into the BEST leaders in the US and Canada. Thank you, PC FOR TOPPING OFF YET ANOTHER AMAZING CONVENTION! I have to say I have left this weekend with confidence being that I am mostly phlegmatic. We have the best business in the WORLD! God willing see you soon! Thank you, Orrin & Laurie Woodward

  5. Tex said

    The convention was incredible and executed flawlessly by an amazing crew of men and women behind the scenes that deserve many many thanks. Thanks to all of the teams that volunteered in the tool rooms and making it look easy!
    The best part of the weekend was watching people light up and realize that their dreams are now actually possible in their lives.
    BIG Thanks to you Orrin and the PC for keeping the torch lit throughout many years of change and innovation to get us where we are today!
    enjoy the run to your goals, it’s going to be amazing!

  6. james pyka said

    What an amazing weekend. Rising tides raises all ships. Kaizen is on the move and its so fired up the friendly competition that Claude is fueling across the Team.. see you in the powerplayer section..

    James and Claire Pyka

  7. Laurie Lalonde said

    The magic was seeing the eyes of a new couple who had never experienced it before – watching them all weekend was like seeing everything through their eyes. Take-aways? Too many to count, but one thing that will be driving us now is the competition. Kaizen Kicks Butt!

  8. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Just when you think a Major Leadership Convention couldn’t get any better…it is! There was so much incredible information shared. I think the “magical moment” for me was the confirmation of our business being “old school” Team/LIFE; which always produces an EXPLOSION of growth. The key take away would be that we have the ONLY compensated community in the world that is 100% predictable and duplicatable. And when you couple that with being able to own a business for only $49.99… like the commerical for Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast said…$49.99 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND! One million people (and BEYOND) was never more do-able!!! Thank you Orrin!

    • Carla Girard said

      Great posture, Richard! Loved your “a multimillion dollar business in a half-trillion dollar industry for only $49.99! Are you OUTTA your mind!

      • Peggi Kern said

        I agree with Carla! Such a great posture statement to walk away with!!! Knowing without a doubt that anyone who doesn’t jump on board is definitely losing out on the GREATEST business out there!

  9. leslie gates said

    Oliver Demille was amazing, his knowledge on freedom amazes me and is so needed! Bill and jackie testimony on sunday is so powerfull, i’ve heard ut before and it touches my heart each time! All of the talks were packed with hoid information and everything is simplified! It’s time for the sprint to a million!

    Warriors, love all serve all

  10. Merisa said

    Well the whole weekend was great! The guest speakers Mark and Oliver sharing their heart filled passions confirmed even more that God has a plan for each of us and it’s our job to follow it. I think the most impactful part though was Jackie’s talk when she talked about regrets of quitting gymnastics and really why she quit due to feelings of inadequaticy and lack of self confidence. Then coming to the team and truly finding her purpose and fighting to accomplish it. The thought of God having plans so big you can’t fathom…then He speaks to your heart and says, “I want you in the middle of that plan leading”. That is scary but there is no time to hold back.

    George and Jill Guzzardo

    • Chrissy Fleury said

      Great thoughts Merisa! I absolutely agree and I think that talk really hit home for a lot of us. Think all of us walked away just knowing that God has brought us together (and held us together), to be here, right now, at this time and in this place, all for a very important reason. That he never makes mistakes and is doing something incredible in and through all of us.
      “…and who knows but that you have been called to this place for such a time as this…” (Esther 4:14)
      So glad to be on this journey with you, Merisa, and look forward to the victories soon to come.
      George and Jill Guzzardo

  11. Amy Clark said

    My main take away, no more glaze of “I got all the time in the world to get this done!” Today is the day! Time to run. Praying for the people God places in my path.He didn’t call the equipped but he equips the called.

  12. Tina Abernathy said


    It is always so hard to narrow it down, yet I love the question because it causes me to think, go back to my notes and relive the feeling of the weekend.

    My Top 3:
    1) Watching the excitement, belief and posture of Alpha Omega in our meeting after the meeting
    2)Terri Brady’s talk on dancing…….priceless
    3) Three things to focus on by Lisa Hawkins

    May God continue to pour out his blessings on the PC, RT and Team/Life community so that we can change lives in our lifetime!!


  13. John A. Morrison said

    Hi Orrin,
    Thank you for an very eye opening weekend. What struck me most at the weekend is how awesome the leaders are on my team. Those helping Sharon and I build a big business live in towns from New York state to Seattle Washington, with many in Michigan. The willingness to serve by this awesome group has opened my eyes to the opportunity that Life is. I saw how important each one is and the gift that they are and their willingness to share their gift with others. When I first began, I was almost afraid to acknowledge the dreams I have and those that have been burried over the years. I am inspired by their faith to move on and to grow personally and in our business and to dream again. Wow! This is big for me, and I say a huge “thank you” to you and the entire Team you have assembled. I am eternally grateful.
    John Morrison, Marshall, Michigan

  14. jimmy varghese said

    this weekend was awesome!!! my biggest take-aways from this weekend was 1) success is hard, not the LIFE opportunity. If anything, the life opportunity is the quickest, smartest, cost conscientious, fulfilling path to success 2 ) the LIFE team is always keeping the customer and its members a priority. lowering the cost to 49.99 is an example of that. i truly enjoyed the convention and it provided me the inspiration, motivation for the next 90 days to run as hard as i can for power player and show this opportunity to as many people as i can because our country and world needs it! thank you Orrin and the rest of the PC for the tremndous selflessness and hard work!

    • Keith Sieracki said

      Fired up Jimmy! Nothing can hold you back!!

    • Katrina S. said

      That is true-Success is hard, not the LIFE opportunity! Thank you for reframing it! We can do it!
      Great weekend! I enjoyed Orrin’s message on Sunday and the panel with 2 California couples on it! Wonderful staff at the Bradley Center!
      Great choices of music for the PC to come out on. They were some of my favorite songs!

  15. Jason said

    This was a amazing weekend in Milwaukee.

    I think a light went on about how far we have truly strayed from America’s founding when Chris Brady & Oliver DeMille were speaking together and Oliver talked about how the adults during America’s founding era would meet weekly to discuss the topics of the day. In chapter six of Oliver’s book 1913 he begins writing about how a wise citizenry that understands freedom is needed to maintain our freedoms.

    Page 78, “Without a wise populace that understands how freedom works and takes an active part in maintaining it, no free society has ever lasted. Indeed, free societies tend to break down as soon as a rising generation, basking in its peace and prosperity, forgets how vitally important freedom is and how quickly it can be lost.”

    Oliver quotes John Adams who wrote, “A native of America who cannot read or write is as rare…as a comet or an earthquake. It has been observed that we are all of us lawyers, divines, politicians and philosophers.” Meaning each citizen had a depth of knowledge in ALL of these areas. What does one find when they speak with the average citizen today? Where is their knowledge base? The latest T.V. drama?

    Thank you to every who helped put on this past weekend and to all the PC for how they continue to serve and especially to Claude Hamilton, KCB, who has the courage to stand up and help people move past their excuses in life 🙂

  16. Orrin,

    I think the biggest take away was a continued affirmation of the heart and purpose behind the LIFE business. One gentleman’s comments sums it up for me. He said, “What we feared the most about this organization is truly what we’re seeing be the heart of the organization”. As he explained it, many look at this opportunity asking if God truly is at the center of it. Or, is it a scam, cult, deceptive lie which is not God honoring. What this gentlemen experienced this weekend and we personally had reaffirmed within us was that this opportunity has a much higher calling associated with it and the hearts of the PC are truly honorable.

    With the present registration offering, the PC is providing the best opportunity yet to allow people to become a part of this journey and “test the waters” for the price of a tank of gas. This speaks to the confidence of the leadership knowing that really all we need to do is get people around our community and they will experience what the true heart of the organization is. There are no more excuses associated with the level of investment required. We are plugging everyone in upfront to the right systems designed to promote behaviors to allow someone to truly understand what this opportunity is about and how you can actually be successful in the very first month.

    There were many more highlights of the weekend which I anticipate others to share. Overall, I would like to thank the PC and yourself for your continued leadership. You’ve never promised this would be easy and always promised it would be worth it. We look forward to seeing you at the top!

    God bless,

    Chris and Lisa Arnold

    • Mary Hermsen said

      Well said, Chris. I love your first paragraph. I think you put into words what many were maybe feeling and/or wondering.

  17. We CAN do this! One million and beyond! Wisconsin was amazing! Friendly Bradley Center was truly a special place for us to fill! Can’t wait to hit POWER PLAYER!!

  18. Kurt & Joanne Brandtjen said

    Everything was fantastic Orrin- the PC did it again! Incredible teaching, inspiring stories and a real sense of clarity of purpose. Thanks for bringing in Mark and Oliver! What a great addition to the TEAM!! Terri Brady knocked it out of the park again! Bill and Jackie’s testimony and your delivery of the Good News was the icing on the cake of an outstanding weekend. I think my favorite part was off stage though. Seeing my husband grow as a leader with one of our new team members was priceless. And to see that new person probably more fired up than anyone was something I will never forget. What an amazing venue, but did you happen to see there’s a bigger one about 2 miles away….? We WILL be big enough to fill Miller Park!! Thanks again to you and Laurie and the entire PC and Round Table!! To a million and beyond! God Bless!

    • Larry Groser said

      Awesome seeing you guys grow and share this with others!

    • Bill Eder said

      Right on Joanne. seeing you and kurt made the convention all the more worth it. Mom and I are proud of you and Kurt.
      Dance all the way to an awesome life!!

    • Orrin, the sense of destiny after this weekend was very evident. There were a lot of new people who weren’t sure if this was the avenue they wanted to pursue for their life and after this weekend, it was confirmed that this needed to be what they pursued.

      Kurt and Joanne – George said it perfect to you this weekend… you are playing the part of a PC leader already, and Kurt the PC ring was a perfect fit on your hand! Let’s go get it!

      Bill and Mary Ann – your continued growth excites me beyond recognition, legacy comes to mind in your case and it’s beautiful to see it unfolding in your life.

      Larry – words can’t express the appreciation I have for your courage and conviction. You are truly a leader worth following.

    • Imelda Roman said

      Yes, it was a great weekend, with great talks, I enjoyed listening and learning from all the leaders. Also as you said, seeing the excitement of the new team members in our group just keeps the belief growing and the motivation going. Sunday worship time was just great, listening to Bill and Jackie’s heartfelt story brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. Mr. Woodward’s message was just filled with hope, there was conviction in his words. God truly used His servant leader to bring a message of truth to His people. I also enjoyed the teachings offered by the panel of Power Players. The end is always bittersweet, you really don’t want it to end because it is so good to be surrounded by the TEAM and yet you really want to go and get out there and share the Great News with others that are not part of this LIFE.

      • Amen Imelda, it certainly was a great weekend! Each day coming out of the major has been crucial. I don’t think the TEAM has ever been this laser focused in my time of being in the TEAM. Power Player, Power Player, Power Player! You got this 🙂

  19. Pete Jarvis said

    Everything up to this point has truly been a pre-launch of LIFE (including the literally HUNDREDS of years of combined experience that the policy council is drawing upon). That’s the take-away for me. The tracks are laid. Really it’s thousands (our tens of thousands) of years experience when you account for the experience of all the leaders who attended and have been a part of following and leading in the “laboratory” (Orrin’s word) that has gotten us here. We’re blessed to have been a part of it but it’s time to prove that it’s no longer an experiment. On to a million (and beyond)!

  20. Stephanie Asher said


    Extending my deepest appreciation to you, the PC, and all of the leaders. Wisconsin was packed with tons of information leading everyone to belief and hope in change for the future. Its always great to see the beleif in a new person’s eyes. Taking it back to the basics helped to simplify the business for me. I’m a full melancholy and end up with myself in the way too often and it holds me back. Your closing delivery Saturday night as well as your Sunday sermon reminded me of the true vision of the TEAM. I’m so fired up and ready to keep leading people to the truth!! What an amazing weekend. Thank you Orrin!!

    Stephanie Asher

  21. Casey Faul said

    The major in Milwaukee was the first one I have attended since joining TEAM and all I can say is WOW! It was incredible to meet people from all over our great country and Canada. One of my key moments was Orrin’s sermon on Sunday. Orrin, I salute you for giving God all the glory and credit for the success of this business and not hiding the fact. You truly care not only for our immediate accomplishments but for our eternal rewards in heaven as well. Thank you for your astounding leadership!

    • Steve Callarman said

      Well said Casey! There is a reason discovering our God-Given Purpose is Resolution #1. It may sound like a cliche, but your FIRST major was the BEST!

  22. Jenny Wenke said

    This was an amazing yet overwhelming weekend for me. It was my first convention and there was so much to take in I don’t even know where to start. Lisa Hawkins thank you for being so prescious that when I couldn’t even speak to you with so much emotion going through me you reached out and hugged me, priceless! Seeing everyone on stage makes the cd’s I listen to everyday really come to LIFE. The only thing that could have made my weekend any better was if my husband could have been there with me.

    Jenny Wenke

  23. My favorite part was George Guzzardo’s impression of Orrin! He did a very good impression and it fired me up! I appreciate all the healthy competition in the LIFE community, I know that Claude Hamilton’s numbers at the Springfield convention were record-breaking and a rising tide only raises all ships. I am grateful to him for showing us what’s possible.

    I truly enjoyed Dan Hawkins explanation of the specifics of Power Player! How encouraging is it to know that there is a system and a specific way to do things! I love the idea of not figuring everything out the hard way. Terri Brady knocked it out of the park every speech! She is so articulate and graceful and her message is always loving and clear!

    All the strategy and excitement is going to radiate out across the country. I’ll be working hard to help Tim Marks grow bigger numbers for Ohio.

    I cannot wait to introduce the Mental Fitness Challenge, the LIFE business and Compensated Community concepts across the country!

  24. Monique Hoffer said

    My husband and I attended the Springfield Convention. It was amazing. I always get fired up weeks before the majors, I always just look forward to them so much. This time I bought my next ticket before it really got started. I was asked in an elevator what I was wearing around my neck, I promptly explained that it was my “badge of Honor” LOL.
    I think the biggest moment for me was when Oliver De Mille asked about what our mission was. I found that with out a second though, I wanted to change families for the better. It was even better when he asked us all to stand when he called them out, and my husband stood beside me, with out any prompting or discussion. I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a great opportunity, and to know that I am married to a man who feels the same.

  25. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: I really don’t know where to start. Last week I think I commented how can the coventions top the last one,well proof came in Milwaukee. After oliver De Mille’s talk I said OK mission accomplished. I could have went home with his book and information
    and been fulfilled. Price of admission was satisfied. Hold on there was more and more and more. What a action and informative packed weekend. Love your mind reading ability and “dance” would that we all take Terri Brady,s advice and dance to one million.
    God bless you,the TEAM,and America.

    • Larry Groser said

      Ditto all that, and the association was second to none! Where else could you go and join 10,000+ like minded people over the weekend and leave feeling more empowered than ever?

  26. One highlight would be that now we all know just how high Orrin Woodward can jump! It was great to see him jump around the stage!

  27. I had several magic moments: Reaffirming my mission by listening to Oliver Demille, realizing that I have a new mission: to go POWER PLAYER, and my most magic moment, the powerful sermon on Sunday morning by Orrin Woodward, with the amazing testimony by Bill and Jackie Lewis. All in all, it was a great weekend. $49.99!!

  28. Rob Robson said

    We were in Wisconsin this weekend and I have never been so excited in my LIFE! The magic we experienced created new expectations for fast growth. One example is that a brand new teammate of mine, Chad Palmer, that just registered a month ago worked his tale off and walked into the event as a new power player! It’s always exciting to help someone get off to a fast start and going power player for the first time in less than a month is a great pace. The incredible thing was that by Saturday night, with his new level of expectation he started calling through his “maybe’s” and some that he hadn’t talked to yet and he was able to qualify as power player AGAIN for just a few hours. After all is said and done, our team will have 3 or 4 power players by Tuesday, just 3 days after the event! This is a magic time, thanks for giving us the tools and creating a new expectation for all of us!

  29. Jeff Darling said

    BELIEF in people’s eyes!
    SPEED is the KEY!
    Thanks Orrin & Laurie (and all the PC!)

  30. Hey Orrin,
    I am so grateful for the PC! I am grateful for Claude Hamilton, for calling us all out! I am so grateful for the inspiring messages of the PC ladies, and the men! I absolutely loved Oliver talking about being a glaze remover, and finding the genius in everyone. It was an epic weekend for Emily and I, and I am certain I will never forget it. We’ll be talking about it forever. Chris and Terri, taking their time to work with Emily and I and befriend us the way they do, priceless! Chris believes in me more than anyone!

  31. Carla Girard said

    The biggest take-aways I had were the speed at which the business can take off, and the belief that it can and will be done. We are committed to being part of affecting a million lives by doing the 20 mile march over and over and over again. Thanks to the PC for all their hard work and thought into making this a business built for speed and longeivty.

    Carla Girard
    Patriot Revolution – U & I

  32. Keith Sieracki said

    Thanks for an awesome weekend from all the leadership of LIFE!!! Lets get those Six(CD)Packs out and go 10 Deep in 30days for 12 months in a row. My math may not be great, but I do know 6x10x30x12= freedom…priceless. Thanks to LIFE Founders and all our awesome Teammates!

  33. Brandon said

    Oliver DeMilles talk about how it used to be assumed that local townships governed themselves got me thinking how our teams and community groups are bringing that concept back in an Information Age form. There were so many nuggets of information that confirmed that my wife & I are in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons. We have truly been blessed by our destiny with the Team!
    Sons of Liberty – United we WIN!

  34. Mike Bouknight said

    Thank you Orrin and the PC for the best Leadership Convention/training anywhere. LIFE is not only the best compensated community business, it is the BEST business for life. This weekend solidified my belief that the coming together of LIFE/TEAM, MonaVie, and Oliver DeMille was not an accident, but Providence.

  35. Jim Martin said

    Wow Orrin this major was definitely magical, with such great teaching of how to put your community together and grow as a united team, the teaching on depth and power player I believe my favorite talk was yours on Saturday night when you broke it down on how to focus on going PC!! We will be there

  36. Peggi Kern said

    I loved the convention this weekend!! The venue was the best I’ve been to yet. I had so many people comment on how wonderful the staff from the Bradley Center was. I also felt the pulse of the LIFE/TEAM is stronger than ever!! “DEPTH is EVERYTHING” and “POWER PLAYER” haven’t changed. As always, it’s the play we call and is 100% predictable!! It’s such a simple, straight forward business plan and now more affordable than ever!!

  37. Sue Lohr, Team Courageous said

    Personal best moment was learning how to read. Oliver DeMille continues to AMAZE me, and I am so looking forward to reading 1913!

    Our Team’s best moment was the commitment to get this done. THE Team’s (PC’s, Round Table, and other leaders’)transparency, ability to PDCA and reverse the current is remarkable. The opportunity has never been more affordable, more needed, or more possible. Thanks to all who help lead, and all who attended the convention. Those who stay, WILL be champions (to quote you!).

  38. Sandra wideen said

    My biggest take aways- clarity, focus and belief – not in the business as I’ve always believed in that, but in me. The excess is trimmed away. Thank you thank you thank you!

  39. To learn the system more than more than ever so have the right information to help others realize how the right information can help them and so many others live the life they’ve always wanted.and the key is me that is where it starts.so my goal is to show my wife my team and all others myself included the best me they have ever seen THANK You AND All In This BUSINESS For You Are A FROM GOD GOD BLESS US ALL

  40. Steve Callarman said

    – Bring your best,get better – Bring your best, get better…
    – We are blessed (one in a million)
    – Most men are committing Male Fraud
    – I hope you dance (yes, I cried – what of it!)
    – Be a Glaze Killer!
    – Speed! – “You got to get speed, demon speed. Speed’s what we need; we need greasy, fast speed.” – Ok, that was Mickey from Rocky II – but you get the point.

  41. Soupie Shaw said

    For me, I DANCED!!

  42. Elaine Mallios said

    I see such a concerted effort to simplify and make things run better. The emphasis on depth and building strong teams through the 10/4 is where its at. Being able to send Opens will be a big help. Springfield was the best ever! Claude Hamilton and his team were great teachers. Big thank you to all for a great weekend and the tool pack changes – I love!
    The qualifications for Trip Tracking are not clear. I am waiting for an answer from Team to clarify some questions. Guess I’m just a bit slow!
    We love the TEAM! Press on!

  43. Jose zaragoza said

    49.99!!!! Best conference ever !!!

  44. Kevin Hafner said

    What an amazing weekend in Milwaukee!!!!!!!!! Thank you Orrin and all the P.C. I must say I can’t choose 1 thing but my top 3 were. 1.Your Sunday morning sharing of the truth from God. 2. Laurie’s Saturday night talk We have a nephew who has cerebral palsy Her talk cant come out on audio quick enough what an amazing story. And last but certainly not least would be Chris Brady’s talk on Saturday or maybe what was on the back of his shirt!!! Thanks for your leadership and we’re ready to run to the top of the mountain no matter if we slip off or not!!!!!!! “I’m to busy chasing a dream to stop and collect excuses”

  45. Scott Staley said

    Springfield was awesome! Oliver Demille was great to hear speak again – he does a great job of reminding us about why information applied – is necessary if we’re to maintain our freedoms.

    Sunday morning was great with Joce/Cynthia’s testimony. They are some of my personal favourite teachers – and its great to hear how they’ve changed, and continue to work on changing their lives by walking the Faith F.

    Thanks for everything you – and all the PC do! Fired up in Ontario!

  46. Alex Obiden said

    The interview Chris Brady did with Oliver DeMille was eye opening. The concept of “townships” is one that seems a real viable option for true change. Also the Conquer, Fortify, Domesticate talk you gave, Orrin, was incredible. It was the Major of all Majors.

  47. Matt Mielke said

    This was the most amazing weekend! I have never been more proud to be associated with a group of people in my life. Personally I was inspired by hearing how quickly the community is growing. Our country desperately needs this information and culture. Entrepreneurs and leaders are growing by the 1000’s!!! People are getting free from the burdens that have plagued their lives all because someone cared enough to share some information with them. I can’t believe someone cared enough to share it with me and I am eternally grateful to them. Godspeed to 1 million.


  48. Cindy Burton said

    This was my third attendance at a LIFE major and I have to say that it was the best. The crazy thing is that I left early on Saturday night (health reasons) and my group didn’t stay on Sunday because the drive was too long for some of us to get back in time to sleep for the next day’s work at the J-O-B. But even with leaving early, it was still the best major yet!!! I learned more at this major and became more motivated than I have been so far.

    Great job PC, you all rock!

    Cindy B.

  49. Elaine Koleske said

    We all have genius in us. Reach out to everyone. Find the good. Stop the glaze. Follow the heartbeat of the team and make a difference in this world!

  50. craig weberg said

    What a weekend. $49.99. WOW

    Magic moments, very hard to just pick two.

    1. Your sermon on Sunday was simply amazing. Just solidified the entire weekend.
    2. The new plan that Bill Lewis did on Sunday was Exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Biggest take a way.

    1. The absolute amazing speed at which the PC does the P.C.D.A process. From what I am seeing in our organization and hearing about the others ONE MILLION is on the way.

    WE am humbled and so proud to be part of the Team and Life organizations.

  51. Owen Derry said

    Everyone has genius in them. Also, we CAN reverse the decline in the US!!!

  52. Chris Serpe said


    Trying to pin point my favorite part of the weekend has been difficult. My favorite part of the weekend didn’t have to do with one particular thing said from one particular speaker. My favorite part is the PASSION from all the speakers from stage, from the Round Table members I was able to talk with before, during, and after the event, and from the newest members of the organization attending their first Leadership Conference. I love watching the look on someone’s face when they have their “ah hah” moment. I loved seeing people taking ownership for business and their personal lives by investing in information that will get them closer to their goals. I loved seeing children there with their parents and seeing the love and respect that was on display in those relationships.

    Like I said, it is difficult to pin point my favorite part of the Leadership Conference, but if I had to really choose my favorite part, it would have to be HOPE. I feel that this event provided not only myself but many others with HOPE that there is a brighter future ahead for anyone and everyone who is willing to just get out and DANCE.

    Chris Serpe

  53. Orrin, Every speaker that graced the stage was at the top of their game this weekend. The passion and purpose was oozing from each of the leaders including Oliver DeMille and Marc MacDonald. Sunday morning was my favorite – your sermon and the Lewis’s testimony, WOW! Even though I have heard their testimony before, this time was the most emotional. For an un-emotional choleric/phlegmatic, anytime I am moved to tears is confirmation to me that I ‘got it.’

    The unity displayed throughout the entire organization is nothing like I have ever seen before. We have reached the tipping point, the time has come – 1,000,000 people! Thank you for everything and God Bless!

  54. Fred Dapprich said

    The convention in Wisconsin was awesome! I think one of the best parts was just the excitement with the 49.99 Sign up and the new packs! It can’t get any easier, and with team approach i really have no excuses! So now there is nothing to it but to do it. Thanks for all that you and the pc do for us!

  55. Anthony Nieto said

    I really loved the whole weekend. But to narrow it down, your predictable numbers talk was my favorite. Then the competition talks towards Claude were awesome and motivating. What an awesome time as a team we had.

  56. Renee Hammons said

    It’s so hard to narrow it down, it was an amazing convention! My highlights were all of Teri Brady’s talks (the woman can teach like no other!), Oliver DeMille is always a treat, and your sermon Orrin was out of this world! I loved going back to the basics of the business! Thank you, sir, for a phenominal weekend!
    Renee Hammons
    Band of Brothers

  57. Terri said

    Orrin, I just want to thank you for a fantastic weekend. I love our PC! I’m going to kick butt! See you in Florida in December! ; )

  58. Jacob Kazda said

    The weekend was awesome!!! I was impacted by several things: Re-dedicating my priorities as
    1.God 2.Family, and 3.Finances / Oliver DeMille’s 5-step pattern to make the next world shift a freedom shift / The new 6-step packs make it easier to help everyone succeed / New enrollment “tweaks” are fabulous / understanding that depth is built as fast as you can make friends / Finally, Orrin, your message on Sunday morning helped me better understand your thinking and also helped me get a larger vision of my purpose in building a large community

    Thank you Orrin and all of the PC!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Farrah Sargent said

    Orrin, Of course there are so many magic moments to choose from!! Thank you for the amazing content you provided this weekend. The one jumping out at me right now though is your sermon on Sunday. I was listening in Sensus Plenior mode and in your sermon I found the keys on how to bring balance to several (if not all) of the chaotic areas of my life <3 I feel so free and hopeful. I have game planned some of these areas so many times only to have to restructure again. After this Sunday I KNOW that these areas will no longer be an issue =) Thank you for your constant genius and service!

  60. Anna Walsh said

    The LIFE business keeps getting better and better! An incredible weekend of friends, knowledge and inspiration was had by all and Laurie’s talk has this melancholy still smiling. Building large, compensated communities was never more doable. Thanks to you and the rest of the policy council – and everyone else who contributed to making this year’s summer convention so spectacular.

  61. Leah Stadel said

    This is what the dream business looks like fully engaged! WOW, thank you PC for an amazing weekend! The recognition at the upcoming Seminars around the country is going to take HOURS I tell you. We were so impressed with every moment and the depth of each talk, and now the height of the mountain Team is ascending. We are so inspired, deeply committed, and forever grateful, Orrin.
    Leah Stadel
    Team Stealth

  62. Jeremy Pethke said

    Wow what an amazing weekend! Everyone that i have talked with that was there has been stoked about what was rolled out! $49.99!!!! That is powerful! I remember it being a LOT more a while back!…(lol) For the journey that I have had thus far I would pay a thousand times more! I felt very blessed over the fact that we were graced with Oliver DeMille’s talk on freedom this weekend! I have to say out of all of the talks, the thing that i took to heart most was Oliver’s talk on the “5 Things To See A Freedom Shift.” This information is VITAL for this country’s future! He breaks it down so well for ANYONE to understand whats truly going on out there! It was great talking to you this weekend in the lobby as well! Samantha and I look forward to spending much more time with you two!
    God Bless
    Jeremy Pethke

  63. Steve Duba said

    Thank you so much for another incredible “streching” weekend.Between Friday night with Oliver and Sunday with Orrin,Im not sure what makes # 1 for me.No matter,the weekend was phenominal.The PC is like a fine tuned machine thats always tweeking for the better.We can’t wait for Columbus.Let Jesus Christ continue his divine guidance on us all.Amen.

  64. Tom Goodrich said

    Loved the I hope you dance talk by Terri, What an amazing speaker!!! The video of Chris and his daughter danceing choked me up! I’m a high school football coach and I got to tell you that I’m soo glad to be appart of the Kaizen Team! Competition through the whole “TEAM” will get us to a million faster! Very happy for Terry and Ann as well, New Top Guns!!! Lets Go R.O.K!

  65. Leslie Ranlet said

    Being at the MA convention learning about enrollment costs being cut and hearing Oliver Demille’s 2 talks about steps we can take to change ourselves to change the world awakened a fire from within. I walked in with what I thought was belief and walked out with “I am Glaze Slayer and Nothing will Shake My Belief”. I felt so empowered to get out in the world with the sword of LIFE Information. It is time. Thank you for the clarity in my life this LIFE Information System and the people who leverage it have blessed me with.

  66. Jeanne Fritch said

    Every talk this past weekend was outstanding. Oliver DeMille’s talk and the points that he listed (including sensus plenior and sensus solum and “glazed’) impacted every person sitting around me. The impact of “light bulbs going off” was that apparent! That certainly stands out – as well as the time that he and leaders like Chris and Terri Brady took in engaging in personal conversation with each and every person that stood in land to have books signed. The patience and the genuine interest was noteworthy.

    It was magical … the entire weekend. Has been hard to sleep!

    Jeanne Fritch

  67. I attended the Milwaukee convention and I think it was the best convention yet! The key highlights for me were when Laurie Woodward talked about humility and Oliver DeMille relayed how our founding fathers wrote the constitution based upon God’s word! But specifically from Laurie’s talk and what I plan to take away is to be utterly and genuinely happy for another’s success. It is easy to get jealous especially when one thinks he or she is working hard.
    It was an incredible weekend!

  68. Maura Galliani said

    The cornucopia of magical moments this past weekend are too many to list now, but I’d like to share three key “take-aways” that stood out for me: Mark MacDonald, in keeping with the Fitness leg of our 8 F’s, explaining an invaluable plan for getting and keeping our health. Oliver DeMille’s passionate plea for us to move forward NOW and save our freedom while it is still possible. And you, Orrin, with your inspiring sermon Sunday morning — it was the perfect ending to an amazing weekend. It not only set the tone for us to hit the road running toward our community’s goals, but it tied into Oliver’s message that time IS running out. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by Satan’s desire to destroy us as he distracts us into thinking we have no hurry. Our call to action? HURRY! Time is running out … calling all Rascals!

    • Keith Sieracki said

      I agree Maura, personal health, national freedom, and eternal salvation…what a package!! Its your time to shine! We are so blessed to be a part of your journey.

  69. Miriam Chong said

    Thank you and the LIFE TEAM for an amazing weekend of Truth and Inspiration to continue the hunt for Dreams and Vision.

  70. Kim Decker said

    First of all for me the whole thing is so fabulous to be around so many caring people who want to help you succeed in life but the main thing which told me how great the TEAM really is was that they thought about todays economy and thought of all those people who really want to get in and have not been able to adjust their finaces yet(as they have not read the books I or others have)and gives them a chance also for HOPE back into their life. Thank you as usual to all of the Policy Council

  71. Johan Friesen said

    The venue was awesome, the staff was so polite.
    Oliver DeMlille’s speech on freedom wow, and the ticket h meeting.
    100,000 in 2 years, fired-up.
    God bless the Team and let us honor Him.

  72. Wendy Stout said

    Very difficult to narrow the Milwakee weekend into just a few “Great moments”. I am fairly new and this weekend has been the most educationally defined on the “how” to build my own LIFE Business. I learned many crucial steps required to get started myself as well as prospects I STP to, the steps I need to get them started smoothly. Thank you to everyone involved in preparations for this major. Thank you PC’s.

  73. Gloria Phibbs said

    I was at the conference even though it was a 14 hour drive from Toronto, it was well worth it. We learned about how LIFE is perched on the edge of contributing to assisting the world to make a Freedom Shift instead of a Force Shift (Oliver DeMille). This really makes me proud of this organization as we add more entrepreneurs into the world with this amazing compensated community, we will change everything. I believe the way this business is getting easier and easier to share with people ($49.99 to start your own business – WOW), this will assist the LIFE Business to aid in a major tipping point in the world, from a world based on greed; to a world designed around helping others, which will stemming from love. I just must to be part of this wave of change.

  74. Dan White said

    Loved the biblical teaching that you did on Sunday. The talk Chris gave on business cost comparisons was great. Having my own business, I already understand the value and opportunity.
    It was an amazing weekend, it was all fantastic. These two things stand out at this moment.

    Thanks for a incredible weekend.

  75. Justin Stevens said

    I had such a great time at the Major. I really wish everyone would wake up to the fact that we are not what they think we are and we really can help. I love everything about TEAM/LIFE, best choice Ive ever made. Running for Power Player to spend time with Mr Woodward, Tim and Amy Marks and Mark and Jenn Paul this weekend!!! FIRED UP!!!

  76. luddgang said

    My highlights of course was the $49.99 and seeing the first glimpse of the $49.99 to a million plan from Bill Lewis. In addition I am always amazed to hear Oliver Demille and I can’t wait to incorporate sensus plenior (spelling) into my learning.

    I feel that we have everything that we need now to take this business to 1 million.

    Mike Wright
    Part of the Patriot Revolution

  77. Miriam Chong said

    Thank you Orrin and the LIFE TEAM for an amazing weekend of Truth and Inspiration to continue the hunt for Dreams and Vision.

  78. Jeff &Bethanie Young said

    Thank you Orrin, Policy Council and LIFE Support for a fantastic weekend! It was great to get together with other TEAMmates in the community! We loved hearing again from Oliver DeMille. We are fighting for Freedom!!!!!

  79. Great morning!
    Wonderful weekend in Milwaukee 🙂 Our community/tribe had some first time attendees, and some veterans of these Majors! That’s the first highlight – we are all in this together, onwards to bigger and bigger numbers of those who want to live a better life, to detect our purposes, and serve first.

    Other highlights – unquestionably, both Oliver DeMille’s solo talk, and the ticketholder with him & the head rascal! Both were 5 star & chock full of insight! Seeing Terry (and Ann, in spirit) Franks win another award! Terry means so much to me, ever since that day when he showed me the business for the first time 😉 Hanging out with Claude for the meeting after the meeting 🙂 Your talk on Saturday evening showing the mechanics of going PC, Orrin – it should give every single member the spark he/she needs.

    Thank you to everyone, from Rob H, to everyone in LIFE Support, the TEAM office, the PC, all the volunteers, and the staff at the Bradley Center. God Bless.

  80. Jayson Shoemaker said

    The magical moment for me was Terry Brady sharing the video of Chris and their daughter dancing on the street in Italy. That is a serious dream of mine and it brought tears to my eyes instantly (for a strong Choleric that is a pretty big feat). Not to mention the song playing with it was one I already have a emotional tie to. Thank you Chris and Terry for living the life you have always wanted and setting the stage for us to follow. God bless.

  81. Tammy Plaster said

    I love the majors. Orrin, the rest of the PC, and the Team Office always do an outstanding job in every aspect of the event. I am always challenged to think outside my box but I think for me the best part of the weekend was the testimony of Jackie Lewis on Sunday morning. Hearing her story helped me realize that even a sinner like me can be better, loved, accepted, and successful. Thank you for being brave enough to share Jackie. Your are an awesome lady.

  82. Chrissy Fleury said

    Thanks Orrin, for another great post. And for all you and Laurie do to pave the way for us to achieve our dreams and turn back the tide of decline in our country. Growing up, I always knew that I’d be part of something huge and that God had an important plan for my life- still I never realized it would be THIS huge, or at such a pivotal time in our country’s history, or that I’d ever meet such an amazing group of people as this community.
    Thanks again for all you have done and are doing. Looking forward to making more and more good on that trade.
    With love,
    George & Jill Guzzardo

  83. I really appreciated that someone went double power player in four days. Two was when you said that the pc leaders would help every roundtable to break two round table legs. Curt has one I’m pumped.

  84. Orrin,

    Great Conferences! Springfield was phenomenal with you, Bill & Jackie, and Claude & Lana leading the PC Charge! Great info and inspiration from all the many speakers! A Conference anyone that attended walked away armed to build and anyone would have been proud to be associated with.

    Thanks for all the effort and prep work that made this a success.

  85. Tony Hoffman said


    The Policy Council has done it again with Generation 2 Team Approach! It is a blessing to be a part of a business/revolution that is constantly planning, doing, checking, and adjusting to fulfill a vision of going to 1 million people whose lives’ are changed for the better.

    What did I take away from the weekend? Through the Team/LIFE business, we are changing lives and we will continue to do so for the rest of our lives!

    What did I take away from the weekend to move ahead in business and in life? Focus, Focus, Focus – The big rocks – Reading/Studying the top 5 books, studying the 6 packs, and going 10 levels in depth and 4 on system (now 10 on system) at least every 30 days in each leg you are working changes lives!

    You and the PC are awesome! Thanks for your expecting greatness from all of us!

    Tony Hoffman
    Team Rhinos

  86. Jason Parker said

    It was an inspiration to see the servants heart exhibited by Mark MacDonald. Not only did he give one of the most high energy talks of the weekend< he also went on to talk with many members of the team. I rarely saw him take a break the entire day. He even went back out to greet people after Orrin's talk saturday night at 1a.m.! Thank you Mark for your selflessness and desire to serve others before yourself. We would all do well to follow that example.

  87. Sharon Marlow said

    I enjoyed Chris’s message that “success takes hard work”. Nothing worth having comes easy. Also was challenged by Oliver Demille’s call to step up to help make the next freedom shift. Expecting the next person to do something is the sure death of our freedom–and a great big neon sign that is flashing our own apathy.

  88. Wendi Witkowski said

    I have attended six majors and I thought this was the best major yet! I love that the PC are always adjusting the system. I was so excited to see the numbered packs. I also really felt the energy that you all want us to succeed and are giving us the best advantage to do that if we really want to. I always knew you want us to suceed but there was just that extra vibe this weekend. Thank you so much for all you do!

  89. Roy Hamilton said


    You and the Policy Council are awesome. THe new sign up procedures are going like crazy. This is the first time we have sign up 9 people in one leg within a week of the function.
    Not sure how you guys keep coming up with new and better ways of doing things but keep it up.
    Thank you for all you and the Policy Council do.

  90. One of the most key moments to me was actually during the Leadership Meeting Friday afternoon when you were talking about having the courage to go 10 deep….how do you expect to have the courage to save a failing marriage, bankruptcy, etc when you cannot muster up the courage to build 10 deep….that just made so much sense! 🙂
    And then Bill Lewis’ new plan was awesome! We have so much respect for Bill, Jackie and the rest of the PC families…thank you so much for believing in us and our dreams! Team Porthos Musketeers…all for one and one for all!
    Brenda Hatcher

  91. Mike and Danielle Bercier said

    Wow what a day yesterday in Springhill NS! Orrin you have such an amazing impact on people’s lives along with your principles and PC Memebers. Meeting you in person yesterday sent chills and fueled the fire for our passion with this organization. We see your vision and are blessed to be part of this! see you soon at PC 😉

  92. Eric Schilling said

    This leadership convention was the best ever… Team and the life business has hit the tipping point to go to a million!

  93. Jeff & Detry Carragher said

    I remembered the moment when it clicked! The moment when we knew how many people’s lives we were going to help transform for $50! Thank to the Policy Council of Team for allowing us to go out there and offer people a chance.

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