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Dreams, Drama, & Conflict Resolution

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 3, 2012

Here is the second part of the interview Art Jonak and I did on Dreams and Drama. In this portion, we dive into resolution of drama for the good of the entire community. Art is a master at delving underneath the surface to reveal the key principles in every leadership area.

Imagine how much bigger community building would be if all leaders focused on both building and bonding their communities. Indeed, the communities would double in no time at all. As a leader, are you majoring on dreams or drama? With this answer, I can accurately predict the size of your community.

The LIFE Business has over tripled its growth rate in the last two weeks through better building methods; however, the key to longterm communities is, and will always be, a leader’s ability to bond his community into a team.


Orrin Woodward

25 Responses to “Dreams, Drama, & Conflict Resolution”

  1. Rob Crichlow said

    Drama results from people not focusing on their purpose. Thanks for being out front Orrin.

  2. Rob Robson said

    This is awesome information. I appreciate you and Art taking the time to put this together.

  3. Ryan Calovich said

    Excellent video and post Orrin, thanks for the post!

  4. Dawn Marx said

    Another important principle for growth, no matter what age we are. Thank you for setting the example for all of us to follow that will help change our behavior and allow us to achieve our goals! Never wanted to be a thespian, but we do sometimes find ourselves on a stage where people are watching what we do and say. So grateful for your experience with people and for sharing your insight.

  5. Jeremy Pethke said

    That post is powerful! Conflict resolution is a very key principle in any organization! My fiance, Samantha, just gave her administrator at work a Conflict Resolution CD. Her whole dept. sat down and listened to it together and they are resolving different issues that they could never get out in the open before! You are making a huge ripple effect! God Bless

  6. Denny Suggitt said

    Excellent video Orrin ! Conflict resolution is an area we all need to constantly work on. As long as there are people in your business there will conflict and drama. Thanks for sharing !

  7. Kurt & Joanne Brandtjen said

    Good stuff Orrin! Thank you so much for another great video with Art (he’s awesome). Thank you for continually providing us with more tools to help in not only our LIFE business but life in general.
    God bless!

  8. Sharon Marlow said

    Drama or Dream: too long a dramatist– heading towards dreams.

  9. This is what I love about building a community of leaders with the TEAM. We learn how to work through the drama we face every day and focus on each others dreams.

  10. jimmy varghese said

    Huge point Orrin. Leadership and influence is a lifetime journey. I think that is what separates us from the rest. The culture we create is the glue that helps keep and grow communities. I sincerely want to become great friends with the people I introduce the LIFE opportunity to. That is what is going to change our country and world. People who sincerely love one another and help each other out.

  11. yancy said

    That is great interview and for the teaching you provide and give us hope that we can really reach our dreams. That nomatter how we are today we can get better.

  12. John HATCHELL said

    Well checks and balances, you got me. I find my self assisting in drama. It really does pull from your dreams mentally. Your focus shifts and passion and mind go with it. Thank you Orrin for reeling me into a skill set to stop the shift. Now to put into action steps!!

  13. Bill Eder said

    thanks Orrin what a good follow up to the Milwaukee leadership convention. It’s always great to see these one on ones with you and Art. Thanks so much for extending the major with more insights.

  14. Rob Allen said

    As we grow our communities larger we will find conflict and drama. The knowledge and ability to be able to handle them is such a necessity in order to keep growing as a Team. Lets use the resources we have to explode our communities by resolving the conflict and drama within our groups.

  15. Peggi Kern said

    Hey Orrin, I appreciate this interview, because dreams, drama, conflict are all topics that aren’t talked about in general. It helps me so much to stay focused on my dreams and continue to spend my energies firing up the dreams of those around me, while actually using practical conflict resolution skills to minimize the drama! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Thank you for the Dreams vs Drama teaching Orrin! I enjoy hearing the how and the why of conflict resolution…it is so needful in ALL aspects of our lives-especially in our business!!

  17. Kim Decker said

    Thank you orrin for part two and conflict happens everyday in all our lives but to be able to handle it effectively is another story. Thank you for teaching us that..

  18. Windy Stanton said

    I love this topic. The interview is awesome! Thanks for addressing the drama and conflict resolution in a way that is easy to understand. I just realized how important trust is in a team. A team that is bonded trusts each other, or at least trusts the leadership. Lack of trust in a team just creates drama. And a team that effectively deals with conflict gains trust as well. Cool.

  19. Wow….that was great! I love conflict resolution….goes way back to when my kids were younger and we had ‘couch talks’…and we would literally sit in silence until someone would start ‘spilling themselves’ and we would resolve whatever the conflict was. Most of the time the person they were mad with had nothing to do with the actual conflict…they were mad at someone else but taking it out on someone who they knew loved them unconditionally… because to put it simply they were ‘hurting’. We had a ‘no grudge holding’ household which also helps leads to great conflict resolutions in your adult life…(quickly resolved!) I encourage all families to have periodic couch talks….life runs so much smoother! Thanks for the hints on resolving conflict and we cannot wait to promote this video the week we head into our Challenge Group on “conflict resolution”…you both are awesome! Thanks for your time!
    Brenda Hatcher

  20. Juan Alcala said

    What an awesome segment, great information that we could all use to make our relationships stronger.

    Juan Alcala

  21. Nancy Deaton said

    Wow, fantastic interview!! Thank you Orrin and Art for taking the time to record this. Confilict Resolution and drama are definitely two areas I think we all can use the help with and the information contained in your video and the chapter on Conflict Resolution in Resolved make it much easier to address conflicts!! Thank you both again for the insight.

  22. Mike Bouknight said

    This is so true. If we can’t resolve our conflicts with others, we are dead in the water and can go nowhere. Thank you Orrin for providing the direction we need to take to resolve conflicts.

  23. holly schmitz said

    Orrin, I recently bought the Conflict Resolution CD at the last conference with a business owner in mind to give it to. As I picked it up from her, I realized, I’m the one that needed it right then as I needed to resolve a problem between and my mom. I agree, when there is conflict, no one wins. It seems so simple, yet how many of us react in our human nature. Do we stop…do we pray, do we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, do we carefully and tactfully share our hearts? The Frank Bettger book, “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling,” goes thru several key points that can help anyone when an issue raises it’s ugly head. Thanks for standing in the gap! Thanks for standing for truth and sharing world class information with us, so we can indeed reach a million lives.

    Holly Schmitz

  24. Shannon said

    This is incredible information. I was always one to avoid conflict of any situation. After studing the charpter in the chapter on Conflict Resolution in the Resolved book it truly helped me to handle the situation with out drama. It was a fear that I over came by the information in that chapter on how to handle it in a positive way! Great video keep leading the way to a million people! God Bless

  25. Wildtarg said

    This is really impressive material; the way it looks from my perspective is something one might call “The mechanics of personal courage in relationships”, or “How to deal with drama”. I have had instruction in how to create drama (on the stage), but it happens on its own in real life, and handling real-life drama in a thoughtful, principle-driven way is a precious skill set and a tough discipline. And on that point I would like to say thank you for being a patient, persistent example in this area.

    Keep going, we’re coming…

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