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Power Player Top Gun

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 16, 2012

Shortly before the LIFE Summer Leadership Conference, Claude Hamilton and I spoke at the Michigan Mens Leadership that was broadcast around US and Canada. In Claude’s talk, he challenge each of the PC organizations to build more depth and break more Power Players than ever before. The challenge itself was fantastic, but only the way Claude can, he went further and publicly stated that Kaizen organizations would win hands down over the next year. Clearly, Claude Hamilton was not fooling around with his business and had placed all his focus on building depth and breaking Power Players.

Power Sweep to Power Player

Personally, while listening to Claude’s talk, I was getting more and more fired up because I know the level of competitors we have within the LIFE team. In fact, I couldn’t wait to get up to speak after him to ensure that everyone heard his message loud and clear. Claude’s talk reminded me of one of my favorite sayings, “True competition creates cooperation.” Indeed, the best way to make teams cooperate is to give them some honest to goodness competition. Claude’s talk provided this in spades. 🙂

Evidently, the other PC who were not on location were receiving hundreds of text, because all of them reached out to me saying Claude’s claims of depth dominance were greatly exaggerated. 🙂 With this, the spark of our current explosion was born. Chris Brady, Tim Marks, Bill Lewis, George Guzzardo, Dan Hawkins, and, or course, Claude Hamilton, all have as many Power Players in the first two weeks out of this major as they did the entire three month cycle previously. This is FANTASTIC growth and reminds me of our original Power Player explosion that catapulted the Team from 200 people at major to over 12,000!


Our next major, in Columbus, will be the first opportunity to see which specific teams responded to Claude’s challenge. Every organization will be counting Power Players and which teams finish in the Top 5 for the Power Player Top Gun. Most importantly, all eyes will be on the Top 5 to see which team broke the most Power Players and above for this three month cycle! I haven’t had this much fun stirring the pot in a long while. 🙂 All kidding aside, I have never been prouder of the leaders within LIFE who have stepped to the plate and hit homeruns.

Man, with all the excitement around this Power Player Top Gun, I think I am going to add even more fuel to the fire. This is crazy, as I haven’t even talked to Laurie or the rest of the PC about this one, but I am sure they will love it. The winner of the Columbus Power Player Top Gun is invited down to Laurie and my (I’m sure she won’t mind 🙂 Florida property for a 24 hour check-up from the neck up and (weather permitting) a day of yachting, shark fishing etc. There now we have set the stakes properly. 🙂 Perhaps we ought to make that part of the normal reward for winning the Power Player Top Gun? Since, in my opinion, its the biggest award outside of PC, I think I will.

Ok, let’s wrap this post up. What team are you part of? Are you out sharing 15 plans a month so you can contribute to your teams Power Player totals? Why not step up to the plate and give it all you got for the next three months? LIFE has a goal to reach one million people and we can do that through honest win-win competition with the greatest group of leaders in the world. Today is the day! Isn’t it worth your personal best?


Orrin Woodward

80 Responses to “Power Player Top Gun”

  1. Rob Crichlow said

    Good competition brings the best out of people. Of course, Kaizen will be winning. 🙂

  2. Lori Maas said

    We don’t have to banter . . . We will impress by performance. Team STEALTH.

  3. james pyka said

    Great post, it is amazing seeing the competion that has been created by one man standing up and announcing to the entire team what he plans to do. My wife and I are proud to be a part of Kaizen and will not let Claude down. See ya in Columbus to prove Kaizen is serious about leading from the front..

    God Bless,
    James and Claire Pyks

  4. Jeanne Fritch said

    TEAM BRAVEHEART – YES! – and going Power Player, as am typing this!

    Thanks for the GREAT post. If there is ANY competitive spirit in ANY team player, Clause Hamilton can inspire it to compete to greatness!

  5. Scott Staley said

    I love what Claude did at that Leadership – he was yet again – casting a big audacious vision for everyone to see – and then inspiring belief (what if) and then to have people roll up their sleeves and go to work to move towards that vision.

    Claude has often said – ‘spines are stiffened in the presence of the bold’. I know that not just Kaizen – but the whole TEAM stands taller when Claude cast out that vision (ok – challenge!). I know that I’m a believer. Nothing can stop a dedicated team that is committed to the task at hand – depth, and power players. I get goose bumps when I think about ‘In 90 days’ – who are the people that will begin/cement their explosion to Round Table and beyond!

    Thank you for everything that you do – we’re very excited about September 8’th! We fully intend to show you that the Ontario Kaizen group(s) are in the hunt!

  6. Wade & Rhonda Hamblin said

    Kaizen all the way! As a team we will get Wayne and Raylene MacNamara to Orrin and Laurie’s house for this promo!!

  7. Bill Eder said

    Friendly competition can indeed bring about some great results. Teams get it on for a great run to Columbus Major. Sounds exciting dose it not? Onword to Top Gun just do it. Thanks Orrin for spelling out what’s needed to get Team results. God’s blessings and love.

  8. cody newton said

    Love the promotion Orrin. Team VIP Phalanx

  9. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, Thank you for creating a play that works EVERY single time it is called! And pass on a special thanks to Claude Hamilton for the motivation!! KCB!!!

  10. Rick Britton said

    Fired up! I believe in kaizen!!!! And im proud to be part of kaizen virtuous!!! Hut 1, Hut 2, here comes the sweep!!!! Lets go KAIZEN!!!!

  11. Orrin,
    I especially loved the boyish grin and the kid in the Candy store look while you were stirring the pot. It was precious. In a world that abhors excellence, thank you for creating a culture of competence and competition that brings out the best in people as our playing field is serving people. God bless you and keep you. Yacht and fishing sounds good.

    –thank you

  12. Dawn Marx said

    Sons of Liberty is united to WIN! From Florida to Seattle and everywhere in between, we believe in the challenge and the cause, because we can’t make a difference without action. Power Player is the way!

  13. kevin shope said

    Team Rhino. CHARGE!!!!!

  14. Rob Robson said

    Orrin, I think it is cruel to get all the other team’s hopes up when we both know Team 1 Purpose has it in the bag!

  15. Dee Williams said

    Dee and Kari Williams here Orrin. Representing the Musketeers! All that we know is FIGHT! We will leave our mark and we will leave it deep! Thanks Orrin! KCB

  16. Jeff Darling said

    Great Post Orrin. TEAM BRAVEHEART is in the hunt!! Claude’s talk was a homerun, that’s why I’ve listen to “Depth or Bust” everyday since receiving it. We all need to thank Claude for the “inspiration”! Actually, thanks to all the PC for what we have our hands on.

  17. rodney Schroeder said

    WHAT AN AMAZING BUSINESS WE HAVE! Get out and change people’s lives!!

    Rodney Schroeder
    Dream Team Freedom Fighters

  18. Ryan Calovich said

    Orrin, phenomenal post! You’re right, friendly competition really creates massive growth and makes it fun! Thanks for opening up your property, and thank you to yourself and Laurie for your amazing example!!

  19. Adam Rossman said

    Actions speak louder than words. We are putting in the work while the lights are out and you will see our results on the stage!

    Thank you Orrin and the rest of the PC for setting us all up to win. The best competition is the one where all the challengers become winners!!!

  20. Sharon Marlow said

    Sons of Libery: United we WIN!

  21. Team One Purpose baby!!! Let’s do this!!

  22. Team TBD will come out and have some huge victories at the October major!!!

    • Nancy Deaton said

      We will be running on empty by the time we get there, beating our Goliaths and breaking Power Players!! What a great example of leadership from the front lines Orrin, thank you so much for being such a servant leader.
      Go TEAM TBD!!

  23. Matt Mielke said

    That is so FIRED UP!! The Red Eagles (Team Stealth) are all in. We may be small now, but you will hear from us in the future. Godspeed to all the teams as we march, unified, to 1 million.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Matt, another well said statement. Our competition amongst ourselves is only because the greatest leaders are all on the team; however, the competition is only to ensure that all do their personal best and thus win in their own business! thanks, Orrin

    • Jen and Jim Benedict said

      Red Eagles (Team Stealth) is strategically moving forward with the heart of a servant and the steady plotting of a workhorse. The toughest person I will ever have to lead is ME. We are all persevering with our eyes on the prize! RED EAGLES…WE ARE—-FIRST TO SERVE!!!!

  24. Teesa Rossman said

    Thanks Claude for leveraging my time that night, firing up the men in my group and I didn’t have to be there. Sweet deal! In all seriousness, Claude’s talk among other exciting things going on with tools and sign up specials has allowed our team to gel more than ever before! Thanks, PC!

  25. The planets are aligning to explode this thing. $49.99 and now this challenge! Fantastic. It’s amazing to see everyone coming on the Team with sunglasses on their avitars! Life changing information is getting into hands. A charging Rhino is hard to stop … especially by a “rented donkey.”

  26. Kerri B said

    I’ll do my part on HONOR Force! (A section of Team Momentum) I would love to see John and Lynn Mossner get that reward. They are servant leaders who never stop loving and leading!

  27. “Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit.” We will leave it all on the floor the next 3 months and may the most unified, hardest working teams stand in victory in Columbus! Depth is everything, thanks Orrin for the extra motivation 🙂

    • Bill Eder said

      Righton Kristen! You are a great motivation to Team conviction and the teams all over the country.
      Together we can and will make a difference in this world. God willing and we don’t quit but continue to have the conviction (pun intended)to help folks get the life they want. Bless you and all the leaders.


    Power Player is the only play that works! Love the fact that we can compete against one another in a respectful responsible manner. If competition will get us to 1 million faster… then so be it.

    The U.S military yeilded poor results with their latest Mach-6 speed airplane. What they should be looking at is the LIFE opportunity because we are going at Mach-10! Fired up!

  29. Tom Hinds said

    Team Genesis – KCB

  30. Mark Pruitt said

    Its on!
    Mark Pruitt

  31. Kurt & Joanne Brandtjen said

    Fantastic Orrin! We can always count on you to stir the pot and raise the bar, but we know it’s all for the good of the TEAM!! I love it! Competition fuels the fire and as I always told my swimmers, you rise to the level of your competition! TEAM CONVICTION is All in… For LIFE and for the challenge! God bless you and Laurie!

    • Imelda Roman said

      The call is HUT 1 HUT 2 Power Player, TEAM CONVICTION All in… for LIFE. It is so great to be part of this movement to serve others and in the process growing within, let’s do it!!!

      Isaiah 41:10 Contemporary English Version (CEV)
      10 Don’t be afraid. I am with you. Don’t tremble with fear. I am your God. I will make you strong, as I protect you with my arm and give you victories.

  32. Scott Reinhold said

    Go Patriot Revolution, can’t wait to cross stage as Power Player! Thanks Orrin for keeping the friendly competition up in the L.I.F.E./Team business. It’s time for your goal to become a reality ONE MILLION PEOPLE!

  33. Carla Girard said

    What motivation! Having never been to Orrin & Laurie’s, it would be awesome to be on the boat (even though I get seasick everytime I get near one), I’ll soak in the rest of the accomplishment! Patriot Revolution rocks and we are ready to play our part!!!

  34. Peggi Kern said

    I’ve been listening to Claude’s cd “Depth or Bust” every day as fuel for my engine! I love Claude’s passion and am so FIRED UP by his confidence! We are so excited for outrageous growth and to contribute in a massive way to the Power Player explosion that will happen in Columbus!! The REVOLUTION is going to be well represented!! So proud of what the TEAM stands for and are committed to dig depth, go Power Player, bring Power Players and change a million lives!

  35. Jeremy Pethke said

    The stage is set… the gun is up… it misfired and EXPLODED!!! Team Wisconsin unified on our way to 10,000 to 1 million!!!!!!! We may all be part of different Teams in Wisconsin but we stand strong and know how to work!! I know that the Power Player Top Gun is going to come out of Wisconsin, and dare I say it… so are the other four runner-ups! Game On! TEAM RESULTS!!!!

    • Ben Zeier said

      Jeremy, I’m looking forward to seeing not only a “sea of orange” towels with targets on them going across for Power Player, Double Power Player, Triple Power Player, & above but all the other teams as well. There will be thousands getting free in the next year. What a vision!

  36. Tony Hoffman said

    Orrin always taught that the Team’s vision is to have the most power players ever at a major conference because Power Player ensures that depth is being built and people are making money! Here we go! Look out Columbus Ohio! Depth, Depth, Depth, What a beautiful focus to 1 million people and beyond!

  37. Kathy Bender said

    B.O.B.’s stand together…we will rise to the challenge! Watch out here we come.

  38. Kim Decker said

    I believe everyone is fired-up from the major but yes this food is like the best a resturant could give. i am on the Band of Brothers Fighting Knights and Kirk keeps us all fired-up 24×7 but this now oh yes 15 plans is just the beginning. The BAND OF BROTHERS WILL WIN THIS ONE AND EVERYONE FROM HERE. (Sorry Claude)

  39. Maura Galliani said

    I’m so blessed to be sponsored by Keith and Elizabeth Sieracki … whose up line Scott and Missy Russell [Sons of Liberty] were Runners Up of July’s Top Gun! The healthy competition that is racing through our entire community now with the “KCB Contest” is just what I need to get motivated to do my personal best. My hard-working team deserves nothing less than my total “cooperation“ in helping them all excel and grow. I believe all the Sons of Liberty would love to see Scott and Missy yachting with the Woodwards! United we win!! Thanks for “stirring the pot,” Orrin. Fired up!

    • Keith Sieracki said

      Love the team spirit Maura! you play a HUGE part of our culture! “Personal Best” will get you free!!

  40. fredrick said

    Outstanding piece, and what an awesome ST goal to run for as well as helping many others along the way!

  41. Juan Alcala said

    All I have to say is “KCB” What a awesome way to build a business!

  42. Steve Duba said

    Good job Orrin,Claude put the pot on the stove,lit the fire,and now your stirring the chili.Its gonna be
    one heck of a great feed.I bet the entire Life organization will show up.Nothing like a power player chili feed!!!!
    God bless you Orrin

  43. Bruce Gonzalez said

    Claude puts out the challenge, Team Braveheart will run with it till the end, Let those who can follow.The challenge is on, as it is to get to a million. WOOHOO ! Lets do it to it.

  44. Thanks Orrin, There is something right about a business that has a goal of changing peoples lives for the better, improving itself all the time and won’t commit to anything unless it is a win-win… did I mention having fun all along the way 🙂 On our way to one million, next stop…KCB!

  45. T&H said

    Leave no doubt gentleman.

  46. Dan Oleary said

    what a challenge from both orrin and and mr. hamilton.unfortunitly i think some you are are mistaken. band of brothers, will be the ones with the most power players! kcb! kcb! kcb!:D

  47. AO Double up! LVB has been in the Top Gun spot before with Alpha Omega bringing a bunch to the powerplayer stage. Know our leaders are strategically working to grow, grow, grow! L30105P

  48. Tim Marks said

    Great post! Claude’s challenge has really fired up the troops!

    If I was RT I would be getting that spot in Florida with you and Laurie.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Just getting into Atalanta now to see some fired up folks!!!

  49. Orrin,

    There are many of us in Atlanta running hard with Randy Spence to add multiple power players to Carpe Diem. You and the other leaders are inspiring us to dig deep. We plan to cross that stage in October!!

  50. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Let’s push through our Kadesh Barnea and serve. We know the ending, let’s just follow through by playing our part-
    Power Player = Serve Some Players.

  51. David Noffke said

    Hello Orrin!

    Claude’s entire talk that night hit so many points as to what it takes to build a community. Commitment and determination were the biggest! His determination to be the #1 depth builder and saying how he’s going to do it in such a bold way has inspired and sparked a fire in so many people! And with the recent Summer Leadership Conference, I’ve been inspired to make the changes I need to make to lead and to become more focused than ever! Its time we all get moving! Go-Getter & Power Player to 1 million people!

  52. Thomas Brusoe said

    Competition is what it’s all about!
    The gauntlet has been thrown down. Don’t forget KCB!

  53. Kristi Cortezano said

    “To be the biggest leaders, you’ve got be the biggest servers” ~ O.W.
    SAMURAI ~ To Serve

  54. Tim Marks said

    This will be the best competition we have ever had because it will create the most growth.

    Thanks for putting out the challenge C


  55. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    This has created great Team unity all over Canada and the USA! A little competition can go a long way! I’m going to fight for my Round Table Scott Staley to be the one at your Florida home! Being there in March ourselves was a great boost! I Will bring 30 Power Players and Scott will be there for that day! It creates a huge WIN/WIN as I will have grown enough to qualify the next time!
    This whole competetive side of Team creates such a great Win/Win concept!
    See you as a double or tripple in London on the 8th!!!! Fired Up!
    Chad & Catherine Waters
    Thanks for your servant Leadership!

  56. Chad Waters said

    Also! There will be no KCB maybee some KCA? But definatly no KCB!

  57. Yancy Mejia-Chaj said

    That is sure great it is exciting I am proud to say I belong to Curtis ad Debbie team and have the privalage of working with Felmar and Sandra montenegro and my husband an myself are working for the big goal pc.thank you we are excited fired up and bless to belong to team/life.

  58. Lori Wells said

    For this major we are still trying to get it done, double that is, what a day. a handful of hours we shall see, but I will not miss this goal next time, we caught the rhythm and the song just a second late. It is embedded now.

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