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Compound Results

Posted by Orrin Woodward on September 17, 2012

Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world,” pointing out the impressive results when money is compounded over time with interest. In the same way, I believe we should make compound results the ninth wonder of the world since results compound upon themselves over time just like money does. Regretfully, however, few stay consistent long enough in their success efforts to experience this ninth wonder.  Nonetheless, just in case someone is truly hungry for answers, I will share this simple, but not easy, principle again.

Success Takes Consistent Work!

Remember when you learned to use an old-fashioned hand water pump at summer camp (or at an old farm, park, etc.)? Typically, one person would pump the handle and another would prime the pump by pouring water into the assembly and down the well. By continuously working the handle up and down, one would eventually hear and feel the pump prime itself and draw water to the surface. In contrast, if at anytime during the priming process, the person responsible for working the handle became despondent or lackadaisical because of repeated efforts without water, the prime would not hold, and the process had to be repeated from the beginning. To achieve results then, one must pump repeatedly, ignoring the lack of evidential progress, until the well water is borne up from the well.

Likewise, the success process must be primed before results can compound. Indeed, many times, it will take years to develop the proper skills, techniques, and leadership to win in your chosen field. Unfortunately, it seems the advertisers have won out over common sense in our cur culture today. For instance, consumers are told that they can be fit in less than a month, achieve millionaire status overnight, or be happy and fulfilled people just by buying the advertiser’s product. True success takes time and effort, but the world is filled with people who are looking for shortcuts because they desire success without sacrifice. Accordingly, many people buy the latest and greatest elixir without realizing the promised results. Worse yet, they begin to believe something is wrong with them because they never seem to get the same results as those paid actors claimed to achieve.

Needless to say, it’s time to wake up from the fantasy of dreams without dedication. This simply doesn’t happen outside of novels, movies, and advertisements. The truth of the matter is, just like priming a manual water pump, one must put forth consistent effort over time to win in any worthy endeavor. In fact, I believe it’s because we have lost the commonsense principle of achieving success through hard work over time that North America is struggling to maintain competitiveness across the globe. Nevertheless, I refuse to give up hope or sit idly by and watch our once great civilization quietly decline. In reality, we can turn this around if we are willing to apply a heavy dose of thinking and work ethic.

What are you doing to achieve your dreams and goals? Are you giving it the consistent effort to learn, grow, and apply that success demands? Without an unequivocal yes to this question, you will remain like the person priming the water pump who stops moving the handle just short of the water reaching the surface. Thus, despite working hard, you must begin all over again because no one can violate the law of consistent effort over time without sacrificing the compounding of results. In other words, there is nothing wrong with the pump, as I have witnessed many families produce water from the pump, but the problem is with a person’s philosophy on what it takes to receive water from the pump.

Essentially, it’s your life, it’s your responsibility, and it’s your future. Learn the principle of compounding results over time and win. The LIFE business has taught me many lessons, and my goal is to pay them forward into others’ lives. Please share how and where you learned the lesson of compounding results.


Orrin Woodward

43 Responses to “Compound Results”

  1. jimmy varghese said

    Orrin what a great post. Financially I have not achieved the results i am desiring in the LIFE Business… yet. 🙂 However, i have been working very hard at working on controling my temper and dealing with my emotions. I have been in the LIFE business since Jan of 2011 and thru the books and cds I now can have a conversation with loved ones, siginificant others without my emotions getting the best of me. some people might think this is not a big deal but it is important to me. i diligently read and listen to cds to stop my negative voice from talking and i am a brand new person due to the law of compounding good information into my life. i cant even begin to tell you all the other facets of my life that this business has helped but i am in so much debt to you and the rest of the PC for putting together such an amazing opportunity. you are creating and rebuilding people! i continue to share this with everyone and i know i will get the results i am looking for over time, a little bit of hard work and sweat! have a great day orrin!

  2. Tina A Abernathy said


    Thanks for sharing your heart, wisdom and thoughts. We appreciate all that you and Laurie do!!

    I most certainly learned this principle from the TEAM system and am reminded again through the MFC product from LIFE.

    The quick schemes and elixirs just are not real and we have had our share of those experiences but much like success in any area it takes the discipline to finish…not start. It takes a compelling vision that moves you to action…not just a fantasy and the resolve of I will until….not I will until I meet an obstacle.

    Onward and Forward to 1 million and beyond

  3. Maura Galliani said

    You have my vote, Orrin, for making compound RESULTS the 9th Wonder of the World! Thanks for the great lesson and/or reminder that to be successful in ANY endeavor will require consistency and work. To those who want to believe, instead, the idea of success via quick, “sound too good to be true” schemes need to read your 9/11/12 blog “Mentoring Matters” and uncover the Truth! Fired up!!

  4. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin… Thanks so much for the great reminder and encouragement. Running for goals is kind of like running a marathon. The start and the end are always exciting, but the middle miles are the most important. This is where champions rise to the occasion and new champions are made. Rising above the fatigue and frustration, and doing the vital things necessary to push our own buttons! Pump, pump, pump, pump….keep pumping!

  5. Thank you for the encouragement to keep going! Loving the growing process that the LIFE information has sparked, especially in my search to serve God moment by moment. Dying to self is a task all in its own caliber but the results and glory to God that emerges from this reach to so many corners of my own little world! As we grow personally we will grow to reach a million! Proud to represent the TEAM of LIFE!

  6. Andy rockwell said

    Great analogy Orrin! You’re so right about our culture teaching the opposite of what it takes for success. Sometimes it’s hard to keep going without seeing a lot of results but it makes so much sense when comparing it to the water pump!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Andy, Laurie and I cranked the handle of the success pump for 5 1/2 years in oblivion before success starting pour down upon us. What I love about life is that it’s what we are called to do anyway – serve people and make a difference – and if we have fun and make money while doing this then that is a seriously good bonus!! 🙂 thanks, Orrin

  7. Anna Walsh said

    It is wonderful to actually know people who have primed the pump and who are starting to see results in many areas of their lives. I’m learning that expedience does not lead to lasting success like consistent effort over time. I agree that this is a simple truth. And “easy” is slowly leaving my vocabulary.

  8. Peggi Kern said

    Orrin, Thank you for teaching what you’ve learned about compound results. It’s only through learning this principle a few years ago, that my family has kept our eyes focused on the right behavior with future results in mind. Our society makes this principle a “new” lesson for most of us who begin our leadership journey in LIFE. I like what Kirk Birtles said, “pump, pump, pump, keep pumping”. Five years ago my family was in a very scary place in our finances, which resulted in stressed relationships. Because we started priming the pump in our finances, making some tough decisions, but continuing to prime that pump in our business and our financial education, we’ve been able to achieve a small victory. Three weeks ago I was able to walk away from my job and am so excited to use my extra time to share this same “principle” with so many others. We can make a difference one family at a time.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Peggi, Congratulations! You applied the principles and are seeing just the tip of the iceberg of some phenomenal results to come! God Bless, Orrin

  9. Elaine Mallios said

    Sometimes it takes a big shake up to make you pump harder and more consistently! I’ve seen this is medicine as an RN relating to health issues, but same applies to financial/ business success. That was awesome.

  10. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    I first learned about the power of compounding indirectly from YOU Orrin! When I saw the LIFE business plan it was the first time in my life that I saw that I could benefit from compound action; and eventually enjoy both time and money. Before that, I don’t know if I didn’t know it existed, or whether it was never going to be available as an option for me…either way…I just didn’t think about it. But now that I have learned more, I am EXCITED about my future. And that I will have BOTH time and money to pursue the things God created me for! Thank you Orrin! LIFE!! and Team!!! for the 9th Wonder of the World.

  11. Mike Bouknight said

    Orrin, thank you again for another great post. For me, raising my 12 year old daughter is like priming the pump, for her to grow into the mature, responsible woman that God designed her to be. It takes constant effort, never slacking up, for the parent(s) to do their part. But the promise of the end result is so worth the effort. Just like priming the pump holds the promise of cold, refreshing water. Thank you for your continued outstanding leadership.

  12. Hans Widener said


    What an effect the law of compounding has! My wife and I have been on the journey of self-betterment for just over 3 years now and the process has been so gradual that I didn’t even really recognize the improvements in our marriage until probably a month ago. We are more understanding of each other and forgive much quicker than before. I really can’t even remember the last argument where I got really upset with my wife (regardless of fault). And much of that has to do with the fact that we have learned correct thinking processes to determine the motive behind our emotions. Most of the time, there is some selfish motive and we ask forgiveness and resolve the conflict much quicker than ever before. The process has seemed long and difficult and there have been many fights and tears in the last 3 years, but it was all worth it for where we are now thanks to the LIFE information. (And that’s only in ONE of the 8 F’s!)

    Another quick thought I find interesting is all the talk going on now about how the income gap between rich and poor is widening largely due to a declining middle class. I find it interesting that most people assume this to mean that the rich are giving themselves raises and making more and more income, when in reality, that accounts for a very small proportion of the increase. Mostly it is due to the fact that the middle class is declining as the law of compounding works against them increasing their debt, while the rich have the law of compounding working for them compounding the wealth they’ve already accumulated. The middle and lower classes don’t necessarily need more money, they need better thinking!

    Thanks again for all that you do and stand for!

    God bless,

    Hans and Elly Widener

  13. Great post Orrin, Team Approach is compounding the group I’m working with. I see so many people working together to build depth. It’s exciting to be a part of it if you are truly involved! KCB

  14. Rick Monsipapa said

    You can either compound your problems by not addressing them or your can compound your success quotiant by addressing the brutal reality by facing the mirror.

  15. Joanne Brandtjen said

    Thanks for the post Orrin. Kurt and I are looking forward to reaping the compounding results of the financial information from the TEAM training system and the LIFE materials. We have a pretty big pump to prime there… But we have seen some definite compound results in our marriage, faith, and our leadership (my students thank you!) due to the incredible system and life-changing information you and Laurie, the PC and RT have put together for all of us. We are eternally grateful. God Bless!

  16. Daniel Pinkelman said


    Thanks for the post on this subject. Everyday we need to stay focused on the goal & purpose. It is hard enough fighting the battle of the mind and then to fight off all the views of the world. I love Kirk’s comment and anology to the marathon above. Block out the side noise and push through your own limits.

  17. Bill Eder said

    Another great post Orrin: I am of an age that I remember the kind of pump you refer to. My parents taught us that you don’t succeed until you try and no pain no gain also was explained. Dad used to say never stop learning. The Life /Team principles have re-awakened what I was taught years ago. Maybe some remember an ad that said “We did it the old fasiond way,We earned it.” Toil and labour are required to accomplish any thing lasting and worthwhile. Blessing to you, Laurie and all the team.

  18. Where’s our pumpers? Who’s ready to get pumping? I know I am one of them!!

  19. Being committed for long enough to get results is a hard lesson to learn, but worth it. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks Orrin.

  20. We did a Five year review for our fifth wedding anniversary at the first of this month. It is amazing to see how much we’ve accomplished together and how much more we can, especially with a regular dose of life changing information coming in instead of hunting and pecking for great information through trial and error. The MFC really gave a great boost to my mental state, though I haven’t picked up the booster yet. I look at where we will be on our 10th anniversary and it is very exciting to think about compounding our improvement as spouses, parents and in the other areas important to us in life.

    Look forward to meeting you In OCT for power player!

  21. Keith Sieracki said

    Great Post Orrin. I love the analogy. I have pushed a few pumps in my time and remember there is no resistance in the handle while the pump is being primed, but when it starts to draw water, the resistance increases and you dont have to pump lever as FAST but it is a little HARDER to push. The pump yields water as long as you dont stop.

    I have learned consistancy in leadership is easy at first, but we have to keep pushing until we feel that “resistance in the handle”. Although we can some results, the resistance (frustration) is what can wear you out (mentally). If we keep consisent pushing through resistance (aka frustration)the compounding reward is ineveitable. Dont stop pumping the handle!

  22. Mary Ellen Robson said

    We’re grateful to be pumping, while you and the leaders keep pouring and priming the pump!! “LIFE” is great and so is life with the TEAM!! We have an old pump on the ranch where we bring kids’ school field trips and I teach them about the Old West! I can’t wait to include a little more about patience and sticking with your goal til the end! Thanks again.

  23. Simply put, this is an excellent and very easy to comprehend analogy! Leadership is truly for everyone. Those who commit to being tenacious, innovate, keep their initiative, & uncover their genius ( ingenuity ) will be champions 🙂

    (Orrin: I’ve been listening to Oliver again — can’t go wrong with a double dose of this blog + his amazing intellect!)

    God Bless.

  24. lstanton10@cox.net said

    My wife and I have been blessed to be a part of Team family for about a year!! There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank the almighty for the vision and wisdom that you continue to bring into our lives. Thank you.

  25. June Ewald said

    What a great analogy & right on time for putting current struggles/frustrations in the right perspective.

    My husband and I so appreciate all we are learning through the LIFE CDs and books. I have Never read so much in my life and it is so worth it! The thing is – you can not keep all this information to yourself. While we are not where we want to be (yet!), we are seeing positive change & others have noticed the positive change within us. For some of us, change is slower!

    Orrin, thank you so much for all that you and Laurie do!

  26. Rob Crichlow said

    Thank you Orrin and the policy council for providing a system that allows all of us to begin to compound our results beyond our current capabilities. Our reach is much greater and results much faster by leveraging the capabilities of others farther along in the compounding effect. Great post as usual!

  27. This analogy has been so helpful and I used it last night at church when I was given the opportunity to share. The title was “Have a Vision for Victory” out of the book 10 Days to Live by Brian Wills. I tied in the whole ant and the elephant concept of how we should visualize our victory and be speaking the promises of God in agreement to what we’re envisioning. This isn’t something we do a few times and expect miraculous results, but we do it deliberately over and over regardless if we’re getting the results right away. I was so impressed by Brian Wills who used this very concept of visualization to receive his healing and he mentions others in his book as well. All that to say, THANKS ORRIN for all that you share and this concept is relatable on so many levels. I will be sure to include it in “the plan” tonight after the challenge group meeting I’m hosting. FIRED UP!!

  28. Elizabeth said

    Thank you Orrin for another great analogy! As the pump analogy proves, consistent priming will lead to success. This is comforting.
    Ever pump of the handle is like another person contacted, another STP, another followup, another challenge group…all ultimatly leading to the outpouring of “Living” water in our LIFE community.

  29. Mary Hermsen said

    Priming the pump is a GREAT analogy, Orrin!! Sure brings back memories.

  30. Orrin, this is such a great analogy! I will definitely be sharing this example. Thanks for all that you do!

  31. Alex Obiden said

    I believe one of the most impacting lessons i have learned while in the LIFE business, is that my goal is to speak truth into another persons life; to effect a world view. That world view i am seeking to effect is like a persons very identity. We are impacting the lives of people day to day, but also exponentially through both time and space. It’s a heavy realization, but it is ever so rewarding. This lesson, or blog, this teaching, has impacted my world view. It is patience, understanding, wisdom, persistence, cottage, and determination in a story about water,a pump, and a pair of willing hands. Think about that. There is so much yet to be learned. Seek wisdom. It’s out there 🙂

  32. Great analogy, it seems today that all people want is instant everything. Look beautiful over night, get in excellent shape with this pill, do this for a week and become rich,etc….We have forgotten that anything truly worth possesing is worth the work (and the time invested) to get it! Your analogy proves that years ago people were willing to go through great efforts to get what they wanted and needed. We need more of that today, Thanks Orrin….

  33. Orrin,
    It seems that by removing history from our education, people only experience the high paced,tech-world around them where they can get answers/results at the press of a button; therefore anything that isn’t theirs in a swipe or a tap seems unthinkable. But where can one go to gain proper perspective on hard work? I”m a firm believer in turning to the history books to gain true perspective. Even a child can learn so much from reading about Washington, Franklin, Lincoln etc……..That’s where one can gain perspective on what it “costs” to achieve in life! Just think, our technology will only help us achieve faster, but we have to still apply that consistent hard work! The other avenue to gain perspective, I believe, is in watching based on actual event war movies or inspirational true stories, and lastly by reading about athletes. Really, what I’m saying, is get on the Team system and the Life subscriptions and start learning from PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUCCEEDED AND LISTEN TO THEIR STORIES!! : )

  34. CC Achilefu said

    I agree. I have put this principle to work in my marriage. My husband and both did allot of preparation for marriage before tying the knot. Because we did, those same skills have been primed. Now after 5 years, when we see the “water level” in our marriage is low, we know need to pump harder and more frequently.
    I’m believing God that I will apply this 9th wonder in other areas of my life. I know being apart of the LIFE community will continue to aid me in getting closer to doing so.

  35. Kim Decker said

    I have learned compounding results in al few ways since I have started the Life business. First of all being consisent in how I treat peopple and watch the reactions they give me back. It is very funny to me that the more you feel yourself change on how many people actually seem afraid of me and they start avoiding me. They go to the extreme to look at the ground over looking me in the eye. This society is so sad to me on how unhappy so many are and avoid the happy ones.. If they can’t get your attention to listen to them complaining about everything then you are not worht their time…I have found out the true people in LIFE stand behind you wether they agree with you or not but are by your side. I love who I am today and I thank you and all the policy council for helping me see the true meaning of LIFE. Thank you for that.

  36. Wildtarg said

    Fantastically clear thinking Orrin. I also appreciated the observations of Kirk Birtles, Kevin Seirachi, and Kristine Militello; all great contributions. This is a lesson that has taken me a long time to take hold of, and that I still do not embrace freely.

    Keep going, we’re coming…

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