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HBRN Leadership Factory: Special Guest Chris Brady

Posted by Orrin Woodward on September 27, 2012




My good friend Tony Cannuli and I were blown away by Chris Brady’s passion in our latest interview on (HBRN) Home-Based Radio Network’s Leadership Factory. Chris has married high achievement with high fulfillment better than anyone I know. In his new book A Month of Italy, Chris explains principles like “slow to go fast,” “make it matter,” “urgent versus important,” and many more. What makes Brady such a great teacher is you laugh while you learn. He had Tony and I cracking up while we pondered the importance of doing something that matters. Chris exemplifies purpose as it is defined and described in RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE as the intersection of passion, potential, and profits.

Thank you Tony and Doug Firebaugh, co-founders of HBRN, for creating this avenue to share leadership success. Remember, it’s your life; it’s your future; it’s your legacy. Isn’t it worth your leadership best?


Orrin Woodward

12 Responses to “HBRN Leadership Factory: Special Guest Chris Brady”

  1. Orrin, yesterday had to be some of the most fun I have had in a long, long time! I believe what we are doing with HBRN and The Leadership Factory is some of the most important work in my career! Having a blast doing this along with the potential to positively impact people where there is a internet connect world wide is out of the park cool! It does not get any better then this:) The respect and admiration you and Chris Brady share is is AMAZING to watch! Seeing you and Chris living your passion, doing what matters, the good work, reminded me yesterday of two Legendary leaders that started a multi billion dollar enterprise many years ago…AWESOME!
    Tony Cannuli HBRN Marketing Director/VP MLMIA

  2. Tim Kern said

    Gentlemen, that was amazing. I have been working on my personal development now for over 6 years following Orrin and Chris along with my mentor Marc Militello and this information was like hearing everything new again. As I have heard from these same leaders say before, sometimes its better to be reminded than taught. Thank you to all three of you for sharing your thoughts on Purpose, its these type of discussions that help anyone realize that we can become the leader we want to if we are willing to make the changes and not accept our own excuses.

  3. This is an amazing series that you have started with Tony. I really enjoyed your first one with Claude Hamilton and then to follow that up with this great talk on purpose with Chris Brady was spectactular. These Google Hangout sessions should be watched by anyone striving to become a better person. Thanks for everything you do Orrin

  4. Awesome guys! Felt like a mini-seminar in my living room! This information is priceless, thanks for taking the time to discuss it and then share it with all of us! Your passion even just staring at a computer monitor is evidence of how special you guys are as leaders.

  5. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, Thank you for constantly finding new and innovative ways to share these LIFE changing principles! The LEADERSHIP FACTORY HangOut is now a much anticipated part of my personal and leadership development program!!!

  6. Jammie Fisher said

    I love this! Great interview and is exciting, I remember when I first started listening to audios years ago and people talking about GNN (good news network). I’m thinking it’s on its way 🙂 Thanks to you all for your insights and taking the time to share them with us all.

  7. Bill Eder said

    Thank you all for yet another way to reach out to folks that need to embrace the values the LIFE opportunity give us.

  8. Jill Heller said

    I am so happy to have come upon the HBRN Leadership Factory Hangout! For a Lady who’s never had guidance or direction or found my purpose in life until she just turned 50 this year…. Chris and Orrin you guys have really changed my life profoundly here in one months time than has ever changed in 50 years!! I’ve always known of purpose and that people need to discover their purpose and follow their dreams but I had never had anyone TEACH me HOW to put my life in an orderly fashion and to practice good relational habits if that makes sense.
    Chris and Orrin, you guys do an Exceptional job of taking students step by step through the process necessary to learn the principles to advance in Relationship skills following through and achieving and obtaining goals that take you closer to fulfilling your Purpose!
    Just AWESOME is all I can say and I can never say THANK YOU enough for all you do and all the venues you use to get the word out to folks like myself. Thank You Tony as well for the platform for everyone to experience and hear from such True Leaders here. Keep up the great work!

  9. Christina Pagenkopf said

    I agree with Kristen Seidl, it was a mini-seminar in my living room. The “Leadership Factory HangOut” will definitely be added to my schedule. I want to continue to train my Elephant to reach all my dreams. I also have the burning desire not to be average, just as Tony Cannuli described. Thank you for taking the time and continued support to give to everyone striving to leave a mark on this earth and be the best example they can be.

  10. Kim Decker said

    Another great post as usual. The principles you all teach are so unbelievable the world doesn’t even know how to react. Watch out here we come….

  11. Martha Andrus said

    Can always count on a lot of fun and even more learning with Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.

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