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Defeating the Dragons in Life

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 7, 2012

Laurie and I watched a movie recently that had a profound quote paraphrased, “Beginnings are usually scary; endings are typically sad; however, it’s what you do in the middle that matters.”  In the same way, starting the LIFE business was a new beginning for so many, and whenever you start something new, by definition, you terminate something old. Consequently, it was scary for many to step out of their comfort zone; further, it can be sad when a person discovers that some of his friends are not taking the journey with him. Nonetheless, when a person is resolved to change, he sets his sights on the target and courageously moves forward.

In effect, an entrepreneur starting a new business is similar to a baby starting life. Neither the entrepreneur nor the baby understands the rules of the game or how to play successfully. Still, for thousands of years, helpless babies have grown into responsible adults, and scared entrepreneurs have grown into successful business leaders. The following video brought a smile to my face and laughter to my heart as it represents so beautifully the one-year-old LIFE business baby growing into a successful enterprise. Moreover, it represents a baby entrepreneur battling his or her obstacles to become a leader.  Watch the video. Then I will summarize my thoughts afterward.

Did you see the parallels? The baby business or entrepreneur must battle the “dragons of doubt” to even get started. Meanwhile, the “dragons of defeat” will attempt to abort the dream with setbacks early in the journey. Next come the “dragons of despair,” which attempt to convince a person that he is incapable of this achievement. Finally, even if successful up to this point, the “dragons of division” attempt to crack the unity necessary to accomplish greatness. In spite of this, the good news is that with faith, hope, charity, and love, people can stand up to the dragons in life and complete their success journey. With so many wandering in life, even just a few willing to take the journey can make a huge difference. True, it won’t be easy, but, speaking from my own experiences, it has been the most amazing journey of growth and discovery that I could have ever imagined.

In my opinion, entrepreneurship is one of the key ingredients to a thriving society, and my goal is to raise up millions of baby entrepreneurs to help them become successful business owners. The question is: Will you face your dragons as the baby did or surrender to one of the dragons sure to meet you on the journey? Henry David Thoreau said most men lead lives of quiet desperation. This is the sentence for everyone who refuses to face his dragons. On the other hand, a few lead lives of successful significance for standing up to the dragons and claiming their God-given destiny.


Orrin Woodward

69 Responses to “Defeating the Dragons in Life”

  1. Claire said

    I love this!! Thank you so much for what you do and the work you put into it!!

  2. Theresa Saigh said

    Thank you, Orrin!
    Getting fresh perspective, and humorous at that, is exactly what I needed today! Clearly my dragons are nothing but fast moving fluff – and, I, am ready to do battle! Tears, laughter, fall downs, get ups, doesn’t matter. These battles are worth the prize. Onward!

  3. Kody Ellis said

    Wow! Amazing article Orrin. What you just said definitely shows what everyone goes through in their lifetime! The best part is, the bigger the dragon the harder it will fall.

    Thanks for the video as well.


  4. David Bjork said

    Great perspective Orrin!

  5. Monique Hoffer said

    Wow ! That was not what I expected 🙂 Very nicely done.
    This family will choose to FIGHT the Dragons every time !
    Thank you for providing such a great arsenal of weapons for us to do so with.

  6. John HATCHELL said

    Cool deal, we face the dragon anyway, don’t back down, unless you have to PDCA (mainly adjust), Tim Marks said it best, it’s always in the one more fight, bam, one more time, bam one more time!!! After this mornings news it has to be done. As Chris Brady said, “it’s not ok to lose”, life/team rocks…and your the lead singer Orrin!!!

  7. Scott Russell said

    Great Post Orrin!! So true!! Let’s slay some Dragons!!

    Scott R

  8. Cody Newton said

    I saw a post that said “no matter who wins the election the biggest change will happen when you change yourself” .. It’s time to defeat our own dragons. Thks

  9. jimmy varghese said

    what a great illustration of the trials we face in life. i feel the LIFE business provides us tools/resources to become dragon slayers in our lives. i know personally it has really helped me with dragons such as conflict, miscommunication, emotional control, procrastination. great article Orrin!

  10. I’m up for the fight! I’d better start working out – mentally (listen to my CDs and reading) as well as physically! I’m in it to win it!

  11. Raymond said

    Funny but so true! One of my favorite quotes is “where there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Thanks Orrin for encouraging all of us dragon slayers to get up and go get it!

  12. Maura Galliani said

    As usual, Orrin, your inspirational articles send me out to conquer my day with courage and a spirited can-do attitude. I can relate to everything you say, and I’ve finally identified what my “dragon” is. It is now time to stand and face that “dragon.” Fired up!

  13. Tim Jarvinen said

    Kung Fu Warriors baby! Hi-Ya!!!
    Great perspectives!

  14. Jammie Fisher said

    Hi, our one year old loved the video. I appreciate the quote and am excitedly battling!

    Stealth RADARvision 180

  15. Kevin Hamm said

    Great stuff Orrin,

    I am giving some addresses in my industry in February on Entrepreneurship, I might use that video and your insights. Thanks,

  16. Peggi Kern said

    I love the video! It brought a smile to my face. Who would ever expect a baby to have such well planned, “stealth like” moves to fight the dragon, however that’s really why the video is such a great parallel to the journey of the LIFE business and entrepreneurship. We are poised to fight the dragons that come. We have the system and business teaching to take a brand new (baby) business owner and equip them to fight the battles. I am thankful how this business has allowed a novice like me to learn, apply, grow and succeed. Thank you for the article and video. It started my day with a smile!

  17. Trevor Long said

    Great video illustration! A baby with Neo’s martial arts ability. Thanks for the humorous example of the corporate and personal battle we all need to be engaged in.

  18. Kerri B said

    I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and I got to see my parents and grandparents slay dragons. Now I’m excited my children get to see their parents doing that. They are learning the dream, struggle, victory cycle. We are concentrating on making sure they understand that you continue until you have reached the victory!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Kerri, you got it! thanks, Orrin

    • I agree Kerri,

      I think my parents meant to teach me that but something got lost in translation. I did not arrive into adulthood with that perspective. I am learning it now, thanks to the LIFE community and my children will hopefully get the message that I missed. Thank you Woodwards, PC, Militellos, Kerns, and Richters, for fighting ahead to make the path available to me. Not only that, also fortifying our castle with love, support and encouragement, without which I would not have the courage to stay on the journey!

  19. Pearl Hershkowitz said

    Thanks Orrin! This life business is the best thing ever for all of us. It brings in positive energy in our lives and makes life worth living. I needed this boost today, thanks for sharing.

  20. isaias vicente said

    Orrin thank you so much, I am getting back up and I will slay the dragon…

  21. Dave Hall said

    Your purposeful lack of response to the political fiasco is fitting. I so appreciate the fact that you are always on the positive track and looking to the future solutions – entrepreneurial dragon slayers!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Dave, exactly. I don’t dwell on what’s not in my power to change. However, I do dwell on growing myself and growing others to create positive change. Since I know He is in control, I know I am in good hands. God Bless, Orrin

  22. Justin and Amber Rowe said

    So funny and so true! Right in line with my own personal battles! With the right “tools” and big enough dream every dragon in my mind is just a stuffed animal!
    Team Action

  23. Hilary Dorr said

    I love where at the end, the little boy looks a little stunned and wobbly, like he can’t believe that just happened. I think a lot of times that’s what happens to us in life, we actually do something and stand up for what we believe in, get knocked down a couple times, but keep getting up, and eventually win the battle, and then look a little stunned and wobbly when it’s over, like I can’t believe that just happened. It gives us confidence to keep going and try again!

  24. Jenny Salter said

    GREAT analogy! I love learning through humor! Thank you for all the dragons you & Laurie have defeated up to this point!! I’m glad that I woke this morning knowing that it doesn’t matter what happened last night, because I am following God & a group of men that are going to make huge different in this country from going house to house & giving people real truth!! With you & Chris leading the charge, we will change this country!!!!!! Going to a million and beyond!!!!!

    P.S. You quoted one of my favorite movies:) It was mine & Jim’s movie we would watch when we were dating! I’m guessing Laurie got to pick the movie that night:)LOL

    • Orrin Woodward said

      I think it was Hope Floats and I knew Laurie like the lady actress, so like a good husband, I selected it on NetFlix. 🙂 thanks, Orrin

  25. Awesome video!!! Great analogy : ) !

  26. Libbie Quinn said

    Great video! Great analogy! Thanks for the laugh and the lesson. Generations will benefit from the efforts we make today! (Three generations of my family are benefiting from TEAM/LIFE materials.) “Stay the course.” – I have to tell myself that everyday. It is worth it!
    Thanks Orrin.
    God bless you,

  27. Susan Slatmyer said

    Orrin and Laurie, thank you for allowing Our Lord to use you two for His purpose to reach all of Life community and more. Thank you for looking ahead and seeing what could be. So appreciate your wisdom. Have the best day ever!

  28. Sherry Fix said

    That is a great video and a fantastic analysis of it. Thanks for sharing. Dragons of doubt, defeat and despair are certainly prevalent all around us. I choose to slay the dragons………………ONLY forward in LIFE.
    Thanks for all you do, Orrin.

  29. Larry Van Buskirk said

    The dragons of economic mismanagement are upon us, and looks like things are going to continue as before. Intelligent and determined leadership is more necessary than ever before. Thanks for standing for conservative, value driven leadership!
    Larry Van Buskirk

  30. Rob Crichlow said

    I love the video. Thanks Orrin.

  31. Jennifer Blomdahl said

    Great perspective. Video is a picture of getting knocked down but choosing to get back up and laughing in the face of the enemy. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Zack Grashik said

    man what a great quote Orrin

  33. Mark Tucker said

    This is awesome! We need to learn to laugh at the dragons like the baby does!

  34. John Burns said

    That was awesome! I love how you can tie in a humorous video with life principles!
    Thanks Orrin!!

  35. Tammy Darling said

    Slaying dragons in Texas! Thanks Orrin!!!

  36. I love it! Lets go Dragon slayers! We have our work cut out for us but I like our chances with you leading the charge Orrin!

  37. Renee Oettinger said

    I pray I teach my kids to take a stand

  38. Juleen Ray said

    That was just what I needed tonight as I am slaying some dragons of my own. Thank you so much Orrin for sharing what you have learned with us!!!

  39. Love this!! Thanks Orrin!

  40. Chrissy Fuller said

    Great article! Everyone has dragons in their lives, it is how we choose to deal with them that makes us who we are. You can fight through or flee. Personally, I choose to fight!

  41. Keith Sieracki said

    Great video of the entrepreneurial experience- a little laughing, a little crying, but most importantly– keep getting back up! Until victory is yours!

  42. BARRY QUINN said

    “We’re in a battle. Goliath is calling, go meet him.”
    Whenever I am in a struggle, I just flip in the “Goliath is Calling” cd. Thank you Orrin for the relentless pursuit “betterness”. TEAM/LIFE is the #1 wellness program anyone could do for themselves. GOD bless. ON THE MARCH.

  43. Tim marks said

    Great post Orrin.
    Now more than ever we all need to slay our dragons and build our business to secure the freedoms we have.

  44. Eben Smith said

    Awesome, funny and inspiring. Thanks and again Orrin

  45. Steve Meixner said

    Thanks Orrin, I’m going to have to show this to my grandchildren!! 4 and 5 years old,teach them to always get back up, gotta start them off right!!

  46. Chris Mariano said

    Reason I’m going to triple is to honor what Orrin Woodward, Tim Marks, Chris Mattis and the pc have given to all of us. I want to participate in the current and serve as you men have. Serving the team has been on my heart and what legacy am I going to leave on this team. Also how can I help my teammates to leave their legacy on the Team. I’m just so fired up to serve and get people to their goals and dreams. I thank the Lord for the three of you for what you have done to change my life and hope that I can effect our leaders like you have in my families life. God bless and see you at the top!!!!

  47. Tedd Romero said

    Thanks for this article Orrin.“Beginnings are usually scary; endings are typically sad; however, it’s what you do in the middle that matters.”
    Well as for me and my family and Team we are in the middle and making a change so that the end will not be sad but glorious. I have commited to myself to my wife, team and Chris Mattis that We will do what ever it takes (legal, moral, and ethical) LOL to be triple power players come Visalia Ca. major in January. We are so lit up after watching the PP explosion, proving that anyone with a DREAM and abilty to cast a vision for their team and start to create momntum that it is possible. So Chris,Tim and Orrin you can count the Romero’s in on “slaying dragons” on the way to triple power players in January!

  48. Tim Samuels said

    Awesome post Orrin!

  49. Michael Lea said

    Last year I had a talk with my brother. He was despondent over where he was in his life and what his prospects were. He concluded the conversation by stating, unequivocally, that no matter what one acquired, “they” would just take it all away. I had no idea that he felt that way but it became clear to me that he wasn’t the only one who believed that dreaming, striving, working and “slaying dragons” was a pointless exercise. A favorite pastime of mine is people observing and you don’t have to watch for very long to see so many who appear, by their demeanor and physical posture, to lack any hope. He passed away late last year. Which brings me to why I have committed to be quad power player. The only way to lead is by example. The only way to motivate is by example. We have a responsibility to our wives, our children, our friends and our neighbors to show them there is hope. There is light in life. I learned this from Chris Mattis, from Tim Marks, and from you. Now its my responsibility to do for others what you three have done for me. The more people I approach, the more the light shines! I am committed to do whatever I need to accomplish this!

  50. Ariel Vazquez said

    This article was awesome, thank you Orrin. (That baby also kicked butt)
    I am dedicated to slaying the dragons that I need to in order to be Triple Power Player for this next Major in Visalia California. Orrin and the PC have given an amazing opportunity for us to all achieve our goals and dreams, and I’m more than ready to take advantage of it. I want to serve the Team to the best of my ability be apart of the huge wave that is sweeping the nation. So Orrin Woodward, Tim Marks and Chris Mattis I’m all in.

  51. Loved it!
    Facing the Dragons of Life is kind of like Facing the Giants.
    Same difference.
    You want to succeed?
    As my friend Bill Lewis would say “Suck it up Cupcake”

  52. Victor Scargle said

    Why would I commit to the team and LIFE to go triple power player? Several reasons: The first is it will start the process of gaining my time back to be with my family (the most important role we play), second by running the play, the only way to win, is to help other families get what they want out of LIFE. By helping one family at a time, we can break the cycle of divorce, bankruptcy, running the rat race and putting their children in daycare vs raising them with the morals they want or even worse having television raise them, we can truly make a difference in our communities. When the community is more informed, then we can start making a change in our counties, states and our country. Until we (starting with myself and my family) wake up and slay the dragons of fear and get over worrying about what others think (no results to back up their opinion anyway) then it will not matter who is in the White House. The change in our country must be an outside in job, this will take thousands of leaders(PC)and the first step is power player and breaking power players. The only way to lead is from the front! Scargles will bloody their swords until the job is done! I appreciate what you stand for and your honesty and integrity. NO COMPROMISE!

  53. Le'Troy Andrews said

    Blessings Orrin,

    Why did I commit to go triple power player? To be honest sir I really didn’t think of that until Chris posed the question this morning and I’ve been rolling that over in my mind off and on all day. The best answer to that is to get control of my life so that I may then control my environment. As to why Tim & Chris can count on me no matter what I’d have to say that for the first time in over 40 years its really important that my word counts for something.

  54. Steve Leurquin said

    Great comparisons to the starting of a business and committing to something great.

  55. Great article/video Orrin…thanks!

  56. Christine Brown said

    Thank you again Orrin, for helping me to stay focused. I KNOW I am in the right place. I KNOW I will be a success, through the guidance of TEAM/LIFE, in each area that I focus. It is through your words and the words of other members of LIFE’s Community that have encouraged my belief in myself. When I read your blogs, it feels like I am receiving a pat on the back, “You’ve made a great decision! We’ll be here, every step of the way!”

    Thank you again!

  57. Orrin, Thank you for your continued diligence in communicating with the community via your blogs. It surely is one of my staples in the weekly diet. When I came to US as a very average graduating student(compared to all the fellow graduates from my class who were coming to USA who were scary good)I didnt know what to expect, but it was the thing to do. After the series of experiences that followed it became apparent I cant conform to the things everyone seems to accept and take the path of least resistance. I have fell many times in many respects, in friendships, business, job, relationships and above all in my own character. But in the end, just like as I went through first 20 chapters in my study of book of Exodus in the last couple of weeks, regardless the unbelief of Moses and definitely the ever doubting Israelites, He loved them more enough to see them through purely because He wanted to. I am starting to realize in my life ever more so, that He wants me to succeed in life in the way he designed it for me regardless of whether I doubt, fall, disobey, indifferent etc., as long as I am willing to get up one more time and run right to Him. I am slowly starting to understand the depths of what He means when He says ‘Come to me’. Every time I come to Him only to realize He is once again saying ‘Come to me’. Never have I been more excited about what the future has in hold. Knowing that nothing comes to me without first passing His hands, it is my courage to move forward boldly is the only requirement left as the variable. His infinite grace has sent to me men like you, Tim, Chris and Chris Mattis into my life. I sincerely apologize for not responding to the call the way I know I am capable of. All this to say I will strive everyday to give my personal best. triple power player at January Leadership is a done deal. I always tell my team mates, dont try to convince people, God has already prepared people for us. Our job is to go find them. I gonna find me some Triple power players. May God be with us.

    –thank you

  58. Kim Decker said

    All I can say is wow ….. this si so very true as I am finding out how people start shunning you as I change…It is very hard when you have to work with them and then the family members who basically just kind of laugh at you in the back ground. To be a true christian I see is the road we all should of been shown early in life and I pray dialy we can reach folks who have young ones so they don’t have to go thru alot of what we all are going through. I will NEVER give up and hit alot of bumps(mountains at times) but I will help out others and will watch them become great leaders and all of the policy council are. Thank you for the chance to better my LIFE.

  59. sherry powers said

    So sad that we will let doubt from others, keep us from acheiving great tbings.

  60. Carrie Canniff said

    Awesome! Our 9-year-old twin boys loved the video too! We had a great discussion about following what you are called to do. It is amazing how everything we ever have accomplished or dream of accomplishing will follow the dream-struggle-victory cycle. I never thought of it that way before learning through the LIFE materials. Some dragons have more stuffing to take out – just expect it and keep moving forward. Thanks Orrin!

  61. Great post!

  62. lorraine said


  63. zoran mitrovski said

    What a wonderful message about facing ones dragons. Its another reminder how our thoughts need to be protected. Thanks Orrin

  64. Jason & Lindsey said

    This is so true for life and LIFE. Sometimes when you get knocked down its a laughing matter and sometimes you just want to cry in the middle of the fight. As long as you don’t quit even though it seems to be an impossible battle, you too can “rip the heart” out of your own doubt. Classic!!!

  65. HuntingTarg said

    I happened to read this article after re-reading your ‘LIFE/Quixtar facts’ tab on the blog homepage. It just seemed to encapsulate a period I heard much allusion and reference to, but did not experience myself. I went through my own ‘desert journey’ around the same time, and in hindsight the facts and the imagery you present, by themselves, validate the “dream, struggle, victory” philosophy that seems to be equally lauded and despised in the postmodern world. We can call it ‘what goes around, comes around’, or we can call it ‘the metaphysic of Justice.’ Either way, the proof is in the playing – an approach to living life that works for those who accept it and works for those who don’t accept it is more than just a philosophy – it demonstrates itself to be a fundamental principle of our makeup. You, your courageous, respectable associates, and your achievements in an underrated, understudied, underpromoted industry bear that out. In a sense we are all in the same scenario portrayed in that video. What others have writ small you have lived large. Thank you, and
    (cue 8-bit video game flourish:)


    Keep going…

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