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LIFE Business Incentive Trips

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 16, 2012

The first round of qualifiers for free trips are selecting their destinations. I am so excited about this program. The first level to qualify for a trip is just 6,000 points! With $1,800,000 paid out in one-time bonuses and incentive trips, this is one of the best programs for growth that the LIFE Business launched last year. Plus, you get to choose your destination. No herding everyone to one location; instead, you select the vacation that fits your families needs and wants. Where are you going when you qualify? Be sure to Trip Track and getter done! Here is video footage from the major weekend with some of the qualifiers and the qualification criteria for both trips is below the video.


Orrin Woodward

LIFE Business Incentive Trips

Incentive #1: 6,000 for 6 Trip


  1. Trip Tracker – 200 Personal/Customer PV each and every month. For new Members, Trip Tracking begins with either your first, second or third month in business. For example, if your LIFE enrollment date is June 12th, you can either start Trip Tracking in June, July or August. If one month is missed, the member is no longer eligible for this trip.
  2. PV – 6,000 Total PV for 6 consecutive months with a minimum of 4,000 PV in Team #1 and an additional 2,000 PV, including personal and customer volume, outside of Team #1.
  3. For example, a new Member that was enrolled in June would start trip tracking in the month of June, July or August and continue to do 200 PV each month through the six month consecutive PV requirement.

Trip Options

  1. Disney World, Orlando, Florida – 4-day/3-night stay at Disney’s Beach Club Deluxe Resort. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a New England-style Disney Deluxe Resort, shaded by broad oak trees and lapped by the gentle waters of the 25-acre Crescent Lake. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, Disney Park Hopper Passes, Disney dining meal plan, transportation to and from the airport, and transportation to all Disney properties and theme parks.
  2. Arenal, Costa Rica – 6-day/5-night stay at the Arenal Springs Resort & Spa hotel. Perched one thousand feet above the Arenal Valley, the Arenal Springs allows for incomparable views of the Arenal volcano, the lush valley, and the surrounding towns that sparkle at night. This trip includes an airfare credit, daily breakfast, canopy tour, volcano hike, and safari boat floating.
  3. Oasis of the Seas, Bahamas Cruise – 8-day/7-night balcony cabin cruise. Experience the ship that revolutionized cruising; its revolutionary and breath-taking design includes seven distinct neighborhoods tailored to create the ultimate experience of enjoyment for all passengers.
  4. Sandals Resort, Negril, Jamaica – 5-day/4-night stay at the Sandals Negril Couples Resort & Spa. Spanning Negril’s famed Seven-Mile beach, Sandals Negril conjures up tropical vibrations with a casual, understated elegance. Stroll through walkways dotted with swaying palms and sea breezes and savor world-class cuisine at breathtaking, oceanfront restaurants. This trip includes an airfare credit, all inclusive resort including meals, drinks, land & sea activities, gratuities, and transportation to & from the airport.

Incentive #2: Leader 6 Trip


  1. Trip Tracker – 200 Personal/Customer PV each and every month. For new Members, Trip Tracking begins with either your first, second or third month in business.
  2. PV – 15,000 PV for 6 consecutive months with a minimum of 9,000 PV in Team #1 and an additional 6,000 PV (including Personal/Customer PV) outside of Team #1.

Trip Options

  1. Disney World, Orlando, Florida – 6-day/5-night stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Deluxe Hotel. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is a Victorian-style Disney Deluxe Resort distinguished as the flagship hotel of the Walt Disney World Resorts and offering world-class dining, entertainment, and luxurious accommodations in its six striking red-gabled buildings. This magnificent hotel sits along the white-sand shores of Seven Seas Lagoon. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, Disney Park Hopper Passes, Disney dining meal plan, transportation to and from the airport, and transportation to all Disney properties and theme parks.
  2. Maui, Hawaii – 5-day/4-night stay at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, which is located between two beautiful beaches with pristine white sands and endless blue water. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, transportation from the airport to the hotel, Lei greeting, and a helicopter tour ride.
  3. Ocho Rios, Jamaica – 5-day/4-night stay at the Beaches Boscobel, which takes advantage of its stunning seaside locale to infuse all of its accommodations with the flavor of Jamaica. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit and access to Pirates Island Water Park. Parent magazine voted Beaches Boscobel among the Top 10 Best Beach Resorts.
  4. Celebrity Cruise – 10-day/9-night trip package, including a 7-night cruise from Seattle on the Seattle Celebrity Solstice, 3 nights at a 4-star hotel, and a Mount Rainer sightseeing trip.
  5. Princess Cruise – 10-day/9-night Alaskan cruise on the Coral Princess. This trip includes a 7-day voyage of the glaciers cruise, 1 night at Mount McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, 1 night at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, a natural history tour, and a 1-night Fairbanks with Sternwheeler Riverboat Cruise. This cruise is perfect for witnessing all that Alaska has to offer.

The Incentive Trips are designed for two adults, but each qualified winner will have the opportunity to adjust the trip to meet their personal needs. This may result in costs that will be the responsibility of the Member.

44 Responses to “LIFE Business Incentive Trips”

  1. Lori Maas said

    Hawaii! I have always wanted to go there but was told it was very expensive. Just goes to show you, if you want something bad enough, there is a way to get it!! I can’t wait! Thanks for making dreams possible! Lori Maas

  2. Kara Plank said

    Trip Trackin’ our way to take our preschoolers to Disney!!! 🙂

  3. jimmy varghese said

    costa rica or bust!

  4. Maura Galliani said

    Thank you, Orrin — THIS is only ONE of MANY reasons why you have made this the BEST, the ONLY, “compensated community” ever … fired up!

  5. TJ said

    This is a great video!! My kids love watching it, this really lends a visual to what mom and dad are a part of. Watching others say were they are going got the kids really excited. Thanks for the post

  6. Wahoo!!!!

  7. Matt Mielke said

    That is awesome! We have friends, Mike and Robin Schilling, have never been on a trip, not even a honeymoon, and are going to Costa Rica through the LIFE business! Thank you to the founders for this incredible opportunity of a lifetime.

  8. Michael Stithem said

    Fired up

  9. Scott Staley said

    There are many people who haven’t been on a trip for years, and are so excited to be able to take a trip where they don’t need to worry about the financial impact/cost on their household. Thank you for creating this opportunity!

  10. Keith Sieracki said

    It is awesome to see how excited these guys are!!!

  11. Incentive trips ABOVE AND BEYOND the amazing compensation! These trips are awesome and one more reason why LIFE will set records this year! Thanks Orrin and the founders!

  12. Kirk Birtles said

    Free trips, big bonuses, leading people to truth, making a difference…..does it get any better!!! I personally just cashed a OTCA check yesterday. It is exciting times to be alive and a part of LIFE!!!!

  13. Chad Waters said

    Living Intentionally For Excellence! Free trip for doing the work we were going to do anyway! It just keeps getting better!
    Costa Rica for us in February!

  14. Jenny Salter said

    SO AWESOME!!!!! We have Nate & Sarah Harbottle & Joe & Danielle Defina that get to take there young kids to Disney through LIFE!!!! Just because they decided to take a chance & say YES to a crazy business they saw from a friend & a neighbor. Now their life has changed forever!!!! Thank you & the LIFE founders for this GREAT business!!!!!

  15. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Free trips, Amazing people, Leading people to the Truth….a big thank you to our Leaders! You have put together such a fabulous package.

  16. Gotta say, these trips are beyond awesome! Thank you LIFE for such a great incentive!

  17. Jennifer Blomdahl said

    Being there and watching that recognition was so awesome. I am looking forward to hearing the stories of their trips. What a great reward for helping others succeed.

  18. J & P Harteis said

    Watching our son win a free trip was amazing — especially seeing him up there on the Team stage made our heart skip a beat — winners, all the way! Thanks Orrin & Laurie for all you do to make the dream come alive for all of us!

  19. Jammie Fisher said

    We have some great friends and teammates headed on these trips and more that are about to start or are in qualifications. It is wonderful. I remember the time and effort and investment it took to earn trips in other venues in my life and am SO thankful for this program and how it was put together. Unbelievably awesome!

  20. Rick Green said


    Love being “tricked” into doing the right thing, but the joke is on the Oasis of the Seas. 8 days of the Greens (all of who are Sanguines) on a boat! All we’ll need is Captain Jack Sparrow…lol!

    It will be EPIC!!!

  21. Larry VanBuskirk said

    What a great way to reward consistent effort at an early stage. Our leaders are an innovative bunch!

  22. Tony Hoffman said

    Congratulations to all the first round Trip winners! What I love the most about the founders of LIFE have done is made these trips available to the brand new members who are willing to go out there and do some work to achieve the 6,000 points and 15,000 points!

  23. John Lewis said

    Michele & I love to travel and so this fits perfectly into our bucket list. Just Trip Track and teach others to do the same. thanks Orrin & the LIFE Founders for designing this into the LIFE Opportunity!
    John & Michele

  24. Rita H said

    Fired up exciting for those who are booking trips! Great job LIFE business!

  25. Steve Morgan said

    I love these trips. I am so excited for the newly qualified people to go and come back to tell everyone how cool they were. It’s powerful that we can help people earn their dream trip.

  26. Bob Rasmussen said

    Just when you think it can’t possibly get better, it does!! This biz is unbelievable!!! Thx Team!!

  27. Len Troast said

    These trips are almost as amazing as the LIFE products. Thank you, Orrin for all you do to make the LIFE business a success!

  28. Morning!

    Oasis of the Seas for trip #1 😀 Fun ‘F’ for sure 😀

    Watching those who qualified before me gave me plenty of Levels 1 & 2 motivation; every one of those folks served more people than I had at the time, and now I, and the rest of the trip trackers, can duplicate their achievement.

  29. Tim Jarvinen said

    All I can say is ‘FIRED UP FIRED UP!’
    Thanks for an unbelievable company!

  30. Chris Robinson said

    People’s DREAMS are coming true with the LIFE business!!!! Fired Up!!!

  31. Elaine Mallios said

    Orrin, Yay! we are so excited to go to Jamaica in April. We may invite the girls along since they live in Utah and when we get together for the Major or a holiday its always so rushed. I emailed the travel company to ask for the details. But what an exciting trip it will be. Everyone says the Sandals in Negril is fantastic. Now we need more qualifiers!
    Thanks so much!

  32. I love all of the stories and memories that are already being created because of this program!

  33. FIRED UP!!

  34. What a great opportunity for families and friends to travel together expenses paid!

  35. Holger said

    Fired up!!! Can’t wait to have Hector & Angela Martinez come back from LEADER 6 trip and Cuellar’s and Allswede’s from the 6000×6 trip!!!


  36. Alison Ruhlman said

    WoooooHooooo!!!! We can’t wait to qualify and take our 3 little girls that are true encouragers to their dad to Disney!! And then we can’t wait to qualify for the next round of trips and go to Hawaii for our delayed honeymoon!!! What a great business that rewards people and lets them include the people that mean the most to them in that reward!!!! WOW!!!!

  37. Orrin, we have alot of people who won trips who still cant believe they have won!! It sure helps everyone else see how easy it is to earn a trip. Its so exciting to watch some people who have given up on taking kids to disney or on a cruise reset their goals to achieve this incentive.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Claude, it feels so good to run a business where we help people dream and achieve again! thanks, Orrin

  38. Tim Samuels said

    Our Kids dream build all the time on Disney!

  39. yancy said

    that is great and really amazing congratulations for all those who won.
    thank you to all the life founders for this fabulouse aportunity that we have in our hands.

  40. Matt Farrand said

    To be rewarded for learning and growing! This is amazing! Our first child will be here any day, so one of the free trips will need to be Disney. Thank you to the founders of LIFE, for the chance to live the life we’ve always wanted!!!

  41. Kevin Knuteson said

    Thank you LIFE founders for puting together a compensation plan that rewards anyone with the guts to make a difference. There is no business on Earth that would provide these kinds of benefits at this early of a stage…it would all be money lining someone elses pockets. The Knuteson family is grateful and we will be sure to pay it forward!!! Jamaica here we come!!!

  42. Kim Decker said

    This is such a great incentive program how can anybody pss this up? i am spreading the word…

  43. nikki said

    I am working hard to earn my first trip. Can not wait to reach it. Costa Rica here I come. All the things I have been this the first where I beleive I can reach the free trips.. thank you for making it so easy for me..

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