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Marketing, Execution, & Orchestration

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 4, 2012

It has been another stellar month for LIFE as it finished the first month of its second year in business. Volume is up again, and we have a new couple in the process of finishing Policy Council level, along with several others who are extremely close. This is what happens when you get three key factors right. I call it MEO to One Million. The “M” stands for Marketing. The “E” stands for Execution, and the “O” stands for Orchestration. These are the three things that LIFE will do all the way to one million people and beyond. Let’s analyze these three words further.

The first factor is marketing. Marketing is the ability to share your message with consumers. The LIFE business does this in two ways: offline and online. Offline marketing is the typical way communities grow in networking, as people share about their experiences person to person. However, in today’s Google age, online marketing has increasingly grown. Every business must message itself or it will not grow or thrive. The good news is, with three bestselling authors on the team, marketing can begin with leaving a comment on one of the LIFE founders‘ blogs, grow into developing your own blog, and eventually lead to writing your own book and becoming a bestselling author in your own right. Like everything in LIFE, it is systematic, starting with a simple step and getting increasingly more complex as your skills grow. In the same way, learning to become a top speaker starts with saying your name during recognition, then introducing a speaker at an open, and eventually doing opens and finally seminars.  Everything is step by step for success. All anyone has to do is add the courage to finish what he started.

The second factor is execution. Performers get results through executing the five-step pattern and going Power Player. Last weekend, I had leaders down from Guzzardo’s and Hawkins’ groups. Talk about a great time! We went out for a yacht cruise where we did a “bow-inar” at the front of the ship, enjoying food, fun, and sun together. One of the qualifiers has been in LIFE for six months and showed seventy plans in a row without one single rejection. That’s right, seventy consecutive yeses in a row! He runs a consulting company and had been using Launching a Leadership Revolution for years with his clients, so it was easy to turn his clients into either customers or members of LIFE through sharing what Chris Brady and I were doing currently. Execution means getting the job done, and across the LIFE community, people are getting the job done. Although few will ever get seventy yeses in a row, anyone can win through consistent effort and constant improvement. Market first; then execute on Power Player.

The third and final factor is orchestration. Performers turn into leaders when they not only produce results themselves, but they also help others do the same. This happens when leaders identify other leaders in their community who are willing to commit to their dreams. At any given time, 10 percent of a group will be ready to run now, and the rest will still be developing their thinking and posture to make their move. It isn’t the role of a leader to force a person to move ahead; rather, it’s the job of the leader to identify those who do want to move on and help them do so. I call it “crucial conversations” with the potential leaders who are ready to get results. Orchestration, then, is finding other leaders and mentoring them through the thought processes needed to be a top leader in LIFE.

Market your business, execute the plays, and orchestrate with other leaders in your community. These three factors will lead anyone who is ready to achieve the objectives they set out to accomplish. LIFE is happening all around you. Is it happening for you?


Orrin Woodward

57 Responses to “Marketing, Execution, & Orchestration”

  1. Justin Stevens said


  2. Kody Ellis said

    MEO to PC and 1 million! Fired up!

  3. Great information for the hungry student.
    we are going to 1 million people and many of them will be in my organization

    Thanks For your strong belief.

  4. George Bailey said

    Great post.

  5. Rick Green said

    Thanks for this post. I think that, too often, we get caught up in our own thinking about how things should happen. When clearly the system has been established that should enable us to achieve the same remarkable sponsorship rates. These reminders are instrumental in the PDCA process, to ensure success.

  6. The focused mentorship and guidance through your blogs is a key to the success LIFE is having.
    Thanks for your leadership.

  7. Adam Rossman said


    We REALLY enjoyed our time at your property this past weekend! Thank you for the opportunity to see what is possible when one stays focused on their dreams and plugs in to the Team training system. We are more excited than ever (and we have always been excited) to share this opportunity with as many as possible, and with how LIFE is set up – the results have been outstanding!

    Teesa & I can’t wait to spend more time hanging out….on LIFE Island!

  8. Kevin Hamm said


    After another exciting open, I am once again super charged with the potential of the LIFE business. 70 yeses in a row may well be common place in the not too distant future, and those who believe that first will be the first to join those results. Thank you for living your purpose and inspiring the rest of us to do so. Many of us are resetting the goal to join you in June in Michigan. Thanks for the inspiration. Also, thanks for the great nuggets. MEO is critical for any business. I’ll find applications in my S business as well. Residual benefits. What a deal.

  9. Christine Fleury said

    Wow, great post! You said- “Everything is step by step for success. All anyone has to do is add the courage to finish what they started.” I’m seeing more now than ever how simple its always been, and how much you (and the PC) really set us up with everything we need to win. Thanks for the great posts and for all that you do that we probably don’t even see. We appreciate you and Laurie for your hearts and leadership!

  10. Chris Beaubien said

    Its been a great year, ready to MEO and help more people go on free trips and receive OTCA in the year to come! LIFE IS HAPPENING! MAKING A DIFFERENCE!


  11. Jennifer Blomdahl said

    MEO to 1 million & beyond!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom, vision & plan to impact millions of people.

  12. Paul Bragenzer said

    Great information!!

  13. Robin Lawrence said

    70 yes’s in a row? That’s fantastic! That just proves that right information is in high demand today. Great blog! Thanks!

  14. Patrick Clowater said

    Awesome article Orrin! We are so proud to follow such an amazing leader and visionary. My best friends are soon to be PC because of everything you have done to make our system so duplicatable and pure. MEO all the way to 1 MILLION. God Bless!

  15. CC Achilefu said

    This is so powerful and so true. It’s a tremendous blessing to be apart of such an amazing business!

  16. Clint Fix said

    To make sure I stay up to date on the LIFE Founder’s and RT’s blogs is to put them all into google reader. It’s an easy way to see when a new article is posted. I love the information that’s shared on them and don’t want to miss a post!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Clint, I enjoy reading your blog. Always great thoughts and research! Keep leading and learning. Thanks, Orrin

  17. MEO! MEO! MEO! Thanks Orrin!

  18. A new Policy Council is progress, a sure proof that the TEAM is moving in the right direction to one Million. From seminar, to webinar, and bow-inar… we’re are all for it. Thanks Orrin.

  19. Today is the day!! We are fired up and excited to MEO!! Thanks so much for all you’re doing to lead from the front Orrin! Looking forward to another yacht trip!

  20. Rick Monsipapa said

    Well said Orrin, what a great process that you have laid out for the newbie and oldbie. We grow and stall and let life side track us at times. We had a great open last night in Ft. Myers with Tim Marks painting the A,B,C’s for us…Attitude, Belief & Consistancy. Ready set go…hut hut POWER PLAYER… Rock on from TAMPA.

  21. Carol Miller said

    Thanks for the post. I always enjoy reading your blogs!

  22. Danny Kellenberger said

    Well said! I love the systematic process the Team teaches. To have a teaching tool like this that we can utilize in our personal lives as well as our professional lives is amazing. Why wouldn’t we want to share it with everybody, including people we haven’t even met yet. Thank you Orrin for all you have offered!

  23. Tim Johnson said

    So true, Orrin! What great information and leadership! And what a difference LIFE & Team have made for Cindy and I. I cannot thank you and the other leaders enough for having the courage to bring this information to the masses.
    Thanks Orrin!

  24. Michael Hartmann said

    LOVE THIS ARTICLE – thanks for sharing!! 70/70 is not only incredible but, quite obviously, possible. I’m willing to bet that the majority (if not 100%) of those 70 individuals fall into the prospecting criteria found in The Business of LIFE book (pg. 69):
    1. Ambitious
    2. Looking
    3. Teachable
    4. Honest
    I firmly believe, as Chris Brady teaches, that if you’re doing all the work but not sponsoring appropriately, you are probably focusing on & contacting the wrong group of people [I choose to spare the details of elaboration, but we’ve all wound up across a kitchen table from such individuals]. This is not for who it’s not for! I find that the most vehement detractors are those who simply don’t meet the qualifications listed above. The amazing success story of sponsoring 70/70 simply shows that the LIFE product is excellent and that the business can & will grow quickly with those who appreciate the value of good information.

  25. Bob Rasmussen said

    Orrin I love how you simplify complex thinking! Truly great leadership I believe involves servanthood and empowerment of others, this article clearly illustrates you modeling those behaviors for us all!!

  26. Keith Sieracki said

    “Performers turn into leaders when they not only produce results themselves, but also help others do the same” While in Africa last week we were focusing on this exact concept with our Missions Director. We used the info from the Lens Effect CD to get through some real tough topics. Thanks again Orrin!!

  27. Bryan Kemp said

    Fired Up post Orrin! After last weekend and actually experiencing the bow-inar first hand and to hear all of the leaders there sharing what is motivating them, makes the big picture that much clearer! Thank You for allowing us to come and share in the mind stretching, we will be doing our part of MEO to One million.

  28. Jeff Darling said

    Awesome post O! We are super excited about what’s happening and the massive growth that will take place this coming year. Everything is systematized and simplified. Thanks!!

  29. Cody Moyer said

    Thanks Orrin for living a purpose driven life and encouraging society to do the same! The LIFE community and TEAM will reach millions and millions!

  30. Tim Miller said

    Well said, love the step by step system thinking.

  31. Thank you Orrin I have been a little frustrated letting the job drag me down and letting others pull me down in the business. As Cody Newton shared last month need thick skin I am working on it. Your blog is another great tool that you give the Team! Thank you seems so little to say for all that you and the PC council do for us on a regular basis. Merry Christmas, thank you for developing a company that I can say that w/o wondering what trouble I will get into for keeping Christ in Christmas. Blessings to you and Laurie and you wonderful children.

  32. Dean Frey said

    Fired up….70 yeses in a row…the explosion is on…tic…tic…

  33. Matt Mielke said

    Orrin, Mic and i were part of that “bow-inar” and the recipient of one of those crucial conversations. It is hard to put into words the impact you, LAurie, the Guzzardos and Hawkins have made in our lives. I guess the way to describe it is by paying it forward with our actions and pour into the lives of new friends. Thanks again and Godspeed to 1 million

  34. Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Can’t wait to hear about the new PC’s and RT’s in the coming months! Thank you!

  35. Vicki Lowing said

    That is why I am in the LIFE Business because Orrin Woodward gives us incredibly useful information and tools to to became leaders in all facets of life. Mr Woodward lays out the specifics so anyone can be successful in the LIFE Business. What else is there than the 8 F’s? So grateful to be on this journey with LIFE!

  36. J & P Harteis said

    WOW, that’s FIRED UP!!!This is the right business, at the right time!Thanks for the motivation, Orrin! WOW!!!

  37. jimmy varghese said

    I like how we dont water down the LIFE message by plastering our cars or cheesy advertisements/flyers. We got the cookie!

  38. Jenny Salter said

    This is a great post!!!! I love to see the power of the materials that we have to leverage with people, like the LLR book!! What a great story of execution!!!!

  39. Teesa Rossman said

    Thank you, Orrin for the “MEO to one million”. Putting what we need to do in these terms has helped me to PDCA on which step I need to personally work on. You and Laurie are very generous and we appreciate all the time you put into the Team.

  40. Patrick Martell said


    Your timing for this blogpost couldn’t be any better. I feel that this season these 3 key areas used in conjunction with your teaching on “The Score Board” from the Mental Fitness Challenge have all come together in my execution, however the 70 yeses does cause me to raise my own goals and know that I can do much more.

    Thank You Orrin!!!

  41. Tony Hoffman said

    What agreat plan to 1 Million, PDCAing with MEO to 1 million! Fired Up!

  42. Amy Clark said

    The answer to your question “Is it happening for you?” is YES! The more I follow the proven steps the faster and quicker I see our business grow. Thank you for leading the charge and allowing others (like myself) to follow.

  43. CJ Calvert said

    Fantastic article Orrin, and rooting for PC couple as they sprint to PC!

  44. Christine Brown said

    As I read through this blog, I couldn’t help but say “WOW!” over and over again! You are an amazing motivator Orrin, as are so many people I have had the great pleasure and honor of meeting through LIFE! I am now being mentored by the BEST! With their support, I too will be a Leader!

    Thank you so much for … EVERYTHING!

  45. Kolynn and Lynn Kelley said

    Fired Up about 1 member getting 70 yes’s in a row!! If 1 can do it, why can’t we all!! It all comes down to posture, belief, and getting out in the trenches!! What if this month, everyone we talked to would sign on!! How many would you talk to? Obviously it is already being done!! Here’s to go getter and beyond!! K&L (Pennsylvania)

  46. Omar chetta said

    MEO to a million !! Great post as always Orrin Thanx for leading

  47. Beth Anne Zaatar said

    Wow! I’m just getting started and needed that. It helps to have that guidline. Much appreciated! I look forward to more!

  48. Larry Auman said

    Thanks Orrin, MEO on to 1000 PC members and 1 million!!!!! Thanks for the insight, see you this weekend in St. Louis.

  49. Steve Leurquin said

    LIFE is happening all around! Marketing, Execution, and Orchestration are all coming together with a wave of leaders in Life! If there are any skeptics out there who doubt what this leadership group can accomplish, they won’t be doubting after this year when a bunch of heros take it to a new level! Thanks for your example Orrin!

  50. Orrin – It’s interesting to note to you that I met Chris Mattis tonight and he spoke about you when we met. When I returned home to check emails I’d discovered that I had a new Twitter follower – you! Hmmm… Kind of makes one ponder why such “coincidences” occur in this walk to remember. I’m going to venture a guess and say that destiny has us in its path to meet when that time arrives. Keep making the “right” difference in this world my new Twitter friend! It’s truly amazing what can happen when we live our lives on true purpose and intent to KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!! Stay AMAZING and Blessed!

  51. Joshua hogarth said

    Great article Orrin,
    I love how you layout the process from beginner to leader through simply stating your name at recognition and commenting on an article to speaking on stage and writing books if one so chooses. It is neat to picture that process.

  52. Kim Decker said

    Orrin, Great post…One to share with everyone

  53. Brandon Brazier said


    This is such a great vision and plan for 1million people! Lives are changing!!!!! It was great to hear this talk in STL!!! Thanks for all you do!!!


  54. Nancy Pope said


    “I love that you stated 10% are ready to run now, and the others have to develop the thinking and the posture to make their move”. Some of us think we’re ready to run and realize wow I’ve got to change if I’m going to make it here. The mentoring that I have received along the way in this Journey, I cannot put a price tag on (thank you Mark & Jenn Paul and Tim & Amy Marks). Not only has it changed my LIFE, but it is guiding me to play my part in leading thousands in the goal of 1 million people.

  55. cha-cha denny said

    amazing to be hooked up with this life changing material and such great leadership. Thank you

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