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LIFE Business Leadership Seminars

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 10, 2012

On Saturday, the LIFE business conducted its December leadership seminars. Numbers are up in December, and people are gearing up for the January Leadership Conventions. I had the honor of being in St. Louis in a packed house (standing room only in fact) and had the opportunity to hear Raymond and Tina Abernathy bring down the house! What powerful speakers for a couple that isn’t even RT level yet. I say yet because they will certainly zoom past this goal in the coming months. Posture, belief, and enthusiasm shined in every sentence spoken by this amazing couple. Impressively, St. Louis had a brand new 30-day Double Power Player. That is smoking fast new growth! In addition, there were new Turbo 25s and Turbo 10s. Many new LIFE pin levels were hit by participants as well, so a good day was had by all.

What seminar did you attend on Saturday? Who were the speakers? What were some key nuggets you took away from the experience? Indeed, that is the correct word. LIFE Seminars aren’t attended as much as they are experienced! I look forward to hearing from you.


Orrin Woodward

138 Responses to “LIFE Business Leadership Seminars”

  1. Rick Monsipapa said

    We attended Ft.Myers with The Hoffmans from PA. With their teaching backaground they did a great job, came away with a 30day activity of writing out my top ten goals everyday for the next 30days, then put on a 3×5 card and start putting action behind the dreams.

  2. Chad Sutkay said


    Dan Hawkins was amazing in Madison, WI and Matt and Michelle Mielke were down right inspirational with their story. I also received reports that the Mattis’s rocked Wausau, WI and the VanBuskirk’s had California rolling with laughter!!! Love the level of leadership and passion the LIFE team has across North America!
    To 1 million and beyond!
    Chad Sutkay, Team ACTION

  3. Pam Mitchell said

    I web cast the Novi seminar into my home and we watched Tim Marks, Terry and Anne Franks give excellent talks. Tim’s motivation talk reminded me again why I’m part of LIFE. It’s all about the Legacy for me. Terry was very funny as usual. Great couple!

  4. TJ said

    We attended Houston event and heard Kirk and Nichole Porter wow us!!! Nichole made the point that we are getting paid to become the person that we are suposed to become anyway…. We can not believe how blessed we are to be associated with LIFE!!!

    • CC Achilefu said

      I attended the Houston seminar with the Porters, and I am amazed at how the seminar speakers just keep getting better and better. The biggest message I received was you can’t mess this up. Get yourself off your mind and go help as many people as you can. And that’s what I’m going to do!

  5. I attended the first Ottawa seminar with Denis Leger. It was amazing. He covered the Adversity quotient, and from his story – which was one of the best talks I’ve heard – he was definitely the right choice for the subject.

    His story proves how important it is to follow the system, and listen to your mentors.

  6. Karan Clark said

    Wow! I attended the seminar in Fort Wayne. It was our FIRST Indiana seminar. It was PACKED OUT!!! Approximately 900 or more people were in attendance and were exploding with excitement!! The excitement was contagious!!!

    Bill and Jackie were better than ever!!! And Holger and Lindsey were inspiring! Words can hardly describe it accurately.

    Thank you!

  7. Kody Ellis said

    I was in Aylmer, Ontario to hear Claude and Lana Hamilton talk! They moved the crowd with tears and laughter. What a phenomenal couple! One of the best seminars I’ve personally ever been to. Claude and Lana are the couple that I’m striving to work towards. Their servant leadership is amazing, barely stepping in their private area to take a break, and always listening to hear what the next person or couple in line has to say to them. The Life business is taking off in Ontario! Such a phenomenal year and 2013 is going to be even better!
    Kody Ellis

  8. Jim and Jennifer Benedict said


    We were at the Madison, WI seminar where Dan spoke about the importance of people skills in every area of our lives. It’s hard to believe that at one time he was NOT a people person. He spoke with such confidence and encouraged us to be other focused. We are a part of Matt and Michelle’s team and we were beaming with pride and tears as we heard their story, so well spoken! Matt told a story of growth…from quitting in the past, to presently persevering through the tough times. He asked the question, “Where are the men?” as he went through times in his life with very little direction or leadership. He shared how he has never met such strong leaders and mentors as the one’s LIFE offers.
    Michelle spoke of how she chose to put aside her stethoscope and pediatric career so that she could influence even more people and put God, her husband and family first, while serving others and helping all of us to achieve our dreams! Humility, strength, growth, faith in God, friendships, and hard work were the themes of this awesome night! We are so proud to be a part of this leadership revolution!

    • Heather Woods said

      Jim & Jen, I completely agree with your description of the night. We’re so blessed to have Matt & Michelle as OUR mentors and to watch them up-close on a regular basis. But to hear more of the back-story from their points of view, how they ached to leave their babies at daycare for 12 hours, how lost Matt felt as a man, the hurt of rejection from some people they truly cared about. The other thing I was really encouraged by was Michelle’s description of Medical School and what it takes to be successful there–it totally applies to the business! Achievement takes a lot of work; you just follow the course–it’s not easy, but you don’t quit; mental toughness.

      From Dan, the biggest nugget was If you don’t have the results you want: either you’re not doing enough or you have something left to learn. So true and so simple to fix: Keep going! Quitting isn’t an option!

  9. We saw Cody & Tara Newton in No.Cal. – learned how to handle the rollercoaster of life; how accepting blame helps you win; what mental toughness is all about; & so much more – they both were awesome!
    I’d LOVE to see the Abernathys, wanting to ever since their cd “It’s not over til we win!” Please send them to No.Cal.!!!)
    part of The Magic

  10. Don Harris said


    Alex and Leighann Nickerson were awesome in Moncton, NB. Particularly helpful was the insight they gave as a couple on growing the business while being parents of young children. Although a grand-parent myself, this info will help me help those on my team with young children. I was also impressed by their story. Very moving. Great crowd in Moncton. The Nickersons rocked the place.

  11. Mark Coccia said

    I watched the fastest gun in the business Tim Marks in Novi,Mi. and the number one thing he said was motivation has to come from inside.That means fire it up people.Mark Coccia BBNQ !

  12. Will Johanning said

    Hearing Matt and Michelle Mielke’s life story was like an episode of “This Is Your Life.” It was riveting. Everyone is the room was on the edge of their seats. The hair was standing up on the back of my neck! My family is so proud to know the Mielkes— they are true humble servant leaders and their love for their Team is so evident. Red Eagles–First to Serve!

  13. Joy Saverson said

    I had the pleasure of also being in that packed St. Louis house!!! Orrin you did a great job and one of the nuggets I took away from you was “it is not love to speak truth to someone who is not ready to hear it.” That is something that can be applied to every relationship I have. Thank you! And to hear from our very own fabulous leaders Raymond & Tina Abernathy, they did an outstanding job. I left that seminar feeling inspired to use my gifted hands and ready to apply old success principles to a rejuvenated soul. Watch out for TEAM AO!

  14. We were in Salt Lake City Utah, with Curtis and Debbie Spolar! They were phenomenal, Curtis described why were different than everyone else in networking, besides all the obvious reasons :), is because we invest in people!! Compared it to someone trying to give you a new parent, and how hard that would be to accept because of how much our parents invested in us. For our adopted friends, we know now why an adopted parent is your parent, they put all they have into you!
    That’s the team, and that’s who we care about! Absolutely an amazing seminar!

  15. Arizona had the pleasure of hearing from Mike and Lynette Parr. They were so genuine and inspiring. Everyone left encouraged and educated! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Can’t wait to hear about the new PC’s and RT’s in the coming months! Thank you!

  16. Mike Gorski said

    The NY seminar was absolutely amazing! I had the unique opportunity to ride down there with Brian and Sherry Powers who were the key note speakers. Brian and Sherry’s story is incredible. Brian did a phenomenal job of engaging the audience in taking the 5 Love Languages of Children quiz in the back of the book. It was incredible! I don’t have children yet but it showed me the importance of understanding the love languages in order for me to become great father when I do have children. LIFE is great!

  17. Dave ober said

    We attended the harrisburg pa seminar! Jean and Tammy Belanger did an awesome job! Jean’s first talk on having a game plan for every area of your life ( not just your career) and beginning with getting real with yourself as to where you currently are at in each of those areas was great! It’s important to know where you want go but you have to be real with where you are starting from! Get input from those closest to you and find a trusted mentor who has the results in that area or areas you are looking to improve ! Thanks for always sending such servant leaders each month so we can all sharpen our ax! As iron sharpens iron! Dave and Beth Ober

    • Dave,

      You are on your way to great things because you are always right up front taking notes and soaking up the information. In addition you are not afraid to ask for help and mentorship. I’m proud of your focus and desire to be your best!!

  18. Tracy Clark said


    We were blessed to hear you, as leaders and friends, Raymond and Tina Abernathy. What a fantastic event it was. Your information on success was right on point. Raymond and Tina’s talk on setting a goal and chasing the dream was passionately explained through example. They will emerge as RT and PC soon!

    Tracy Clark
    AO – Walk a Mile, See a Mile

  19. Raylene MacNamara said

    Hi Orrin, we spoke at the Louisana seminar and they are an excited, hungry bunch. The leaders there are amazing. Claude and Lana were at the Aylmer ON seminar and the feedback is incredible, they definetly brought their A game and served all night. Deins and Lisa Leger spoke at the Orleans, ON seminar and everyone said they’ve never seen them have such passion. Terry and Anne Rocked the webcast with Tim Marks, they have such huge hearts, wisdom and grace. It was a fantastic round of seminars all across the board!!! What a way to wrap up 2012 seminars!!!

  20. Hey Orrin, I had the privilege to be in Madison, WI and hear Matt and Michelle Mileke share their story with the team. The passion and the purpose in their voices echoed throughout the hall! Many lives where touched and inspired to move to the next level and serve so many more people! On to 1 million!

    • Kevin Hamm said

      Dan, you were awesome! I remember the “I wanna be like Mike” adds featuring Michael Jordan. Well Orrin, I wanna be like Dan. The evidence of his teach-ability is probably what speaks to me the most. I believe that trait has probably lent itself to many of his incredible results. If I want similar results I should listen and learn from Dan and those he mentors as he has obviously listened and learned from you. Very impactful.

      • Steve Leurquin said

        Me too! We had a great time in Madison. Loved the format of having a PC do the teaching and a future PC getting their story out. The combination of the two made for a magical night!

  21. Nicole Mccurry said

    It was great having you in STL!!!!!! U r such an inspiration and I appreciate your hard work and dedication for all of us!
    Nicole Mccurry

  22. starlette weston said

    I had a wonderful time at the St..Louis Seminar. I enjoyed Orrin Woodard and Raymond and Tina Abernathy. Great inspiration from all speakers. The more I attend meetings and seminars the more I feel as though my LIFE community is becoming more like family. I have met awesome people through this community and that personal gain is priceless. Orrin is so down to earth and I had the honor of taking a picture with him.

  23. Lisa Mangold said

    This past Saturday was the best and most powerful seminar experience I have ever had! Dan Hawkins along with Matt & Michelle Mielke spoke in Madison. Everyone who heard Dan’s talk on developing people skills was exposed to world class teaching! Dan engaged the audience with questions to get us all to think about what makes a person likeable and then inspired us all to want to be that type of person. Matt & Michelle shared their journey from young adulthood into the professions of pharmacist and physician and what it took to climb to the top of those professions. Their story of climbing down those ladders and onto a new ladder will inspire anyone who desires to live a life of purpose and service unto others. I believe the talks from this seminar will help millions understand the value of the LIFE business and its power to change lives for the better. I cannot wait to get this information into the lives of others!!

  24. Jim Carlson said

    We were in Madison WI to hear from Dan Hawkins and Matt and Michelle Mielke. Dan’s teaching on people skills was great. Matt and Michelle did a wonderful job. It was clear they were speaking from the heart and are passionate about this community. Matt’s point that confused men create problems and settle for less hit home.


    We were treated to one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Tony & Sharon Hoffman were absolutely on fire. They were extremely simplistic in their explanation of the LIFE business, dynamic in their speaking, and fantastic in their presentations. Everyone at the Punta Gorda FL seminar were extemely motivated after they heard their personal story of how they overcame the obstacles thrown in their way, and how they learned to work together and achieve their wildest dreams by helping many people reach theirs.
    THEY SAID IT IS ALL ABOUT COMMITMENT AND ATTITUDE which separates the winners from the losers. If you have the right purpose, apply the right attitude and think as a winner, and THINK SUCCESS, (that you are better than you think you are,) you will achieve it. BIG THOUGHTS CREATE BIG SUCCESSES.

    Orrin, thanks for the local seminars starting up in Florida, and we hope to see you and Laurie here in a few months when we pack out the house.
    Michael Davies

    Led by Keith & Elizabeth Sieracki & Jimmy Varghese

    • Keith Sieracki said

      I second that Mike! It was a great seminar! Florida ad great energy and excitement. I took home the nugget that your “Elephant has to run!” If you visualize your success and show 15 solid plans a month then you unstoppable!

    • Maura Galliani said

      Right on, Mike, it WAS one of the best seminars! I’m still fired up over Tony and Sharon Hoffman, their passion for the business and their talent in being able to truly touch us in such a personal, make-sense way. And it meant the world to me to be able to chat with them to let them know what a great job they did, and how inspiring they were.

      Maura Galliani
      Sons of Liberty South
      Led by Keith & Elizabeth Sieracki

  26. Lori Maas said

    Orrin we were in Madison. Dan Hawkins (always amazing and inspirational) and Matt and Michelle. I know we always say this but it’s true…this was the best seminar ever! Matt & Michelle opened their hearts and shared their amazing journey to date. It was truly inspiring. They touched us in a very deep and personal way. We were all still talking about the many things we got out of their talks at our business launch on Sunday night. Some highlights: To quit quitting on our dreams from Matt and to do a job description as if we were gonna hire someone to build our business and then do it our selves from Dan. To let humble ourselves, let go of pride and run after our dreams. To be a servant leader. How to build distant teams and so much more! An amazing night for sure. We are so blessed.

  27. Orrin,
    We spoke in Houston and the people were amazing! So much energy in the room! Dallas had Marc and Christine Militello! Our team said they rocked the house!!! They said unbelievable contacting info was taught!!!

    Thanks for all you do!!!
    Nicole Porter

  28. Joanne Brandtjen said

    The Madison, WI seminar was amazing!! Dan Hawkins is truly taking his level of leadership higher and higher. What valuable information! Matt and Michelle Mielke are so incredible. They are both such powerful speakers. We are so blessed to be able see them quite often at our Tue opens, so it was great to see them up on the seminar stage! Matt had us laughing, crying and thinking! Love the TEAM LIFE seminars!! God Bless!

  29. Richard Kroll Jr. said


    I attended the Michigan Seminar in Novi with Tim Marks and Terry and Ann Franks. WOW! There was so MUCH incredible information shared!!

    Tim Mark’s “A-B-Cs of Community Building” was a great nugget for me. Attitude, Belief and Consistency! Tim’s Ticket Holder was amazing… especially “How this business builds differently than you think” portion.

    Terry and Ann Franks always do a great job! I promote Terry as a modern day Marc Twain with all his one-liners and quips…he is so funny; but they get you THINKING! The fact that the Franks haven’t worked in a traditional job for 30 years gives me HOPE! While I am glad that they are part of the LIFE Team, I get so fired up that they did all they did in a “broken” industry!? We have such a great OPPORTUNITY with LIFE!!!

    Thank you for the best of the best always being available for us to learn from!

  30. Henry Weseloh said

    Orrin,you were absolutely awesome here in St.Louis.I would have loved to have heard an equally inspiring message from Laurie.I have the pleasure of seeing Raymond and Tina regularly here,so I wasn’t surprised that they would do a great fired up talk.Thanks for sharing your time and inspiration with us.I was just listening to Not On Our Watch! Earlier this morning and thinking about how great the Team / Life oppertunity truly is!

  31. Orrin,

    It was truly a blessing to be at the St. Louis seminar, I can not think of anywhere I would have preferred to be Saturday december 8th. I felt like one of many players watching and learning from his coach as Raymond and Tina Abernathy poured out of their overflow. The contributions they made to the team saturday is what Raymond and Tina deliver on a regular bases here in St. Louis. I look forward to the day when their Open Meeting and Seminar contributions are made available for all to benefit from through Team-Cast but of course I’m sure you’ve heard my campaign for this before. Lol!!! So with that being said let me contribute to their rising tide and the rising tide of the entire team with ACTION! PS…Your message was received LOUD & CLEAR!!! Thank you, Laurie, the Policy Counsel and the entire staff at the Team office for being obedient to God’s plan for your lives and thank all those in advance who hear the call and respond accordingly to do something great to make a difference as an agent for good! NOW HUT 1 HUT 2 POWERPLAYER!!!

    God bless,

    Larry Cheatham

  32. Gloria Phibbs said

    I attended the seminar in Aylmer with the joy of hearing Lana and Claude Hamilton. They are so down to earth and relatable. One of the statements that Claude made was; “that Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward have taken the network marketing business and made it honorable.” I really appreciate this insight, because so many of the multi-level businesses in the past have been built on greed.

  33. Tim Marks said

    I was in Michigan , Terry and Ann Franks were awesome!

  34. Rob Robson said

    Mike and Lanette Parr did an amazing job in AZ. I really hope that a couple of their talks make it to CD! We had 2 30 day double Power Players and 2 single power players. Things are Smokin in AZ!!!

  35. WOW!!! FT Wayne was on fire! Bill and Jackie Lewis and Chris and Carol Miller were fantastic! We had carloads of MICHIGAN Team Porthos Musketeers out supporting our fearless leaders, the Lewis’ and it was a great evening! Cannot wait to pack out Ft Wayne again next month with the Franks…and follow it up by starting out the first major of 2013 in Louisville! In the words of ‘Buzz Lightyear’ “To a Millionaire and beyond!” (ok, I know its ‘infinity’ but I gave it the Team touch)Thank you PC for expanding the monthlys to serve so many more! 2013 is going to be phenomenal!
    The Hatchers

  36. Jim and Kelli Weaver said

    Hi Orrin, we had the pleasure of being at the first seminar held in Indiana at the Fort Wayne Coliseum! Chris and Carol Miller did an amazing job teaching! They truly are a success story and a true testament of what TEAM and LIFE can do in a couples life. As always Bill and Jackie blew the house up!! They leave it all on stage wherever they go and it was a blessing having them in Indiana.

  37. Matt Mielke said

    We attended the Madison, WI seminar and to watch Dan Hawkins teach was fantastic!! He shared one of the best teaching talks I’ve heard in a long time. His LIFE talk on people skills was phenomenal. Every time I’m with him the gap grows bigger, so I better start running to close the gap, if that’s even possible.

    • Kevin Hamm said

      Very courageous talk Matt. Your transparency was not without effect. Michelle was very inspiring as well-so smooth and sincere. My Lisa loved her as well. Orrin, get this one out on cd soon, I may be biased, but its a keeper anywhere–lives will be changed.

  38. Elaine Mallios said

    We were in Harrisburg with Jean and Tammy Belanger’. Phenomenal teaching! Its all about tracking, planning and executing. Their story is unbelievable, talk about struggle! Jean talked about the value of the system and setting goals, believing in yourself and the business. So many good examples. But the ticket holder was fantastic. Greg Johnson interviewed him. He told us the 10 steps they followed for massive growth. These guys were so “real”, just told it like it is. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to them! Thank you!

  39. Renee Hammons said

    I was at the very first Ft. Wayne, IN seminar! The place was packed with enthusiastic and hungry students, it was an honor to be in their presence. Bill and Jackie did an amazing talk on trust and of course their story is always moving. Also, Chris and Carol Miller did a fantastic job. Both couples incorporated a lot of humor in their teaching. It was an amazing night to say the least!

  40. Clint Fix said

    The Michigan Seminar/Team Cast was awesome! The power player and turbo recognition was worth the cost of the ticket alone! I love seeing fired up people who are in the zone and moving on.

  41. Orrin we appreciated all work you and the PC have put in to giving us the best personal development and the best business opportunity on the planet. I especial appreciate the fairness of it and the generosity of the comp plan and all the points of leverage to make up for my short comings. Rita and I have a great Team and would be no where with out our commitment to them and their reciprocal commitment to each other. Thanks for showing us what it looks like to stay committed to your Dream and your Team. A leader truly has the ability to earn what they are worth and a person who is not a leader has the real ability to become one. Just bring your personal responsibility mentality and all the tools and opportunity you could ever want are here in LIFE! And we are especially proud of all of the teams represented in St Louis. We love the Abernathy’s and they did so Rock it on sat!
    God Bless!

  42. Cody Moyer said

    Was in Wichita Kansas for Dean and Teresa Fry! Dean shared some incredible info during the ticket holder interview with Bill Newton. Awesome way to spend Saturday night!

  43. Wes Smith said

    I was in St. Louis and you are dead on Orrin. Raymond and Tina were amazing. The way he tied purpose to business was the best I’ve ever heard!

  44. Jim Martin said

    Orrin we had Tony and Sharon Hoffman here in Florida and they rocked the house!! They had passion, belief and were just super exciting to listen to and get information and motivation from. Thanks for sending them to Florida!!

  45. Hilary Dorr said

    We were in St. Louis listening to you and the Abernathy’s speak! we are so blessed to have the Abernathy’s in our back yard as they are some of the most relatable speakers on the Team. And of course, you were great as well! Thank you for being so available to everyone on the Team!

  46. Angela Owens said

    I attended the St Louis seminar with my husband. As soon as we came into the room you could feel the energy from everyone. Raymond and Tina spoke with such compassion it made you want to get up and get out and make it do what it do. Orrin as always enjoyed hearing you in person. You always leave me with so many nuggets. I like the MEO- marketing, execution and orchestration. As you were speaking you said, “be persistent and be a finisher.” It made me take a look at how I have been approaching my LIFE business. So now I will be persistent and a finisher with my business. It is vital for me to do this. I appreciate you taking the time to come here to St. Louis to speak to us, to encourage and to motivate us that we can do it!!!!

  47. jonny nolan said

    St. Louis was on fire! Thank-you very much Orrin for sharing with us this weekend. LIFE seminars are definitely experienced!!!

  48. Sean and Lorina Hawley said

    We drove down for Ft Wayne’s first seminar and it was great! Better than expected turn out and great enthusiasm. Looking forward to the next one now that it is a permanent seminar location!

  49. Joshua hogarth said

    I was in Novi, MI..Franks & Marks were frankly making their marks with outstanding talks.

  50. Marty Becker said

    Thank you again for taking time to come to STL. Your message in the beginning of the night of just having grit determination and not being out worked is something I think we all forget at times because we have been programmed to believe that success should come easy or not at all. Raymond’s message of, “stop taking new info to old people and start taking old info to new people” lined up perfectly I thought.
    Marty Becker

  51. Bob Rasmussen said

    Orrin, we had the blessing of Chris and Danae Mattis in Wausau, the teaching was spot on and they truly captured the crowd with their story! This association is the key to “community” and the seminar was stellar as well as professional. We had new folks reporting they were so moved that they did not go to bed until 3 am! Outstanding job Chris and Danae!

  52. Big shout out to DALLAS! That group was on fire with a passion to be TEXAS BIG! So many great people! Special thanks to the Texas Revolution! Great seeing your put DeeAnne across that stage! And lastly a big, huge thanks to Kirk and Nicole Porter for going the extra mile and helping us out! LOVE THIS BUSINESS!!!

  53. Alison Ruhlman said

    In Novi Michigan was Tim Marks and Terry and Ann Franks….Lots of nuggets from both speakers! But one of my favorite lines from Terry Franks referring to when I think his parents went to their first seminar was “you might as well stay and see what we are doing the rest of our lives!” What posture! Also loved the concept of how much belief and passion trump knowledge! Be on fire for your dream and serve your people and you will win in this arena! I LOVE THE LIFE BUSINESS!!!!!!!!

  54. Tina Abernathy said


    You rocked the house in St. Louis. The energy in the room from the moment you appeared was the highest I have seen it in a very long time. I absolutely love the reminder that starting is one thing but being a finisher is another. It was also great to be reminded to, not listen to what people say but “listen” to what they do. I have been so guilty of wanting the win for someone so badly based on what they say and often times wondering what is wrong with me that I can not get them/inspire them to commit and take action. I think I finally get it, set the right example and watch what they DO.

    Thanks to you and Laurie and the PC for all you do to pave the way for the next generation of TEAM LIFE leaders.

    Onward to 1 million and beyond


  55. We attended Novi, MI Seminar at the Suburban Collection Showplace with Tim Marks & Terry ans Ann Franks. It was a fired up night with lots of fantastic attitudes from speakers. My favorite part of the night was Terry’s passion and excitement for the business was some of the best I have seen which was backed up by some incredible posture. He had the room buzzing with excitement as he shared his experiences and history with the Team. It was a great night had by all.

    Thank You Orrin & the Policy Council,
    Mike, Janine and Colin Smith

  56. Sandra Cox said

    We had the great pleasure to be able to hear Polly and Jerry Harteis in Halifax, Nova Scotia! It was the first time I had heard them speak and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    The quality of all the speakers at either seminars or open meetings is phenomenal!
    Being a relatively new person it is fantastic to be pleasantly surprised by every new speaker I hear!

  57. Sheri Lucas said

    Wow what a packed house in Ft Wayne, IN. Bill and Jackie Lewis and Chris and Carol Miller were outstanding! Holger and Lyndsey were great. Can’t wait until next month! LIFE monthly seminars are awesome!

  58. Chris Robinson said

    We where in St. Louis. Raymond and Tina were amazing. Their ability to take life principles and apply them to a story was a blessing to all of us there. Thank you as well for coming to St. Louis and serving the Team.

  59. Jim & Kathy Paullin said

    We were fortunate to have Steve and Beth Morgan in Atlanta. They both did a phenomenal job! Steve showed wisdom far beyond his years in his Life talk about how the government has been encroaching on our economic freedom. There is something so engaging about a couple who has been job optional to be full time parents since the ages of 23 and 24 because of the Team system! Steve talked about showing 300 plans to be free forever. Subtract 15 plans each month you are Go Getter and ADD 15 plans each month you are not Go Getter! Atlanta is fired up!!!

  60. gary jackson said

    can not wait till next years success report fired up what a difference in my life

  61. Wayne D. Bonsall said

    Hello Orrin,
    We were at Mansfield, Ohio with George and Jill Guzzardo WOW awesome!
    Many THANKS to you and all the P.C. and all the top leaders and all the Life support people, I can not thank you all enough.

    Wayne D. Bonsall

  62. Evelyn Monk said

    We attended the Dallas seminar with Marc & Kristine Militello. They were so GREAT. They had really great information on contacting. We had a person there who was attending her 1st seminar. She said that she has been to alot of other training seminars in other businesses & she has never seen such informative & entertaining speakers. She said she actually felt like she learned something, unlike other training seminars she has attended. She was really amazed at the information. We had another new person there who said she was now so fired up & felt that she could contact people with more posture. I feel sometimes that we take the great leaders in TEAM & the information they give us for granted and only when we hear it from a new person that we are reminded how fortunate we are to be associated with these people.

  63. jimmy varghese said

    tony and sharon hoffman rocked florida. what humble sincere speakers who allowed us intimately into their lives and shared their struggles and victories and wisdom with us! great leaders. tony shared his dream of taking care of his ailing father to the point of being able to bathe his father because he was so ill due to the fact of achieving financial freedom and being job optional.. it was awesome.. really tugged at my heart!

  64. Amy Antonucci said

    I was in Harrisburg to hear Jean and Tamie Belanger. Every aspect of their talk was incredible from how Tamie dealt with her fear after falling off a horse to how they helped Claude reach almost 300 power players at the last major! (I loved the hockey aspects too!) Jean even spoke directly to us Rhinos!

    • Amy,

      Great take away on this seminar. Dealing with fear after falling is something we all deal with and as soon as we get back up on the horse the easier it is to move forward.

  65. nikki said

    Ft.Wayne,In. Wow what a night…Chris and carol miller were so funny and had great information to share. The Bill and Jackie Lewis to top it all off. This was a great night.

  66. C_gornik2@yahoo.com said

    I was at home home in Chicago web casting the Novi seminar. We watched Tim Marks, Terry and Anne Franks teach great leadership and business principles. Love LIFE!

  67. Jasondames said

    I totally agree Orrin… Raymond and Tina Abernathy did tear down the house. Thank you for coming to St. Louis!!!

  68. Jeff Darling said

    Houston, Tx had a fired up Kirk & Nicole Porter in the house! Their story of being a long distance TEAM and making a commitment early on to do whatever it took was inspirational to everyone. Being naive as you follow your mentor and use the system pays well! Awesome Talks by the Porters – Thanks!

  69. Wade Hamblin said

    Orrin, we were in Aylmer, ON with our very own Claude & Lana Hamilton. They really do have a passion to serve their TEAM, as well as the whole TEAM.


  70. jeff peterson said

    Orrin, I was so honored to be a part of the first of many seminars in Ft. Wayne Indiana. Bill and Jackie again brought down the house. I had tears in my eyes from listening to there stories. Mostly from laughter when Bill was speaking. I am so proud to be a part of the Band of Brothers and we are running hard abd fast for freedom here. Holger and lindsey were awesome as usual. Thank you for bringing the seminars to Indiana…

  71. Steve Duba said

    O,Jan and I had the opportunity to here Tony and Sharon in Florida.Talk about a couple thats fired up,wow.Tony was amazing and you could not come away without being very excited.I can’t leave without a word about Sharon.That lady is incredible.What an incredible speaker,and passion,second to none.Truly, I know that we are making a difference.What an important time in our countries history for a group like this to be truly making a stand on principles and core Christian values.God Bless You

  72. Joe Irelan said

    I also was in Fort Wayne with an awesome group of people. It is awesome to hear and be around GREAT people. Thank you.

  73. Titi Woki said

    My wife and I attended the Fort Wayne seminar! The numbers there were amazing!The room was bursting on the seams! There were so many people in that room and the energy was so incredible that it left the new person with a powerful picture of what LIFE is about! Lindsey and Haulger were phenomenal hosts! Bill and Jackie did an amazing job teaching together and then sharing their ever inspiring personal story! If I were a new person, that seminar would have helped me make a lifetime decision – TO BECOME A LIFETIME LIFE MEMBER!! It was simply powerful! I am so thankful for such a servant minded culture! The LIFE company is going to change the world! Thanks Orrin and Laurie and the PC for the vision!!!!
    God bless

  74. Steve Sager said

    Orrin,the Madison seminar was a game changer!!

    Matt and Michelle Mielke’s story has got to be on CD asap! When Michelle talked about all the time and effort into her career as a physician and her “fear” & “pride” getting in the way; of taking that leap of faith into community building—wow!!! And Matt’s quote “where have all the real men gone in my life” reminded me of your Men’s leadership talk about most men in America are committing Male Fraud. It was a PC talk of values and integrity. A true story of inspiration that so many will never forget.

    Dan Hawkins people skills; was a talk that so many who lack leadership are starving for in today’s world view of solutions….

    Steve Sager
    Stealth UF

  75. Victoria Fellhauer said

    We were in Mansfield Ohio, with George and Jill Guzzardo very honored to have them in Ohio. Its was so amazing. We experienced (as always) when you have conversations with your team on the road trips to the seminar and the speakers continue the conversation as though they were in the car with you. It is so true (zip it up) and let the Leaders do the talking. Use the system association cd’s and books. Thank you George and Jill.

  76. The LIFE Business provides so many opportunities to connect at various locations, all with top-shelf content from speakers that are actually in the field and applying the principles. I attended the Harrisburg, PA Life Seminar with Jean and Tammi Belanger. Their teaching was terrific. Greg Johnson‘s interview at the ticket holder meeting with Jean Belanger shared the Team Culture that was created in the last season and the process that Life Founder Claude Hamilton orchestrated (see Orrin’s recent Marketing, Execution, Orchestration post) with Wayne Macnamara to break 287 Power Players…Amazing!

    • Patrick,

      Field experience is something so few organizations teach from. Like schools teaching from theory many business’s teach from what they learned from a book and they hope works. Our LIFE model teaches from TEAM experience of Leaders who execute from the field and teach time tested principles that actually work.

  77. Stephanie Johnson said

    Fired up in Madison Wi! Loved hearing Matt and Michelle Mielke’s story

  78. Tim Johnson said

    The Iowa group plugged into Team cast and had the great honor of seeing Tim Marks and Terry & Ann Franks while they were in Novi, MI. What a GREAT seminar!

  79. My wife and I watched, along with our team, the Teamcast of Tim Marks and Terry and Ann Franks. What I loved most about what was shared were the hearts of the speakers. Yes, there is a science to building compensated communities, but I truly love the passion and desire demonstrated by Tim, Terry and Ann (especially Terry) as they expressed their heart about the depth of what LIFE and Team are all about. Great, great seminar!

  80. Mary Jo Rhoads said

    We were privileged to attend the Novi seminar to see Tim Marks, and Terry & Ann Franks. This business does not build the way you think!!!

  81. Larry Auman said

    We were able to be in St. Louis and be part of the magic. You were so right on with your insight on Mentoring, and your ability to cast a huge vision for the future of LIFE and Team! Thank you so much for sharing your time and wisdom. I agree 100%, Raymond and Tina were amazing. Their belief and passion shows through in every sentence they speak. We are blessed to have them as part of Claude Hamilton’s STL leadership team. We are truly blessed to be a part of this great organization. Thanks for all you do, Orrin.

  82. Donna Cardwell said

    Hi Orrin, I had the privilege of attending the Mansfield, Ohio Seminar, where George & Jill Guzzardo ROCKED THE HOUSE! What an inspiration they are – and by the Ticketholder meeting, George was FIRED UP! Can’t WAIT for the MAJOR in Loiusville – I’ve got my ticket! FIRED UP!!!!

    “You’ve got to SHOW UP to MAKE IT HAPPEN!” “Suck it up, CUPCAKE, and JUST DO IT!” 🙂

  83. Michael Hartmann said

    Tim Marks A-B-C’s of Success and the Franks story talk made for a fantastic night in Novi!

  84. Orrin, we had near 500 people in Ft Wayne Saturday night. Bill & Jackie Lewis lit the place up. Jackie gave one of the best talks in a long time. Chris & Carol Miller we also excellent with their teaching of building principals. I understand that because of the great numbers we can expect a January Seminar in Ft Wayne with Terry Franks. That is sure going to be a great opportunity to build the Team!
    I am FIRED UP!!!!

  85. Mike and Lynnette Parr said

    Mike and I were in Pheonix so we didn’t get to hear Jean and Tamie Belanger in person but WOW! what great feedback we got from our team in Harrisburg Pa. Everyone was so fired up and inspired by the talks that were given. I am not sure how many people told us they wanted to be “Walkin Talkin good deals” and have changed their self talk. Jean and Tamie thanks for speaking right to the Rhinos. You got all their horns up. Thanks for always raising the bar!!!!

    • Mike & Lynnette,

      The evidence of a great movie, restaurant, or in this case seminar is how many people tell others about their experience. Hearing all this great feedback about Jean & Tamie and all the other great TEAM speakers(Mike & Lynnette Parr included) is evidence of the value being received by the attendees.

  86. Rita Haas said

    Thanks for letting the rest of LIFE know that St Louis is fired up! The St Louis Team brings life to LIFE! Ray & Tina are great EVERY time they speak! They are world changers!

  87. Rick Green said

    WOW!!! For the 1st LIVE seminar, in the capital of Canada (Ottawa), the Legers were INCREDIBLE.

    The story that they told, surrounding their Dream, Struggle, Victory, was the highlight of my evening. I found their story very relatable, to mine. You can see that even though they have amassed a lot of success, in the 8Fs of life, they don’t feel like they have their victory, yet. But, you can tell by his level of confidence, that it is coming….Sooner, rather than later.

    I can hardly contain my excitement, for the 1st seminar of 2013, with Wayne & Raylene MacNamara!!!

  88. Brandon said

    Cody & Tara Newton did an incredible job inspiring the crowd in Northern California! They both graced us with great teaching, then Cody did a phenomenal job of casting the vision of where the Life community is going & set the expectation of what it’s going to take to get there. I have a hard time believing that was really only their 4th time speaking at a seminar. That couple is well on their way to PC. Thanks Cody & Tara & thank you Life/Team for another great seminar!
    Brandon Lindsen

  89. Raymond Abernathy said


    Thank you for your wisdom and the great ticket holder on mentoring. Please keep the train running through St. Louis and the entire team! Fired UP!

  90. Dennis and I attended the St. Louis seminar with our amazing upline of Chris & Hilary Dorr, Chris & Maria Robinson and Mark and Rita Hass. Orrin, Raymond and Tina were great speakers. My husband and I agreed that the messages that were shared were exactly what we needed to hear to keep moving on, and with an up line like ours we can’t fail!!! We are so blessed to be with this group of leaders. Thanks for coming to see us Orrin, we appriciate so much, all the sacrifices that you have made to pave the way for the rest of us.
    Savannah Milnes

  91. I saw Claude and Lana Hamilton; these guys are totally focused on helping the team to succeed. One of my take away from this seminar is the fact that long-term thinking pays big over a lifetime. It takes the same amount of time to think short-term so if we are confident that long-term pays bigger dividends, “and we are”. Why not focus our thoughts and plans for the long-term?

  92. Drew Falcon said

    Saturday was truly amazing in St. Louis.
    3 of the best speakers in the country, You, Raymond and Tina were awesome. I think sometimes we take for granted the speakers we have in St Louis -having the Abernathys, Haas’s, Potts, Dames, Ballahs, Robinson, and Cheatam.
    Thanks for taking your time to travel to St. Louis.

  93. Jennifer Darter said

    My husband Lonnie & I attended our first seminar Saturday in St.Louis! Raymond & Tina are powerful speakers & their message truly moved us! I took notes almost the entire seminar! I have to be honest Orrin. I expected you to leave after the first break. I thought to myself ,” Ok, he’s done talking. He’s going to leave now. Why would he stick around and hang out with us?” Well you obviously didn’t! You earned my respect! Thank you for being you! I look forward to Kentucky January 18th!
    Jennifer Darter

  94. Peggi Kern said

    Marc and Kristine Militello were AWESOME!!!!! They were at the Dallas seminar. They had one of THE BEST teaching sessions on contacting! Their story talk had us in tears and then laughing a minute later. It was such a great group of people and the leaders in Dallas do an amazing job setting up the tool room and serving all the attendees! Truly a memorable seminar!

  95. Brian said

    LIFE was shared in Ciscero New York for the very first time and the house was packed. A place recently devastated by a major flooding event has certainly not dampened their spirits. LIFE is alive and well in NY and people are fired up. Sherry and I were honored to be selected to present their first LIFE Seminar. I hope and pray we helped.
    Merry Christmas to your beautiful family
    GOD Bless you my friend
    Brian n Sherry

  96. virginia karas said

    Attended the december seminar in Novi,MI. Heard Terry & Ann Franks for the 1st time. What an ‘entertaining’ speaker he is!!


    Hey everyone!
    The TEAM PORTHOS MUSKETEERS were in attendance at the very first ever seminar in FT. WAYNE!! They expected about 100 people in attendance and there were 500!!! FIRED UP!! Chris and Carol Miller were amazing! Great teaching, humor, and inspiring. Of course Bill and Jackie Lewis were GREAT as always. The success talk they did together was awesome and their story never gets old to hear. Lots of new people in attendance and lots of recognition!! Can’t wait to attend the January seminar!! always a great time.

  98. Micah said

    Houston Seminar was FIRED UP thanks to Kirk and Nicole Porter! They inspired the crowd and drove home their passion for LIFE and how EDIFICATION is the #1 lever in our journey. Kirk sharing the story of his run to RT, and his deep belief that he was born to do this, was powerful!

    Thank you for leading the charge!

    Micah Kramer

  99. Orrin,
    Bill and Jackie tore it up in a packed house in Ft. Wayne,IN on Saturday. The main take-away was the topic of Trust. It was an awesome presentation that clearly displayed Bill and Jackie are, without a doubt, down to earth people.
    I am thankful for the LIFE company and the leadership behind it. It just keeps getting better!
    Craig Wisler

  100. Sherry Powers said

    Brian and I had privilege to be in New York, with a, fired up group. Great Recognition and many many servant leaders. Thank you Pat & Tony Tefel you are amazing.

  101. Patrick Lipzinski II said

    We were down in Novi MI with Terry and Ann Franks and Tim Marks! We pulled nuggets from Tim’s ABC talk to Terry Franks getting fired up about the difference that LIFE allows us to make in the lives of so many people on a daily basis! The culture was amazing, we love getting around the Team and our team and hearing that musketeer battle cry!!

  102. Leah Polasik said

    I experienced my very first seminar in Phoenix, AZ! Mike and Lynnette Parr were the speakers and yes, “experiencing” a seminar is the only way to describe it. Tasty and nourishing nuggets abounded that night and I gleaned many. But Lynnette spoke one that resonated with me and was a God-breeze. Lynnette said, “Be a connector and not a corrector”. That was an “ouch” and a light-bulb moment all at the same time. Later in the evening I had the opportunity to personally thank Lynnette for sowing that word into my life. It is a night I will remember and a word I will keep deep in my heart.

  103. Robert Torres said

    We were in ft Wayne to hear Chris and Carol Miller who were hilarious and PC members Bill and Jackie Lewis and just like in St. Louis it was a packed house. When Jackie spoke there were tears in the crowd and you genuinely knew that this PC lady loves serving this Team and when Bill got up there he fired everyone up and you could tell that the choleric was just wanting to jump put of him. It was a Great night!!

  104. Cha-Cha Denny said

    wow is all i can say!!!

  105. Ben & Shelby Zeier said

    We attended Madison WI and also had the privilege of seeing Dan Hawkins and Matt and Michele Mielke. Wow! They had so much emotion in their talks. I agreed with Matt with most men being unable to find a mentor in their life. Now we can offer That to so many.

  106. We were in Dallas. This was an amazing crowd! So welcoming and ready to take Texas to the next level!

  107. Jennifer Blomdahl said

    We had the privilege of having Chris & Danae Mattis in Wausau, WI. What a blessing they were. They inspired & encouraged many. They are so authentic & sincere and full of great wisdom. The most common response I heard from people in attendance was: “It was as if no one else was in the room, like they were speaking directly with me & not at me.” I sure hope their talks come out on cd and soon. Thanks Chris & Danae for sharing and serving WI.

  108. Dean Strube said

    We attended in Wausau WI. Chris and Danea wore out my pen with nuggets and there story is very inspiring!

  109. Julianna Stites said

    Hi Orrin,

    My husband Sean and I were in Harrisburg with Jean and Tamie. I had heard Plan Do Check Adjust many times before, but had not written my goals down and shared them with my upline or spouse before. Perhaps I was overwhelmed with the big big picture, but as Jean was talking, I scribbled my plan for the next year and divided it into monthly goals in 4 of the 8 F’s. How do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. I am fired up to get into action!

    Rhinos Charge!!

    • Juliana,

      So proud of you for coming until you hear what you need and then act on it. Writing your goals down and dividing them into monthly goals is powerful. Put they action behind to accomplish those goals and you will see just how powerful they will become.

  110. Edd & Rosemary Paul said

    We were in ST Louis at the powerful seminar with the Outstanding Orrin Woodward and Awesome Raymond and Tina Abernathy. It was inspiring hearing and seeing Orrin in our house. You not only spoke words of Wisdom but your actions spoke loudly as a leader. The interest, compassion, way you greeted and interacted with the attendees is definitely worthy of duplicating. The heartfelt message of our leaders the Abernathy’s was captivating and all inspiring. We left the seminar energized,fueled and ready to continue the battle. We will “finish what we started” and this “old information will be shared with new people”.

    Thank You Orrin, Raymond & Tina for a job well done!

    Team Alpha Omega

  111. Dana Jensen said

    Orrin ,
    I have been blessed to been involved with the Life business for over a year now , and being in upstate New York have not had many opertunities to attend live seminars . I was extremely pleased to hear about them being held within a reasonable drive ! The wonderful BRIAN and SHERRI

  112. Tina Curley said

    I was at the Zembo Shrine in Harrisburg. Jean and Tamie Belanger were our speakers and they were awesome. There a few things that I took home from the seminar. The first was we have to have courage. Courage to face disappointment and rejection. Then develop an attitude of expectation. The second main point I left with was PDCA. Which is plan, do, check, adjust. We have to be willing to keep checking on our progress an make adjustments as needed.

  113. Dana Jensen said


  114. Scott Coons said

    Mindy and I attended the Fort Wayne, IN seminar featuring Chris and Carol Miller with Bill and Jackie Lewis!! It was an AMZING event, I believe an extra 70 chairs had to be set up!! There was incredible information provided on the business side by Chris and Carol and Bill and Jackie shared some of the BEST Marriage and Parenting principle’s ever!! The whole evening was truly a blessing to all who attended.

  115. Georgia Baker said

    We had our first live seminar here in syracuse with Brian & Sherry Powers . It was awesome ! The Powers lit the room with passion ! Many new power players & turbo 10 recognized
    Fired up for the major
    Georgia Baker

  116. Sharon said

    I had the privedlege of seeing Claude and Lana Hamilton knock it out of the ball park in Alymer, Ontario. It was amazing, Claude & Lana challenged us to stop fooling around, to hit the road and get it done. Know is the time. Stop poking at this busines become a professional.
    There was huge amounts of Turbo 10’s we had Turbo 25 and Turbo 50 and CONGRATULATIONS to new Turbo 100’s Chad and Catherine Waters.

    Canadian Major in Ottawa, ON is going to be a huge milestone. 2013 is Kaizen year.

  117. robert wilcox said

    What a seminar in madison!!! Dan as always is such a treat to watch grace the stage. An incredible speaker getting the message across. Great information on personal skills to help us in all areas of life. Matt and Michelle … simply amazing from the Heart… One of the most inspirational stories to ever hear. I would also like to say …Thank you to these organizations for serving they have been the model along with the system to follow for me. System and Association are such a huge impact when at a distance. It is humbling to know that you can bring a stranger to an open meeting and everyone has such a servant heart and will make them feel welcome 🙂

  118. Alex Obiden said

    The seminar in Novi Michigan with Terry and Anne Franks, and Tim Marks was awesome !!!! Was able to introduce some of our newest team members to Tim, and we even got a picture taken of Tim and those who were new. It was sweet! All the other leaders in the room, there are too many to name, also contributed of their time to make sure that everyone’s seminar experience was the best it could have been. Consistency is key, that’s the nugget I loved! Team growth is crazy. Victory is here and getting bigger as we go. 🙂

  119. Kim Decker said

    I attending the Novi snminar and with Tim Marks and Terry and Ann Franks it was amazing. The unbelievable belief they put in me all over again as well as the new people there is hard to put into words. I know what my GOD given purpose is (now) and everytime I am around the Team it is strengthened that much more.

  120. Orrin,

    As you have heard on several of these comments what a FANTASTIC job Jean and Tamie Belanger did in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Their Posture, Passion and Persistence were 3 P’s I picked up from them sharing their experiences. What an awesome couple with so much to share.

    Thanks to Claude & Lana Hamilton and Kaizen for developing such powerful leaders and for the PC willing to share by recognizing Iron Sharpens Iron.

    TEAM Rhino……Charge!

  121. Casey Lafferty said

    I had the pleasure of attending the St. Louis seminar. The place was FIRED UP!! Raymond and Tina did a WONDERFUL job as of course you, Orrin did as well! I also got the awesome experience to meet you as well. I was very happy and excited to do so! We at very grateful to have had you come and speak for us! Thank you, Orrin!!!

  122. It was an honour and blessing to have co-LIFE Founders and longtime PC’s, the Guzzardos, in Mansfield, OH last Saturday, Orrin!
    Of course, George & Jill have been in Ohio multiple times for Majors/Leadership conventions, however, in a smaller setting, it was a special treat. George was very willing to mingle; in fact, my tribe/team-mate saw him in the tool room during the longer break 😉
    He gave several inspiring and insightful talks on his own, and then, when he shared the lectern with Jill for the Story session, they both were majorly practicing the Fun “F” – some of that material needs to go on the sequel to that brand new Fun F CD with you, Chris, & Claude’s hilarity – LOL.

    We now look so very forward to Chris & Danae Mattis returning to Ohio for the first time in just over 2 years in January 🙂 🙂

  123. Attended the So. Cal. Seminar. Larry and Marci VanBuskirk were awesome!!! Sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.

  124. Cynthia Emelander said

    Always love getting the chance to hear such amazing leaders as Tim Marks and Terry & Ann Franks, and we took advantage of that in Novi Michigan. Such powerful speakers, and so hilarious!

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