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Claude Hamilton: Financial Commonsense

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 17, 2012

Claude Hamilton shares some commonsense principles of finances. Claude has become one of the top leaders within the LIFE Business because he is mentally hungry to learn and grow. With the LIFE Business Compensation Plan, people gain earn while they learn. 2012 was a great year and I hope everyone is setting their resolutions for 2013 to make it the best year of their life! Here is Claude’s video.


Orrin Woodward

26 Responses to “Claude Hamilton: Financial Commonsense”

  1. bob rasmussen said

    Great stuff Orrin and Claude!! Learning financial principles from the LIFE business has been a remarkable difference maker for our family! One word sums it up “PRICELESS”! Thanks for leading us to the truth!!

  2. jimmy varghese said

    always appreciate learning from claude. he is a man of guts and integrity and not afraid of any challenge… with that said… KCB! thanks Claude for bringing out the competitive nature of the LIFE team. We all know it will make us better and push us to the limits to build our futures and attain our dreams!

  3. Nicole Mccurry said

    I really enjoy listening to Claude! It was great having him in Washington MO a couple wks ago!

  4. Jim Martin said

    Hey Orrin great video of Claude teaching about money and how to invest their time. He is a great leader and a great student first. It was great to hear him teach tonight on the cal.

  5. Rick Green said

    Great post, Mr. Woodward!

    Claude’s passion for finance and willingness to help people is clearly evident. His strength in this “F” has been vital to his success and the success of his organizations. It is a BIG reason why he is beloved by the Kaizen communities.


  6. Niki Kamenicky said

    Thanks for sharing this video clip, Claude truly has the results and I love learning from him!

  7. Marty Becker said


    This is a great pick for your posting today. I think the hardest thing most of us struggle with is breaking free of the paycheck mentality and learning that you must invest the majority of your time and money up front while getting our enterprises off the ground before it will pay you for the long term. Unless this pattern of employee thinking is broken and you are willing to, as Kyosaki says, “work to learn, not work to earn”, you can never live the big life that most people dream of. Thank you for the wide range of topics that you have been posting lately.

    Marty Becker

  8. Keith Sieracki said

    Awesome talk by Claude! This is such a difficult topic for most people to sit through but he teaches it with energy and delivers a great message!

  9. Mike Samuelson said

    What an excellent analogy of time plus money is true wealth. Claude always has a way of slapping you kindly with common sense

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Dean Frey said

    I love it! Claude is great at taking a principle and making it easy for everyone to understand.

  11. Claude leads from the front and is a living example of the principles he teaches. Great video. Thanks for the post Orrin.

  12. Michele said

    I have been listening to the same talk that came throught the TEAM system and I thinl it is one of the best talks (from a Melancoly perspective) that I think Claude has ever given. He does a great job communicating the 4 ways to make money and he put it in a way that was understandable by all. Great job Claude, and Thank you!

  13. CJ Calvert said

    I could listen to Claude all day. Great teacher! Thanks for sharing this video, Orrin!

  14. Jonathan Brandenberger said

    Having knowledge and Being knowledge is the difference between the Wise man and the fool.
    Claude asks the question” what do I value most, time or money?” What good does this knowledge do me without course correction in my life? On the other hand how can course crorrect if iI dont know that can?
    Thank you for being wise Team Leaders!

  15. These principles are principles that free one to become who they really are.
    Time can never be replaced so learning to use your time to create,rather than chase money is key.
    Great talk Claude!!

  16. I truely know what Claude was saying about not thinking our time is important . We are dairy farmers and it is a family business and for thirty years I never figure my time on the farm working we just made what we needed to survive . Yep broke thinking ! Since getting Life information No MORE BROKE THINKING!

  17. This is an excellent vid clip! Thank you for sharing it in the blogosphere & Twitterverse, Orrin. The post is ideal with his FInances “F” CD out on subscription not long back.

    Timing is superb with all of the ‘conventional wisdom’ financial “thinking” out there in the world – talking about financing with no money down, getting cars under the Christmas tree, et al. ( fortunately, I disconnected from it all when I turned off my cable ;))

    Being in Claude’s Kaizen tribe/community of leaders and soon to be leaders is a privilege that I’m very fortunate to have in my LIFE.

    God Bless & all best!

  18. Ben Zeier said

    Wow! Claude’s discussion on valuing time more than money was a great financial reframing for me. It’s beginning with the end in mind as Stephen Covey says. Staying focused on the elephant vs. the ant in terms of the life I want to live and that I want my family to live. It’s so key so spend time everyday picturing the end that we want – more time and more choices.
    God Bless, Ben

  19. natalie said

    I appreciate learning this information. I know our family has learnt how to appreciate money a lot more since we have learnt these important lessons. Being a part of Claude’s team, I have had the opportunity to become friends with so many people who have been helped financially by the life lessons Claude teaches.

  20. Great Talk, I love hearing Claude talk about finances, he is a master at it.

  21. robert wilcox said

    Awesome talk on finances!

  22. Matt Mielke said

    We have applied Claude’s financial prinicples over the years and it has given us freedom beyond our imagination. Matt

  23. David Mitchell said

    One word sum’s it up…..”Priceless!”

  24. Claude is awesome! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Can’t wait to hear about the new PC’s and RT’s in the coming months! Thank you!

  25. Tammy Murphy said

    We have applied the financial principles taught through the LIFE business and were able to clear $52,000 of debt in two years. We are so grateful for this information.

  26. Thanks Claude for all you bring to the table! Great video!

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