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LIFE Leadership Conventions

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 5, 2013

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I just finished watching a superb video on the impact of the LIFE Business Leadership Conventions. Rob Hallstrand and his LIFE staff are knocking the ball out of the park on the recent videos. Indeed, the LIFE Convention video captures how a person can change from the inside out. In fact, it’s the only way true lasting change occurs. When a person thinks differently, he begins to act differently, thus producing different results in his life. Twenty years ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life by starting a personal growth journey.  Just like everyone else, I changed my internal thinking which led to external changes. For twenty consecutive years, I have read 10-15 books per month. But, I didn’t just read them, I applied them within the leadership communities. Over time, this reading and daily application led to amazing changes in who I am and what I see for the future. The same opportunity to start your journey is available at the LIFE Business Conventions around North America later this month. 2013 is the year to launch your LeaderShift! Here is the new video.


Orrin Woodward

66 Responses to “LIFE Leadership Conventions”

  1. Orrin!! The TEAM/LIFE staff did an amazing job on this!! Laura and I are SO excited about 2013. Thanks for all you do!!

  2. Rick Green said

    What an AWESOME video!!! It sent shivers UP & DOWN, my spine!

    In my opinion, the learning doesn’t start, until you been to your 1st Leadership Convention.

  3. Imelda Roman said

    Leadership Convention is a lifeline to me, it is a place to recharge and recommit to continue the journey to become an agent of change. Looking forward to the next one!!!

  4. Lisa Volkmann said

    Orrin, Thank you for your commitment. I am so thankful we we introduced to the TEAM and LIFE business – it has changed our lives. Our kids love it as well. We can’t wait for Louisville : )

  5. Peggi Kern said

    I love the video because it so eloquently explains the value of the Leadership Convention and portrays the relevance for ANYONE and EVERYONE who attends. I’m so excited for my friends, family and myself to share in this great weekend experience!!

  6. Sharon Hoffman said

    What a fantastic video! Leadership Conventions are life changing! I know…because they changed ours! See you in Louisville!

  7. Ryan & Kerri Ousley said

    Absolutely powerful. We can’t wait to see where LIFE in 2013 takes us!
    Thank you!!!
    Ryan & Kerri

  8. Elaine Koleske said

    What is your vision for 2013? Start dreaming BIG dreams. This conference is about helping YOU achieve your goals and dreams. Feel the heartbeat of the team. Check out the passion and vision of the leaders. You will be proud to be associated with individuals who want to change our community, country and world!

  9. PappaBiggs said

    Ditto the amazing TEAM Office. I help with tools for the monthly in Wichita. Noticed the Apprenticeship Packs needed the new CD by Wayne MacNamara. Emailed them Monday with an odd-lot request. Tuesday was “New Year’s Day”! Whoa-la. The audios show up the same week on Friday.

  10. Tina Abernathy said

    Excellent video Orrin! The Team office has done it again. I can truly say it was my first Leadership Convention that allowed this movement to flow from my head to my heart. And just like the heart organ, The Leadership Conventions are essential to LIFE!

    1 Million and Beyond!

  11. Travis said

    Great video! It brought back great vibes of really how blessed we are to have L.I.F.E!!!! See you in Louisville:)

  12. Kody Ellis said

    Awesome post Orrin! Love the video as well!


  13. Amy Antonucci said

    What an awesome video! I can’t wait to show it to everyone!

  14. Adam & Teesa Rossman said

    We keep getting more and more excited about the convention in Louisville!! We loved seeing this video. You can never really explain what a leadership convention is like, but this video gets close in pointing you towards what it feels like.

    Thank you Rob Halstrand and the Team office!!!

  15. Jessica said

    Exciting video! Looking forward to Louisville!

  16. Ray Lazarski said

    The very first leadership convention changed my life for the good forever. I need this association event to continue to move forward in all eight areas of life. The learning from just one event is priceless over a life time.

  17. Ann Greene said

    Leadership Conventions are the difference! You cannot duplicate them outside that environment, the love, the loyalty, the commitment, the struggle and the learning are ALL part of the experience.

  18. jimmy varghese said

    great vid orrin! conventions are a huge aspect of association in our business and i enjoy participating!

  19. Bob Rasmussen said

    No better way to change your Life than by attending a LIFE convention!!

  20. Keith Sieracki said

    Awesome Video! 2013 is the Year for you!!!

  21. This video is an awesome reminder to us all about those LIFE changing weekends!

  22. Jammie Fisher said

    Can’t wait 🙂 Team Stealth 180

  23. Moshe Deutsch said

    Wow Awesome Thanks so much!!!!

  24. Jenny Salter said

    This is GREAT!!!! You can really feel the heart that comes from a major!!!!!

  25. Mike Schwendinger said

    Great video Orrin,

    Each month I am in the LIFE business, something gets better. The PDCA plan of Plan, Do, Check, Adjust and the fundamental servant mentality of the LIFE founders are the reasons we are going mainstream. We will change the world!!!

  26. Mike Samuelson said

    Wow, Can’t wait until winter leadership 2013. This video is simply amazing, what a way to get the new people to get a small taste of winter leadership weekend. I for one can’t even begin to explain how The Life Business and its association has changed our family for best.

    Thank you PC

  27. Marty Becker said


    As usual the marketing department of TEAM/LIFE has done a phenomenal job! The STL seminar last night was unbelievable! That talk from Matt and Michelle Melke is a must for CD! Thank you again to you and the staff of TEAM/LIFE for all the hard work that goes in to making the seminars happen.

    Marty Becker
    Alpha Omega J1

  28. Amy Young said

    Amazing video – it truly captures the emotional impact of these powerful weekends. Keep up the great work LIFE staff! Looking forward to another life changing convention.

    Crusaders, Today’s the day!

  29. Alison Ruhlman said

    I agree! This video does give you a feel for the leadership conventions….now imagine having that feeling over and over again all weekend while you experience first hand a leadership convention….because that is the feeling you feel all weekend long!! And why so many people look forward to these weekends!! I LOVE this business!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Scott Staley said

    Great video Orrin – love it!

  31. J & P Harteis said

    This is a definite “wow” moment! Thanks for “excellence” in everything that is done by the Team office, & for you & Laurie, for always setting the example

  32. Bill Yontz said

    This video is so inspiring. Thank you for such a professional quality view of the seminar.
    It really is a life changing event.

  33. Chris Schill said

    I’ve seen this more than once and I still get chills when I see it!!! ALL success we’ve had in this business can be traced back to the 1st Leadership Convention that Kristen and I attended. We are FOREVER grateful to the Mililtello’s for promoting it and getting us to it. Our lives are changed…. Yours can be too!!! Love it! 2013 – the march to mainstream!!!! It’s time!

  34. Denny Suggitt said

    Great video Orrin ! I’ll never forget my first one ! Kudos to the team office ! Excellent job !!!

  35. GREAT VIDEO!!! WELL DONE! What a great tool!

  36. allan brown said

    It was a great videoplz post more

  37. Josh Dames said

    Awesome video Orrin!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  38. Tammy Darling said

    EXCELLENT!!!!! Can’t wait to be there in a couple of weeks! 2013 is going to ROCK!!! Thank you Orrin & Laurie!!!

  39. Jonathan Brandenberger said

    Definately an experience to raise hope everywhere!

  40. Yancy said

    That is such a great video ireally love it makes me excited about what is about to happen the growth the learning and the best part is the people who will be going the new people.
    Thank you

  41. Angie Ballah said

    You cant put into words the impact of the Life Major Convention! This video does an amazing job showing the effects it has on all of us! Thank you!

  42. CJ Calvert said

    Great video. Loved the music and commentary. Well done, Team office!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      I am particularly impressed with the music because it was my son Jordan who produced it specifically for this video. 🙂

      • Mary Hermsen said

        Kudos to Jordan! He did a great job. He has grown up in a household with such wonderful role models. Enjoy his success! I know we parents have a special sense of pride when we see our children succeed. And hearing good things about your children never gets tiring. Congrats Orrin and Laurie!!

  43. Joanne Brandtjen said

    What a great video! Rob Hallstrand and his crew are incredible! We are so grateful for all they do! When the showed the video at our seminar in Middleton, WI, it was very powerful. I think it inspired everyone who didn’t already have their ticket to go get one! Can’t wait for Louisville!

  44. Mike Gorski said

    Great video. I can’t wait for the major in Louisville. 2013 is going to be a great year for LIFE. FIRED UP!

  45. Joe Prach said

    GREAT STUFF!!!Cant wait to for our 1st major of 2013…..FIRED UP!!!!!!!!

  46. Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Can’t wait to hear about the new PC’s and RT’s in the coming months! Thank you!

  47. Sarah said

    There is something special about immersing yourself for a weekend. It makes all the difference!

  48. Michael Hartmann said

    Loved the video! I wish I could load it on an electronic business card to had people as an all-in-one contact and invite!

  49. Robert Daley said

    Great stuff Orrin….. Thanks for continuing to be a searvant leader
    God bless

  50. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Great video Orrin! I will never forget my first Leadership Convention. I saw the business “plan” on Wednesday, just two days before, and was totally SKEPTICAL… but thought I would go to this “seminar” to see if there was ANY truth to what I was just shown. I went and saw recognition and heard YOU speak… I ran down at the intermission to find the person who had sold me the ticket and “signed up” on the spot. I am eternally grateful!! LIFE Leadership Conventions truly are life changing!!!

  51. Tim Dwyer said


    Thank you and Team office once again great video to share with others to help change the world for the better through positive learning information from TEAM LIFE

    Centurion DownUnder

  52. WOW!! Please tell your “Media specialist” that she did an absolute FANTASTIC job! What a great flavor that was! Thanks for posting, Orrin!

  53. Chris Robinson said

    Love the major convention!!! It’s where the new person comes to get belief and the old person comes to recharge themselves to go after their goals and dreams.

  54. W.O.W.

    Great job – great video. I loved seeing the view from stage! Fired up!

  55. Sheri Lucas said

    That is just such an awesome video! Thanks to everyone who put that together! Can’t wait for Louisville!

  56. Mary Hermsen said

    What a great lead-in to the video! This is a terrific tool for all of us. Thank you Orrin and all involved.


  57. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I am a visual learner. That video touches the heart. I have resent it out to all my teammates as an added promo to Louisville.
    We all know the common question we get about Leadership Conventions “why do I need to go?” That video does the best job EVER of explaining that.
    Thank you Rob and office staff. Once again, you’ve helped make our business not only easier, but better.

  58. Renee Oettinger said

    This is a great promotional tool for the leadership convention.

  59. Kim Decker said

    And a change is what we all need….I see the difference in me already…Thank you

  60. Jason Dames said

    Great video!!!! Fired up

  61. Andrea and Mike Renkas said

    Awesome video! We had a GREAT weekend in Kentucky last weekend!! 🙂

  62. Kim Decker said

    It was awesome as ususal and can’t wait till next one in June.

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