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The MLM Life: Pyramids & Purpose

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 23, 2013

Hachette, the number two book publisher in the world, will release, under the Business Plus imprint, Oliver DeMille‘s and my new book LeaderShift on April 16 of this year. In LeaderShift, we wrote about the difference between Credentialists and Creators. The Credentialist career plan follows the traditional path of getting the right degrees, building the proper résumé, and following the approved formula for “success.” Creators, in contrast, take an unconventional approach to success and build their own trails to their dreams. Although we hadn’t coined the terminology yet, when I left the #2 MBA program in the USA (University of Michigan) in 1994, I exited the Credentialist path and launched my Creator destiny.

The MLM life intrigued me after I opened my mind to truly comprehend the opportunity. Over time, I realized I could rise as high as my leadership took me, no longer blocked by limited experience, age, or political prowess. Indeed, the Creator’s path rejects Credentialist opinions and moves up by serving customers, not kissing the boss’s behind. 🙂 Hating politics and loving numbers (remember, I am an engineer :)), I realized a person’s pay raise becomes effective as soon as he does. This is huge for a Creator since he can focus on serving customers, not bosses. Essentially, this is the difference between the two career paths. Creators like to challenge themselves in the marketplace to determine whether their ideas are viable. Credentialists, by contrast, like to stay behind the lines, hoping to advance up the hierarchy through impressive résumés rather than creative ability.

Many of my friends and family thought I was crazy and said I was giving up a great career as an engineer, in which, incidentally, I had already received four patents and won a National Technical Benchmarking Award by the age of 25. Furthermore, I was promoted to 7th level senior engineer at the unheard of age of 25 with a 19% raise for the year. Nevertheless, I knew the Credentialist path was too risky. Why? Because it placed my ability to advance into a boss’s hands, leaving me chained by his opinions rather than the customer’s satisfaction. Interestingly, the 12,000 people who worked at AC Rochester in Flint are now no longer working at the facility since the buildings have been torn down and it’s literally miles of cement surrounded by a fence. This is a very sad and sobering reminder of what happens when a person places his destiny in the hands of Credentialists.

Despite getting started in a poor compensation plan, I knew that any Creator path was better than the best Credentialist path for me. However, this isn’t true for everyone. Network Marketing/MLM, in other words, isn’t the ticket for everyone, which is why I stopped trying to get everyone into Network Marketing years ago. I learned that Creators are a different breed than Credentialists and are drawn to the LIFE business on their own when they understand it for what it is—a free-enterprise system that rewards performance. Creators love that they will be compensated based upon results, not politics. Credentialists hate it for the same reason. This, in essence, is the problem with America—the Credentialists who flocked to government in order to hide from their personal scoreboard are now using government power to destroy the Creators who created the American dream. Government control within the economic sphere destroys the efforts and rewards of the Creators, thus destroying the American Dream as we know it.

Network Marketing is one of the last bastions of free enterprise left in Western Civilization. It allowed Laurie and me the time (over five years) to refine our skills and develop ourselves for success. Many would say that’s too long to invest in a Creator path. On the contrary, we understood that a five-year investment to develop the Creator mindset is a small price to pay. For instance, look especially at how many people invest over five years to get degrees that are practically worthless upon graduation. That is too big a price to pay! Please don’t misunderstand me; I love education, but education and a college degree are not one and the same. What I love about compensated communities is the scoreboard constantly communicates whether true education is occurring or not. Leadership simply cannot be faked. If people are following a person, then he is a leader; if not, then he’s not, regardless of what his credentials might say.

Corporate Pyramid

Corporate Pyramid

Let me close with one of the greatest misconceptions in the MLM field. People will say to me, “But, Orrin, isn’t the MLM profession a pyramid?” Although I don’t get this objection as much as I used to since MLM is becoming more common, I still think it’s worth analyzing. There are several factors to consider. First, review where one works currently. Is it a corporate job or small business? Draw out the corporate hierarchy. Did anyone notice as he was drawing it out that the person at the top has several direct reports, who have direct reports, who have several direct reports until the bottom is reached? Indeed, this structure is the quintessential hierarchical pyramid because the guy at the top always makes more than the guy below him right down to the bottom guy or gal who makes the least. Moreover, moving up the chain isn’t based upon performance alone.  Network Marketing, in contrast, doesn’t pay based upon where you fall within the hierarchy or how long a person has been with the company. Rather, it compensates based upon how many groups a person is willing to serve every month. For example, when Laurie and I started in MLM, we had tons to learn and made many mistakes. Still, within 12 months, we had passed hundreds of thousands of people who had started before us. In fact, within a decade, we had passed over a million people and were in the top handful of income earners within the company. Pyramid? On the contrary, MLM is the best method yet designed for Creators to rise out of the corporate quagmire. Where one starts in networking is irrelevant; what one does with his spot is everything.

Laurie and I followed an unconventional path to success and are proud we did. If you are a Credentialist, then either be willing to change or don’t join the LIFE business. LIFE offers nothing for the radical Credentialist because no part of his pay is based upon his past. Bonuses are based only upon a person’s ability to serve others. However, if you are a Creator or desire to be and have been frustrated by the Credentialist system blocking your path, then you will LOVE the LIFE business. The MLM life isn’t for everyone, but it sure has satisfied millions of Creators around the world. The choice is yours, and consequently, so too are the results.


Orrin Woodward


74 Responses to “The MLM Life: Pyramids & Purpose”

  1. Scott Staley said

    Great article Orrin. I am so glad that you took the Creators path. That decision has paved a path for many people to have increased options and freedoms in their lives. Thank you

  2. Lisa Volkmann said

    Orrin – thanks for the post – great clarafication : ) Thank you and all of the PC for being such great leaders, teachers and examples to follow : )

  3. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Awesome blog speaking the truth! We really appreciate you paving the path for the new people and making Life such a great opportunity! With out yours and Laurie’s servant leadership we wouldn’t be able to go round table this March and breaking a new 7 month round table for June!

    Orrin you and Laurie are truly an inspiration to many with all your books have helped a dyslexic with adhd become a leader (many tho the MFC) when I was told I never could. Such great encouragement from yourself and our great metors here in Canada Wayne & Raylene MacNamara and Claude & Lana Hamilton clearing our origonal path for success!

    Waiting for the new book and will see you thursday night in Ottawa!

    Paying it forward ! As that’s all that is ever asked!
    Chad & Catherine Waters

  4. Dawn Marx said

    You stated the different pathways so clearly! It’s amazing that so many 95% thinkers (yes, I am one self employed business owner in transition!) don’t see that their efforts can have such incredible rewards following the Creators path. Thank you, Orrin & Laurie, for your vision and consistent guidance!

  5. Mark haas said

    Orrin, I love this article. I am a creator! There are so many people in the life business who even on my team have “passed” others who were around longer. Thank you for giving us an opportunity, that really because of the intellectual property value vs cost is the best in the world and has little to no competition. – http://www.markhaasblog.com

  6. Micah Kramer said

    Wow, thanks for lifting the fog on this topic Orrin! Fantastic article – simple, to the point, very sharable and relevant in our everyday conversations. This is liberating information….As Brady so eloquently says, “It’s for who it’s for.”

    God Bless,
    Micah Kramer

  7. Jeff Darling said

    Thanks Orrin for another great post! So many people’s lives have been changed for the good, because of the decision you and Laurie made to follow the path of a creator. Thank you for doing so, and we plan on helping carrying that torch out to those who choose to make a difference in their own lives, and pay it forward to others!
    God Bless!

  8. Tammy Darling said

    SO SO SO TRUE!!!! Thanks Orrin, for leading the way!!!

  9. Clint Fix said

    Fantastic article Orrin. Not only is MLM and specifically the LIFE business for creators, it offers mentorship and coaching to help reduce the amount of time it takes to succeed!

  10. Tim Marks said

    Thank you so much for being a creator and laying down a pathway for hundreds of thousands and eventually millions to be free!
    God bless

  11. Ben Zeier said

    Orrin, I believe there are many people that are creators that have been trapped inside a credentialist system looking and seeking a way out. LIFE is it. Thanks!

  12. Robert Daley said

    Outstanding descriptio….
    It almost sounds biblical …… You reep what you sow….. If you want something to change , you have to change something . Thank you Orrin for creating a buisiness where the individual is in controll of their own future
    God bless

  13. Theodore Hewing Jr said

    I’m glad 2 b a part of TEAM LIFE! It has already made a difference n my home! Looking forward to the future! GOD BLESS U & your family Orrin!

  14. James said

    I have a growing insurance agency. Not many people think of the insurance industry as an MLM or Network Marketing, but it is in many ways a good model for other MLMs to follow. Agents can sell products or grow agencies & even branch out into multiple locations training new agents & agencies. Agents are encouraged to buy from themselves, but the majority of the products sold are outside sales.

    Where Insurance companies gain most of their poor reputation is at a level separated from where current growth happens. When a manager gets out of the field & stops communicating with his agents there are demands that cause poor directions because of lack of current information. This happens more when someone is looking only at numbers & forgetting about the people working on the front line & the customer.

    There are a lot of good companies that could be considered MLM. The difference seems to be that most industries don’t encourage you to move up. They have a space for you to fill to keep the structure they have designed. Many people only want to fill a position, & they allow the builders to expand with the loyal block positions in place, but better growth seems to happen when everyone is encouraged to grow.

    An ideal agency for me is one that the appointment setter, computer guy, & secretary all get licensed to sell so that they understand the industry & we run the risk of having to constantly replace our office staff because everyone started making more money working part time in sales. Of coarse everyone can continue to do their current job out of the pure enjoyment of it & train others for expansion.

    Last week a member of LIFE gave me some materials to view & hear. Yesterday I contacted the guy to get started in the process of improving my agency with the LIFE materials. I meet with a business coach about once a week now & several mentors & partners weekly. This is hard to duplicate in a team without high cost of $$, time, & effort. It should be much easier to hand my agents a CD & DVD to fit into their schedule. It’s also something we can pass onto clients.

  15. Adam Rossman said

    Orrin, thank you to you and Laurie for choosing to be a Creator. Your example is fantastic for us to be able to follow. We are also incredibly grateful for the way you continue to serve those of us in the LIFE community! The sacrifices that you continue to make are making a huge impact around our country, and eventually around the world!!

  16. Kay Johnson said

    Thank you for bring a creator and starting the change in my life towards creation!!

  17. sean thomas said

    Thank you Orrin for giving the Creators of the world a chance to harvest their God given purpose and abilities. On our way to 1,000,000 households!!! AO

  18. Absolutely love the LIFE Business! I’ve been self employed at my Hardware for going on 19 years. As a small business owner, I’m trapped. Big corporation advertising is one tough cookie to fight. Through the LIFE business, I not only renewed my interest in learning, I’ve seen that the sky’s the limit should I so choose. And I choose! 🙂 Thanks again for all you do Orrin! God Bless!
    Ed Fancon

  19. Emily Sue said

    Excellent post! Thank you for being a creator! I am looking forward to reading Leadershift.

  20. Jason Dames said

    Great post Orrin!!!!

  21. Brian Martig said

    Thank You, again for the creation of the LIFE business and your continuing devotion to advancing our leadership skills. This comes late in life for some of us but, in place of sitting on the couch for the rest of my days; I have found a cause to live for. TEAM Exodus United!

  22. Justin Stevens said

    I love this post, credentialists are dime a dozen. I’m so happy you posted this, thank you.

  23. Adam Powell said

    Thank you so much for your leadership Orrin. Not only did you choose the path of the creator, but you are improving thousands of lives of other creators, soon to be millions of lives.

    God Bless

  24. Zach Frey said

    Fantastic! Thank you, Orrin, for giving my generation the OPTION and the OPPORTUNITY to develop the Creator within us! We are what is going to change this country and this world around! God bless you for your leadership from the front.
    -Zach & Flora

  25. Brittany Schlabach said

    This is excellent. As a determined “creator” this post pumps me up!!! Eloquently stated, Orrin! Well done.

  26. Jenny Salter said

    Thanks so much for being one of the best creator’s I know! Jim & I will gladly follow you always!

  27. Sherri Elenbaum said

    Orrin, thank you for being a creator! You are helping us stop & think by reading, listening to, & associating with the correct information.
    Tom & Sherri

  28. Tina Abernathy said

    Outstanding post Orrin!

    Very thankful my husband is a creator because when we first began this journey I was not. Yet, after not much exposure at all to the materials I quickly fell in love with the ideology presented and the fact that it spoke directly to my soul. The creator in me was exposed and the creation is well under way. We will be a part of LIFE when it touches a million lives because its what we’ve been called to do!


  29. This article makes a lot of sense. Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  30. Jonathan Brandenberger said

    A man is educated the second he believes that education is not a degree but ongoing self-directed process.

  31. Georgia Baker said

    Absolutely awesome ! I continue to defend my belief in this industry by leading more people to the truth ! To a million

  32. Mike Gorski said

    Orrin, this is a great article. Thank you for all of your hard work along with the PC for creating a business opportunity where any Creator may flourish. Oh and by the way that photos makes me laugh every time.

  33. Scott Fangmeier said

    Great article! I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a Creator. In the LIFE Business, I am using that ability to become better personally in 8 areas of my life. And I have asked my Creator to help me to never take for granted the leadership being bestowed upon me.

  34. Joseph Keller said

    Fired up blog Orrin I am so glad that you took the Creators path also for it has made the difference in so many peoples lives. Thank you for what you have started will continue to proper and grow a million will only be a stepping stone.

  35. Hilary Dorr said

    Orrin, we are thankful that you made changes to the MLM industry so all of us could be successful. Thank you!

  36. Jerry & Polly Harteis said

    Once again, Orrin, thank you so much for putting, what we know is right, into words that convict the soul! Create, not criticize or complain! God bless!

  37. Kevin Hamm said

    Awsome Orrin,

    Refer to my last comment:) I am a creator and I love the LIFE business. I shall persist.

  38. Stuart Colvin said

    You explain the Creator & Credentialist roles so well, no misunderstanding possible!! A huge thanks Orrin for leading the way for us all.

  39. Pam Eppinette said


    There is so much deep truth in this article! We are created by God to win in life and we all have a destiny to fulfill and a story to tell. The LIFE business not only helps us fulfill our destiny but gives us the chance to have a lifestyle that most people will only dream about. It also gives us a chance to leave the ordinary and step into an extraordinary community of like-minded people who want to win! We read, listen to cds, learn, implement and associate.

    WE have watched you and Laurie face so many Goliaths and never give up and you became victorious and are now leading millions of people to the truth and a better lifestyle.

    Everyone has a Goliath to overcome and a story to tell. LIFE gives you a platform to share that story and give people HOPE! The cool thing is you can give God all the glory and the audience claps and cheers!

    Pam Eppinette
    Team Rhino

  40. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I love the bird cartoon! That made me laugh. That picture also reminded me of the phrase i have heard you say “more animals in the barn more doo-doo to pick up.”

    I am so thankful that I am married to a man that was created to be, as you defined- a Creator. Being a part of LIFE is bringing out the best in him and I’m priveledged to have a front row seat in that.
    Thank you Orrin, and the respected PC leaders, for following our creator Christs will for your lives and stepping up to the task of being Creators within the MLM industry and creating LIFE.

  41. Steve Meixner said

    WOW, great article Orrin, This really clears up a lot for people. If they cannot understand the way you put it then they truly do not belong in the LIFE business… I’m going to send several people to this Article!! Thanks again, Steve

  42. Dean Frey said

    Thanks for being willing to follow the road less traveled and having the courage to develop the Life business so we can travel that road with you. God bless!

  43. Orrin,

    This article hits the nail on the head especially your statement about the credentialists flocking to the government.

  44. Jodi Jaeger said

    Great post Orrin! Thank you for being a Creator and Leader for myself and many, many others to follow! I am so happy to be a part of The LIFE Business! Going to a MILLION!!!!

    God bless,
    Jodi Jaeger

  45. Thanks Orrin for being a creator paving the path so my wife and I could also become creators . I could not agree more with your post. My wife and I are eighth-grade educated. But like you said education and college degrees are not the same. Because of the life business my wife and I have now been able to be in the top 10% income earners in America. Thanks for all you do. And I do encourage anyone out there with the dream to pursue it with all the passion and might, God bless ,,thanks again for you do Orrin

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Chris, You and Carol are an inspiration to so many. 8th grade education hasn’t stopped you from being free from jobs and debt! WAY TO GO! thanks, Orrin

  46. Peggi Kern said

    Thanks for sharing your experience in this blog article Orrin! In a world where credentials are elevated as the ultimate in success, it’s so awesome to be able to follow the path of others who are creators and offer the education that has helped them along the way.

  47. Eric Schilling said

    Amazing article about the power and fairness of this industry! Love the corporate pyramid picture!

  48. Kim Decker said

    Great story Orrin and will keep some of this as pointers to the people who really don’t understand what they are talking about but programed from the past as to what “THIS” really is.

  49. I love your article on clearing this up, Orrin. I now know I was born to be a creator for my Creator! So glad you discovered your purpose in life and have been obedient to that calling. Sometime (if you haven’t already) read the book “The Joseph-Daniel Calling” by Morris Ruddick. It’s a short book that I think is very profound to those who have this calling. http://www.amazon.com/The-Joseph-Daniel-Calling-Morris-Ruddick/dp/1591609747

    Rick Monyer

  50. Aron Radosa said

    Title or testimony? I will pick testimony everyday. Creators have a story that insures through time. We are ‘creating’ the future thanks to Life! God bless.

  51. Alison Ruhlman said

    Well said!! — and again resold on the LIFE business!!!

  52. Alex Obiden said

    I so often hear people use the phrase, “IT’S NOT FAIR….” “So and so got a pause raise because the boss knew his dad,” or “She got more attention, teachers pet,” or “they keep taking more away from us every year.” It’s awesome to see the people who REALLY want to make it fair, an partner up with LIFE to win as a community. Fair is pay for performance, not pay for chosen ignorance. This article should be read by EVERYONE WHO REALLY WANTS THINGS TO BE FAIR.

  53. Thank you, Orrin. You always have a way of explaining every facet of this business, leadership, character, etc. in such a way that we can explain it simply and effectively to others. God bless you, your vision, and your leadership.

  54. Dan Schaenzer said

    I love this because this jn the eyes of a true sceptic will destroy all walls of disbelief or pre conceived ideas of what people “think” we do. Love it Orrin, keep em coming!!!

  55. Denny Suggitt said

    Great post Orrin ! Love the pictured analogy, it says it all ! Thanks for leading the way !

  56. John Yoder said

    Thanks so much Orrin! I really needed to read that post. You just reminded me that I am a “Creator” and that this path will be a “uncommon” one. God Bless

  57. Tim Jarvinen said

    Creators have that bug to create. Those that let creation happen always question the creator. Thanks for creating a creation where creators can enjoy the freedom to create! God bless! 1 million!

  58. Adam Gonzales said

    Once I was exposed to this truth my LIFE has never been the same.
    Being a Creator I have always been looking for a better way than what I was witnessing around me, the Life business is my better way!
    Thank you Orrin for having the courage to speak and stand for Truth!

  59. Lynnette Rumsey said

    Thanks Orrin for being a Creator with the courage to work in an industry so masny people do not understand. and also,to help me understand my Life’s purpose!! i may not be where i want to be but i Thank God i’m not where I used to be!! And also that you helped all of us get the posture to read, listen and associate, and help become better in our 8 F’s. this is so much more than a business! this is a ministry.. before Team, i had no relationship with our saviour. Thank you Orrin and Laurie Woodward for being the light to lead us on our journey!! God Bless!!

  60. Steve Sager said

    As a person in law enforcement, it so funny when people question or categorize what the LIFE business is about.
    My job (a Credentialist system) is the greatest example of a ‘person at the top’ who makes more than I will.

    Additionally, since they are on the top, they will do anything to prevent one passing them on the corporate hierarchy of success (that white stuff falling from the birds up above is not snow flakes!).
    Its a total reversal here! The person who got us started has been passed up by us and many others in our community. The fact that this industry allows one to grow personally, with a financial bonus attached to their hard work in self improvement; is a blessing and priceless! To be rewarded for your own efforts and not “told” by someone else what your income shall be; is the true essence of entrepreneurial enterprise (freedom).

    Its funny how all the critics/Credentialists who say “it won’t work” are being outworked by those (Creators) who are walking the walk. In the beginning of any worthy cause, it will take more courage to begin than the will to win. Success in any endeavor is an inside job, yet, this profession isn’t for everyone; but it sure has satisfied Creators around the world. To have that choice, for your future, will have a huge impact on the results in your family for generations to come.
    Thank you Orrin/Laurie, Dan/Lisa and the rest of the Founders of LIFE!

    Stealth UF

  61. Bob Rasmussen said

    Another great post Orrin! What I love about getting out of the rat race of traditional corporate pyramids is the personal freedom you can earn with growing and changing enough in your life to make it silly for you to be involved with a traditional business. Creators are dreamers and producers who are sick of the status quo and have the guts enough to do something about it. Thank you for creating the LIFE business model which is the best possible vehicle on the planet for a creator to use and thrive in!!! What I love is the LIFE biz is already the best and the leadership refuses to rest and continues to improve it over and over. All the great business minds agree if you are going to invest your time and money in a business, base that decision on the leadership. What a great choice to follow the best leadership on the planet!! God Bless you all!

  62. Jacob Kazda said

    Great news!! Thanks Orrin. I can’t wait for the book to come out. And thank you and the other founders of the Life Business for such an amazing opportunity.

  63. Jim Martin said

    Go to school, get good grades, and get a safe secure job with benefits just doesnt work out anymore like it used to. Being in business for myself and not by myself is what inspired me to leave the plumbing world after doing plumbing for 15 years total, at the 13 year mark of plumbing We were introduced to Team and we got started the night we saw it. I thank you and the PC always and pray for you guys. Being in business with creators that THINK and APPLY not just for themselves but for the future people that will join Life and Team is the very thing that this country needs. We don’t want a hand out we just want our freedom and we will perform! I’m FIRED UP BRO!!!!

    Love Ya’

  64. Michael Hartmann said

    O, Thanks for the great article and for leading the Creationist path called LIFE! I was pursing my MBA when was introduced to the MLM industry and immediately realized that the ladder I was trying to climb was leaning against the wrong wall! Status, titles and a “secure” paycheck cannot compare to freedom, significance and unlimited income potential! I choose the Creationist path and focus on building my belief in that path by studying CD’s, reading books and guarding my association each day!

  65. Andrew Rockwell said

    Awesome post! I love that picture. 🙂

  66. Bob Sanders said

    When I am told I am in a pyramid, I correct them by telling them I am in a Trapezoid. We have a Policy Council, not a dictator at the top.

  67. Rob Robson said

    I am so grateful that I picked up a CD called “Depth is not an option” by Orrin Woodward way back in 2000 that inspired me to make this my career. Many laughed and cautioned me about the “risks” but after 6 months of hard work I was able to walk away from the employee world FOREVER! 12 years later, I wake up everyday grateful that I chose the road less traveled.

  68. Steve Sargent said

    That corporate pyramid illustration is hilarious! And it’s hilarious because it is absolutely true!!

  69. Orrin, your reasoning is so incisive that the Credentialists will be hard pressed to refute it. Trust me, I know. I live in Provo, Utah! They will be offended and will object on those grounds.

  70. michelle draper said

    I sure do miss this business, my husband and I did so much and poured our heart and soul into this, but then when everything went crazy with quickstar. Are team above us gave up I guess 🙁 its like I wish I could go back to that time again. I’m so glad to here that people and familes are being blessed

  71. Life is sure exciting! If you are serious, you really should check out the LIFE meeting nearest you. I can’t say what excitement you had with the Team, but LIFE is so exciting I think you could “pass out” if it got any more exciting. Michelle, there is absolutely, literally no good reason to be sitting on the sidelines at this critical juncture. At least get a steady monthly “dose” of Oliver DeMille!

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