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Personal Responsibility: The Key to Leadership

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 24, 2013

Dan Hawkins has mastered personal responsibility. In fact, he is in the process of mastering the teaching of personal responsibility to others. In this video, Dan shares how he applied the PDCA process to his life with specific intent. Life doesn’t get better until a person develops a plan to get better. Dan started as a mechanic and now has a nationally recognized blog, financial and relationship success, and a bright future. This is what happens when a couple like Dan and Lisa Hawkins develops personal responsibility. On the other hand, when a person blames others for his or her life, life gets worse. Think about it. Name one winner you know that goes around blaming others for his or her situation. Nada, zip, zero! Why? Because winners refuse to make others responsible for their personal change. The LIFE business PC leaders are a group of men and women who hold themselves responsible to grow and change, not shrink and blame. Imagine a community of winners who create a LeaderShift within our culture, and you have the purpose of LIFE. Each reader must choose which path to take in life. Here is Dan describing the steps of real change.


Orrin Woodward


40 Responses to “Personal Responsibility: The Key to Leadership”

  1. Chad Waters said

    Great Blog Orrin!

    That’s what I love about Life, you have to choose to win and be a leader no one here can call you lucky! The hard work is not building a community its comitting to Living Intentionally For Excellence!

    See you in Ottawa tonight!!!!
    Chad Waters

    • Phil Mette said

      Never would have believed it until I actually applied what Dan is talking about. This info, applied, is a life changer!

      Thanks for the nugget this morning; “The hard work is not building a community its comitting to Living Intentionally For Excellence!”

      Tic, Tic
      Phil Mette’

  2. Maura Galliani said

    One of the MANY leadership principles I have learned through this community is the PDCA process — invaluable! Personal responsibility is a MUST for the successful self-development and growth needed to become a true leader. Thank you Orrin, Dan, and all the leaders/mentors/coaches of Team LIFE — fired up! πŸ™‚

  3. Micah Kramer said

    Thanks for reminding us to have the boldness and courage to change. I’m listening to “You’re the Project” this morning and it is so helpful, to stay focused on the Majors and develop the hunger and discipline necessary to climb the mountain, no matter what.

    God Bless,
    Micah Kramer

  4. Thanks for the great post Orrin. You’re right about Dan. We are lucky to have him come share his wisdom in Ottawa this weekend!


  5. TJ said

    Love it!!!!!!

  6. Lisa Mangold said

    Through the LIFE community many people have come into my life and have shared personal struggles and problems. We have a great system in place and I love guiding people to the information so they can start to solve some of their problems. However, I began to notice that even though everyone is plugged into the same system of information, some people were moving forward and others were still struggling with the same issues. This past weekend I could not stop thinking about the difference between those who take personal responsibility and and those who blame others. I believe it boils down to humility and pride. I believe pride gets in the way of taking personal responsibility, it gets in the way of being open minded, it gets in the way of implementing truth, it gets in the way solving problems, it gets in the way of needing help or guidance in life, it gets in the way of having a hearts desire to serve others – no wonder some refer to pride as a “deadly sin”!


    • Orrin Woodward said

      Well said Lisa!

    • Matt Mielke said

      Excellent comment Lisa! I have the privilege to mentor with Dan Hawkins and pride was one of the first sins I had to address. Dan is 10 years younger then I am and over the years he has earned my trust and respect as he has always accepted personal responsibility in his life and has held the bar the same with me. I appreciate the LIFE community because it has created a culture that personal responsibility is a non-negotiable for success. If you accept that principle, you will fair well, if not, you’ll struggle along in a life of denial and blame. Matt

  7. Jenny Salter said

    Orrin this is a great post! Dan did a great job describing how to take responsibility from whats holding you back in different area’s of your life. Lisa described it well in her comment when she said it comes down to pride. I’ve definitely falling in that trap before myself. Now that Jim & I mentor a team of people I would definitely agree that difference between people moving on & the people stuck in the struggle is usually a pride issue. But thanks to the Life products and the system people are moving closer & closer to their goals everyday!!!
    Thanks for all you do!

  8. Jason Dames said

    Dan Hawkins is amazing!!! Thx Orrin

  9. Great article and video Orrin!!

    Hey, I thougt you might like to see this, I have some new teammates down in Indiana that were pumped up to see you quoted in their local paper!! Pretty cool!!


    Thanks for leading like you do!!!

    Best regards,
    Neal Ruffner

  10. Lisa Volkmann said

    Orrin – great blog and you are all awesome teachers and thanks for the reminder that we need to PDCA everyday. Dan’s speech is great we just need to apply info on a daily basis.

  11. Heather Ridgley said

    Thank you, Orrin, for sharing this video clip of the amazing Dan Hawkins! It was exremely helpful in my learning of the PDCA process. I also want to apologize for getting so loud with my excitement upon getting off the elevator at the Plaza this past weekend. I just get an overwhelming feeling when I get near individuals of such excellence! And thank you for all that you are doing. God bless you, Laurie and everyone you hold dear! Thank you, again. And how do we nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize? I think you’re a SHOE IN! πŸ™‚

  12. Tammy Darling said

    Excellent!!! Thank you!!!

  13. Alison Ruhlman said

    What great principles to apply in all the areas of your life! Take responsibilty, get correct info, apply PDCA to it and change your life in any area you choose!! Thanks for the awesome video from Dan and for the LIFE business that allows one to grow in every area of their life – not just financial.

  14. Bill Eder said

    Good stuff!! It seems that from the very beginnig (GENESIS 3) man blamed some one else thus failed to take responsibility for his actions. A “LeaderShift is well overdo. Thanks to you and Oliver we can look forward to information to help make a difference.

  15. Terry said

    Well said, Dan has been and continues to inspire.

  16. Pam Eppinette said

    This was such a great video and Dan Hawkins is positive proof that getting the right information from mentors that have the life they always wanted and are willing to share it with others, can duplicate their results as long as the person is willing to change and take action and PDCA.

    Pam Eppinette

  17. Personal growth to freedom love it!

  18. AWESOME POST!!! Thanks Dan for all you bring to LIFE

  19. Jonathan Brandenberger said

    The Life Business is amazing!

  20. John HATCHELL said

    In the navy we had PRP (personal responsibility program) It was an outline of Leadership qualities that you had to sign your name and give oath to affirm your commitment, when you join Life/Team I think it is the same. Thank you Dan and Lisa , PC for setting our bar, (you to Larry and Marsi) We Rock!!!

  21. Kevin Hamm said

    I love having Dan’s example so close and vivid. As you alluded in a recent post, everyone enters the LIFE business on a level field. It is not our past that will get us anything in this business, but the personal responsibility we employ to this endeavor that will determine success. Pride certainly is a major factor along with, I believe, fear of the unknown. Dan’s example gives us a great example of overcoming both.

  22. Matt Ruhlman said

    Great teaching from Dan, can’t wait for Leadershift

  23. Elaine Mallios said

    One of my favorite sayings is “If it is to be, it is up to me.” I can never blame someone else when it is within my power to make the changes necessary to improve and move on. Great reminder! Thanks!

  24. Thanks for sharing Orrin. Totally love Dan and Lisa and continue to be impressed by his posture and confidence. It’s awesome to see how far he has come and realize how many people they have “breathed LIFE into” because of their hunger and teachable attitude. Appreciate your time invested in sharing this information for all to read and listen to from the LIFE leadership!

  25. So good! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  26. Gary Severson said

    Orrin, You’re right, Dan does take personal responsibility seriously, which is the very reason I choose follow him and take his advice. I see firsthand that he actually practices what he preaches and I want those results. It’s such a refreshing change to see men in society that will take that personal responsibility upon themselves and be real, day in and day out. No ego’s, it’s just the right thing to do!

  27. Bob Rasmussen said

    THX Orrin and Dan!! I would have to say the PDCA process is one of the most valuable LIFE principles our family has ever learned!!! I have been convinced that this information is the most important principle to embrace, for change, that is known to mankind!!! We have seen so many examples of this truth that it cannot be argued. The PDCA principle is the greatest facilitator of change ever brought to the table! Thank you Orrin and God Bless.

  28. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I love the information and reminder that we DO have control over so many things. Life doesn’t just have to happen and you haphazardly end up somewhere. Take control!! Leaders take control.
    Dans new Edge CD on Association also has great nuggets. – thanks Dan!

  29. I agree that personal responsibility is key to achieve and linked to a plan and a stategy it can show expected and unexpected great results. Thank you Dan Hawkins

  30. Candi Brown said

    Great blog!

  31. Jim Martin said

    Thanks for the post Orrin. If more people would take responibilty for their actions the world would be a lot different. Your cd “Lens Effect” is a great cd that explains why people see the world the way they do.

    Jim Martin

  32. Adam Gonzales said

    Love the truth.
    I found in my own personal life that it was my failure to accept personal responsibility that created most of my problems!
    Thank you Orrin for giving me the opportunity to get on stage and help share this truth through the LIFE Business.
    God Bless

  33. Brian and Jessica Suddeth said

    PDCA in all areas of life! Why didn’t we do this before? Why did we expect different results with the same actions? Seems so crazy now… now that I have the information through LIFE. So grateful for the leaders that have come before us, who continue to change and better those around them! Becoming the best version of ourselves has become so exciting, and cheering along our team members to do the same has been so rewarding! Thank you for sharing these valuable life principles!

  34. Orrin,

    The more I grow the more I find myself making personal adjustments.
    Thanks for sharing

  35. omarchetta said

    great job dan and thanx orin for sharing.
    LT IT

  36. Kim Decker said

    This is something we all know but how many admit to it. Thank you again for the great and true posting.

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