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Wayne & Raylene MacNamara: New LIFE PC Members

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 29, 2013

photoWayne and Raylene MacNamara were recognized as new LIFE PC members at the LIFE Business Leadership Conventions. These two were Turbo 10 when they joined the Team community in late 2007, and now six years later, have over a thousand people at events! Leadership matters, and Claude & Lana Hamilton are building a leadership community that loves and serves one another. In fact, the Hamilton’s business is nearly six times bigger today than the day they joined the Team community back in late 2007. The dream is alive and well within the LIFE community.

Laurie and I are so proud of the Hamiltons and MacNamaras for dreaming, struggling, persisting, and ultimately achieving this Olympic Gold level award. The MacNamaras were factory workers with no avenue to move up when they were introduced to Claude and Lana Hamilton. Despite lacking funds, opens, and seminars (the MacNamaras were a distance group and therefore had to build all of this), Wayne and Raylene refused to make excuses and built the system from scratch to not only go PC, but also help so many others accomplish their goals and dreams. The MacNamaras have a contagious enthusiasm for life that attracts so many winners to them. I LOVE spending time with this couple, and I believe this is just the beginning of the impact this couple will have in the world! Today they are debt free, job optional, and enjoying their freedom lifestyle in Ontario, Canada.

533572_524724174225430_1190994941_nThis is just the first of a wave of PC who will be breaking in the LIFE community, as the system and products are dialed in for growth. Numbers are up, belief is up, and the speed of growth is up! I love what I am seeing across North America. Thank you to all who attended the Leadership Conventions and celebrated the MacNamara’s victory. 2013 is the year of breakthroughs within LIFE. Is 2013 a breakthrough year in your life? Who was there live for this recognition? Please share how it impacted you.


Orrin Woodward


125 Responses to “Wayne & Raylene MacNamara: New LIFE PC Members”

  1. Clint Fix said

    Congratulations Wayne and Raylene! It was awesome seeing you two get recognized for PC. You two are quickly becoming some of my favorite speakers. Thanks for your leadership!

  2. Micah Kramer said

    It’s amazing to relive this incredible moment! Thanks for posting this Orrin, what a powerful visualization of what lies ahead! Congratulations Wayne and Raylene, and thanks for courageously giving us all the picture!! – M. Kramer

  3. Kirk Birtles said

    Wayne and Raylene…. Thanks for leading the charge with courage and character! Its an honor to be in this fight with you!!

    Kirk & Cassie

  4. Jay & Bronwyn Lancy said

    Congratulations ! Your story gives me and my family new hope and belief that we can do this. Thank you ! God Bless you as you continue to help others 🙂

  5. Sharon said

    I will never forget this moment. Thank you Wayne and Raylene for building so much belief in all of us. Thank you for setting the example. Thank you for telling us it can be done and to never quit but more importantly thank you for showing us.


  6. We are so proud to welcome Wayne and Raylene to the PC! They will add tremendous value to that group. I was blessed to be part of the Major in Ottawa where the MacNamaras where recognized for their great achievement. We were asked to speak 3 times over the weekend but Lisa and I left with more than we gave. Wayne and Raylene are truly making a difference and inspiring so many to do the same. We love you guys, take care and keep leading!

  7. Tracey Bishop said

    I am blessed to be in Wayne and Raylene’s organization. It was such an impactful weekend. Wayne and Raylene renewed hope and faith, and most of all, belief, in hundreds of hearts this past weekend. Wayne’s speech, “I am a Roundtable”, set me free from my past. I know I will never be the same again! It was truly an unforgetable weekend, an unforgetable journey. Congratulations again to Wayne and Raylene for persisting, and for reaching your dreams!!!

    • Rico Goncalves said

      You said it Tracey. It was an unforgetable weekend for sure. Many lives changed with hope and belief. Keep up the amazing work!!! DREAM BIGGER THAN YOU EVER HAVE!!!

    • Scott Staley said

      Well said! Leaders lead from the front – and Wayne/Raylene are not only leading – but creating a massive wave of people behind them that are stepping up and taking their place to add momentum to the year of the Round Table! Who are we… ‘We are Round Tables’!

  8. Patrick Clowater said

    Congratulations to Wayne and Raylene our best friends and Life mentors! We are so proud of you both and you have earned many blessings because of all the lives your are influencing in a positive way. I’m proud to call you my Best friend and New Policy Council Member.

  9. Eben Smith said

    I was there at Louisville Major when they got introduce as PC. Man Orrin it gave my vision for PC I’m already looking tux’s for that occassion. Not only that Wayne talk inspired me. Lol. I remember that Stanley cup final game with the Wings and Penguins. and I am Red Wings fan. Tell Wayne and Claude that there are some Detroiters who watch Hockey Night in Canada.

  10. Art Jonak said

    Policy Council. Wayne and Raylene MacNamara, congratulations! Without question you’ve earned such an esteemed position of leadership.

    A true leader is loyal. They don’t waver in rough times, they hunker down and work to make things better.

    Loyalty. Trust. Character.

    I’m super proud of you, not just for this amazing achievement, but for the example you are showing for others through your journey. Well done. Well done indeed.

  11. Jamie Hynes said

    This was a Dream come true. To watch a couple overcome and have such a great Victory . We are Blessed to be a part of Wayne and Raylene’s organization. They are true severant Leaders and will put there hearts out there. This weekend in Ottawa was amazing. We can’t wait to be one off there Round Table members this year .

  12. Wade & Rhonda Hamblin said

    Wayne and Raylene, we are so proud to call you friends and mentors! This day you have pictured for years I know this. Thank you for leading, and creating the belief that this can be done!

  13. Chad Waters said

    Congratulations Wayne & Raylene!!!
    Orrin this was an amazing weeked we all shared together and this is just the tip of 1000 good men & women!
    We will see you all on Life Island! Thanks so much for your servant leadership to make all our dreams possible!

    Chad & Catherine

  14. Scott Morrison said

    Wayne and Raylene have had to climb one of the most difficult paths up the mountain to success! Were so proud of them!! They have given hope to those who are in similar positions and think that they can’t win at this. It was an incredible weekend (they always are though…) We can’t wait to see what LIFE will bring us next. Thank you, Orrin, for putting together this system for us. And thank you, Wayne and Ray, for giving us hope.

  15. Rico Goncalves said

    What an amazing couple. I’m so glad to be learning and growing from their teachings. To watch their parents this weekend as they watched them hit this goal was priceless. A young couple that came to Ontario to make a difference and that they did. They aren’t done yet though. This is just the beginning of what the future has to come. I just watched a video of them going RT just a couple years ago but they kept learning and growing. Never stop growing cause we hold our future in our hands. Your friend and Biz partner for life Rico Goncalves.

  16. Stuart Hall said

    What an amazing weekend from start to finish. Watching the Macnamara’s go PC was historic. I wouldn’t of missed that for anything!

    • Aage Smies said

      One day there will be people asking, “where were you when the MacNamara’s went PC” and several thousand people will answer “with them”.

    • David Smale said

      So true Stuart. It truly was a once in a life time. where else could you spend a weekend with all your best friends and celebrate a close friends achievements. where as so many will gather this weekend and cheer and yell at a TV for people they will never meet or get to know. Thanks Wayne and Raylene

  17. Rick Green said

    What an AMAZING accomplishment! Wayne & Raylene’s journey is an inspiring one, that instills belief for so many. I am honoured to consider them friends and doubly honoured to have been in Ottawa to share in their VICTORY!

  18. Cheryl Koziol said

    I was at the event in Louisville and the wisdom that Wayne and Raylene had to share was just amazing! They are such an inspiration! They did a great job casting the vision for anyone else that wants to have big dreams for their life.

  19. TJ said

    Although not in their business, by listening to their CDs and seeing them at monthlty seminars it was like watching our good friends make it to victory. Hearing their humility was inspiring… Like Claude Hamilton says,”no one is tired on the day of victory”. It was a truly great moment of triumph and makes me want to be better for my family to be great… Congratulations again to the Team, The Hamiltons and of course the MacNamara’s for giving a shot of beliefs and hope to all…One million!!!!

    • CC Achilefu said

      What a display of what this TEAM can do to change lives! Being there, feeling the excitement, and witnessing this honorable memorable moment, made me more proud to be building this LIfE community. We are truly blessed to have a vehicle that anyone, from anywhere can jump in, use the manual and take off to get their dream. INCREDIBLE!!!

  20. Congratulations Wayne and Raylene! It was SO AWESOME to watch you guys be welcomed to PC. What an incredible journey… you are an inspiration for us all! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the stadium!

  21. Elma Plant said

    Congratulations!! You two are both inspiring leaders and it is a true honour to serve (and be served)on your team. You show all of us that THIS CAN HAPPEN and IT DOES! To also hear your testimonies as shared on Sunday was an additional and wonderful blessing. Thank you so very much.

  22. kim ansty said

    We have seen wayne and raylene from start to present. We have been blessed to be a part of their lives and their success. Orrin, you are correct. This couple will make a huge difference in this world and this is just the beginning.

  23. Jamie Jewer said

    We are blessed to be involved in Wayne and Raylene’s organization, and this past weekend in Ottawa was truly magical.

    These are leaders that lead by example, walking the talk, and have such tremendous integrity. They are definitely inspiring to anyway who has the opportunity know them, or even to hear their message through TEAM and LIFE materials.

    Congratulations Wayne and Raylene!


  24. Myself & my husband had the honor of being there to witness this wonderful event. Wayne & Raylene are very deserving & humble. Congratulations to them both, all their hard work & perseverance paid off!! They give us hope that we can accomplish the same goal IF we do not give up, the same way Wayne & Raylene did not give up.
    It was truly inspirational to be able to be apart of that!!!

  25. Kristine Militello said

    Congrats to Wayne and Raylene! To me the biggest impact is the change I’ve seen in them over the past 6 months. You could see PC all over them long before this victory! 🙂

    • J & P Harteis said

      That’s so true, Kristine! They looked liked PC’s, talked like PC’s, walked like PC’s, & thought like PC’s! It was so evident that they would be PC’s! What an amazing victory for all of us!

  26. Aage Smies said

    Thank you Orrin for sharing this blog with your on line community. It’s so impacting when those you know and love achieve greatness and we are blessed to be amazing friends and also mentored by Wayne & Raylene. If I was writing a book about them, the chapter with the PC recognition would be called “Rise to Significance” as their reach and responsibilities reach our entire Team~Life Community, not to mention the extentions from this group. We’re proud members of the Kaizen Unified team and are ever so thankful for the impact Claude & Lana Hamilton have had and continue to have on Wayne & Raylene.

  27. Grace Hynes said

    This past weekend was a Dream come true of a lot of us to see our best friends and mentors make their dream a reality. It was a true Victory for the two most loyal, committed and hungry students, they inspired a lot of people to go after their dreams because dreams do come true.

    Love you lots

  28. It was incredible! I think this was probably my favorite major convention, and would have been even if it wasn’t for them going PC. but to have that moment there as well, and all the emotion that came with it really made this one for the history books!

  29. Joseph Keller said

    Congrats Wayne and Raylene you have so shown what life can be like if your willing to do the work. Your victory is truly a great accomplishment and we are sure that it is one of many to come. You have raised the bar time and time again you have always been there to help us see that you believe and that we can achieve and that dreams really do come true. Thank You!

  30. Scott Staley said

    I’m not sure how you describe the weekend to anyone who wasn’t in attendance. Its like watching an Olypic athlete win a gold medal and then go to those that they’re closest to and shed tears of joy. It is those people who have believed in them and constantly added value and belief along the journey that they seek out – their coaches, and best friends that have fought alongside them on that journey. Watching Claude and Lana Hamilton share the weekend with Wayne and Raylene was amazing. Claude has often said that ‘You will feel no pain, in your moment of victory’. I don’t think that comment has ever been more evident than Friday night!

    It was incredible watching the entire team (not just Wayne and Raylene’s team) share in the victory as well. Belief was palpable throughout the weekend. I also loved watching Wayne’s parents as the event unfolded. They know what Wayne and Raylene do… but they don’t really know what they do. Throughout the weekend, they were in awe of the love and admiration that was shown to Wayne and Raylene, and were glowing with pride for them but also overcome with humbleness for their children.

    Some moments in life are more impactful than others. Sometimes, a moment will be remembered for a life time. This weekend – watching my best friends share their PC moment with the team, is a moment that I will remember always.

    Thank you Orrin for everything that you do, and working hard to make moments like this possible!

  31. Robert Daley said

    I was in Kentucky ……. The leadership functions that Team puts on are unexplaineable…. Belief explodes while seeing your victory thru everone on stage…. And I mean everyone…. It seems that the entire community was on stage being recognized at some level….. Already looking forward to the next one…… Thanx for all you do Orrin
    God bless

  32. Mary Hermsen said

    Congratulations Wayne and Raylene!! You are an inspiration to all of us, and make the dream seem achievable. Looking forward to hearing more from the two of you. God Bless!

  33. Tina Abernathy said

    Congratulations and God Bless to the McNamara’s!!

    Raymond and I were blessed enough to be front and center when they took the Power Player Top Gun in October and we were blessed again to be front and stage left when they were presented as New PC members. On both occasions, they provided a vivid picture of it’s possible.

    The passion with which they spoke and the conviction in their eyes charged my elephant to the point it was up on two legs making a thunderous sound!

    Can’t wait to learn from them again in St. Louis!

    May God continue to bless them on their journey.

  34. Mark haas said

    Orrin. The McNamara’s were and are an inspiration to all. 5 years ago, I know they barely had a business and now are PC. They help eliminate all the excuses and negative who say the people at the top make all the money. People who are in the LIFE business know this is not true. Leaders elect themselves to climb to the top and on the way, they will pass many others who got a head start. Thank you Wayne and Raylene for your example.

  35. This truly was an amazing weekend we just had in Ottawa. Thanks Wayne and Raylene for paving the way for the rest of us. The emotion and inspiration in last weekends Winter Leadership Convention was something that I have never experienced before. 2013 is the year of the Round Table, I wouldn’t be surprised if brand new PC were recognized at every major till the end of the Year.

    • Scott Morrison said

      Everyone better make sure to have their tickets! I think you’re going to be right! One celebration after another!

  36. kim ansty said

    Watching wayne and raylene be recognized for acheiving PC was such an amazing experience. We had the opportunity to see Dan and Lisa Hawkins go PC a few years ago. I never really knew what it would take to hit that level of leadership. Being up close and personal to wayne and raylene brought a whole new perspective to the leaders in LIFE and TEAM. This past weekend was an experience I will never forget. I now know how Dan and Lisa’s team felt when they were able to share in that victory. I challenge other teams to hit it hard and work together to help your up and coming PC attain that goal. The victory is sweet for everyone.

  37. Emily and Kevin said

    Congratulation Wayne and Raylene! This weekend was absolutely amazing. I loved hearing both of them share from their hearts and poor belief into everyone in the room! Thanks so much for paving the way, we are proud to be Kaizen!

  38. Anthony Nieto said

    I was at the front of the stage to see the MacNamara’s go PC at freedom hall. Being up there seeing them in person made the experience way more real. Seeing real tears and the embrace of Claude and Wayne was truly special. Congratulations to the MacNamara’s for a worth while achievement.

  39. So good! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  40. Carrianne Hall said

    What a magical, inspiring weekend that showered us all with belief! Thank you to all who made this weekend the success that is was!! Congratulations to our great leaders, Orrin and Laurie Woodward, Claude and Lana Hamilton and brand new Policy Council Members Wayne and Raylene MacNamara!!!

    God bless xo

  41. Ben Debus said

    Congrats Wayne and Raylene on your amazing accomplishment!!You have paved the way for many people to come and I’m proud to say I am your friend and business partner. Your achievement has build so much belief in not only me but my team as well! What I appreciated most was seeing the look of proud parents Wayne, the swagger they had when they realized just how big of a deal this weekend was for so many and the impact both you and Raylene have made. Thanks for an awesome memory that will never be forgot!!

  42. Kelli Sager said

    Congratulations Wayne & Raylene !It has been a blessing watching your transformation over the last few years ! Watching your PC talk in Louisville was outstanding ! You have effected more lives than I think you will ever know . We are honored when you come in to the Madison , WI seminar & grow so much from your teaching ! Thank you for blazing a trail for the rest of us !

  43. Mike Samuelson said

    My wife and I were so inspired by the passion an emotion of there PC recognition That was the first time we said to one another that we can and we will become PC. We know talk is cheap but we were so inspired by the Macnamara’s and the rest of the PC. Our belief is so high after the louisville major. We are so thankful to the LIFE business for creating such an opportunity. We look forward to the journey and who we become over the next couple years
    Thanks to all

  44. Wade & Rhonda Hamblin said

    Wayne & Raylene, our best friends ….. I cannot believe how far you two have come, we have known each other for over 7 years and to think that you went from being a welder and a tire builder to this accomplishment creates something inside me that says, we were all designed for greatness!! This is such a pinnacle moment in your lives! Very few people ever achieve this much success in their life, not even speaking all financial, but also friendships, relationships, followings, and spiritual. You two have created a legacy that will go well beyond your lives!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  45. Cindy Harris said

    Congratulations! I am so proud of Wayne and Raylene. They are both an inspiration to all. The lives they have changed and will change is priceless.

    I am blessed to know them both and I look up to them because of who they are. They are an inspiration to many and give us all hope.

  46. Monique Hoffer said

    We were there ! It was amazing. The shoes were beautiful. LoL .
    They are a true power couple, Wayne can put a fire in the eyes of men who other wise thought they were stuck, and Rayleen is such a strong Lady, and yet has this incredible ability to make people comfortable around her.
    This weekend has put a fire in my heart, that will burn until the day I see my Joe get his PC ring.
    I am looking forward to standing on the shoulders of giants, and than becoming one, to help lift others up.

  47. Matthew Paul said

    You guys are an inspiration. I had a great time at my first major and I look forward to 2013, an amazing year of transformation. Thank you for your leadership.

  48. Brought chills and tears back all over again! Every phone call they had to make, every ‘no’ they had to fight through, every relationship they had to build, every sleepless night & struggle over the years was just a small stepping stone of victory that led them to this moment. I believe we are so inspired and emotional during PC recognition because we know the amount of effort, persistence and courage it takes just to attain small victories let alone accomplish something this great! I am so proud of the MacNamera’s, they are my hero’s (along with all the PC) and I’m looking forward to the wave of upcoming PC’s that will change America’s future as we go to 1,000,000!

  49. Gloria Phibbs said

    This major seminar just exploded my believe and helped me see the vision so much clearer. My heart was filled with joy and expectation during this extrodinary event. It was also a great privilage to have this seminar in Ottawa, Canada which made it extra special for my team and I.


  50. Alissa VanSlembrouck said

    I was there to see the MacNamara’s go PC and it was beyond amazing!! Hearing their story again and everything that they went through gave me so much belief in the business and myself. The MacNamara’s are proof that LIFE’s information and system can help anyone achieve huge success! Definitely inspired to me to step out of my comfort zone this year. Thank you Wayne and Raylene and all of PC!!!!

  51. Jen Ulrich said

    It was awesome to finally see this PC recognition. Even seeing Raylene come out in that AMAZING dress could have been enough for me, but of course things just got better from there. There were parts to their story that I hadn’t yet heard, and they were incredibly relatable to me. I could see my moving-on upline up there; I could see myself up there. The entire weekend down in Louisville was a turning point for us, but seeing MacNamaras achieve such a phenomenal goal definitely sealed it all in my mind. Congratulations to Claude and Lana and all of team Kaizen for once again showing us all what’s possible when we work as a TEAM!

  52. Neil Lebeau said

    It has been a great honour for my wife and I to work with Wayne and Raylene. I don’t think you can find anyone better than this couple. Their hearts are as pure as you will find and their passion to help others is obvious as soon as you meet them.

  53. Kody Ellis said

    This was definetly the most inspirational major I have ever been to! It was packed with belief and passion! Just seeing the couple I get to personally work with up on stage put major belief in my eyes that anything is possible in this business! Round Table is coming, my freedom is just around the corner and so is everybody else’s! Trust the people that you are working with because they want to help you move on. Thanks Wayne and Raylene for all your help, congratulations for all your success; it’s just the beginning for you guys, this year, 2013, will be better then your last!


  54. Michelle Perry said

    My first major convention was a blast! So inspiring, finally people I want to be around, learn and grow from
    Thank you…

  55. Kevin&Breanne Hafner said

    Wow….. First, congratulations to Wayne and Raylene! Congratulations to your teams all over Canada and US! Although we don’t know you personally your hearts are on your sleeve, and thats one sign of a great PC leader! Your recognition was just the icing on the cake to an amazing weekend. PC recognition is like no other you could see, and knowing how you had to have the courage to change and grow to get there gives us the courage to do the same! Congratulations from TEAM PORTHOS MUSKETEERS

  56. Joyce Brooks said

    We were there! I was soooo inspired! So many of us cheered them on as though we were winning too! Thanks Orrin and policy council for leading, guiding, and showing us that if 1 couple can do it, another one can!
    Onward to millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. There is no better way than the LIFE business that is for sure.

  58. JR & Lana Harriman said

    Congrats Wayne & Raylene, it was sooooooo awesome to be there and witness this event.

  59. Brian Macnamara said

    Breath taking !!! So proud of you guys amazing I bet mom and dad where some proud of you like I am way to go bro welcome to pc !!!!!

  60. Bill Yontz said

    There really is no words I can think of that describe the emotions I witnessed as Wayne and Raylene move to the next level.
    I have always learned from Wayne when he has spoken. He and Raylene are the example of hard work and persistance and the accomplishments anyone can obtain.
    Mr. Woodward, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us grow to our potentials.

  61. Dayna Wilkerson said

    This was an incredible moment to witness in Kentucky! To see a huge victory accomplished by Wayne and Raylene gave me hope to achieve this with more members of our Team! This is the best, most challenging group of people I have ever been associated with before in my LIFE! To hear bits of Raylene and Wayne’s story has been inspiring to keep moving forward despite the difficulties that come our way.

    God Bless!

  62. Dayna Wilkerson said

    This was an incredible moment to witness in Kentucky! To see a huge victory accomplished by Wayne and Raylene gave me hope to achieve this with more members of our Team! This is the best, most challenging group of people I have ever been associated with before in my LIFE! To hear bits of Raylene and Wayne’s story has been inspiring to keep moving forward despite the difficulties that come our way.

    God Bless!

  63. Elaine Mallios said

    Orrin, you must be so proud of them and Claude and Lana. It was an inspiration to see and experience. Many more to come!

  64. Anne Marie Deacon said


  65. Neera Puri said

    Watching Wayne & Raylene MacNamara go PC moved me to tears. They made it real. It was awesome to reflect upon watching them cross the stage at conferences this past year. And be touched that they accomplished their PC goal in this short time frame. It gave my team great belief. Thank you for this.

  66. Capt. Bill said

    It’s always an emotional moment to watch a couple achieve the excellence few enjoy. Wayne and Raylene understand this is not the apex of their journey, but rather the beginning of yet another climb in the quest to bring others along on the path to mastery. Godspeed, my friends. Thanks for being the difference makers, in a world of complacency. This is LIFE!

  67. Tom Gumpert said

    Congratulations to Wayne and Raylene from the MAGIC in Southern CA!!! Congratulations also to Claude and Lana and to all of Kaizen!!

    The entire convention hall in Visalia was on their feet, cheering, weeping and soaking up the BELIEF that Wayne and Raylene were pouring out to us!! I listened to the words you spoke to Wayne, describing the fidelity, loyalty, courage and devotion to duty represented by the PC. I won’t forget those words or the picture you and Wayne provided. I sense the depth of meaning behind the recognition and it’s awesome!!

  68. Tedd Clippinger said

    Thank you Wayne and Raylene for stepping up to the plate and swinging with all your belief as well as the belief of those who have gone before. You are an inspiration. Fantastic weekend in Kentucky celebrating LIFE! Charge!!

  69. Steven Johnson said

    Hey Orrin,

    Thanks to you and Chris for the new update on The Life Team Builder’s Textbook. Thanks for all you do.

  70. Nicole Mccurry said

    This was an amazing event to be present for! I continuously put myself in their position!

  71. Gordon said

    Thank you Orrin. It truly was a magical moment and I am honored to have been there to witness the PC recognition. Inspiration to grow by.
    In Christ Alone

  72. Kristi McVicker said

    Congratulations Wayne and Raylene! What an inspiration you are!

  73. We are so proud of Wayne and Raylene for leading the charge to 1 million. It is great to see Americans and Canadians coming together to share in each others victories. What a great example of unity and excellence!!

  74. Jill Heller said

    Wayne and Raylene, Congratulations on becoming PC and know that you are an inspiration to many!!

  75. John Lewis said

    To our best friends & personal mentors, Michele and I salute you. Congratulations for showing the vision and work ethic to join the ranks of this elite group of men & women called Policy Council. Your example is inspiring. Your excitement is infectious. And your desire to help so many others makes you special. Thanks Wayne & Raylene for all that you do and who you have become in the process.

    We luv you both.
    John & Michele

  76. Alison Ruhlman said

    I Was there down in front in Kentucky for the recognition! It was amazing! Congrats!!!!

  77. Adam Powell said

    Absolute highlight of the weekend. Just want to thank Wayne and Raylene for helping me charge my elephant. I will never forgot what was said in that recognition by you Orrin, or what Claude or Wayne said. The Life Business is amazing!

  78. Niki said

    What a wonderful accomplishment for Kaizen!! Yay!!!

  79. Andrew Armstrong said

    I was fortunate enough to attend the kentucky leadership convention and grab a spot directly in front of the podium for Wayne and Raylene’s induction to the PC. I was recording everything on my phone while imagining myself and my girlfriend, Michelle, in their shoes. We we will be. My phone stopped recording because the memory was full, but i won’t forget that experience. The future is bright! Congratulations to them once again for being recognized as PC. See you at the top!

  80. Wendi said

    Congrats on PC. What an inspiration to all of us and I am so excited to see the PC momentum this is going to kick off! 2013 is going to be such a fantastic year!

  81. Jason Halteman said

    It was amazing to see the respect shared between yourself, Claude and Wayne. It brought me to tears seeing Wayne acepting the PC ring that I know he has been visioning for years.

  82. Cassie Morgan said

    I was in Cali for the major and watched the video of it. I had never seen anyone get recognized for PC, it was an extremely emotional experience for me! I am so proud of them for the hard work the have put in, and the example the are. Rayleen looked beautiful and I was able to see my husband and I up there. It gave me the belief that I need to go out and go power player! Thanks for the AMAZING example and teaching you all give to me!

  83. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Seeing this amazing couple on stage as they were accepted as PC was a memory I will NEVER forget. Their story is inspiring! Their humble attitude and love for their team is admirable. Thank you for letting us be a part of LIFE as we make history!

  84. Bob Pollock said

    What a blessing this couple is. Their CDs are incredible. You inspire us all!!!

  85. Michael Hartmann said

    Wayne & Raylene, It was an absolute honor to share your victor with us at the Louisville Major! The belief shining from your eyes was nothing short of incredible. The camera man caught that belief in the second picture above where you are approaching Orrin during your recognition! THANK YOU for your example, passion & belief. The entire Team is better to have you where you rightfully belong: on the PC!

  86. CAROL BAKER said

    Wayne & Raylene,
    Thank You for leading by example!! We greatly appreciate ALL team victories…they help keep our teams dreams & goals alive!! 🙂 Congratulations to you & your teams as well 🙂

  87. Thank you Wayne and Raylene. You guys have inspired me to stop camping and start climbing again. You have helped me push aside some of my obstacles and get moving again. No more excuses, no more ‘how?’. The only thing that matters is WHY!
    I’ve decided that my wife is going to be leaving her job this summer so she can focus on her true calling, being MOM to our 1-yr old. That can only happen if we push and never stop. It means we’re going to have to run hard…Nobody ever said it would be easy.

    God bless
    Jason Fredrick

  88. Alaysha said

    This is definitely an inspiration to us all!

  89. Joseph Simon said

    Congratulations Wayne and Raylene….
    It’s powerful vision to enbed into my belief system
    Thank You Orrin for keeping the DREAM alive

  90. Mark Tucker said

    Congratulations on your victory! What a great vision and inspiration for the whole team!!

  91. Kim Black said

    I had the honour of witnessing Wayne and Raylene reaching PC at the major in Ottawa and it was absolutely inspirational. Everyone crowded the stage and was moved to tears of joy. Every speaker at the major instilled in me a stronger belief and inspiration. The whole weekend was like attending your favourite rock star concert, yet 100 times better. Because you take home so much more. Where else can you spend a whole entire weekend with such a constant positively charged environment. Congratulations Wayne and Raylene for hitting PC. And thank you for showing us your belief and passion for this incredible business.

  92. John Burns said

    Orrin, the whole weekend felt like a big family gathering. The air was electric when Claude and Lana introduced the MacNamaras and they hit the stage. Thank you for fostering a culture of high achievement where Wayne and Raylene’s tide raised every ship present.

  93. omarchetta said

    congratulation wayne and raylene !it was awessome to see your victory day thanx for leading the way to the rest of us.1000 pcs to a million people.

  94. Zach Canniff said

    Congratulations Wayne and Raylene! The feeling I got from the energy in that room with you guys in Louisville was so incredible! Your story is truely amazing of how it doesn’t matter where you come from, anything is possible! Thank you for showing that vision of what is coming through persistence! Thank you Orin, for posting this video, it brings back the feeling of being there with you guys and will help to keep the vision in front of me. Thank you for your leadership and encouragement.

  95. Steve Leurquin said

    Watching the team celebrate this victory with Wayne and Raylene was very powerful! Thanks to them for breaking through to cast the vision for the team.

  96. joshua bayless said

    I really loved this whole event but seeing the MacNamaras go PC really lit a fire under my butt and I think really encouraged all of those on my team to stretch for more. What a great sight to see!!

  97. Debbie Spolar said

    So excited to see this çouple achieve this level of success. They touched every heart in all 3 conventions, Im sure, mine being one of them.

  98. Josh Dames said

    I was so blessed to be apart of the major. Thx Wayne and Raylene for leading and going PC!!!!

  99. Steve Meixner said

    Wow, I love being at these celebrations!! Congratulations Wayne and Raylene, you have earned it !! Thanks for Leading and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. Steve

  100. Trevor Long said

    What a treat to witness the culmination of a dream. It is wonderful to be apart of a community the rejoices with those who rejoice. For Wayne and Raylene a dream has come to fruition which has in turn encouraged thousands of others to strive after their dreams. Thank you Claude and Lana for investing in couples like our new PC’s!

  101. Rob Robson said

    What an inspiring story! I was so grateful to be able to experience it at the convention!!

  102. Barry Bauman said

    We watched as champions, true leaders,people that lead from the heart,say something and do it thankyou Wayne and Raylene for for leading and guiding us by example to show that P C can be done in ontario!!
    You have raised our belief level thankyou for your testimony you two are amazing!!!
    about changing lives

  103. Jenn Wong said

    What an amazing accomplishment, well deserved, a great example for the rest of us. FIRED UP!

  104. Rick Satterstrom said

    I was at the Kentucky Major and I’m just starting my journey into leadership. My seat was almost as far from stage as you could get, but I knew I wanted to be up close for the PC recognition! I ended up in front of the front seats and it was amazing! My belief meter was just leaving zero, but to see two people do what they did in just 6 years, my belief is off the charts! If they can build teams with only one meeting a month with Claude, then everybody should see that anyone can do it! Fired up! Fired up! Thank you Wayne and Raylene for continuing to help others that you don’t even know you’re helping. Who’s next?

  105. natalie plant said

    Thank you Wayne and Ray for being such an example to our family. You are so very generous, caring and inspiring. I am learning a lot from watching and experiencing how much you serve and sacrifice for your team. – rhys and nat

  106. Sharon Ellens said

    It was so awesome to see you recognized for your hard work and never-say-die attitude. An inspiration to all of us!

    PS, Laurie teased us by mentioning your gorgeous shoes but we ladies couldn’t see them — please post pics somewhere!

  107. robert wilcox said

    Awesome! thanks for sharing the vision! Congratulations Wayne and Raylene!!

  108. Rick Beernaert said

    These two are the best!! I may be a little bias

  109. Robin Lawrence said

    Wayne and Raylene have such an inspiring story. Congratulations!!

  110. Kim Decker said

    Yes Orrin this was very touching to all of us who watched to know anything is possible if the DREAM is big enough.

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