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All Grace Outreach (AGO): 2012 Year in Review

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 31, 2013

All Grace Outreach

All Grace Outreach

I am happy to report a blessed banner year for All Grace Outreach (AGO) in 2012. While many charities are struggling, AGO nearly doubled it fundraising thanks to a growing LIFE Leadership business. Another amazing attribute of the AGO charity is the percent of funds that actually reach the charities, thanks to the volunteer efforts of the board and LIFE Leadership staff. AGO is a nondenominational Christian charity that focuses on spreading the gospel message and serving those in need. LIFE Leadership gives 100% of its AGO Series (a monthly book and audio subscription) corporate profits to help fund the charity. In addition, the LIFE Leadership community gives generously at conventions during the Sunday morning worship services.

Several years back, Tim Marks, Chris Brady, and I had numerous conversations on how to build the AGO charity properly. AGO is not a church; consequently, we developed several principles to operate by. For instance, although man may divide Christ’s church into denominations, we know that Christ unites all Christians on the Cross by His sacrifice. In other words, we will not go by our denominations in heaven, but merely as servants of the King. Hence, AGO gives to charities supported by Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, and others. Accordingly, AGO’s goal is to support charities that advance Jesus Christ’s Kingdom by fulfilling the Great Commission. The entire AGO Board would like to offer our thanks for all of those who made 2012 such a blessed year.


Orrin Woodward

Throughout 2012, All Grace Outreach continued its mission of impacting and improving the lives of children both locally and globally and funding Christian outreach efforts throughout the world. It was a phenomenal year for AGO. We feel humbled, honored, and blessed to have been able to touch the lives of so many struggling people as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our fundraising efforts for 2012 brought in $397,760 (a 95.5% increase over 2011). The operating expenses for the year totaled $6,110, of which $3,968 was used for booklets that are handed out for free, with the remaining for accounting, banking, and office items. Donations totaled $344,850, with the remaining $46,800 designated for donation to various charities in the 1st quarter of 2013. As a result, 98.5% of the funds were, or will soon be, distributed by AGO to organizations that focus on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and/or assisting women and children. Following is a list of some of the organizations that AGO supported in 2012. We pray that God will use all donations for His glory and renewed hope and a better quality of life for those in need.

  • A New Beginning Pregnancy Center
  • Founders Ministries
  • GAP Ministries
  • Ligonier Ministries
  • Pregnancy Care Centre
  • Samaritan Center
  • Wisdom for the Heart
  • Zoie Sky Foundation

AGO does not employ any paid staff and runs completely on volunteer labor. Words cannot express how grateful we are to all those who have contributed their time, talent, and effort to advance our cause. We look forward to what God has in store for 2013. May His love and grace abound to all those who thirst and hunger for His love.

God Bless,

All Grace Outreach

64 Responses to “All Grace Outreach (AGO): 2012 Year in Review”

  1. bill lewis said

    it is great to be part of an organization that is truly committed to helping others. The AGO subscription is fantastic for us personally but it also helps a lot of great charities.

  2. brian B said

    great companies start with great foundations thanks to the PC

  3. Terry said


  4. Lynn Briley said

    This is absolutely amazing. Not many charities give that big of a percentage! To God be the Glory!!!

  5. Paul Horst said

    Being on the monthly AGO subscription helps me grow in my faith AND helps others by assisting worthy organizations. That’s a true win-win situation! Glad to be part of AGO.

  6. Clint Fix said

    I love the AGO series and the fact that the profits from it go to fantastic charities. Another reason I love being associated with the LIFE community.

  7. I am so honored to be part of the LIFE organization leading the way and sharing the prosperity. I look forward to assisting in choosing such charities when I join the ranks of the Policy Council. 🙂 Thank you Jerry and Polly Harteis for leading the Centurions!

  8. Kristine Militello said

    That’s so awesome! Just another reason to be proud to represent the amazing LIFE business.

  9. Cody Newton said

    I have been truly blessed by this AGO series.

  10. Capt. Bill said

    Now that’s a charity model you don’t see everyday! It’s outstanding to see the dollars go directly to the cause! Let’s double than for 2013!

  11. leslie gates said

    I’m honored to be a part of an organization who focuses on giving back and blessing others!

  12. Wes Smith said

    Simply Amazing!

  13. Emily said

    I’m so proud and blessed to be apart of this great organization!

  14. Tennyson Heen said

    Walking the talk and showing the way. Why wouldn’t want to be affiliated with this organization?
    It is nice to be a part of this community!

  15. Bill schmidt said

    Wow great amazing stuff for the Glory of God Orrin:), it’s fantastic to be involved with a community that wants to help everyone they can!
    Great job, God Bless

  16. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin

    That is all so amazing! Thanks to your servant Leadership of leaders the world is getting changed one by one!

  17. Candace and Steve Brown said

    It is great to be associated with an organization that has an outreach as generous as AGO spreading the love of Christ.
    Steve and Candi Brown

  18. Jennifer Ulrich said

    Praise God! I’m so excited to be part of this awesome vehicle for blessing others. I love that the operating costs are so small, so that any donations given can be maximized for service!

  19. Kim Black said

    Awesome! Thank you to all the volunteers. God Bless

  20. Sue Lohr said

    Thank you for sharing such great news. We LOVE our AGO books and CD’s and share them with others. In fact, POINT MAN (the book) was just returned to us; it has been “in circulation” all these months! We look forward to sharing the AGO experience with many others in the months and years to come. Continue to be great examples of great servants!

  21. Tedd Clippinger said

    Praise the Lord! The AGO series is one of our family favorites each month; excited to contribute to Kingdom work.

  22. Jerry & Polly Harteis said

    You’re all a blessing to so many ~ the hands & feet of Christ! Thanks for all you do to make our world a better place!

  23. Jason Dames said

    Wow !!! its so cool to be a part of something so specisl that reaches so many people to truth! !! Thank u Orrin and The PC

  24. Paul Britz said

    Thank you for starting and maintaining this wonderful organization! God Bless!

  25. Ron Lemcool said

    I am proud of the work that everyone has done and it is great to follow wonderful people with integrity, that they do what they say and help so many people improve their lives . Well Done!

  26. Hilary Dorr said

    This is awesome!

  27. Renee Oettinger said

    It is incredible to see the number of people giving to help others and it is so easy to give knowing it the cause it supports. Thank you for your willingness to give of your time to make this happen.

  28. Eben Smith said

    This is truly an honour to be associated with a group of people who are doing good in this world when the promotes what’s wrong. May God continue to bless us and AGO series.

  29. Ken Hendon said

    Amazing! Great numbers, great cause, great God!

  30. Andrea and Mike Renkas said

    Wonderful! Thanks for the details, its good to see how much of an impact AGO will make and has.

  31. Adam Rossman said

    This is fantastic!!

  32. Juleen Ray said

    I am so blessed and proud to be associated with this organization!!! The AGO subscription is always an incredible blessing personally and to know we are helping others see that HOPE is alive in Jesus…that is phenomenal.

    Thank you Jesus!!!

  33. Jodi Jaeger said

    Wow!! That is amazing! We are so humbled and blessed to be a part of this growing community! I know for me, when I was a single mother raising two children, I wasn’t always able to give what I wish I could to church or charities. But now, because of the Life Business, and the finacial principles we’ve learned and applied, we are able to give more than I could have ever imagined! Thank you Orrin!!

  34. Steve Duba said

    Thank you Lord for all the great people you have granted me the opportunity to be associated with in this Life organization.
    They have not only changed my life,but countless others.I am truly blessed.AMEN

  35. So awesome the charities that are being supported! The quality of the content in the AGO series is incredible and impacting so many lives spiritually. $1,000,000 would be a great goal for 2013. I think if there’s any organization that can do it, it’s LIFE!

  36. I am proud to be a part of such a great business that has its foundation built upon a solid foundation. Praise God for leaders led to honor Biblical commands and principles.

  37. Peggi Kern said

    I love the AGO subscription!! The books I’ve received have all been amazing books that have helped me continue to develop my faith. The cds are inspiring and Bible based messages that I truly love. So thankful that it helps support all the causes it does. What a blessing!

  38. Peggi Kern said

    The AGO series has been such an amazing series of books and cds. So thankful for the causes it supports!

  39. What fabulous news!!! So exciting and wonderful!!! Makes me extremely proud to be apart of the LIFE organization.

  40. Yvon Doiron said

    Awesome work!!! I’m proud of the AGO volunteer Team and I’m proud to be an AGO subscriber.

  41. Lori Maas said

    Our family has been so blessed by AGO materials! And we too are honored to be a part of an organization who focuses on giving back and blessing others! This is why we will always be a part of Life. Lets get busy and help more people!

  42. Josh Dames said

    This fires me up!!! What a great ministry!!!!

  43. Tina Rasmussen said

    Amen to such a great organization and the minds that created it. Thanks to all those who selflessly donate their time to make sure so many needs are helped. God Bless all of you!

  44. Matt Mielke said

    Wow! What God can do through a group of people that worship Him. I know the AGO funds have helped locally at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

  45. Dave Hall said

    Thanking God with you all for His Good News shared and the Kingdom being advanced through the proceeds of the LIFE business and the generous hearts of it’s founders!

  46. Cassie Morgan said

    This is amazing! I love what AGO is doing

  47. Stuart Hall said

    When you are blessed, become a blessing. The AGO subscription is truly awesome AND it helps others in need through its donations. A win-win situation. Thank you LIFE.

  48. To belong to an organization that walks by faith and shamelessly proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ is awesome. Coming to a seminar and opening in prayer? You better believe it. It was great and I knew I had found the team I wanted run with. Proud of LIFE and AGO!

  49. Robert Daley said

    I pray that God continues to bless this organization and it’s leaders…… Thank you to all who make this part of LIFE possible
    God bless

  50. Rick Green said

    While many companies partner with external third parties, who take “their cut”, TEAM/LIFE continues to set the bar. The AGO not only provides great inspirational information, but it passes the blessings on to some many. Another great example of a “win/win” relationship!

    Many thanks to the Policy Council and the many volunteers, who continue the “Fight for Good.”

  51. Nicole Mccurry said

    Thank u to all those who volunteer there time!

  52. John Hatchell said

    Thank you, We can’t say anything else, Amen

  53. Alison Ruhlman said

    What an amazing first year of the LIFE business launch support to the All Grace Outreach. I love that so much of the funds are used for the purpose they are given, and also that so many people volunteer their time as part of this outreach! Way to go AGO series and everyone else!!!!

  54. Cindy Dillon said

    Wow, a win/win! Great content for me and great causes to support.

  55. Gordon Gerber said

    Proud and honored to be associated with an organization who’s known purpose is to serve and glorify the LORD God Almighty. He will continue to honor those who call upon Him. That is His divine promise to man. His ultimate creation. Thank you Team LIFE for your honorable cause.

  56. Steve Leurquin said

    What a great organization! We are so proud to be part this community of people!

  57. Angie Ballah said

    Making a difference!! What an honor to be a part of such a community!

  58. Awesome! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  59. Kaitlyn Fix said

    That is an awesome year for AGO. I have learned so much from the series. It also makes me excited to know that our purchase goes to a good cause.

  60. Kim Decker said

    What can anyone say to this except: AMEN

  61. Wonderful, wonderful news – so glad to be one small part of this story through my subscription & some a la carte investment made on the shopping cart in the ‘Faith’ F over the past year 🙂 I give a significant amount of credit to the AGO for my return to attending weekly church services — filling a void in my weekly life. Thank you to the entire PC for being serving leaders and taking no monies for being involved. Blessings to you, Orrin.

  62. Renee said

    Not sure why my comment wasn’t posted before? It was a simple question… Where is this church located?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Renee, AGO is not a church is a charitable foundation. Read the article and you will see that. 🙂

  63. Dan Schaenzer said

    This is an amazing article, what’s even more amazing is that while we are learning to grow closer to the father thru this material, his gospel is being spread across the world with the money from those great materials.

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