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Absent Fathers

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 12, 2013

Dan Hawkins shares some sobering thoughts on absent fathers in this video. Dan and Lisa Hawkins are building a large community of entrepreneurs throughout the country. As a featured speaker on the Mental Fitness Challenge, Dan is making a difference around the world. Imagine if every dad learned the principles taught through the LIFE business and nurtured his children to dream and do. The gift of LIFE is given in 24-hour increments. The question is: What are we doing with our 24-hour gifts?


Orrin Woodward

49 Responses to “Absent Fathers”

  1. Terry said

    Amen to that…Dad you have no idea how important you are!!!

  2. Tim Marks said

    I love Dan and Lisa’s story. They are truly making a difference in this world . Thanks for this post Orrin

  3. Scott Staley said

    That’s a great video – and the information/statistics are somewhat sobering. I love that LIFE offers truth and the tools to begin to effect change.

    Great blog, thank you for sharing.

  4. Tina Abernathy said


    I remember hearing part of this on the EDGE CD produced by Dan. My kids enjoyed it and so did I.

    The statistic given are frightening and all too real. I am extremely thankful that I am not one of those children, yet the ripple effect of absent fathers affects all of us. My husband on the other hand grew into an awesome father and husband in-spite of his absent father. Raymond decided long ago, that picture of dad that his life would draw would reflect the characteristics of Christ and not that which he lived.

    The LIFE materials give us all a chance to bless generations to come through sound teaching and an unparalleled community to support us as we grow!

  5. pat edwards said

    We have a our work cut out for us. A great relationship between a father and their children is so important and so few fathers in this country even realize it! Dads teach their sons what it takes to be a real man and their daughters, how to have a good relationship with that man. That’s a lot of responsibility, we need to go out and let the dads know its time to to step up. Our kids needs us. Thanks Dan for a great talk!

  6. Dan Pinkelman said

    This perspective is exactly why I got on the LIFE material to begin with. As clear as a bell, I remember Kirk Birtles sitting at my dining room table saying “most dads get 10-15 seconds per day to look into their child’s eyes”. That’s all it took and it has made all the difference in every area of my LIFE.
    Romans 8:12-25

  7. Heidi said

    Thanks for the reminder of how many people are out there hurting so much, Orrin (and Dan). It is motivating to keep spreading the information that can lead them to the truth.

  8. Victor Scargle said

    I was fortunate enough to have two great fathers in my life but still want to become better for my son! The times are different so who do you look to in this day and age? Fortunately I have been able to associate with members of the LIFE team who always working on becoming better fathers and the bar is set by the men of the PC, not perfect but have grown enough, been humble enough that they have the results I want to follow. They have the results and have instilled the principals in their young men as a country we should follow. Thank you not easy just worth it!

  9. I have been very blessed in life to have a wonderful father. However all threw my childhood I seen many of my friends with out positive male role models in their lives. I seen first hand the difference in temperaments, decision making abilities & low self esteem this caused in my friends & still to this day the lasting affects it has had.
    I am so glad the LIFE program discusses issues like this. Many people may never realize how important a male role model is in a child’s life. Thank you to the LIFE program & Dan Hawkins for paving that pathway for discussion or thought on such a prevalent topic.

  10. Tammy Darling said

    Wow! Just shows that we need to get this great info out there to EVERYONE… Because you just never know… Thank for posting this and reminding us of our importance in society! Let’s lower the statistics!!!
    Thanks Dan & Orrin!

  11. Beau warren said

    This is a great message to Men/Fathers as to the importance of Fatherhood. I believe we as Men, should be aware of our kids friends that may not have a Father. And make ourselfs available and befriend them and show them love and values to the best of our ability.

  12. It’s information like this that makes LIFE so critically important to the future of our country and ultimately the world.

  13. Steve Duba said

    Thanks O Very Important message to share with everyone.The role model/mentor/father figure is so criticle in a young impressionable mind.Thanks to the LIFE organization we have the materials to get the message out and begin the process of changing
    this culture and country and then the world. God Bless

  14. Joseph Keller said

    Amazing Blog with eye opening stats like that its time to change the tide and stiffen some spines. This group with these materials is making such a difference and bring the change thats needed in society. Thanks keep up with the great materials for they are Life changing and may we spread it forward for there are many eyes that need a rude awakening and this is just the group to get it done for we can be the change that we want to see in society, its up to us!

  15. Linda Sovey said

    I would like to think that I was and am a loving parent. Was I a perfect parent? No. Am I a perfect person today? No.
    But I strive to be a better parent / person today than I was yesterday and with all the help from people like Joe and Marianne Keller, Wayne and Raylene McNamara, and all my upline (and downline) and the wonderful friendships that I have made, I know that I will only be better, get better and have a happier life.
    The material (books, cds, dvds, seminars, majors etc) stand for itself. We have the ‘best of the best’ to learn from. All we have to do is open our eyes, ears and heart.
    Thank you everyone for helping me become a better person!

  16. Dave Green said

    Every child needs a hero, if it is not Dad then who is it? I thank God every day that I have a dad.

    Thanks Dan!

  17. Powerful stuff! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  18. Cody Moyer said

    Incredible! Thank you Dan and LIFE for the differences your making.

  19. Rob Robson said

    So grateful that we are teaching Fathers to be Dads! I love the Life Business and the amazing Policy council!

  20. Lisa Elliott said

    Great video.

  21. Michael Hartmann said

    Thanks for sharing Dan & Orrin!

  22. Bill Eder said

    It’s ashame these stats are not published or talked about as some of the reason our culture is what it is today. many more people sshould become aware of that a fathers role is very important in the life of children Thanks for this informative video. Another reason to share the LIFE principles with everyone.
    Congrats Dan for speaking out.

  23. Tony Hoffman said

    After watching Dan’s video, I believe Orrin’s writing, “The gift of LIFE is given in 24 hour increments …. what are we doing with our 24 hour gifts?” says it all. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Elaine Mallios said

    This is some important material. Isn’t it so sad the devastation this has caused in our families? I’m sure it has impacted most people since fathers have become less and less involved with the raising of the children. Let’s get this info out there – how valuable it will be make people aware?! Thank you again!

  25. Dean Frey said

    It is truly awesome to see the roles that us fathers play in the lives of our children. It reminds me that someone is learning from every action I take. Let’s keep the bar high!

  26. Alex Obiden said

    Now that is the true success story. Short term sacrifice for long term victory through the LIFE Community. Out victories our worth it 🙂

  27. Peggi Kern said

    Sobering statistics! I’m thankful that I’ve got my hands on the kind of information that can make others aware of these dangers and also give them tools to apply to their lives to change those statistics for the future generation.

  28. Thera LeFeuvre said

    Thanks Dan. This message needs to be spread far and wide, it is so true. A great book to help in understanding the importance of fathers in the development of both boys and girls is ‘Wild at Heart’ by John Elridge which is available through the Life system.

    Possibly needs editing.

  29. Lin Johnson said

    Thanks for sharing that video. It is just another great reminder of why building this business is so important to the next generation. I was very blessed to have a wonderful father and honestly thought that everyone had what I had in a great family. It wasn’t until we began counselling couples that I found out that what I had growing up was the exception. This is such a great environment for us all. I love watching how Greg is such a great role model for our kids and how much they look up to him and respect him. I am sure that a lot of the credit has to go to the system. Someone ask our son the other day, what he wanted to be, and he replied, “I just want to be half the man my dad is”. Thanks for all you and the other policy council do to set the pace and get us to think and become better. God Bless!

  30. Jeffrey Netz said

    Thank you for speaking truth! Many are born male but it takes courage to be Men! thank you for setting the example Dan!

  31. Alison Ruhlman said

    Great video — wow!!

  32. Melva said

    Great video! The LIFE materials have made such a difference in my family’s life.

  33. Kevin Hamm said

    Great post Orrin, and great video Dan!

    It is a sobering thought the responsibility we have as fathers, I am truly thankful for the role my father has had in my life. My biological father took his life when I was just 6 months old. My mother married Virgil Hamm a year and a half later and the stories are told of how he would correct people when they referred to “Marie’s” kids and say they are “OUR” kids. It was the providence of God that brought my father into my life. Who knows what may have become of a strong choleric kid with no role model. He stepped in and interrupted the pattern and filled the role that only a father could fill. Thank you for the role you are playing in building fathers.

  34. Christine Fleury said

    Incredible truths that we just don’t think about, but they still have HUGE ramifications. I remember being so afraid to have kids someday out of fear that they’d eventually turn out like some family members and other people I’ve seen- I couldn’t bear the thought of being a mom watching your kid make such bad decisions. Now through being around the great examples I’ve seen in the LIFE community, I realize that although we can’t totally control the decisions our kids will make and the lives they will lead, we DO have a lot more say in it than I ever realized. Now Abraham and i are excited to have and raise children that will help change the world. Thank God for a crazy business that will help us apply the right principles and help us do that, and help others with the same… And as we get our homes right, getting our country right will follow almost automatically. Thanks Orrin for another great post, and Dan Hawkins for breaking the mold of fatherlessness/absent fathering in your own home and inspiring thousands to do the same.

  35. Thanks Orrin! I love what this organization represents! The opportunity to change statistics and make this world a better place!

  36. Sara Ammerman said

    Thank you, Orrin for posting! I love what the LIFE community represents and I’m so glad someone was willing to share this with us! I truely believe that it all starts in the home….and the home we create for our children is where we start to make the difference.

  37. Patrick Turner said

    Wow, don’t know when Dan got those stats but they need to change for the better for all of North America!

  38. Owen Derry said

    Gives every father one more reason to change and make a difference in his own family, and to set an example for other fathers. Great post!

  39. Orrin,

    Thanks for sharing that video with us. I was great!! Always great information from Dan.

  40. Steve Leurquin said

    This is a great talk. I remember when he gave it. It was true back then and it is even more true today. Thanks for being the example!

  41. As a person coming from the ‘absent father’ generation I can appreciate the stand LIFE is making in spreading this information. We need a major reversal in those statistics STAT! Thank you Dan for this talk and Orrin for spreading the message.

  42. Bob Rasmussen said

    I count my blessings everyday that the Team and The LIFE business have clarified my role as a father based on biblical principles we lead people to through our information. God Bless

  43. robert wilcox said

    Great talk thanks for sharing Orrin! This topic is definately a crisis in our Country. I pray that more Fathers get this information and apply it … I pray they actually realize and understand the impact it makes on a child. I pray that Fathers understand they are Leaders whether it be good or bad … they are Leaders. I pray that one of us on the Team gets this information to every Father in our Nation and around the World.

  44. Sherry Fix said

    I know what it is like to have an “absent” father. My father was in our home, but only for abuse and drinking. I actually think it’d have been better if he was gone physically too. However, I have vowed to change that for my children (2 of which are grown, 1 still at home) and also to build a better place for children to come that are “thrown away” by irresponsible parenting (if you want to call it that). Thanks for posting this video and bringing this to people’s attention yet again. I am proud to represent an organization that is working to change this culture.

  45. Diane Buhlman said

    Those stats are mind boggling …. !!! It is time to change and stand up for our future … that is our kids

  46. Cheryl said

    It is such a blessing to be exposed to this information to know that I can start the tide of change with my family. It is also difficult to see the same pattern continuing with friends and they resist the change because it is a disruption to the status quo.

  47. Steven Brown said

    It is really scary to hear those numbers but unless we spread those to the country no one will take notice. Thanks Orrin and Dan for sharing them for all.

    Steven Brown

  48. Jon & Ginny Matheson said

    Great talk i love the information and statistics, this is a great forum to pass along information ( from the same point of view not twisted).

  49. Abby J. Smith said

    Orrin and Dan
    I come from a broken home, and I can relate with some of those statistics. I love LIFE, because it teaches us “simple” truths that we sometimes take for granted. So blessed. Thank you for sharing!

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