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Dr. Ben Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 14, 2013

I woke up early this morning excited to watch Benjamin Carson’s talk at the National Prayer Breakfast. So many people have emailed me the link and said it reminded them of concepts shared by Oliver DeMille and me in the soon-to-be-released book LeaderShift. There is a law of life, similar to the one in science, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Today, America is drifting further and further towards a socialist nanny state; thankfully, however, a reaction is rising amongst leaders from all fields of life who are concerned about the direction of our society and are willing to do something about it. I sincerely believe that character-based leadership is needed more today in America than at any point since the founding of our nation.

Ben Carson, in this speech, made a stand for truth on education, history, and leadership. Not surprisingly, many of the concepts discussed in Dr. Carson’s speech are outlined in LeaderShift to help solve our national malaise. In other words, concerned Americans are not alone. Nonetheless, we need many more leaders to stand up and launch the LeaderShift! When faced with great challenges, the citizen’s choices reduce to two main paths: either shrink into silence and oppression or rise into leadership and liberty. What choice will the reader make? I believe we are entering great times for courageous leaders to live.


Orrin Woodward

96 Responses to “Dr. Ben Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast”

  1. I LOVED it – especially watching President Obama’s reactions (and lack thereof), to a truly inspiring speech.

  2. Lillian Carnes said

    I am so pleased to see that you have recognized the similarity of Dr. Carson’s ideas and beliefs to the LIFE business. I have ordered three books that Dr. Carson has written. The books are right in line with the LIFE books recommended and the CD’s. Dr. Carson is a very wise man and has had a hard struggle to get where he is in life. His story is amazing.

  3. Tina Abernathy said


    I too found this to be an excellent talk. You know that I am a fan of Ben Carson (and Sonya , his mother..lol) and when I saw this I immediately posted it on my Facebook. To see it here on your blog is confirmation that my thinking is on track for leadership and liberty! Can not wait to get a hold of your new book.


  4. Fantastic!

  5. Dr. Ben Carson for President.

  6. Orrin,
    Absolutely loved his speech! My first thought as he talked was that he’s a thinker! Reminded me of yourself, the policy council of LIFE and the many up and coming leaders within the company. So glad you made a stand to change yourself so many years ago. What you and your constituents do works and I’ve seen the proof. Take care and God Bless.
    Ed Fancon

  7. Inspiring

  8. Sheri Lucas said

    I too immediately noted the similarities lining up with Dr. Carson’s speech and our Leadership business – LIFE! So wonderful to know we are leading the way in this country with such concerned Americans such as Dr. Carson. I feel we have only scratched the surface of just how many families’ lives we are going to touch. It’s so exciting I truly couldn’t sleep last night! Thanks Orrin, Chris, PC, spouses, and RT for being so courageous, leading the charge and making such a huge difference in our lives! On to ONE MILLION and more!

  9. wendi witkowski said

    I chose to rise up for leadership and liberty. I thank you, Orrin and Oliver, for creating the trim tab that Leadershift will be.

  10. Holger said

    All I can say is, AMEN!! We are not alone, there are many others in this country that recognize something needs to be done and it starts with “me”. To victory!!

    One Nation under God!


  11. Ken Hendon said

    Love this! You, Oliver, and Dr. Carson speak the same language; the language of common sense and success. The languages of my fellow teachers and my fellow builders were not attractive to my ears or my soul. This is what makes our business universal. All peoples want to be near to the language of successful living.
    Thanks for speaking to us and for us.
    Continued blessings, Ken

  12. Scott Staley said

    Wow – awesome video! It was interesting watching President Obama’s reactions throughout the speech. In particular, I liked the parables that were used. What a great wA to start the day!

    Great blog, and thank you for sharing.

  13. Titi said

    Great post Orrin! Dr Carson did a great job with respect but to the point!
    LeaderShift is going to be earth shaking and I can’t wait to read and share with others!

  14. kevin shope said

    Wow that was a great talk and very encouraging!! America needs more men and women to lead and challenge the status quo. Thanks to the Team/Life,the PC’s and with God’s help we will have more men and women to lead and to encourage others to become all that they were meant to be. Looking forward to your book and praying for the huge impact it will make!! Thanks God Bless and GO TO YOUR DESTINY!! Kevin

  15. Sharon Hoffman said

    I couldn’t agree more! Loved it! As a former teacher, I am particularly interested in getting his book to see the test that was given to third-graders, that today’s seniors might not even pass. Bill Lewis also did a CD on the life of Ben Carson. I believe it was called Risk, Fear, Worry!

  16. Heidi said

    I felt like it was a talk you would give, Orrin. I guess that is what happens when two men are getting the basic principles that they live by from the same Book!

  17. Joe McGuire said

    A great message. Dr. Carson is a real American Hero’n

  18. Beau warren said

    That was GREAT !! I hope people listen and apply the wisdom he shared.

  19. JeanetteP said

    Wow Orrin! Thank you for posting this! What courage! What an inspiration! Thank you for all that you and the PC do! Keep up the good fight of faith! Do you have a group of recommend “must reads” to catch one up to speed on Americas history/founding principles? Its sad that, as Dr Carson noted, 200 yrs ago EVERYONE -from the second grader to the mountain man-knew their past and current history but today we not only don’t have a clue but rather it is being re-written right under our noses! I so appreciate the History that LIFE is educating us with!!!
    I love the quote that Dr. Carson spoke, “When you educate a man, you liberate the man!”
    Thanks again for all you do! God Bless!

  20. Rick Green said

    What an amazing post!

    With everything that is going on in our respective countries, there still seems to be a great many “Ostriches, who have their head in the sand.” It is up to US to spread the word and educate the masses; because by doing nothing, we are conceding that “The lion’s dinner plan’s have not changed.”

  21. Dayna Wilkerson said

    Thank you so much Orrin for posting this video! I love all he said and Cannot wait to get many copies of LeaderShift out to those who love Freedom! This is just the beginning of a great journey! Thank you, Laurie and the rest of the LIFE founders for all you all have done for us to bring this message of Hope and Truth to the world!
    God Bless

  22. Maura Galliani said

    Dr. Carson’s speech was amazing, and his re-telling of the story at the end of Francis Scott Key and our flag brought tears to my eyes. Everybody needs to watch this speech and “rise into leadership and liberty!” Thank you, Orrin. Fired up!

    p.s. Sharing this video [and your blog] is another great way to shed light on our community’s mission for those we are looking to pass a hand up to. 🙂

  23. Josh Dames said

    Wow!!!!! It is so great to see this video!!! The president was hearing truth!! God bless and thx Orrin

  24. george guzzardo said

    Orrin, What a shock, Biblical principles that have always worked discussed in public. There is a ground swell of leadership rising throughout the country and the ‘Leadershift’ book will be on top of the wave!

  25. Chad Waters said

    Great message Orrin.

  26. robert wilcox said

    Wow! The most amazing breakfast I have ever had … and I didnt eat anything! I loved this Orrin thanks for sharing. I dont know where to start … Sensitivity and Political Correctness … people being afraid to talk about what we NEED to talk about. “Talk about things that are important to the development of our Country” “When you educate a man you Liberate a man!” Dr. Carson has definately done some homework on Leadership …..talking about reading … having no excuses and controlling your own Destiny. I will stop there … I cannot wait to get my hands on “Leadershift” I cannot wait to see the MILLIONS of people who will be impacted by the book … the ripple effect …. Thanks for Leading!

  27. Mark Pruitt said


  28. Jessica Sorensen said

    So powerful and true! Our nation needs to hear speeches like that, that will raise up leaders to take a stand for our nation like our founding fathers did and many others to bring our nation back to the glory it once held. Our nation is falling slowly but hasn’t yet fallen so we as Americans need to stop saying it’s to late or believing we don’t have any say or influence to affect change. One man can be the difference because it is guarenteed others will follow behind and step up as well. Don’t lose hope for our nation and what it can become with God as our advocate, our leader, and our defender. Thank you Dr. Carson for standing up for what you believe in and not sitting idly by while our nation and its citizens let our nation fall. Truly inspiring to see someone who still believes and will influence others to make the decision to affect change as well.

  29. natalie plant said

    We as a family are committed to stepping up and doing all that we can to be great leaders in our community and country. Thank you Mr.Woodward for standing on Godly principles and providing us with a platform to make a difference.

  30. Steve Duba said

    Thanks O. Courage,simple courage.Its beginning to be evident that the shift is starting to take place.More and more on a daily basis the current is changing.We are so proud to be involved in the wave of change.It in itself is the motivating factor for our daily lives.Thank you for your courage and vision for the Lords work.I liked the recent cd that went something like this.The funny thing about the truth is you don’t have to remember what you said.It’s just truth like Chris said. Amen

  31. Awesome!!!!

  32. Orrin, I know why Dr Carson sounds so much like you & Oliver. It is because you are all sharing truth.
    Keep Leading the Way!

  33. Skip Mason said

    Glad to hear that the truth was being spoken directly to those who need to hear it most. Hopefully they were listening and taking notes.

    God Bless America !!!!

  34. Timmy Sorensen said

    Awesome to know other people are out there speaking truth!

  35. Jesus Hernandez said

    The truth is universal thats what we all must know. It is our worldviews that are in confrontation and not the truth. History repeats its self and like he said we have “brains” to think our way out of problems. Embrace the truth and move forward. Thanks for sharing this video otherwise i would of never seen it. Its time to break the chains of obligations and live a life of priorities and stop the moral decay. Thanks for the message Orrin, God Bless!

  36. J & P Harteis said

    Truth is so refreshing to the soul of a human being! I pray that President Obama had his ears open to the truth in this message. We, as a nation, need to pray for his soul! Thank you, Orrin, for posting this!

  37. Eben Smith said

    That was a truly awesome speech by Dr. Carson. I am a big fan of his. We were discussing Dr. Carson speech at my church this passed Sunday in Sunday school. DR. Carson lay out simple truth and he was tactful about it. I laughed when he said that majority of republicans and demcrotics are lawyers who are lobbying to win at any cost. Lol. That shows me that Dr. Carson is an American and Rascal. Thanks for the leading the way with the truth Orrin.
    God Bless,

  38. Kim Morisett said

    Leadership and Liberty for me, Orrin! There’s no other option!

  39. Lena said

    I am so thankful for people that have the courage to speak the truth.

  40. Ann Cozad said

    WOW! Such an amazing talk, every single word held me captive! There is so much power in truth, and our nation is so fortunate to be able to hear Dr. Carson speak. Although, it seemed as though it could have been one of our Policy Council members delivering the message!

  41. David Kangas said

    I don’t think BHO was impressed! The ultimate slap in the face was when he blew off Obama and shook hands with Biden! Hilarious!!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      I believe we fight on principles, not personalities, as we can keep politics more civil and see others perspectives so we can help them if wrong, or learn fromt them if right. Differentiation between Right or Left politics, in my opinion, ought to be replaced by right and wrong principles! 🙂 Thanks, Orrin

      • David Kangas said

        I do not expect an ongoing dialog with you Orrin, but you are right. Principles leave an imprint for the future to see and appreciate, personalities are a dime a dozen. 95%’ville still bites me now and then, but I’m getting better. David Kangas

      • Orrin Woodward said

        I am proud of you David! We are all getting better! thanks, Orrin

  42. Evelyn Monk said

    I love that video. You could tell that some of the people there were a little uncomfortable with his message. It is great that he had the courage to say what he did in front of some of the people at that table. He is a real hero. I pray that we all have the same courage to speak our message to the people who need to hear it. With God’s help and the wonderful LIFE materials we will be able to share truth and hope with people.

  43. Justin Chupp said

    Wow!What a great post!

  44. Bob Rasmussen said

    Fired up post!! It is encouraging to see other leaders out there with the courage to speak truth!! God bless

  45. William Martin said

    This same law of “Reaction to Actions” also applies to Economics”.
    Thhomas Sowell, “Basic Economics”. Bill

  46. Jeff Campbell said

    WOW! This is quite an impressive video! I’m so grateful that some people speaking in the national spotlight are speaking truth! Thank you for sharing.

    Jeff 🙂

  47. Steve Leifheit said

    Orrin, After this talk Dr. Ben Carson was asked how he could say such potentially offensive statements in front of the president. He answered saying he had no intent to be offensive. Rather he felt lead to speak truth. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Harry Truman when a supporter yelled from the crowd, “Give ’em hell Harry!” He responded in this way; “I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.” That is also what Dr Carson did. Let truth be spoken and let the chips fall where they may.
    Love ya’

  48. John Lewis said

    Thanks for this post Orrin. I heard somewhere that for the last 60 years, it’s been considered taboo to talk about politics or religion. The result is a population that knows nothing about politics or religion.

    Thanks for your leadership!

  49. Jason Halteman said

    Wow! Truth in todays society is like water to a dry land.
    Thanks for sharing.

  50. Dawn Andermann said

    I loved Dr. Carson’s comments about reading. I might share those comments with my fifth graders that are studying success principles. They need to hear about the difference reading made for someone one coming out of poverty. We all can change our situations by reading the truth!

  51. “In other words, concerned Americans are not alone. Nonetheless, we need many more leaders to stand up and launch the LeaderShift! ” AMEN! God is at work for sure!

  52. Lynn Mossner said


    I loved this talk by Dr. Benjamin Carson. Truly amazing. As I watched it I thought of you and how you always encourage a fear of God, not of man. Dr. Carson demonstrated his faith and his lack of fear of man. A lesser man may have had his same thoughts, but would have never had the courage to speak them in front of the President of the United States in a public setting. He was eloquent, gracious, and truthful.

    God bless,


  53. Dan Miller said

    What a great talk! Ben Carson has a truly amazing story of self-directed education. If you ever get the chance, check out his story “Gifted Hands – The Ben Carson Story” – this movie had me seeing the similarities of LIFE from beginning to end. Very inspiring!

  54. Kevin Hamm said


    Watching videos on my “hot spot” account sends me into overage charges, and yet, I couldn’t shut it off. What a great demonstration of courage. Let no one think that standing in the gap does not have consequences, but the rewards, most of which come after death, will be worth it. It’s time to build legacies.

  55. Tim Miller said

    Very inspiring to hear truth spoken so clearly! Thanks for your post and follow up comments.


  56. Mark Pruitt said

    Ive now watched this video three times and am blown away at the boldness and confidence displayed by Dr. Carson. If Dr. Carson can stand 4 feet from our current dictator and call him out without wavering, what is my excuse?
    He knows who’s he is and who he is.
    I’m inspired to a new level and have confidence that our country can be turned around.
    We are going to a million people and liberate America once more!
    Mark Pruitt

  57. Jammie Fisher said

    I like his lawyer comments, does a great job of saying that it isn’t about right and left. It’s about getting to the root of the problem and finding right and wrong. Thanks for sharing this!

  58. Alison Ruhlman said

    Exciting times!!!! I LOVED this video — and can’t wait for the book too!!!

  59. Jim Martin said

    Wow!!!! That video is right on track, watching obama’s body language you could see he didn’t like hearing TRUTH. He did not even shake his hand after his speech was done, total disrepect. I am glad to see more and more people like Dr. Carson stand up and speak truth with confidence. Thanks for this post Orrin.

  60. Micah Kramer said

    Thank you Orrin! This was a blessing. There’s much to be done. Thank you for your efforts and dedication to helping people win in life!!

  61. Kirk Richie said

    This is an awesome speech, thanks for posting this Orrin I would not have seen it either otherwise. There are so many parallels seen in the thinking of Dr. Ben Carson and Orrin, Oliver, and the rest of the Policy council, it got me so Fired Up and made my day. My favorite part is from minute 19:30-19:45 when the guy sitting between President Obama and Dr. Ben Carson gets the “glaze effect” knocked right out of him by Dr. Ben Carson’s words, priceless! I am so excited for LeaderShift, it is going to blow the “glaze effect”, as Oliver coined it, off of so many people. I cried tears of joy at the end of his speech, no telling what LeaderShift will do, I will keep some Kleenex close at hand.

    Thanks Orrin!

  62. Tom Gumpert said

    Dr. Carson reminds us of the principles which were key to the founding of our freedoms and which we can each use to reclaim/protect our freedoms. His use of The Bible, de Tocqueville and parables to develop his points was amazing. He is a sensus plenior thinker. I look forward to seeing Dr. Carson speak live, sometime in my LIFE journey…hint, hint.

    God Bless,


  63. Christine Fleury said

    Wow wow wow wow wow!
    God is raising up leaders all over the place. I remember being inspired by Ben Carson’s autobiography in middle school and its amazing watching now the platform he has to be able to give a speech like that. He is right, as well as you… Things are getting scary out there BUT WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    What a fun time to be alive!

  64. CC Achilefu said

    What a priviledge to be in this fight for freedom!

  65. Powerful message. I love watching Obama’s reactions….TRUTH is what the world needs more of. Thanks for sharing Orrin.

  66. Kirk Birtles said


    Thanks for posting this! The truth shall set you free!! Education leads to liberation!!!


  67. Tammy Darling said

    “ENOUGH SAID”! Thanks Orrin!!!

  68. Alex marken said

    When i listened to Dr Carsons speech i turned to my wife and said ” This guy sounds just like Orrin Woodward” . His focus on the truth is amazing . his ability to have the courage to say what is right regardless ofthe consequences is to be admired . Then i researched a little more about Dr Carson and discovered an amazing man that lives a life of Christ centred humility and honour . I saw a piece done by Fox news on him where he made the presenter very uncomfortable by repeating his message of education being needed . And Then when pressed on why a Physician should be allowed to comment on such subjects his reply was brilliant .” 6 Physicians helped frame the constitution of the USA “. “Doctors are the most educated people out their ” . In this he is correct . He also stated that literacy was better in 1831/32 . He is the sort of leader the free world needs in order to avoid servitude to big overnment .

  69. Wayne MacNamara said

    O said YES!!!! I cant wait for leadershift to start getting into the hands of freedom loving people. I loved this speech from Dr.Carson, Orrin many people in North America will be willing to stand up for this truth.


  70. Adam Gonzales said

    My family choose leadership and liberty!! Thank you Orrin for the wake up call!

  71. This video is right on track! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Can’t wait till “Leadershift” comes out! Thank you!

  72. Kevin Dick said

    Thank you for helping to spread the word on this excellent talk. I wish there had been more reaction from our leaders sitting at the table.

  73. Bill Eder said

    What a refreshing speech. All the values we hold dear highlighted
    very articuitly. Enough said .Thanks for this blog. Just loved the video. Apirl can’t come soon enough.

  74. Great speech! I highly recommend EVERYONE ALONG WITH YOUR CHILDREN, get the movie” GIFTED HANDS “. It is the life story of Ben Carson. Not only is it a great movie but is a great example what happens when one shuts off the TV and picks up a book. It will highlight the importance of the Life business. VERY INSPIRING!!!!!

  75. Frank Froese said

    Wow! What an Amazing talk from an amazing man. Thanks for sharing that Orrin!

  76. Christopher Jowe said

    Truly inspiring! He’s got Policy Council written all over him. I would love to create a scholarship fund, just like he has, for our Native American Indian youth here on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Gotta STP STP STP STP STP to make that dream come true. 🙂 Have a wonderful day. God bless

  77. Marty Becker said


    This was a vital talk that needed to be heard by this country. A clear message from a man that had everything going against him, but had a mother that encouraged reading and self-education. When our government uses someone in Dr. Carson’s childhood situation as an example to try and prove that people are incapable to care for themselves and need a cradle to grave system, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear from someone who refused to see himself as a victim. We can all learn learn something from this man’s example. Also, his insight on P.C. was brilliant. P.C. is dangerous! It’s dangerous to punish people for expressing their individual insights and beliefs. If everyone is afraid to speak against something that is wrong because of the fear of “offending” someone (also known as pointing out someone is wrong by proof of their results) we will all end up down the wrong path. The only cure I see for P.C. in this country is more P.C.’s!

    Marty Becker

  78. Mary Hermsen said

    Loved this speech!! It’s great to know there are other leaders out there who are willng to speak out. Especially on the stage he was given!

  79. Anthony Nieto said

    AMEN!!! “Enough said”!! That was awesome to hear and see that their are more than just us standing up for truth. After watching that I went on to see what he had to say after the speech and that was even more powerful as to why he stood up and spoke the truth. Thanks Orrin for sharing this, I wouldn’t have seen it any other way. (No TV)

  80. Ali Staneart said

    That was awesome! Thank you for sharing that with us Orrin!

  81. Jeff Stockhausen said

    After sitting back and watching the video, I was amazed at Ben’s grace, his wisdom and his love for this country. It is leaders like Ben, like Oliver and you Orrin along with the rest of the Policy Council that will continue to build a solid foundation for this country. I could not help but with a sad heart to watch the presidents reactions or better said lack of during this speech, yet I know the battle is not against flesch and blood. Thank you for sharing!

  82. Gary Severson said

    It takes courageous people to speak the truth, even in a culture where truth has never been more subjective. It amazes me that there are people out there who have watched this video of Dr. Carson, that know in their hearts he’s correct, yet still decide to berate him after the fact. It just goes to show that some feel truth doesn’t apply to them and they will find a way to justify opposing it, because it either hurts too much to confront it or if they did, it would stand in the way of their selfish agenda’s. Dr. Carson’s speech is packed with foundational principles that, if applied, universally, would ensure a healthy civilization to prosper for say, 200+ years! 😉

  83. Scott Ballah said

    Thanks for posting the video Orrin!! Being ‘unplugged’ from mainstream media is a huge blessing, so it’s great to see individuals outside the LIFE community step up and speak out through your posts!! Dr. Carson defies all the stereotypical labels and is a leader.

  84. Scott Buchanan said

    Amazing. I loved hearing that talk by Dr Carson. The truth is sweet to my ears. Thanks Orrin for posting it on your blog, I don’t think I would have seen it otherwise. I can’t wait for leadershift to come out.
    I couldn’t see Obama’s reaction to hearing Dr Carson while watching on my phone, but if he was uncomfortable or irritated it’s because. . . “The guilty taketh the truth to be hard, for it cutteth them to the very center. “

  85. Abby J. Smith said

    I was so impressed by Dr. Carson’s humility, respect and yet uncanny ability to speak the truth. I got sucked into his speech and follow up interview on Fox. It is a breath of fresh air… wonderful to know that our President was in ear shot to have the opportunity to hear the truth so graciously stated! Thank you Orrin for filtering these “political” positive words into my media stream! God Bless! Abby

  86. Keith B. Steward said

    This is a great video with good information.

  87. Michael Hartmann said

    What an amazing speech! His ability to share introduction of thought via parable is captivating and keeps the audience paying attention to these very critical topics. I feel as if Dr. Carson has been reading your blog on the FLD’s (as applied to the Roman empire) and has even listened to a few classic recordings including Freedom Isn’t Free & Let’s Talk About Destiny! Some of my all time favorites!

  88. John Gatt said

    Powerful stuff!!!!, every politician should be forced to watch Dr Ben Carsons speech until they GET IT!!! This goes for Politicians in Australia as well.

  89. Alaysha said

    This is awesome!!

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