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Serve the Masses; Live with Classes

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 25, 2013

One of my early mentors taught me that if someone sells to the classes, he will live with the masses. However, if he sells to the masses, he will live with the classes. Simply put, it’s a matter of numbers. Would you rather be rewarded with one dollar and serve 10 customers or receive ten cents, but serve 10,000 customers? This was the secret to McDonald’s meteoric success when the brothers lowered the price of hamburgers from 30 to 14 cents. By cutting the price in half and building systems to support it, he nearly doubled his revenue with much less effort.

Systems thinking is essential in today’s day and age. The LIFE Business provides the “masses” with world-class leadership training at the best price in the marketplace. How can we do this? Because LIFE serves the masses, keeps cost low, and focuses on the long-term, we are growing at a record pace. For instance, last night LIFE had one of its best nights, adding more customers (those not involved in the compensated communities) than at nearly any time since we launched the company. Why? Because the word is getting out that LIFE delivers life-changing products to its members and customers.

Whether the reader desires to build a compensated community or just enjoy the world-class products, LIFE has something for everyone. Here is a video I did several months back describing the McDonald’s brothers and their effort to create a duplicatable system.


Orrin Woodward

37 Responses to “Serve the Masses; Live with Classes”

  1. Alaysha said

    Another great blog! Thank you for your information.

  2. Alison Ruhlman said

    YES!!! Not only does the LIFE business sell high quality material to the masses, but it opens up the business opportunity side to the masses as well!! McDonalds can sell to the masses but the masses can’t all get involved to make the money by getting a McDonalds — anyone can get involved with LIFE on either side! Fantastic!!!! THANKS!!!!

  3. Terry said

    Great reminder to stay focused on the long term.
    Hungry for a Burger

  4. Lana Harriman said

    One of the many reasons I love the LIFE business. It’s great to touch peoples lives with a business or just the LIFE products and know that everyone can afford it and become successful in any area of their life. Totally a WIN-WIN situation.

  5. Matt Mielke said

    I love the video and the lesson. I never learned any of this in all my years of post high school education. To think of the privilege to share this information with the masses and then to get paid to serve them well. How gratifying the LIFE business is for the human heart. Matt

  6. Kristine Militello said

    AWESOME!! Making a difference for everyone in the way that serves him/her best! Love it

  7. Awesome blog!!I am going to forward this information to a lot of my friends. Orrin, thanks for what you and the policy council have created. I am extremely honored to be part of LIFE and TEAM!!We are definitely making a difference.

  8. Kevin Hamm said


    I love the system. Following Chris Brady’s advice to immerse myself in the system to the point of wonder, I have alternated the top 10 packs and the top 50 since the major completing one or the other each week. I am in wonder of the system that we have at our disposal. I am excited for the fruit. We will go to a million and beyond. Thanks for your consistent focus on this blog. It is great food for the mind.

  9. Mike Hellweg said

    Loved the message! Follow the systemized approach to freedom! Thanks for sharing your discoveries in this incredible information age!

  10. keith sieracki said

    Many people actually work within a business system as an employee. They can actually be competent enough to point out legitimate fault/fixes within the system that would improve it, but dont believe they could own a franchise themselves. If a leader provides the belief, then the LIFE system will work wonders!

  11. Maura Galliani said

    And THIS is why we are going to a million+ people! Fired up!!

  12. I love the LIFE system


  13. wendi witkowski said

    great blog Orrin!

  14. Brilliance! It’s so amazing to me that God blessed all of us with this. There is so much great here. I will forever be grateful for you Orrin!

  15. This information is changing peoples lives one customer at a time!

  16. Jessica said

    Excellent, of course. Thanks for posting.

  17. Jason Dames said

    Great post Orrin!!! Thx

  18. Omar chetta said

    Great post as always orrin

  19. Peggi Kern said

    I had a great experience with this great leadership info. I handed a leadership cd to one of my church leaders. When I called him back after a few days, he said, “I’ve listened to that cd 8 times! You’ve got me hooked! How do I get that information for myself?” OF COURSE, I signed up a new customer!! It’s so great to be able to offer amazing information to customers and a highly successful business system for others!

  20. Bob Rasmussen said

    Leveraging a system is a key to true wealth which I believe is time and money to live your priorities rather than your obligations. Thank you for providing the best system on the planet for everyone! God bless!

  21. Learning is great! The beginning of new ideas! O baby! !!!!!!!!!

  22. J & P Harteis said

    The most effective way to reach more people the quickest, is the way to go! Thanks, Orrin, for providing the system to do just that!

  23. I am so grateful to be associated with the systems thinking of LIFE! We love learning and being compensated is only a bonus!

  24. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I have learned so much about leverage and systems thinking because of this business. Thank you Orrin!

  25. Jim Martin said

    WOW the Life community is expanding and thriving due to the awesome leaders and the world class information that is produced!! I’m not sure where Dolores and myself would be without the team and the life system and subscriptions!! Thanks Orrin

  26. Awesome post Orrin! One of the many reasons I love this business. Thanks!

  27. Ali Staneart said

    Brilliant! I love this lesson!

  28. Clint Fix said

    Thanks for putting together such an awesome company and stable of products that we can be excited about sharing with customers!

  29. Rita Haas said

    The LIFE biz gives the masses just what we need…better thinking every day, consistency in learning and personal growth.

  30. Systematic simplicity at its finest! When you can take a business model and sum it up in as few words as in this post’s core theme, you have a gold medal winner. McDonalds’ & other business format franchise systems revolutionized consumerism in the 20th (and some here in the 21st) century; LIFE is revolutionizing how to develop your self from the inside out & promoting replacement driven leadership.

    Thank you, Orrin & the rest of the PC. Blessings πŸ™‚

  31. Cedric Rogers said

    Orrin, you never cease to amaze me. I will be using this point when speaking to others today. In other words I am plugging into a system.

  32. Love it! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  33. Anthony Nieto said

    Orrin, I just loved when you came with that quote. I is so simple yet so brilliant. I so proud to be apart of this great organization.

  34. Rick Satterstrom said

    I LOVE the systems thinking! Thank you for having the courage to step outside the box years ago & share this type of thinking with others! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    SWAT Team

  35. Kim Decker said

    This is something we all need to know way back when we were younger. Now to spread the word to the next generation…Thank you for the training Orrin..

  36. Hey Orrin, I love this post. I’ve been digging into the classes/masses mentality lately and I think you’re absolutely on-point here. Its a theme we should all think about, building tribes, followers, and in my opinion – doing our best to help all that we can along the way.

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