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LeaderShift: The Quest for Concord

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 8, 2013

I have been working on the background details to the government proposal in Oliver DeMille and my soon-to-be-released book LeaderShift. I know this sounds crazy, but I LOVE this stuff! A concerted study of history through the Five Laws of Decline reveals so much we can do, as a society, to improve. No matter how long this takes, I am going to capture the concepts for this generation’s leaders to apply if they desire a free society. The LIFE Business is filled with men and women who are willing to lead because they are willing to learn. The future is bright! Here is a portion of the introduction.


Orrin Woodward

Leaning Tower Equals Weak Foundation

Leaning Tower Equals Weak Foundation

Mankind’s quest for societal concord (peace and harmony) between the opposite extremes of chaos and coercion is as old as human civilization. Indeed, every society quests after concord; however, it’s rarely achieved and never maintained. Despite the difficulties, mankind seeks the advantages gained through association when families form clans to create communities that combine into society. The Greeks founded Western Civilization, supplying many of foundational concepts for society and government through their city-states dotting the Aegean landscape. In fact, Greek philosopher Aristotle described human beings as political animals, who formed societies to enjoy the benefits of association. Nonetheless, the Greek failed miserably in the quest for concord as the city-states fratricidal wars created chaos throughout Greek society. Mercifully, after decades of civil war, the exhausted Greeks collapsed into the Roman Republic’s orbit. Ironically, however, even though Romans witnessed the catastrophic effects of the Greek chaos within society, the Republic fell victim to a similar chaos when the mounting Roman political and civil strife led to civil war. The Senate and Pompey squared off against Caesar which culminated in the destruction of the Roman Republic.

Despite the senatorial conspiracy that killed Caesar, the Roman Republic was not restored. Instead, another round of civil wars and chaos ensued until Augustus defeated Marcus Antony and birthed the Roman Empire. At last, Western Society moved the pendulum from chaos towards concord. Caesar Augustus ruled wisely. He limited taxation and the plunder of the provinces; thus, for a brief period, the results was the Roman peace (Pax Romana). Unfortunately, the pendulum’s momentum did not rest at concord. At Augustus death, the new Caesars increased government’s responsibilities until the pendulum moved into the control and coercion of society’s members. The Caesar’s and their ruling elites enjoyed more power at the expense of its citizens freedoms.  By the end of the empire, the bloated bureaucracies consumed the wealth of its citizens to feed the coercive civil and military branches. In fact, when the Roman Empire fell, many within the oppressed Roman society, viewed the Gothic barbarians as liberators and not invaders.

Studying the Greco/Roman societies provide valuable lessons in the pendulum swings from chaos to coercion and back again. Despite momentary intervals of peace and prosperity, the pendulum never came to rest at concord. The pendulum’s momentum either carried it towards chaos or coercion. To be sure, there were solid parts in the Greco/Roman political foundations, but there were also sinkholes. Predictably, these sinkholes caused the political collapse of all three societies. The first two under chaos and the third under coercion. Therefore, identifying the specific failure modes of each Greco/Roman society and learning from them is essential for today’s political leaders.

Not surprisingly, the English (Anglo/Saxon) societies learned many lessons, both good and bad, from Greco/Roman history. In fact, the English-speaking peoples built their political foundations upon the strengths of the Greco/Roman (reason and order), Judeo/Christian (hope and ethics), and Anglo/Saxon (liberty and passion) societies. When King William, of Normandy, successfully invaded England in the13th century, the confluence of these rivers formed the the famed English political tradition. Therefore, the author examines three Anglo/Saxon case-studies societies for further review.

1. Great Britain under the Stuart Kings
2. America under the Articles of Confederation
3. America after the United States Constitution

These three societies attempted, by different methods, to rest society’s pendulum at concord. Each ultimately failed. Essentially, these societies failed in a similar fashion as the Greco/Roman models. The pendulum never rested, swinging into chaos and then back into coercion, with brief moments of concord. Indeed, it seems the Anglo/Saxons, in many ways, have repeated the mistakes of the Greco/Romans. Although the political structures may be different, underneath the edifice is the same failed foundation that continues to collapse when too much weight is placed upon it. In other words, if the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing while expecting a different results, Western Society’s political tradition has reached the point of insanity. The quest for concord remains unconsummated. Systematically, the political structures are failing because the pendulum moves out of concord into either chaos or coercion. No society, to date, has successfully rested the pendulum at concord. What are the systemic causes underlying these failed attempts? How can the momentum of the pendulum be  checked to rest it at concord? The questions and more the author proposes to answer in the following chapters.

The purpose of this treatise is to determine solid ground from the sinkholes in the foundations of the Greco/Roman and Anglo/Saxon political traditions. By understanding the historical foundations reviewed in this book, Western Society will be strengthened in its quest for concord. Indeed, the dangers inherent when the pendulum swings to the either the side of chaos or coercion is irrefutable. In consequence, the author seeks the firm ground of concord between the opposite, but equally damaging, extremes of chaos and coercion. The case-studies will proceed in chronological order because each society learned from those that preceded it. The main objective is to identify why and how each society failed and what lessons can be learned from their example. Hence, each society’s successes and failures will be analyzed to determine what remained solid from what ultimately sunk in its political foundations. Ideally, to build enduring political structures today, society should build upon the foundational principles that proved successful and reform those that failed the test of time. History is relentless and unsentimental in its verdicts. Either the political structure stands or it collapses. The key to history is to identify why. Nevertheless, few political leaders seem willing to be tutored by these truths of history. Society, it seems, repeats failures because it’s unwilling to learn from them.

At any rate, Western Civilization has not fulfilled its quest for concord. As a result, determining past societies failures and preventing similar failures today ought to be the high priority in Western Society’s quest for concord. Understanding what forces move the pendulum from concord to either chaos on one side or coercion on the other is crucial. Consequently, before outlining the historical societies, the author must first explain two systems that influence the pendulum within society. One strives to center the pendulum at concord while the other moves it towards chaos or coercion. The first is the Six Duties of Society (SDS) and the second is the Five Laws of Decline (FLD). The Six Duties of Society are the essential building-blocks for creating a sustainable society, helping to build an environment where mankind can grow and prosper. In contrast, the Five Laws of Decline describe the effects of mankind’s sinful nature. If left unchecked, the FLD will parasitically destroy a formerly healthy society. Both systems will be explained in general now and specifically to each Greco/Roman and Anglo/Saxon case-study in the preceding chapters.

The important point for the reader to grasp is that society must satisfy the SDS in order to survive. However, even when the SDS are met, society isn’t secure. safe. For when societal prosperity increases, it stimulates the FLD into action.  An unchecked FLD within society develops groups that seeks to plunder what the rest have produced. Eventually, an unchecked FLD destroys the SDS because the parasitic plunderers strip the plundered physically and mentally. This, in a nutshell, is the quick version of Western History. Unfortunately, even a cursory examination of each failed society in Western Civilization reveals the FLD as the culprit of collapse.

38 Responses to “LeaderShift: The Quest for Concord”

  1. Chad Waters said

    Wow Orrin!

    Can’t wait! Could not read (so I thought) 2 years ago and never more excited for a book to come out!
    Can’t wait!

  2. I do believe in reading this article I’ve learned more from your quick version of Western History than I ever did during my schooling years.
    Thank you for the lesson & the great insight on SDS & FLD. This is very interesting and I look forward to learning more once LeaderShift is released.

  3. Heidi said

    What a great intro! It tells the reader what to expect in simple terms, yet it prepares the reader for an intellectual examination that bears weight. Can’t wait to read it and get it out into society!

  4. Neera Puri said

    Thank you for the synopsis. Very interesting discussion of the pendulum in societies, the FLD, especially the plundering …

    as a child of Indian immigrants whose families lost their homeland and wealth to became refugees when the British plundered India and religious strife destroyed formerly peaceful neighborhoods … We can not underestimate the grave effects of the FLDs.

    I wish you had taught my history classes. Keep up the good work.

    Dr Neera Puri, Ph.D.

  5. Scott Reinhold said

    My wife and I can not wait to read this book! Thanks for leading like you always do!

  6. wendi witkowski said

    Thanks Orrin for all the time and study you put into researching history. I can’t wait for Leadershift to come out. I have my book club reading it for May and discussing it in June. I am excited to see this group of women being enlightened.

  7. So impactful, can’t wait for this book! Thank you for always continuing to stretch our thinking and our influence. God Bless!

  8. J.J. Goidosik said

    Thank you I was hoping a book like this would come out as a follow up to leader shift, leader shift to lay the fabric of freedom down and a quest for concord to nail it in place.
    Thank you and god bless

  9. Alex Obiden said

    I cannot wait to read LeaderShift in full! History is so incredible, and to have leaders willing to constantly dig deeper into its truths is amazing. This book is going to be a true blessing. I’m pumped 🙂

  10. This is very impactful! I also love learning on this topic because,I believe, it is directly based on a spiritual plan. I have read a book called Americas Providential History. It lays out history in such a way that you can see a progressing plan in action. First humanity was born and developed into nations and then Christianity was born and developed followed by the birth of the first Christian Republic. The Lords Prayer says, thy kingdom come,thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. His kingdom is coming.
    If I understand right, Satan is allowed to operate on earth.I believe causing as many people to follow there sinful nature as he can which has,ultimately, huge impact on this subject of finding and maintaing concord.

    Thank you Orrin.

  11. Clint Fix said

    I can’t wait until Leadershift comes out! I’m not sure if I was reading you post right, but is this an introduction to another book? I loved it and can’t wait to read more!

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Clint, yes, it’s the introduction to the book I intended to write first, but realized it would be a great follow thru book after a shorter, more popular version of the proposal was out. Thanks to Oliver, LeaderShift was written in a fable to get the ideas out into popular society. Let the LeaderShift begin! thanks, Orrin

  12. What a great introduction!

    I was really looking forward to FreedomShift before that was available, and Resolved, and then 1913… but I don’t think any of it compares to how much I’m looking forward to this one!

  13. David Granish said

    The laws of physics are as much applied to nature as they are to societal and cultural transformations. The pendulum NEVER stops in the middle. It is society’s responsibility to create an environment where the swing is minimized and the adverse affects are limited by directed actions of the society. There is no doubt that Orrin and Oliver have authored a book that will show this society/community how they can take control and make this happen. Thank you for this contribution to OUR community that I have no doubt WILL impact our greater society.

  14. Ken Herman said

    Thanks Orrin. Already anticipating your next book and haven’t yet laid my eyes on the first from you and Oliver. These are the books that will tip the scales from problem identifiers to problem solvers. Looking forward to being a part of that.

  15. Marty Becker said


    I look forward to some answers to how a sustainable society can exist. It’s amazing how history repeats itself and the pattern I keep picking up on, and correct me if I’m wrong, is that there has always been a small group of people that want to control everyone else for one reason or another. It has never been more clear to me than today that the founders set up our original gov’t the way they did is because they knew and admitted than man is fallen. Even themselves…

    Marty Becker

  16. Jason Dames said

    Wha a great post orrin!! I cant wait to read the rest of this… God bless u!!

  17. Eric Norman said

    These are interesting points. It appears you have brought something that has never really considered: all your cited examples failed in part because there was nothing in place to realize the lack of the stabilizing principles (SDS) and on-going decaying processes (FLD). On the other hand, it is difficult to establish something what one does not realize needs to be established (SDS) and it is difficult to resist what one does not realize needs to be resisted (FLD). Is it fair to say that this is flip side of the LIFE company/community? That is not necessarily as a stopgap against FLD and to establish SDS because we’re still small organization, but at the very least to bring these matters to light? (And as LIFE becomes significantly larger we will have more leverage to bring about SDS and resist FLD?) Until you have brought out these matters, I found it somewhat annoying how the high leadership (PC) keeps shifting things around. Yet, now I see that the LIFE community is but a microcosm of this struggle to establish SDS and resist FLD, and truly I cannot think of any other organization that is consciencely and daily working on these matter. Is it fair to also say that it is part of the leadership of LIFE (RT and PC) to train our community in these matters? This seems to be the case, for who else is there who be in a position to actually master such matters? (I mean “mastery” in view of the 10,000 hour perspective.)

  18. Rob Robson said


    I can’t tell you how excited I am for these books to come out! Over the last 5 years, my disdain for coercion has definitely swung my views towards complete distrust of basically all government. As I started to read more and more about the politically incorrect but true history of conspiracy, plunder, and illegitimate wars, that have plagued the US since soon after its amazing beginnings, I began to feel extremely pessimistic about humanities chances of ever experiencing concord. Ever since the launch of LIFE I have felt so empowered that instead of whining and complaining about what “they” are doing to our great country, I can spend my life being a professional freedom activist. We are in a media war and though our enemies may have more money than us, our resources have infinitely more power. It has taken 100 years of propaganda, pushed into us from from media to school to government policy, to convince a minority of our country that they are descendants of apes, and in need of the “wisest” among us to rule over us in order to protect us from ourselves. The majority still don’t believe this but have been enslaved by debt and the need for comfort and entertainment. My experience is that as we expose these masses of mediocrity to even a small dose of truth, the scales immediately start to come off of their eyes and they begin to come alive! I now know that, like Oliver DeMille said on “Freedom Matters”, God put me on this earth to help restore freedom and I AM NOT ALONE! I am so grateful God lead my family to LIFE and for your leadership along side of Chris Brady and the other PC! THERE IS A FREEDOM SHIFT COMING AND WE ARE LEADING THE CHARGE!!!

  19. Bob Rasmussen said

    Can’t wait for both books!!! What an excellent teacher you have become!!” Leadershift”, to teach us the what and why based on truth and principles from history, and then “Quest?” to give us a great how to, based on truth and principles from history! Very exciting times are coming!! God Bless, Bob

  20. Orrin,
    This is incredible! It is so good, I have reposted and shared it. I can hardly wait to read each new post. The team out here in the Seattle area is very excited for this book! Many of us have pre-ordered lots of copies. The northwest is hungry and ready for massive growth. God is moving! Things are beginning to happen at a faster pace. We would love to see you out in our area for a book signing! Looking forward to the next book too! May God bless you and keep you strong!

    – Philip

  21. craig weberg said


    Being 1.5 months away from 65 years old I would have never guessed that life could become so exciting. It’s amazing what purpose with hope can do. Like the others I’m so excited to read your new books that I can hardly sleep. That is from a guy who never read any books his whole life until 7 years ago. Thank God for you and the PC. I believe you’re are the only hope my children and grand children. Thank you God Bless!!

  22. chris volkmann said

    Great blog I cant wait to read leadershift and get the book into other peoples hands to read.

  23. Kevin Hamm said


    I just finished taking down a 48 inch diameter dead red oak in a small back yard and near the house. In such a scenario we use ropes and pulleys to rig the branches and wood to avoid the house. Often, when rigging large pieces of wood, pendulum swings are created. Many times these swings need to be slowed before lowering the piece past a portion of the house. Usually, I am close to the pulley, which is the anchor of the pendulum. By grasping the rope a few feet below the pulley, pushing against the swing, then quickly pulling against the opposing swing, my hand becomes the anchor of the pendulum. By changing the position of the anchor by just a few inches, the log at the bottom comes to rest much more quickly over “Concord” so to speak. I don’t know if that word picture works for you, but it was so fresh in my mind as I read your article, I thought I’d share it. Great study Orrin. I listened to the MFC cds three times this week as I worked. Just heard your FLD discussion from the Legacy cd on the ride home. I’m going to memorize it.

  24. MARIO VEGA said


  25. H. P. Brittain said

    it’s refreshing to see someone who studies history with the intention of learning it’s lessons for contemporary application. imagine living in a society, like Rome, that taxed it’s citizens into poverty for one political cause or another placing restricions and burdens on it’s populace until their frustration so overwhelmed them that when Ghengis Khan invaded, they were glad to see him… How far from that are we?

  26. Eric Schilling said

    Our society needs more deep thinkers and students of history to turn the fld around. Thanks O!

  27. John said

    Wow! I am so excited to read further about how the west parallels with history in the FLD! “The Quest” sounds just as amazing! Thank you Orrin for having the courage to stand up and make a difference! We are with you!

  28. Can’t wait for the rest! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  29. Kim Decker said

    Thanks for the preview, can’t wait for the book.

  30. Peggi Kern said

    I appreciate your research, your insight and wisdom on these matters. They don’t come easy to my way of thinking and I know how imperative it is that I begin to understand the problem before I can be part of the solution. I’m so thankful to be part of LIFE education, where I can continue to process, stretch my thinking and wrestle with the hard question of “why do I believe what I believe?” I am looking forward to your books and have no doubt you will be a huge influence in the leader shift in our nations.

  31. Hello Orrin –

    Tremendous! This is incredibly insightful & it is a true blue ‘scooby snack’ for what’s to come later this year or in ’14. Having already put in a multi-book pre-order for ‘Leadershift’ , whether the ‘Quest for Concord’ is LIFE issued, or through the same mainline publisher, for sure, it’ll be on my shelf & several to share / sell just like with Oliver’s books.

    From previous comments, I’ve mentioned that I have credentials ( minor in a B.A. professional track education ), and while I very much enjoyed what I learned, I never learned the vast majority of what you discuss in your posts, let alone what Oliver does. Self-directed/liber education is so imperative for many more in our nation, and I’ll be out there to make that happen.

    Enjoy your time in Europe & God Bless 😀

  32. Oh how you tease me. I cannot wait for Leadershift!

  33. Toosh Letby said

    Always thinking, and inspiring the gears in our own minds, that’s our Orrin! Fantastic. You relate history so clearly, to get the message out. Can’t wait to share the Oliver and Orrin Leadershift!
    You give truth a voice, thank you.


  34. Thera LeFeuvre said

    Orrin this is great. People have been so dumbed down they are trained in a career profession or trade and have been denied a proper education that seeks to develop the whole person with the result many don’t know how to think. They take their information andvalues from the role models offered by the media and Tv. The state is usurping the role of parents in the primary responsibility for the development of children.

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