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Confidence of a Champion by Tim Marks

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 9, 2013

Tim Marks has knocked another

ball out of the park with his latest book Confidence of a Champion. I previewed an early-version of this book and told Tim to get it produced yesterday. Anyone wishing to get out of the “subway and to the metropolitan” needs to read this book. Tim breaks down the thought process behind winning, not just in business, but in life. It’s amazing to me that a man who didn’t believe he could read, after his 4th grade teacher said he couldn’t, has now written bestselling books! Tim, in truth, is a poster child for the LIFE Business. A man with huge dreams, but no vehicle, who now helps others accomplish their dreams. Way to go Tim!


Orrin Woodward

Tim Marks chapter – Competing versus Comparing

Comparing and competing are very similar in that they involve spending a lot of time thinking about how you stack up against another guy. But in the case of comparison, that’s all there is. Comparison tends to devolve into either self-flattery (“Look at how great I am because I’m better than Bob,”) or self-pity (“Look at how terrible I am because I’m worse than Bob.”)  Both of these responses involve sitting around and staying the same as you are now. You are either patting your own back or kicking your own butt. Competition goes one critical step further than comparison: you not only think about the other guy, your reflection drives you to take action. Comparison merely says, “I hope the other guy isn’t very good so I can seem better.” Competition says, “I hope the other guy brings his A-game so it forces me to become better.” Comparison says, “Look at where I AM.” Competition says, “Look at where I am GOING.”

Wallowing in comparison will simply beat down our attitude and our activity; we risk feeling discouraged and might stop sharing our talents with the world.  We each have our God-given talents, but we don’t need to search very long to find someone who is better than us at a particular talent.  For example, I regularly speak in front of business audiences of hundreds and thousands of people.  In one sense, you might say I am an accomplished professional speaker.  But I am no Zig Ziglar (who went to be with the Lord in November of 2012).  He was, in my opinion, the best motivational speaker of all time.  He was the Michael Jordan of speaking.  But he had a very unique style.  I should not try to emulate his style because, unless I was born in Yazoo City, Mississippi, and lived in Texas I couldn’t do justice to his deep southern drawl.  There will always be someone who is better than us at something.  God created Zig to be Zig and He created me to be me.  Don’t try to copy people; be your own unique version of excellence.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Insist on yourself. Never imitate.”  Don’t blindly copy someone else.  You are an individual.

Competition helps us strive for greater heights and break through limiting beliefs.  If someone else is a champion, it can show us what is possible for us if we apply the same dedication to mastery that the other guy invested.  If we can find someone who has conquered a Goliath which we are facing, it can inspire us to believe that we could also succeed.   Looking at other people’s success should inspire and motivate you.  Maybe I’m just hard-wired that way I can look past how their amazing performance trounced mine.  It’s a delicate balance; on one hand, you are okay that they are winning; on the other hand, it needs to bug you enough for you to take action.

Perhaps in the past we might have looked at someone else’s amazing performance and felt we needed to make excuses for why we aren’t competing at their level.  We fire up the “excuse making machine” and say things like, “They must have better genetics, etc.”  Maybe that’s true.  And maybe they also had to overcome a brutally abusive childhood.  For everyone who believes the path to success was easy for a champion, I’ll show you a Michael Jordan who got cut from his high school basketball team.   If you catch yourself making excuses, you’ve got to “pattern interrupt” (more on that later.)  You’ve got to reframe the event in your mind and say instead, “If they overcame those terrible obstacles, I’m going to have a much easier road to success.”

Without proper success thinking, some people look at others at their best and their confidence spirals downward.  This depends a lot on how you view your fellow man.  You must remember when you see a champion that he has undoubtedly worked harder than others for years.  Recognize if someone is farther along the journey than you.  If they have been practicing golf for twenty years and you’ve been practicing for twenty days, that’s an unfair comparison.  Also, don’t compare the date you both started; compare how many hours of practice you’ve engaged in since then, and the quality of that practice.  Maybe you and a buddy have both had a golf membership for ten years.  If your friend has been practicing three hours a day, seven days a week for ten years, that’s 10,000 hours of mastery.  If you only play one game a month, you just aren’t going to be playing at the same level.  You can’t expect to be great without paying the same dues.  If I am willing to do what champions did I can be a gold medalist in my sport, my marriage or my business.  So get fired up when you see someone performing at a higher level!  Rather than wallowing in comparison, a competitive spirit will drive you to improve, as you realize that you can follow the same principles of practice over time.

72 Responses to “Confidence of a Champion by Tim Marks”

  1. This is clearly going to be a best selling, life changing, vision building book that will make a huge impact not just by helping the blessed readers, but by inspiring them to share this book with others paying their blessings forward. Congratulations Tim.

  2. Le'Troy Andrews said

    I’m excited! There is stuff here in this excerpt that can & will be applied today! I can’t wait to read this book!

  3. Cody Newton said

    Being a competitive person, this has allready helped to make that spirit stay in a positive direction. Can’t wait to read the book!

  4. Carrianne Hall said

    Wow!! Thanks Orrin!! Can’t wait to get my hands on Tim’s new book!! God Bless

  5. CJ Calvert said

    I will be thrilled to receive my copy of this book. Tim is a towering pillar of confidence and his readers will be blessed that he decided to do a book on such an important topic!

  6. J & P Harteis said

    WOW!! Another great book to read! Those who go through stuggles, without the struggle defeating them, but instead propelling them forward, are amazing teachers!It will be an amazing book, getting us out of our comfortable, familiar zones! Thanks orrin, thanks Tim!

  7. Theodore J. Hewing, Jr. said


  8. Dave Thomas said

    Another example of how getting the right information and association can get some significant results . Can’t wait for this to come out. Keep them coming.

  9. Tammy Rosenow said

    Can’t wait. Sounds like what every person professionally or personally would like to learn about.

  10. Joe McGuire said

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

  11. Anna Hoffman said

    Wow, that is great stuff! I cannot wait for this book. It’s going to help so many people beat their Goliaths and get on the path to their success and dreams!

  12. Cannot WAIT to read Tim’s latest book! His story is an inspiration to so many, and I know this book will continue on! Thanks for being so willing to share Tim!

  13. Lynda Varada said

    I am so excited to read Tim Marks’ new book (and re-read) in its entirety. Like a treasure map! Full of perspective that can help navigate us through our own self-deception so we can continue to grow into the people God has made us to be. It also helps that this author builds on the disciplines of personal mastery, not weak or untested theory. I love that! Thank you Orrin Woodward for posting this excerpt.

  14. Alex Obiden said

    “You can’t expect to be great without paying your dues.” Man I love that. Thank you Mr. Tim Marks for paying your dues so we can all get inspiration from you and what you overcame.

  15. Valente said

    Wauuuu! What an amazing message!! Way to go Tim. Thank you Orrin for all this great info. Valente

  16. The real truth that this excerpt speaks is an exciting chapter to really get hungry about! We can’t wait for the launch of the book— it will be a life changer for many!

  17. Jody said

    Can’t wait to read this one. These lessons need to be heard and practiced. It is certailny the piece that was missing in my athletic carreer. Thanks, Tim

  18. Beth said

    Wow, thanks, Tim, this book will definitely continue to inspire us to be what God made us to be!

  19. Gamliel Respes said

    I can’t wait to read this new book by Tim Marks. His Voyage of a Viking was very touching and heartfelt. It brought tears to my eyes.

  20. Steve Meixner said

    The Good books just keep coming!! Another one I can’t wait to read…and to think .. just a couple years ago, all I read was Fitness and Motorcycle Magazines!! Thanks Orrin, Tim , Chris, Oliver, Ive read all your books and look forward to many more! Steve

  21. Jamie said

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read Tim’s new book. Thank you Orrin for letting everyone know.

  22. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I cannot wait for this book to come out. Tim’s previous book, Voyage of a Viking, is so relatable.
    I know this book will be a chart-topper as well. What an inspiring story he has. Thanks for pushing through Tim. You have added so much to LIFE.

  23. Anthony Nieto said

    That’s great stuff. Tim is an inspiration for what he has accomplished. Look forward to reading from one of the great PC’s.

  24. wendi witkowski said

    The Life business produces Leaders and great models for those looking for success in all areas of life to learn from. I can’t wait to read this book and apply it.

  25. Dan Schaenzer said

    I cannot wait for this book to come out!!! Tim Marks teaching always goes straight to the heart

  26. Micah Kramer said

    This is FANTASTIC! It is so on track with the rapid growth of LIFE Compensated Communities across the US and Canada…and as leaders always say – “competition breeds cooperation!” Also, this reminds me of Ecclesiastes 4. Thanks for sharing Orrin & Tim. Life is so much more, coupled with an insatiable hunger to grow!


  27. Larry Pahl said

    Sounds awesome! Tim is such a great example for many reasons. I relate in many ways to his life. I look forward to reading this new book. THANKS!

  28. Oh my goodness! I was already very excited about LeaderShift coming out in April, and now I get to look forward to reading Tim’s second book! I am sure it will be a best-seller!

    Looking forward to hearing from you at the April seminar in Saginaw, MI, Orrin! We are already inviting and promoting for it! The house will be PACKED!

  29. Peggi Kern said

    This was a great chapter! Thanks for sharing it and I’m super excited for the book to come out!!

  30. abe said

    I just about can’t. Wight to
    read that book

  31. Kevin Hamm said


    Can you see the day, when there are a thousand PC and many are producing a book every few years? Currently, there are only 36 subscriptions to fill in a given year. I am sure we will problem solve through that.

  32. Michael Stithem said

    Wow I cannot wait to get a hold of that one. Thanks for the preview.

  33. Alison Ruhlman said

    YES! I liked this topic when I first read it on Tim Mark’s blog and I enjoyed the re-read and reminder! It is very easy to fall into the trap of comparison….and as always after coming out of a Saturday LIFE seminar and seeing the recognition portion it makes you want to compete in a good way to win — it is an all around win win when anyone crosses a LIFE stage! Thanks for making the LIFE business such a great environment of healthy competition! And congrats on the new up and coming book Tim!!!

  34. Wow! I’m excited for this book!

  35. Michael Hartmann said

    Priceless! I cannot wait to dive into this book to grow in my leadership journey!

  36. Eric Schilling said

    Wow, amazing! Can’t wait for this book to come out! I love Tims git-er-done mentality. This kind of information has radically improved my life.

  37. Nathan Harbottle said

    Great post! I am excited to read Tim’s book. No one better to learn from than a true winner.

  38. Melva said

    I can’t wait for Tim’s new book to come out. Sounds like it will be another best-seller.

  39. Rob Robson said

    Tim Marks is a true inspiration! I am so impressed with his hunger to learn and perform at such a high level. This book will be awesome!

  40. MARIO VEGA said


  41. chris volkmann said

    Thanks again I really needed this blog. God bless

  42. What a great perspective! Can’t wait to read more!

  43. Bob Pollock said

    I can’t wait until Tim’s book comes out.

  44. Can’t for this to come out! Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, Wayne MacNamara, and Tim Marks have such great blogs! I love the information being taught in the LIFE business. Thank you!

  45. CC Achilefu said

    Absolutely Amazing!! This was just what I needed today. Thank you Orrin and way to go Tim!

  46. Carrie Canniff said

    Thanks for the preview Orrin. Voyage of a Viking was a great book & I look forward to Confidence of a Champion. It is awesome that Tim Marks has torn off the negative label of not being able to and now writes books for us to learn from.

  47. Josh Dames said

    Wow!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!!! Thx Orrin and Tim!!

  48. Angie Ballah said

    This book is so exciting! I love being connected to information that overpowers the negative with powerful truth!

  49. Looking forward to reading this book!!

  50. John Burns said

    I love Tim’s writing style. It succinct and to the point. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Jenny Salter said

    This is great information!!!! Can’t wait for the book!!!! Thanks Tim for breaking through barriers and becoming a writer. To share your information with the world!!

  52. Alaysha said

    I’m SO excited for this book!

  53. Paul Brown said


  54. Adam Gonzales said

    Orrin you are right again!!! Get this published!!

  55. Nate Stebbins said

    Even just this single chapter standing alone is impactful. This makes so much sense and has clear biblical parallels- comparison can be so paralyzing; especially for over-analyzing-perfectionist-melancholy’s! Thank you for this Tim and Orrin. #OneMoreAwesomeBookToAnticipate

  56. Jeff Stockhausen said

    I love reading these blogs that you share Orrin. To have read Tim’s previous book and see where he came from and what he has accomplished through the right information along with the grace of God is awe inspiring!


  57. Robert Daley said

    Sweet….. In just a few short years the Tean/Life community will have the all the top spots in the best seller rack….. Thank you Orrin and the rest of the PC for all you do to make my business grow….
    God bless

  58. John Hatchell said

    Tim is an Authentic man, as all I see in the PC, Awesome sneek peek….

  59. leslie gates said

    Gonna be a good read, can’t wait!

  60. Nobodies can become somebodies!

  61. This will be another home run! I so enjoyed ‘Voyage of a Viking’ and having a sequel within about a year is a gift that will keep on giving to all the members in our tribe, let alone customers, and those who will be in either of the former over time 😀

  62. Wow! I am blown away by the truth Tim has spoken in this chapter LOVE IT! CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT! No wallowing in comparison I’m gunna tell em to Bring It!

  63. Paula Smith said

    Can not wait for this book! If the rest of the book is of the same quality as this chapter(which I’m sure it is) it will have a tremendous impact on anyone who reads and applies the principles!

  64. KIM DECKER said

    Oh my this is so true as I just started training for a 5k this past week and the race is Sunday. I know I won’t have the time as everyone else and I have to remind myself that often. Thank you for an insight on Tim’s new book.

  65. Eric Travis said

    Excellent way to frame those around you, whether opponent or teammate. We should always be striving to improve and the acts of others should always be responded in like; by acts of your own and not by thoughts. Definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the Tim’s thoughts.

  66. Eiron said

    Can’t wait!!!! =))

  67. Elaine Lacey said

    WOW ! Awesome stuff, can’t wait for more, thanks Tim :)

  68. David Walker said

    Great commentary, great points, going to be a great read. Thanks, Orrin, and Tim.

  69. Bill Eder said

    Great stuff! Can’t wait for the rest of the story.
    I’m sure the ‘Viking” will not disappoint.
    Thanks for the preview,Orrin

  70. Scott Heidrick said

    That is some great points. Can’t wait to read Tim’s new book!
    Thanks Orrin

  71. Sandy Nesky said

    This certainly sounds like Tim. Well said and thought provoking.

  72. Duane Fueslein said

    Can’t wait to live that book!

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