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The Story of LIFE Leadership Business

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 17, 2013

LIFE Leadership Story

LIFE Leadership is an ongoing story. Each person who joins the LIFE community chooses which part, whether large or small, he or she will play. What happens when a world-renowned best-selling author is introduced to LIFE and begins studying the history of this movement? The short answer is a compelling story of hopes, dreams, struggles, failures, perseverance, and finally victory. Thankfully, he has decided to write up the story of LIFE. In my opinion, it is great timing because never before has a LeaderShift been more needed than now. Indeed, this is exactly what the LIFE community intends to do – create a leadershift! Here is a portion of the introduction in his upcoming book about LIFE. What part will you play in the story?


Orrin Woodward


LIFE Business Major Convention


LIFE Leadership Introduction

The fate of free enterprise is very much in doubt. By the first decade of the 21st Century, critics of free enterprise and modern democratic freedom had convinced many people that free enterprise is an outdated system, one that cares more about corporate profits than economic opportunity for everyone.

This problem was the result of a split between two approaches to free enterprise, the traditional type of freedom based on the cooperation of idealists and realists to share profits so everyone has the chance to succeed financially, versus a more cutthroat corporatist emphasis on what we might call “Skeptical Pragmatism,” or doing whatever is deemed most profitable regardless of who it hurts, and keeping most of the profits for a few elites.

In the midst of this growing divide, it was perhaps inevitable that new companies would arise to challenge the shift toward corporatism, and to once again champion traditional free enterprise. It is against this backdrop that the story of the LIFE business began.

It is a story set in a business world created by the likes of Jack Welch, Sam Walton, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I will state my almost preposterous thesis here and now, as controversial as it may seem: Had history developed just slightly differently, the other names on this list would be those who created and expanded network marketing.

Indeed, network marketing should have been as big as WalMart. It would have been, except too many people at the top asked themselves, “Why would we only take a 10% profit when we could take 30%?”

The story of the LIFE business is the exact opposite. The top leaders asked, “Why would we take 30% of the profit when we could earn 10% and pass the rest to others in the business?”

Why would anyone do this? Did they miss the memo? Did they skip the unofficial lessons of many prestigious business schools?

Did they misunderstand capitalism? Or were they just less experienced, ambitious or visionary than their competitors on Wall Street?

This is the story of a company that dared to do it differently, to apply Sam Walton-like thinking to network marketing. Moreover, instead of soap, health drinks or other typical network marketing products, this is the story of a company that chose to build its central product line around the most American of exports—leadership.

This is not a story of perfect men or women, or a feel-good tale of continual success without major difficulties. Far from it. This is a story of men and women, ordinary individuals who faced extraordinary challenges with hard work, resilience, and, above all, persistence.

It is a story of people who believed in an idea, and who refused to let it go—even when it almost cost them everything. It is a story of a few men and women who would not bend to the “normal” business trends that created elitism and corporatism in the modern economy. Some may say it is a story of courage, while others might argue that more “sophisticated” businessmen wouldn’t have so stubbornly held to their ideals and risked it all.

But whatever else it is, this is a story about families, friendships, and principles. In a way, it would more naturally fit into the storylines of past centuries, where leaders were expected to stand up, stand out, take on the establishment and blaze new trails based on firmly-held beliefs. In our modern world of political correctness, group therapy, management by committee, and the drive to “fit in” and pursue popularity at all costs, the concept of standing up against the system because “it’s the right thing to do” may seem amusingly archaic to some people.

Yet that is exactly how LIFE came about. This is the story of a leader, indeed of a team of leaders, who set out to build a widespread community of leaders. And while such a story may feel anachronistic in the 21st Century, it may just be the type of story that will redeem this generation.

Could it be that the “success bias” of our modern world is desperately in need of what Stephen Covey called “the character ethic?” Do we live in a world where the most important leadership principle is a desperately-needed acknowledgement that character counts? If so, the story of the LIFE business is a story for our times.

It is a story unfinished, however. The more time I spent interviewing the main characters, researching and studying the events, documents and details of this story, the more I felt that writing this story was like writing about Sam Walton in the 1960s, before WalMart was a worldwide phenomenon. While the future of LIFE remains to be seen, the unique beginning of this business is a story worth telling in its own right. To paraphrase Santayana, the future remains in the future, and the best we can do is learn (hopefully) from the past.

Whatever your business or career, your level of education or status in society, the story of the LIFE business is a case study of what can happen when an ancient set of leadership principles (based on idealism, frugality, hard work and integrity) are applied in a modern business environment dominated by pragmatism. Every modern leader struggles with this very challenge, and this story is therefore deeply relevant for today’s leaders in every sector and field.

139 Responses to “The Story of LIFE Leadership Business”

  1. Scott Reinhold said

    Great read for a Sunday morning before church. I can’t wait to get our copy of Leadershift! So excited for the hope it gives us and others. Thanks to Team, LIFE and the PC for their hardwork of continually improving LIFE the Walmart of today! Thanks again, Orrin

  2. Aron Radosa said

    Phenomenal! It warms my heart that we are truly part of the Life business that is all about ‘Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference’. Through hard work & principal-based leadership, we may change the drift.
    God bless, Aron & Mary Radosa

  3. Cody Newton said

    I wish there was an Amen button to press on this article…

  4. Great post Orrin. The Life business is creating more Ben Carson’s of today. What I mean is , Life is taking people who most people don’t think have a shot in life for greatness and making great leaders out of them. Which then allows them to achieve greatness. My personal testimony will prove that. My wife and I are both 8th grade educated. I had zero people skills. But I had a little spark of hope and desire to achieve more. Along comes the Life business & team training and pours gas on that spark . Today we are both stay at home parents and are in the top 5% income earners in America. Thank you so much to the founders of Life.

  5. Brandon Mowery said

    I am just beginning to understand the real depth of the Life Business. The more I read, listen and associate, especially the associate part, the more I begin to understand the underlying meaning of what You and the P.C have created. Thank you! This couldn’t have come at better time for the team we are working hard to build. We have been hearing a lot of questions like “How did Orrin get to this point?” I did not have a real clear answer till I read your post. I am so glad that I finally took that book from my up line. Thank you Orrin.

    • Rich Dudek said

      Great comment Brandon!
      Keep at it brother! you’re on the right track. And we are in very good company my friend!
      God Bless you brother!

  6. John O said

    I’m glad to be a part of the leadershift. America needs real, fundamental changes, not superficial changes. The downward slide and apathy in America has been created by the culture, so, true change starts with each and everyone of us. I’m proud to stand up as an early adopter and start being accountable for my community.

    Thanks Orrin for persevering through the tough times to make it easier for everyone else. You and the P.C. have created the movement of movements, to transform America, to give her a new beginning. I’m excited to be associating with LIFE, and anticipate an amazing future together. God bless, John R Oliva

  7. Bob said

    This is great! Restoring the values of yester-year. when fathers told stories to sons/daughters of immigrating to America with nothing but a dream for a better life. To work hard, persist & overcome because they knew why. LIFE rocks! Thank you RT & PC for all you do!!!


  8. Dave Thomas said

    “Life Business Story” what a great post! This great info and community has opened my eyes to what free enterprise is really about, not all the “other” things I heard over the years. I happen to work for Walmart (for more than 20 years) and it’s not the same since Sam has been gone. It’s fantastic to be involved with a leadership development group that does what is right, not what makes them the most money.Something I’m not used to for sure. Very proud to be with Orrin, the other Policy Council members, and an incredible community that is built on integrity and character. This is really needed for a society that has slipped over the years, and I’m glad Orrin, Laurie, and the rest of the P.C. has the guts to stick it out, to “right ” the ship. Thank you for teaching me leadership. Keep the posts coming!

  9. Titi said

    What a terrific post! The hand of Providence is certainly on the LIFE founders for they have aligned themselves with the highest principles! I know that we are headed to great times because the leaders have chosen the path that few travel and have made it a daily task to get better! I can’t wait till all these great books hit the mainstream bookshelves and the flood gates are opened! Let truth travel and freedom will reign!

  10. Scott Staley said

    Like any good story, many people want to jump to the end – the climax of the story; however, the story is amazing and what a wonderful journey along the way!

    Thank you for providing the opportunity to be involved in the story of a life time.

  11. Anthony Nieto said

    I agree Cody! Amen to that. It’s great to have even been approached about the Team. Truly is a blessing to be in a position where it matters. Orrin you are a blessing to us all.

  12. Matt Dykstra said

    While we may no longer be involved in TEAM and the LIFE business, we were forever changed 10 years ago when we were introduced to Orrin and Chris. My life was turned around and my wife and kids have you two gentlemen to thank for it. Thank you for your courage and perseverance through all of the struggles over many years. Your leadership has effected millions of people beyond your reach. You have effectively caused a leadership ripple throughout the world. I pray that God continue to bless all of you in this endeavor and that you continue to change this world.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Matt, thank you for the kind words. I wish you GREAT success in all your endeavors. God Bless, Orrin

  13. Shannon Gray said

    Love, love! Just the introduction brought joyful years to my eyes! Thank you Orrin and the Team Founders for your will to win!

  14. Alicia johanning said


  15. Marie Robinson said

    Great post Orrin!! We are fairly new to the community of LIFE and the Team but have grown so much by reading, listening, and associating with life-changing information and leaders. We attended a meeting last night for our church and I thought the speaker could have been on a CD. He talked about what we need to teach our children. Everything he said about education, finances, work ethic, and freedoms went right along with what we learn from LIFE. Thank you so much for going house to house and drinking bad coffee so that the rest of us can Have Fun, Make Money, and most importantly Make a Difference.

  16. MARIO VEGA said


  17. This is truly an American story that America needs to hear. Love the thought of leadership being a valuable American export! This is a business and a company whoes time has come. For all of us who have been told that we couldn’t reach the pinnacle of success because it wasn’t in our DNA, this is freedom, liberty, and the opportunity to pursue something that is so much larger than ourselves. Great post.

  18. Mike said

    Great read!

  19. Those of us part of LIFE have such a different perspective when we read such an awesome article. For unfamiliar with LIFE, as much as we explain, the LIFE business cannot be adequately explained, it MUST be lived and experienced. May we all continue to live LIFE and show the way!

  20. Debbie Miller said

    Love the LIFE story and so glad to be a part of every chapter as it is written.

  21. Linda Sovey said

    Orrin, what are a great story that you and I can put our own ending to. I can’t wait for your new book to come out.
    I have lived a relatively hard life, some of my own choosing. You have given me a place to belong where I believe most of our group truly care about what happens to each other.
    I have spent all of my life caring for others and now I have found a community of people who are willing to help me help others.
    God bless you

  22. Thomas Green said

    Dear Orrin, I am blessed to learn from you and Chris Brady. I am grateful for my wonderful team, Mark and Rita Haas, Chris and Marsha Robinson, Chris and Hillary Dorrs, Johnny and Angela Nolan, and Brian and Jennifer Gremmel because of LIFE’s life changing information. As a deaf person, I feel right at home with the team because of fundamental principles and I am learning so much and my life is changing in many great ways. Thank you again!

  23. We are very blessed to write our story with LIFE!!! Praise The Lord for His great work through LIFE!!!
    This movement will change generations to come!
    And we are so blessed to play a part in the movement!!!
    God Bless,
    Kirk and Nicole Porter

  24. Mark Huber said

    Wow, I got chills reading this. I cannot wait for the next segment!

  25. Mike Wright said

    Wow, I can’t wait until LeadersShift is Launched upon the world. LIFE is an amazing concept and business. Help enough people get what they want, and you get what you want. Sounds like a principle right out of the Bible. LIFE is coming, are you ready? I have never been so excited for 1 day after April 15th as I am this year.

  26. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  27. This is the heart of your team! Thx bud

    • J & P Harteis said

      Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!! AMEN!!

      • Heather Coleman said

        It is important for us to understand what has gone before. This is so inspiring for us here in Australia as we link with Team and work towards the launch of Life. Thank you Orrin for writing about the journey.

  28. Albert Maglines said

    It is an honor and a privilege to part of the TEAM and LIFE. We know the sacrifices made were many to bring us to this point today and we honor that by growing more personally so that we may also serve. Thank you Orrin and Laurie for always setting the example!

  29. Awesome post Orrin! You’vekocked a other one out of park! I’m so excited about the work that God is doing in our country through the LIFE business. Lives are being changed in BIG ways because you chose to stand on ethical, moral, principles and continue to lead with integrity! Thank-You Orrin!

    To adapt the quote by Buzz Lightyear from the movie Toy Story(These things get stuck in your head when you have young kids.)

    To A MILLION PEOPLE and beyond!

    • Phil, thanks for being a great example of a character based leader. God is doing amazing things through this Team and we are blessed to be a part of it! Keep up the great work! Its Time to WIN BIG!!

  30. Peggi Kern said

    I feel so blessed to be following great leaders through the ups and downs, on the journey, knowing this is what we’ve been wanting! A business where everyone can succeed! And while on the journey to win, we change and become better people!

  31. Chad Waters said

    Great Blog Orrin

    I love how the truth is always put right there for people to see.
    Life has an offering for anyone who comes along at any level of leadership and those who really “bite” in will change forst them selves and then those around them!

    Thanks always for the great opportunity you have provided for everyone!may we march together and reach a million changed lives!

  32. Chris Anderson said

    The vision of the “Greater Cause”, as I have been calling it, is gaining more depth and fuel. Every CD, blog, or talk, I listen to or read is filling in more and more and adding passion to what we have going. I see God filling the right people connections, in the right timing. I see the Life business as a great fulfillment of a great love for mankind, opportunity, liberty, and legacy. In every real love story there is pain and loss, wounded relationships, etc. Those parts of the story will always be there for the critic to grab onto. Thank God and our Lord Jesus, that we can have healing and forgiveness, growth of character, and strength to press forward for the greater good. Thank you Orrin, Laurie,and the rest of the PC and other leaders for hanging in there for the rest of us to follow!

    • Heidi Szymanski said

      Chris, you’re a great example of someone who holds purpose close to his heart. We are blessed to have this community of people who truly treat each other with love.

  33. Robert Daley said

    Outstanding recap on how life started and where we are going because we know that character counts. I am proud to be part of such a worthwhile cause of helping others become better by becoming a better person myself.
    Thank you Orrin and the many other leaders for all you give to help get our culture back to what this great country was founded on
    God bless

  34. Rich Dudek said

    Powerful post Orrin! Thank you!

  35. Scott Heidrick said

    It truly is an AMAZING STORY! Thanks to all the leaders who have the guts to stand up and tell it.

  36. Excellent summary of what the founders stand for! We all appreciate and are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be involved with this community!

  37. Elaine Lacey said

    Thanks Orrin, so inspiring, when I first met LIFE, I thought, where have these people been all my life. The search is over, but the battle continues, so proud to be associated with such men and women of courage !

  38. Another awesome inspiring post Orrin! Glad to be part of the movement in creating evermore Thinkers into our society!

  39. JeanetteP said

    Fantastic post Orrin! Tis why we are so proud to be a part of this amazing community! Modern day heros!!!

  40. Paul Brown said

    This looks amazing. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this Orrin.


  41. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: An amazing blog, you’ve once again hit it out of the park. We can all be proud to be Life/Team members. Thank you and all the PC for being an All American Team.

  42. Alaysha said

    So fired up!

  43. Lynn Briley said

    Thank you Orrin for your continued faith in knowing and striving to bring about change to so many lives. LIFE has changed my life in so many ways especially in my walk with the Lord and in a deeper understanding of knowing and finding my purpose here on earth, to further God’s kingdom. Blessings to you! Lynn

  44. Mike Samuelson said

    I love it. We have taken history for granite when there is so much to learn by studing it and making small adjustments. Thanks for making this one

  45. Holy Kaw !!
    That’s the most accurate telling of the story in my head that has been building for years now. I’ve pictured myself telling this exact same story in my dreams! I just wanna scream out Chris Brady’s quote: “If you had it explained to you the way I’ve had it explained to me…”, because, brutha, this is how the ‘sold out’ see our future!

  46. Fantastic! Orrin Woodward and the other leaders in the LIFE business are making the Leadershift happen!

  47. Tina Rasmussen said

    So proud to be taking part in the story of LIFE. Thank you, Orrin, for sharing the vision of a better tomorrow and paying the dues to help make such a difference in so many lives. I shudder to think of where our family might have been right now without the LIFE business influencing us over the last 10 years. Scaaaary! God has certainly blessed us!

  48. Valente said

    Amazing Orrin! What a wonderful discription of what is happening out there. Thanks!

  49. Humbling! Orrin, I’ve been reading about colossal movements in history that were literally birthed by two or three good men. It boggles my imagination to think what LIFE is doing–and is going to do–in tens of millions of lives around the globe! And it also gives us, as some of the spearhead of our generation, the thick skin to accept, approve and appreciate those who do not understand. We are in LIFE for life, and we praise God for the chance to be a part of this monumental LeaderShift! Thank you for believing, culturing and encouraging!
    -Team Atomic Explosion!! Tick tick…

  50. Yace Mausser said

    life is awesome!!!

  51. Steve Meixner said

    Orrin, Another great post. Everytime I read one like this it makes me feel proud to be a part of something so Grand!! Thank you and please continue to lead!

  52. Tina Abernathy said

    Excellent article Orrin!

    We intend to play a huge part in writing the LIFE story. Not only the Abernathys, Alpha Omega but the entire St. Louis teams will continue to hold down and open up The Gateway to the West.

    This story will be written about in history as it is a story deeply steeped in biblical principles. The LIFE story is a purpose with a business attached, not vice versa and I love That!!!

    I million and beyond. AaaaaaOoo

  53. Gary Robinson said

    This post provides some great insight into the LIFE Business and confirmed the reason I have chosen to join the effort. I want to be part of changing this world so my grandchildren will have a better opportunity. Thank you Orrin.

  54. Sandi Bates said

    What an awesome article.
    Thanks Orrin!

  55. Maura Galliani said

    Besides the principles of “idealism, frugality, hard work and integrity” the LIFE business [community] has much-needed PASSION — like our forefathers had for their cause! Fired up!! … Sons of Liberty

  56. theresa buggia said

    I’m honored to be a part of this journey. LIFE has truly blessed my life and gives me a significant way to help bless others….I am truly grateful.

  57. JR Harriman said

    Thanks Orrin, FIRED UP!!!


  58. Tom Osbourne said

    As someone who came into this with a fair amount of skepticism, the sincerity of everyone in the LIFE community has won me over. In six months I have gained more than what the feeble dollar amounts show. I have gained a much better outlook on life that no one can take from me.

  59. Tammy Darling said

    Wow! That is great!!! So elated to be a tiny part of such an amazing group of men & women… AND GROWING STRONG!!! THANK YOU ORRIN & LAURIE & the rest of the awesome leaders! God bless y’all!!! 🙂 <3

  60. Very grateful to be a part of it! I know I had no idea what Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady were up to when I got started. I just knew that I couldn’t go wrong following these men. I am so pleased with every step of the journey.

  61. wendi witkowski said

    Thanks Orrin for the great story of Life!

  62. Renee Oettinger said

    I feel very priviledged to be part of the evolution of the LIFE business and grateful for working with fantastic, character based leaders. Renee

  63. RexTobler said

    I’ve always told myself to never give up on life and there is no better way of doing that, and that is to be a part of the LIFE TEAM. This TEAM has helped me to never give up and has helped me in all of the 8 F’s of life!

  64. Kevin Hamm said


    I came into contact with you rascals in July 2007…remember:) I joined you in October of 2007 knowing we were in for a ride, but ready and willing. As you all were facing and overcoming your battles it fueled me in overcoming my own. I was always proud of the way the events were unfolding and thought that the story itself would one day fuel the movement. For obvious reasons, words and details were always limited, but what perfect timing for the true story to be brought out from a third party perspective in such a way that the nameless critics will have much to overcome themselves. I am so proud of this organization and the great teams I am directly associated with. I see my role as building at least six communities with 100 or more members attending events on a monthly basis and through those communities I plan on following the pattern of the Apostle Paul and poor my life into select leaders “proclaiming Him, admonishing ever man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that I may present every man complete in Christ. For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me.” Colossians 1:28&29 I have observed, Orrin, that you walk according to this pattern. Thank you for providing a living example.

  65. Heidi Szymanski said

    What an awesome book that will be. Can’t wait for the whole world to know the truth about this group of men and women. (Who’s the author?)

    Thanks for all you do, Orrin.

  66. Greg Streuly said

    This is going be a great read. Thanks Orrin!

  67. Angie Ballah said

    This is a story that needs to be told! It is the stories of courage and character against all odds that awaken the hearts of men and women to pursue their God given best! That is what we have seen in LIFE for years and we are excited for this perspective to be in print!!!

  68. Great intro to an amazing and inspiring story!

  69. Josh Dames said

    Wow!!! This is the team!!! Thx orrin

  70. Michael Hartmann said

    Is this excerpt from Leadershift, or from another book that’s currently being drafted? Either way, I can’t wait to read it!

  71. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, from the intro alone I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on a copy of this book. Sam Walton has his “Made in America”. The PC will have “The Story of LIFE”. Can’t wait for the official announcement!

  72. Chris Anderson said

    We are looking forward to being a positive part of the story.

  73. Jenny Salter said

    This is exciting!!! With this book and Leadershift, it is going to be a great year!!! Though I don’t know who the author is, I hope there is some humor involved in part of this story;)
    Thanks for everything you & all the other leaders do to help change America for our future generations!!

  74. Tim Johnson said

    I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of “The Story of LIFE”! Thanks for sharing, Orrin!

  75. Yosef Wasserman said

    Our team just watched, yesterday, the Rebroadcast of the LIFE Seminar. To watch & listen to Wayne Raylene MacNamara’s story, is an amazing testimony to your Leadership & the LIFE Business. Where else in the business world, can you find 2 ordinary people become millionaires, but more importantly become GREAT people, inside & out. They are such great examples to everyone of being hungry & humble to learn, that you can accomplish your dreams.
    Thank you for LEADING FROM THE FRONT!

  76. Jason Dames said

    Awesome Post Orrin!!!!!

  77. bill lewis said

    This is great summarization of what the Life Business is all about. Thanks for everything that you and Laurie do and sacrifice so the rest of us have chance to live the life we always wanted.

  78. Elaine Mallios said

    We have just been through a century of corporate elitism. Most of us were unaware that the basic life principles were being eroded. Anything was ok as long as the bottom line was producing money. Thus, the Enrons, the banking/lending industry and so many others, that succumbed to greed and lack of integrity. So glad to be a part of “the rest of the story” !!!

  79. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, I am so happy to hear that you and LIFE are starting to get the credit and recognition you so honestly deserve! Having the LIFE Business story being told by a world-renowned best-selling author will only give third-party credibility to what tens of thousands of us already know! LIFE is going MAIN STREAM!!!

  80. A&M Kerrick said

    HOPE is ALIVE for all, thanks Orrin.

  81. Theodore J Hewing Jr said

    I know we are a community of readers, which I happen to love. I would like to know is there any chance of a movie someday? Just curious! Love, Ted

  82. Orrin,

    Simply great!! Extremely well written and poignant!! I am extremely proud and honored to be a part of the LIFE business that you and the founders have created!! You have created an business where ordinary people can receive hope and through a fine tuned duplicatable system, that hope is transformed to reality and dreams come to life!!! Thank you so much!

  83. Jessica Dehn said

    Wow! Can’t wait to read the rest of the story!

  84. Hans Widener said

    This is awesome! We look forward to playing a part in the rest of the story! Thanks for your vision Orrin!

  85. Rob Robson said

    Can’t wait to get the rest of the story!

  86. A book on this GREAT journey! God’s perfect timing! I don’t think any of us can comprehend what He has in store! I know my head is spinning in awe and wonder! This is SAWEEEET! Can’t wait to buy hundreds of copies!!!!!!!!

    • Peggi Kern said

      Yes, Kristine! I agree that this is God’s perfect timing! I love the author’s statement when he said that as he studied and interviewed these leaders, he felt like he was writing about Sam Walton. We all know what a difference Walton’s vision made in our economy. I believe people will read this book and study the people in it the same way. So exciting!!

  87. Jim Martin said

    Let it rip baby! The story needs to be told and the ending won’t be for a looooooong time! Life is here to stay and I believe will change how business is done. The amount of change we have gone thru has been to put us in the position we are in to help millions WIN. Thanks Orrin


  88. Ali Staneart said


  89. Sheri Lucas said

    Such a great article! Can’t wait for the book…Let Freedom Ring!

  90. Denny Suggitt said

    Awesome !!! Can’t wait for the storey of LIFE ! Thanks Orrin !

  91. Adam Gonzales said

    Amazing cant wait to get my hands on this one!

  92. Kirk Birtles said

    The ‘Story of LIFE’….can’t wait to read it, in the meantime I am enjoying living it! Thanks for all you do!!

    Kirk Birtles

  93. Dennis Squires said

    Now I have something else to look forward to! This community continues to offer life changing opportunities, and I’m glad my wife and I are a part of the change! Thanks Orrin

  94. Brittany Schlabach said

    LIFE is going to make history!

  95. wendi witkowski said

    Amen! The Life business rocks and I’m so blessed to be a part of it!

  96. Cheryl said

    Amazing and full of truth!

  97. Kim Decker said

    Great story and thank you for sharing

  98. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    The LIFE business is amazing, but learning more about our leaders and their WHY’s for its creation makes it even better. Thank you LIFE founders for your time, energy and insight. I hope God continues to bless you and your family for your amazing sacrifice to this community.

  99. Terry said

    Fantastic, goosebumps when reading.
    The Story of Life, what a wonderful intro to a road worthy of travel.

  100. Sharon Pettman said

    I think that we have a treasure in someone like you Orrin who is willing to take the fall as we build the business through ups and downs … the learning curves can be steep but you keep pushing through!!! If we but follow your lead we cannot do anything but WIN!!! Thank you for keeping us up and encouraged!!! As Cody says Amen and Amen!!!!

  101. Aaron Noriega said

    Thank you Orrin and Laurie for blessing so many people with this unbelievable opportunity! It is an honor to have such great leaders paving the path for so many to follow! May God continue to move in a mighty way in your lives on the way to a million! Also, thank you to all the PC, RT, and others behind the scenes that sweet blood and tears with you guys to make this a reality!

    God Bless,


  102. Orrin,

    Sounds like an amazing story!

  103. Margaret Silke said

    Thank you Orrin and the Life Founders. It is a phenomenal product and we can’t wait for it to launch in Australia. Watch down under.

  104. CC Achilefu said


  105. Scott Ballah said

    We are in the throws of creating one of the greatest movements in history!! Thank you, Orrin and the PC, for living on purpose and standing on principle!!!!

  106. Abby J. Smith said

    An article, a book, a story about LIFE… wow! We have so much more to do… Thank you! Thank you!

  107. Dennis Cross said

    Orrin thankyou for all principle you have tought me and finding my dreams again.one day Iwill meet ya in the gogetter thanks again for all ya do . DPCROSS.

  108. Thank you Orrin. You are an amazing and wonderful Leader. This is so true and I can’t wait for the new book to come out. I know it will change peoples lives as well as help mine to grow even more. Maybe there are people that never heard of an “Orrin” before but they soon will. This may be a story but, it is a true story and how God used a humble man to change the lives of thousands of others. May God continue to bless you, Laurie and LIFE as he uses you to change others. You are truly His servant.

  109. Vicki & Tom Lowing said

    Thank you Orrin and Laurie. We are so very thankful for this opportunity in the LIFE Leadership business. What a difference it has made in our lives! Our marriage has improved and our relationships with our children is so much better. The LeaderShift book is just what America needs. It’s exciting to be a part of this amazing journey!

  110. I cannot wait for the release of this book! Apathy is at an all-time high in our churches, schools, workplaces and government. We are so blessed to have LIFE Leadership to share with those looking to apply truth in their circumstances! I am eternally thankful the founders are so generous as to devote their time and resources to develop an entire new industry.

  111. Very well written. This is a purpose with a business. Any clues as to when this book will come out?

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