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Limited Taxes Equals Limited Government

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 18, 2013

LeaderShift and Limited Government

LeaderShift, Oliver DeMille and my new book, is to be released on April 16th! In LeaderShift, we discuss how to limit government by limiting taxes and requiring balanced budgets. Indeed, political leaders must accept responsibility. If political leaders do not have to balance budgets, then we have taken away the responsibility for them to lead.

The concepts of success are simple to explain, but difficult to implement. The answers to North America’s fiscal problems are known; however, leaders must implement the fixes in order to restore our freedoms. The following hilarious, yet sad, video explains what’s wrong with America’s budget and LeaderShift will explain how to fix it!


Orrin Woodward

56 Responses to “Limited Taxes Equals Limited Government”

  1. It’s funny and sad all at the same time! Thank you Orrin Woodward and the leaders in the LIFE business!

  2. Jeff Stockhausen said

    It is amazing to watch a skit, laugh at times and think how ridiculous the scenario is being played out and then to see both budgets at the end of video and not sure whether to get angry, cry or just sit in awe…thinking seriously?

  3. Wow, that video was awesome! Can the problem be explained any better?

    I love how it put it into perspective of a family. It’s amazing how the government can so easily trick people into thinking that the same rules don’t apply to itself!

  4. merv hochstetler said

    So sad but true Orrin thanks for the clip.

  5. Rico Goncalves said

    The timing of your post was kind of funny as I’m sitting here listening to your cd “The Ten Laws of Financial Management” out of the Finance Pack. So many people can learn and change their life from this information. Can’t wait to read your new book Orrin. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for all that you do. You are changing the world.

  6. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Thank you so much Orrin for making “common sense” common again! Great video to show the absurdity of what our government is doing… Why is it so clear when we apply what is happening to an individual, yet so difficult to see when our government does it?!?

    I can’t wait for LeaderShift to be released! I know that you and Oliver have another Best Seller, but more importantly, ANSWERS to the problems our nation faces!!

  7. John Lewis said

    Thanks Orrin, it”s incredible how people think about these topics today. Thanks for the laugh!

  8. Kyle Starr said

    I agree Orrin you couldn’t be more spot on! What a great short video to really put into perspective what we are doing or letting happen! Thanks again.

  9. Tim Johnson said

    Very funny! Too bad it’s too true. Thanks for sharing, Orrin! And like so many others, I cannot wait until Leadershift comes out!

  10. Matt Mielke said


  11. J.J. said

    That’s awesome great parable

  12. Peggi Kern said

    Wow! That video was a great analogy of what’s happening and pretty scary that our children will have to pay for the mismanagement of our nation’s money.

  13. Jenny Salter said

    Funny & so true!!! Thank goodness for LEADERSHIFT because some people don’t even realize that they think this way. I thank God for the LIFE business coming into our lives because I was definitely a naive person in this area, thinking there was nothing I had to worry about because I lived in America (sad:( ).
    Thanks Orrin!

  14. Jen Ulrich said

    Love it! I think most people don’t understand the tragedy until it’s put into numbers they can relate to. Kinda makes you sick to your stomach, doesn’t it? One by one, we’re reaching out with the truth. Thanks for continuing to go against the current, Orrin!

  15. Matt Foote said

    Excellent video. In our Internet Age, many times it’s the ridiculous that garners more attention that straight Truth. This puts things into perspective really well and relates the problem of government overspending to everyone. Thanks Orrin. I can’t wait to get my hands on “Leadershift” and start handing it out to others as well.

  16. Bob Rasmussen said

    Sometimes the truth hurts! Can’t wait for LeaderShift so we can spread the truth more quickly!!

  17. Charles Gopez said

    Hahaha, the little girl signing with the crayon was funny…wait a minute…that little girl is my generation… Thanks for building a legacy with LIFE, so the future generations can break the proverbial crayon and the cycle of bondage!

  18. Louis Schwitzer said

    I really enjoyed this! Looking forward to Leadershift, and sharing it with my friends.

  19. Rob Robson said

    It is amazing how we have been conditioned to be okay with legalized plunder. I can’t wait to get my copies of Leadershift to start waking some folks up!

  20. Sandi Bates said

    WOW, what a great video to explain the mess we are in.
    Thank you so much Orrin for posting this.

  21. Theodore J. Hewing,Jr. said

    So that’s what it is in a nutshell! Looking forward to the difference that the information in LeaderShift is going to make. Thanks Orrin, Ted

  22. Amy Koerkenmeier said

    Oh my goodness!! It sounds ridiculous!! And it almost made me sick when he used his child for a scapegoat!! I hope the government will realize that they look just as ridiculous!

  23. Eiron said

    You got it Orrin, hilarious yet sad.

  24. That the most simple way to explain where we are at as a nation, and to think our politicians either don’t care or don’t want to fix it or the third alternative which I shudder to think may be more accurate is that to many of our elite, closed-door politicians are actually trying to collapse our economy!

    This video made me sad for a second and I got just plain mad! We are at a crossroads as a nation and we need LEADERSHIFT and more importantly, we need LEADERS to apply the fight principles!

    Thanks for leading the charge Orrin! There are so many who are taking up the cause daily! By God’s grace we will get this thing done!

    Looking forward to seeing you in August!

  25. Jim Martin said

    Ha funny video but I think I ran across that guy more than once while out stp! I am looking forward to reading Leadershift.


  26. J & P Harteis said

    Wow, Orrin! This video reminds us of too many folks right now! God help us, & in the meantime, LeaderShift & the books & cd’s in the LIFE business will lay the ground work!

  27. Hilary Dorr said


  28. Scott Heidrick said

    WOW….. I have to laugh but I really just want to just cry!

  29. Scott Staley said

    Crazy – it’s funny how so many people can see how ridiculous the video is – and totally miss what the government is doing. I can hardly wait for the book to come out!

  30. MARIO VEGA said


  31. Denny Suggitt said

    Amazing but true ! Some people just don’t get it !

  32. Dan Ostapiak said

    Thanks a lot for the post Orrin. It looks rediculous when we see it that way although that’s how it all goes. I can’t wait to learn more when Leadershift comes out!

  33. Jessica said

    Very funny, and sad, video.

  34. YIKES!! We have our work cut out for us!

  35. Michael Stithem said

    Amazingly simple, but it seems people miss simple.

  36. Micah Kramer said

    Really looking forward to reading Leadershift and sharing it with the masses! Thanks for all your effort to help us be the change we want to see in this world.

  37. Brian Sommers said

    What a very simply way to break something down that many don’t understand.

  38. Mike Samuelson said

    What a great comparison, can’t wait until Leadershift is released.
    Thanks for sharing this video.

  39. That in a nutshell was very scarey! I’ve been watching other documentaries about US economics and seeing how the politics and banks are leading the country to ruin and people don’t realize just how close we are now to complete collapse. We are living in exciting times where we can change it all for the people and your book Leadershift is the start! Thanks Orrin.

  40. Phil Wall said

    Baaaahahahahahaha!!!! fantastic. Great clip Orrin. I wonder if our good buddy Bernanke will watch this?

  41. Funny video, let’s get those financial pks into the living rooms. Time to erase some stinking thinking.

  42. Kirk Birtles said

    O… To quote Metallica….’Sad but true’! Thanks for always being a leader worthy of following!!!

  43. Trevor Long said

    Thanks Orrin! I sent this on to our grade 7/8 teacher who played it for the students! Great teaching that the students got.

  44. Robert Daley said

    Lol…. Great video showing the problem with the thinking of so many people …. The masses may have learned that thinking from our government…. I am excited for the release of your next book so we can continue to educate the masses with truth…
    Thank you Orrin for continueing to fight for what’s right……FREEDOM
    God bless

  45. woah!!! I tell you what…WOAH! I really appreciate the perspective we get from Larry VanBuskirk’s Economics CDs. Having that visual image to pair with it just leaves me shaking my head. I agree with Sherry let’s get that information out there and fix that stinking thinking!!! Thanks again Orrin!

  46. That was fun I hope people in good old usa will wake up it time to take back are freedom.

  47. Steve Meixner said

    Very Funny, but so sad it’s all True…Wake up America!! Thanks Orrin for helping to educate us all!!!

  48. Bill Eder said

    This would be funny if it wasn’t pointing to how true it has become in so many areas. The leaders need to take responsibility and so do we the people. I see over two million have viewed this video. If they would act on the information some difference just may happen.

  49. OUTSTANDING VIDEO! Thanks, Orrin, for sharing the “red pill” (see The Matrix) and opening our eyes to the truth.

  50. Anthony Nieto said

    Wow!! Looks and sounds ridiculous when you actually see it. I cant wait until Leadershift is released and we put it into people’s hands.

  51. Kim Decker said

    I know this is a skit but this is so real that all people need to watch: have posted everyone to dare all to watch. Thank you

  52. Funny if it wasn’t so true

  53. Steve Sager said

    What a true depiction of the debt crisis… Funny video from the outside, but scary truth on the inside…And this stuff is really going on in our country every minute!

  54. CC Achilefu said

    This is simple, yet painful truth.

  55. Scary…but true. Thanks, Orrin and Oliver, for coming up with solutions to the startling truths we need to face.

  56. Cheryl said

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize this as truth must be blind!

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