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Why America & Western Society Needs a LeaderShift

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 20, 2013

The following is a portion of the introduction from a book I am working on about Western Society. LeaderShift is less than a month away from release and Oliver DeMille and I are pumped about it. However, there is much more to share on this important subject than can be contained in one book. The Quest for Concord is as old as Western Societies existence and has been attempted in every society since the Greeks. The LIFE Business intends to educate people on their history so we can ensure we protect the freedoms we enjoy for our posterity. Today’s reading is not light, but I promise if you take the time to read and comprehend, it will help you understand the pressing issues going on in today’s society.


Orrin Woodward

Historical Case-Studies of SDS & FLD

With this understanding of the Six Duties of Society and Five Laws of Decline, the author can now describe more fully his chronological case-studies. The Greeks, as the founders of Western Civilization, were the first case-study society. The Greeks enjoyed a higher level of freedom than any previous ancient society. Consequently, the SDS were satisfied more fully than in any other previous society up until that time. Society and wealth grew rapidly as the Greek city-states traded with one another and confederated together to defend themselves against the Persian Empire. However, with no experience or understanding of the FLD, the stronger Greek city-states began plundering the weaker ones and the pendulum moved out of concord into chaos. Greek society divided into allied city-states (Sparta and Athens) who fought a series of civil wars, destroying their liberties and productivity. Both cities, and Greek society, were destroyed in a suicidal attempt to protect themselves from the plunder of the other. The Greek civil wars terminated when Greek liberty did with the arrival of the Roman Republic’s armies.

The Roman Republic began its leadership of Western Society and experienced great growth and prestige within society. However, it too was overcome by the temptations of the FLD when the Senate began to plunder small farmers and the provincials. The Gracchi brothers attempted reforms led to their assassinations and political wars for plunder led eventually to full-scale civil war within society. Injustice always carries within it the seed of its own destruction and the political wars eventually flowed into civil war and chaos. The political purges and civil wars of Marius and Sulla moved the pendulum into chaos. This only escalated further as the Senate and Populares fought for political leadership of the Roman Republic. The FLD killed the Roman Republic when political chaos paralyzed the rulers of Rome and opposing sides resorted to war. Clausewitz said, “War is politics by other means.” In the Republic’s case, “Politics was war by other means.”  The conservative elements (the Senate and Pompey) squared off against the reform-minded populist, led by Caesar. The end result was the destruction of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire. Even Caesar’s assassination did not restore the republic. The chaos was rooted too deeply within Roman society and Caesar’s death resulted in another round of civil wars, culminating with Augustus Caesar’s rule.

At long last, Western Society moved the pendulum from chaos towards concord. In essence, the Roman Empire early success was due to Caesar Augustus wisdom. He limited taxation, ended the plunder of the provinces, and shared power with the Senatorial class. Accordingly, the Roman peace (Pax Romana) produced concord, prosperity, and progress within society for the duration of Augustus rule. Unfortunately, wise rulers do not live forever. Predictably, the pendulum’s inertia, originally set in motion from chaos to concord, continued it momentum from concord into coercion. Later Caesars, ignoring Augustus’s example, increased their powers by further centralization, regulations, and taxes. The government’s gain in power and money was achieved parasitically, at the expense of society’s freedoms and prosperity. Indeed, by the end of the Roman Empire, the bloated bureaucracy coerced society’s wealth to feed the rapacious civil and military branches. Interestingly, when the Roman Empire fell, many within the oppressed Roman society, viewed the Gothic barbarians, not as invaders, but as liberators.

The Roman Empire, by Augustus’s restraint, solved many of the pressing issues that hindered the Republic. Consequently, society thrived under his SDS solutions and the empire expanded. The pendulum swung from chaos into concord and Roman society enjoyed the benefits through Augustus’s long tenure. Not surprisingly, however, the FLD temptation was too much for later Caesar’s with less talent and more greed. The FLD began to work its poison with the thriving society. The parasitic state ate the bowels out of the once-healthy society and the Roman Empire fell, less from external enemies, and more from internal enervation. Neither Roman society seemed to learn the key lessons offered by its Greek predecessor. In summation, the three case-studies from the Greco/Roman past, even though they shined brightly for a period of time, terminate in societal suicide. Not an impressive ending compared to its promising beginnings. All three societies met the SDS challenge and failed miserably with the FLD. Santayana’s statement, “The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history,” regretfully, has been proven to be valid in the study of history.

The next section reviews the Anglo/Saxon societies. Beginning with England and its society formed under the Kings, Lords, and Parliament, England developed innovative ways to check any specific groups power. England’s three great liberty documents – Magna Carta, Petition of Rights, and the Bill of Rights – attempted systematic fixes to the problems inherent within mankind’s plunderous nature. England, learned through experience than Kings could not be trusted with absolute power and needed checks upon their power. Nonetheless, the Stuart Kings attempted to exercise absolute control of England without parliamentary checks. Civil war was the predictable result. After an interregnum during Oliver Cromwell’s protectorate, the Restoration brings King Charles II to the throne. Like his dad before, Charles II believed in the “divine right of kings” and the House of Lords and Parliament battled to protect the people’s rights. Finally, when his brother James proved even worse, the Lords and House joined forces and invited William and Mary to England. King William agreed to sign the Bill of Rights and England believed its liberties were secure. However, plunderers have never allowed mere words on scraps of paper hinder them in their quest for power and plunder. When King George III took the throne as the third Hanoverian king, he attempted to rule as absolutely as any of the Stuart, proving the FLD cannot be checked by contracts or constitution, but only forces capable of resisting plunder.

King George III takes us to the founding of the United States and its two intriguing case-study societies. The first society was structured under the Articles of Confederation during the American colonies civil war against its parent England. It consisted of thirteen independent colonies who confederated together for protection. Interestingly, this model is similar to the Greek model where independent city-states confederated together against the Persian Empire. Although there were strengths and weaknesses of this society, it never had the opportunity to move through the “rise and fall” cycle. George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and others desired a stronger federal government than the Articles offered. The federalist feared the potential chaos ensuing from independent states warring politically, financially, and militarily if a stronger central government were not formed.

Accordingly, in 1787, the Articles of Confederation were scrapped and replaced by the Constitution. This document attempted to limit the actions of the federal government by clearly delineating the actions permissible. However, history reveals plunderers ignore words in the quest for power; therefore, the general welfare clause was twisted into a “catch all” phrase, permitting the federal government to do whatever it felt necessary. This tenuous arrangement between “sovereign” states and a “sovereign” federal government did not last long. Not even a century had elapsed when the increasing political wars finally spilled over into the predictable civil war. History may not repeat exactly, but the ill-effects of the FLD surely do. On one side, the Greek, Roman, American societies each experienced civil wars when the pendulum moved into chaos. On the other side, Rome, modern-day England, and modern-day America are experiencing the pain and enervation of the pendulum drifting into coercion. Chaos leads to civil war while coercion leads to lethargy.

54 Responses to “Why America & Western Society Needs a LeaderShift”

  1. Chad Waters said

    So inspired about all this and doing our part Orrin!
    Can’t wait for the book! Already ordered some!

  2. Hilary Dorr said

    Can’t wait, Orrin!

  3. The fact that you can take HUNDREDS of years of history and spill it out in one blog post boggles my mind! Thanks for the uncountable hours you’ve spent reading for this one post, not to mention the book, to help us all understand the SDS and FLD. You are amazing!

  4. Mary Mazur said

    Wow, very deep and profound. Time to wake up the lethargic and breathe spirit and energy of freedom again back into each family that cares about their future and their children’s future! Thx Orrin !

  5. Clint Fix said

    Insightful article! How do you propose to keep power in check long term since documents don’t seem to work long term? How do we keep the FLD in check long term without mandating the SDS?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Clint, LeaderShift will answer that in general and this book will answer that question in the specific. 🙂 Otherwise, I would have to give you a 50,000 word answer. 🙂 In brief, power must check power. Similar to how the Catholic Church checked the absolute sovereignty of Kings back in the Middle Ages. The Local, State, and Federal split with each checking the other is much safer than words on a piece of paper. Machiavellians ignore words when they have the power to do so. thanks, Orrin

  6. Titi Woki said

    This is such a delight to read! I have always wanted to get a better understanding of how the Western Civilization got to where it is! Your work helps me take bite size studies of this and I can’t wait to get my hands of these soon to be best selling books! God bless you as you keep leading the fight!

  7. Scott Staley said

    Orrin – thank you for all that you do. I deeply admire you for your tenacious pursuit of personal education, and your passion for being able to share that and spark that desire in others. Thank you for opening my eyes, and creating a passion to help others do the same. I anxiously await the release of Leadershift!

  8. Mike Hellweg said

    Praise the Lord for your insatiable desire to be a student and leader! You have taken what can be overwhelming to study and condensed it into a simple wake up call to action. You have also given us enough to check the history facts out for oneself. What a blessing and gifted man for millions! Thanks Orrin!

  9. Matt Mielke said

    Orrin, thanks for the history lesson. I have a question, how do the banking cartels play in this chess game? The power hungry may not just be the “government” but the puppet master behind scenes. This “divide and conquer” the people propaganda has brought chaos in the early part of the 21st century and how do we spread the SDS into the worldly ranks of those institutions? I vote for a revival of Godly proportions. One thing we still have in our control that no one can stop is prayer. May God, through his son Jesus Christ, rain justice on the un-just and give power and strength to the righteous that know the King of Kings -Jesus Christ.

    Godspeed on your journey to 1 million people!


    • Orrin Woodward said

      Matt This is definitely covered in LeaderShift. In the main, bankers can buy government because one government controls everything in a country; therefore with one purchase, control is purchased. However, if government is broken down at the local level, the government cannot be purchased without the bank having to spend so much money it cannot reap a return on investment. This is why centralization is so dangerous and One World Government would be the most dangerous of all. Anyone who suggest such a thing does not understand the FLD. thanks, Orrin

  10. Jason Dames said

    Thx Orrin!!! I love this blog!!!!

  11. Anthony Nieto said

    This is fired up!! I’ve learned more in my life in a year being a part of LIFE and reading your blog then I have ever! No one is getting the education we receive. Thanks Orrin

  12. MARIO VEGA said


  13. Joe Defina said

    Orrin, I can’t wait for the release of these books! So often we talk with people & they have lost hope fora better tomorrow. One guy told me all hope is gone and the best thing to do is for all of us to move to Texas and create our own country. He said this in front of his 3 year old daughter! Thank God I have found a group of leaders willing to stand up & speak truth. That is the only way to turn this country around. Thanks again for all you selfless work & God bless.

  14. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    So intense….I never remember learning any of this in my history classes. Thank you Orrin for your indepth study and then sharing it with the LIFE community and soon to be many others!!

  15. Lynda Varada said

    Orrin, The ripple effect of this information, this history, being understood my tens of thousands of people through LIFE community, our country and then throughout the world is giving me tremendous hope today! Thank you for sharing glimpses of this book prior to its release. We are truly blessed by what you and Oliver DeMille have done.

  16. What a great article!

  17. Come on April 16!!!!!

  18. Gary Severson said

    So little time, and so much to be done! We are so grateful for your leadership Orrin. If anyone feels they have no purpose in life, this is a great time to get passionate about something that REALLY MATTERS! I’m business partners with some highly educated professionals, from about every profession you could think of, and pretty much every one of them are adamant that the LIFE education is the best education they’ve ever received in their lives! Truth + Application = Changed Lives 🙂

  19. Tennyson Heen said

    This is great to disseminate this historical information in a format that people are now hungry to understand and willing to look into and read about.
    This is invaluable and people can read and apply the info and see how it relates to the times we are living now and really make a difference, because they will have the knowledge, understanding and courage they may not have been there previously.

  20. wendi witkowski said

    All I can say is WOW. I can’t wait to read Leadershift. Thank you so much Orrin for all your time studying historical outcomes and then sharing in a way that we can get it

  21. wendi witkowski said

    I just wanted to add that a group here in Fl is going county by county petitioning the localities to sign a bill to not have any local funds, including sheriff, be used to help the federal govt infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights. Two counties and 1city have signed so far. If it wans’t for the Life business, my friend Robin, wouldn’t have been leading the group and I wouldn’t have been supporting. The wave of people taking a stand and making a difference locally and beyond is starting.

  22. Chris Schill said

    Incredible!!! I’ve learned more through your blogs Orrin than in too many years of school. Keep em coming brother!

  23. Colby Lyons said

    great article, Orrin!! I can’t wait for the book to come out!

  24. J.J. said

    I Am confused are you saying that to much freedom( chaos) prior to 1913 led to the civil war?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Prior to the civil war the major unresolved political issue was: Is the USA a group of sovereign states that compacted together to create a Federal Government or is the USA a sovereign Federal government created by the people and the states are similar to provinces in the Roman Empire. The first is like Ancient Greece and the second is like Ancient Rome. Since politicians and government agencies fought on both sides of this (nullification, judicial review, etc), it left government paralyzed by the time of the civil war and many states left the union arguing that since they freely joined they could freely leave. The states that remained argued it is a perpetual union and you are not allowed to leave. War resolved the issues and consolidation has marched on since that moment with no opposing governmental check to Federal’s increasing power and control. The good news is that slavery ended. The bad news is that the Federal government’s encroachments are slowly enslaving us all. This history is so close in form to the history of the Roman Republic and its civil war and then the march of consolidation of the Roman Empire until it’s fall. I hope that helps. thanks, Orrin

    • Orrin Woodward said

      One more thing. Chaos is not freedom, concord is. Chaos is total lost of freedom because property, life, and liberty are lost as safety in society is ruined by society at war with itself. thanks, Orrin

  25. Benjamin Shoemaker said

    Your insightful knowledge of historical leadership concepts and fundamental principles in the SDS and the FLD can and will change the face of our current American society. LeaderShift will be the answer! Thank you for mentoring my mentor/uncle Greg Johnson.

  26. Rob Robson said

    Thanks so much Orrin! It’s amazing what kind of important truths come out when you have the ability to condense a few thousand years of history in a few short paragraphs! I can’t wait for my books to get here!!

  27. Dean said

    Thanks Orrin,
    I appreciate the time and commitment you have made to explain these history lessons. Can’t wait for the book!

  28. J.J. said

    I can’t wait to here more about the solution , this falls right in line with the south dying the death of democracy, when the occupied states voted in restrictive blockade running laws. By not alowing high price luxury idems they deminshed the incentives for runners to make the trip thus starving the south of war supply’s . Thank you so much

  29. Robert Daley said

    WOW…. I am very excited to get not only the leadershift book but the one that is going to follow it. Thank you Orrin for using so much of your time to study and research history and then to educate the masses so our generation can start to reclaim the freedoms that this country was founded on. I will do my part to pay it forward for all the work you do for our freedom.
    Thank you again Orrin !!!
    God bless

  30. J & P Harteis said

    Just finishing up the AGO book of the month on Esther, Orrin. To keep our hope alive, we must keep believing that God is in control, all the time. Thanks for being a warrior for the truth, at such a time as this!

  31. I do believe and hold true that once we get your book into our hands, the million households we are reaching (by this year) will be empowered with knowledge.
    I am so excited to serving along with such influential people.
    “We know not, whom we touch when we share. Nor how we effect the future”

    I am just overwhelmed to once again begin living with hope.
    This I attribute to you and your efforts.
    Thank you.

  32. Denny Suggitt said

    Great post Orrin ! Amazing what you can learn from history when you really dig in and study it ! Thanks Orrin !

  33. Wes Smith said

    That is amazing perspective. I can’t wait for the book!

  34. Steve Meixner said

    Orrin, it looks like History is repeating itself…Again….Everything says it will so far. I am proud to be associated with you,the Policy council and Oliver DeMille. Thank you guys for leading the way and lets save Our Country. I have books ordered and will distribute every one of them!!!

  35. Thera LeFeuvre said

    Many years ago I was required to do a Political Science assignment entitled ‘Every society contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction’. This is true of a democracy because we allow free speech, otherwise it’s not freedom. It’s been said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilence. Those who would destroy our freedoms today are much more passionate and aggressive than we are vigilent. Back to how to boil a frog. Thank you Orrin and the Policy Council for taking the initiative in developing leaders.

  36. This definitely was not light but it was very insightful. I love the constant challenge to understand history. After all, it is foundational for a leadership movement. Thank you for your diligent studies, we are all being affected by your work. God Bless!

  37. Leadershift and the one to follow are both going to be such incredible books! Our country needs them!

    I believe that with Gods grace and mercy along with the TEAM doing the work required to get the info out into each household, we CAN make a difference and change our culture.

    There is a phrase I read in the book “Exponential” that keeps coming to mind lately:

    “Pray as if everything depended on God, and Work as if everything depeneded on you.”

    I WILL…

  38. Josh Dames said

    This book will be a game changer!!! Thx Orrin!!

  39. Amy Reed said

    Great article!

  40. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. Your inspiration to educate the people of this great country, in my eyes seems, to be the charge,if you will.We recently
    particpated in an event in our community.We met hundreds of people and I was taken by the’deer in the headlights’ look when I asked several people about 1913.I had the book with me and without exception, not one could tell me what events occured in that year.Quite frankly neither could I until we plugged into educating ourselves and unplugged our TV.
    My question for you would be this.Do we simply need to think more, and put more effort into, educating with truths and then by default make the populous more aware of history,and stop the “dumbing down” of society. Thanks,Steve

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Steve, Great question! Education leads to better thinking which leads to better actions which leads to better results and improves systems to create those results. thanks, Orrin

  41. Larry Auman said

    Thanks Orrin, your timing with the book LeaderShift seems to be at a perfect time in our society. God’s work in you to build your thinking and knowledge to where you are, has put this information available to us as LIFE members. Now it’s our turn to learn and spread this information through our actions out into society so we can change this wonfderful country of ours, and develop a bright new future for our ancestors. Thanks.

  42. Eric Travis said

    Orrin, I have to thank you for being so committed to sharing your political knowledge and recipe’s for how to fix the major issues. I have to admit I’ve always shunned political talk of any sort, based mainly on the fact that I knew it was flawed and couldn’t see an end to how deep one must dig before seeing any headway towards creating positive change. Your blogs and future books I must say have sparked an interest and I’m highly looking forward to their release. As a parent my children’s freedoms are at stake and a forced ignorance is definitely not going to help anything. A question for you though would be: is there anywhere in your writings a way to help the Canadian Government improve and implement strategies against the FLD since our governments are similar in some ways and yet vastly different in others?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Eric, the good news is the principles will carry over exactly; however, we will need an enterprising Canadian to write the SDS and FLD specifically for Canada, or at least help educate this American do so. 🙂

  43. Larry Auman said

    Thanks Orrin, your timing with the book LeaderShift seems to be at a perfect time in our society. God’s work in you to build your thinking and knowledge to where you are, has put this information available to us as LIFE members. Now it’s our turn to learn and spread this information through our actions out into society so we can change this wonfderful country of ours, and develop a bright new future for our successors. Thanks.

  44. Angie Ballah said

    I appreciate you blazing the way for Americans to awaken ourselves to truth! Cant wait for the book!

  45. I can’t wait for this book now too! I want to get through it to see how we can apply to Canada as well! People feel we are more free here, but really we are just more cared for by our government (more coerced)

  46. Andrew Rockwell said

    That is awesome! Thanks for the preview Orrin!

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