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LeaderShift: The Challenge & Response

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 21, 2013

LeaderShift: The Challenge & Response for Western Civilization

Here are my closing thoughts on a book describing the background research into the soon-to-be-released LeaderShift book. I am more convinced now than ever that Western Civilization cannot only be saved, but be placed in a better position than ever before when people learn the systemic principles behind the Six Duties of Society and the Five Laws of Decline. Don’t take my word for it, do your own studying and use this article and the last one as a place to start. The LIFE Business is a group who are committed to making a difference by first making a difference in their own families life.


Orrin Woodward

Incidentally, the Federalist feared the Articles of Confederation would fall into chaos and civil war like the ancient Greek society did. To avoid this scenario, they created a stronger federal government with checks against the FLD. In truth, however, what resulted was quasi-federal/quasi-state governmental structure that left sovereignty to be debated between the states and federal government. This is remarkably similar to the Roman Republic’s divided sovereignty between the Senate and People. Consequently, just as the Roman Republic’s struggle for sovereignty was settled by military force in its civil war, so too did America’s Civil War settle the sovereignty question. Furthermore, just as the Roman Republic’s pendulum moved from the chaos of civil war to concord in the early Roman Empire, followed by increasing coercion and enervation of the people of the late Empire, so too did the American Republic fall into chaos during its civil war to concord in the early American Empire, followed by increasing coercion and enervation of the people in the later America Empire. In both instances, the pendulum’s momentum carried it from chaos through concord and into coercion. In sum, the Federalist fear of Greek-like chaos caused them to propose and implement Roman-like sovereignty debates culminating in civil war and finally coercion. Indeed, the FLD predicts this sequence in theory as accurately as history displays it in fact. The author believes this is the key lesson to learn from political history: How society can satisfy the SDS without correspondingly activating the FLD.

Each Anglo-Saxon case-study will be analyzed to determine how they satisfied the SDS. All three societies grew and prospered by fulfilling the SDS; however, all three also experienced the FLD within society. What, if any, lessons did the Anglo/Saxon’s learn from their ancient predecessors? The author seeks to identify the similarities and differences between the ancient and modern methods of blocking the FLD. Each society will be summarized for what it added to the political wisdom of hot to fulfill the SDS and check the FLD. Interestingly, America’s Founding Fathers studied the history of each previous society. What conclusions did they draw from these historical examples? Moreover, what methods did they implement into the Constitution to improve the SDS and check the FLD?  Although the jury is not complete on the Anglo/Saxon societies, the currents reports are not optimistic. In many ways, the modern siblings are repeating the same systematic mistakes as the Greco/Roman societies. Fortunately, today’s political leaders, by studying the SDS and FLD, can respond to the challenge and withdraw the Anglo/Saxon societies from the approaching precipice.

Robert Mankoff: Decline of Western Civilization

Robert Mankoff: Decline of Western Civilization

The final section of the book proposes a model for society based upon feeding the SDS and starving the FLD. The proposal builds in checks upon the FLD and encourages the SDS, balancing the drift between chaos, on one side, and coercion on the other. The Quest for Concord, the middle position of the pendulum, between the equally harmful extremes, is attainable. Regrettably, concord has never been sustained for more than a generation. The author will describe how all past societies failed through systematic ignorance of the dangers within the FLD. Fortunately, when the Five Laws of Decline are understood and checked, the author believes the West can achieve its quest for concord. This book then, isn’t an intellectual perusal through the history of a lost cause. Rather, it is written in the hope of reawakening the quest for concord and pointing out the adjustment that need to me made within society in order to attain it. This book provides a step-by-step roadmap for America, and the West, to step off of the political precipice and finally achieve the 2500 year quest for concord.

Historian, Arnold Toynbee, wrote how each society faces “challenge and response” crisis that demand great leadership to solve. While many may have written Western Society’s obituary, believing it has entered its twilight years, the author, in contrast, believes the West drift towards coercion is due to the “challenge” crisis not being addressed and solved. In truth, without understanding the systemic reason for the challenge, it would be practically impossible to respond to it. This book provides the systemic framework to make a “response” possible. Western Civilization’s rebirth is within reach. Without exaggeration, if this challenge is ignored much longer, Western society will fall. The once great Western Civilization will be added to the dustbin of history as another “rise and fall” tragedy. The question is: will Western Society learn the lessons of the SDS and the FLD soon enough to divert destruction?

34 Responses to “LeaderShift: The Challenge & Response”

  1. J.J. said

    Awesome orrin how long before we get to read this one?

  2. pat edwards said

    Orrin, I can’t wait for the release. Last two sentences sent chills down my spine. Powerful!

  3. Great article! I look forward to these post for a quick history lesson, I am also looking forward to your book Leadershift coming out in April!!

  4. we as a country are so greatly in need of this info! Looking forward to the launch of LEADERSHIFT! Have you chosen to name the second one The Quest for Concord?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Philip, This book will have Quest for Concord in the title somewhere, but it isn’t the second book. We have a trilogy planned for LeaderShift. This is just the background information (kind of like a footnotes book) to back up what we are teaching in the fables. thanks, Orrin

  5. Kim Decker said

    We will make a difference as I believe in you and LIFE and will change the course of time. Thank you for a great article

  6. Alaysha said

    They will learn the lessons if someone informs them! That is why what we do is so important! Great blog Orrin!! Thank you!

  7. Matt Mielke said

    I sense the hope in your writings Orrin. I borrow that hope for our country and feel empowered to make a difference through your teachings. Thanks


  8. Tim Johnson said

    I am really looking forward to reading this newest book! The West has been sliding down the slippery slope of the FLD for quite awhile, however I truly feel there are enough people out there that will address the challenge crisis and embrace the SDS to start the pendulum back towards Concord. Thanks for sharing and making this Quest for Concord easier to understand, Orrin!

  9. Clint Fix said

    Every time I read these little snippets I get more excited about these books! How long do you think it will be between the release of Leadershift and the following two books?

  10. Jason Dames said

    Orrin I can’t wait for the book to come out!!!!

  11. Sandi Bates said

    I am anxiously awaiting the release of this book and the 2 to follow.
    Thanks Orrin for all you do!

  12. Larry Auman said

    Orrin, thanks for leading us and this country in the right direction. I feel that through your teachings of how we can save this country, I am finding my true perpose. Thank you for that. I too, cannot wait for the book to come out.

  13. Eric Travis said

    Orrin, thanks again for all your posts. I can’t wait for more! They say that genius is taking something complicated and making it simple and understandable; well your genius is making this simpleton feel awfully smart!

  14. Incredible LIFE lessons taught by Orrin Woodward.

  15. Rob Robson said

    I am so fired up for Leader Shift to come out! Thank you Orrin Woodward!

  16. Bob Rasmussen said

    It’s going to be so amazing and interesting to see the rise of leadership and leaders as the Team and Life business takes this book mainstream. I can’t wait!

  17. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Thank you Orrin for your breakdown on such complex times in history!

  18. J & P Harteis said

    We’ll reach them, teach them, one by one! Thanks, Orrin, for showing us the way! Can’t wait for LeaderShift!

  19. Denny Suggitt said

    Love the previews, they keep me coming back every night ! Great info ! Thanks Orrin !

  20. Robert Daley said

    We can still save our country if we are willing and able to reach the minds if the average man and help him to discover the truth of where we came from and where we are heading as a nation. Thank you Orrin and Oliver for the soon to be released book “Leadershift”. It sounds like that book will be a catalyst in this most worthy endeavor… Thank you for all you do and continue to do Orrin
    God bless

  21. Kevin Hamm said

    I love it! I know now why I strive so hard for personal freedom. It will be exciting to put the time that I now put toward income instead toward helping others be free.

  22. Corey McMullin said

    Makes you want to find about a million people, lock arms with them, armed with the info coming soon in LEADERSHIFT, and turn this thing around. Thanks, Orrin and Oliver

  23. Terry said

    Orrin, every night I talk to people, I am grateful for leaders like you and the policy council, and everyone else out in the living rooms making a difference, striving to change America one life at a time. Huge massive ideas and inventions are great, but nothing will ever replace the “kitchen table” relationship that Christ exhibited and are so vital to the reaching of the human heart.

    Leave No Doubt!

  24. Julie Sagnimeni said

    Orrin,we’re SO excited to get our copy of LeaderShift and get as many as we can into the hands of others! We feel so blessed to be a part of something so significant! Thanks for all you’ve done to create an environment for winning, so nobodies like us can be the somebodies that step out and make a difference.

  25. Can’t wait for the release!!!!! Got mine preordered!!!!!!

  26. I Can’t wait to read about the proposed model! From the talk you gave on the subject, it sounds like it’ll be really good!

  27. MARIO VEGA said


  28. chris volkmann said

    Wow. Thanks for another awesome blog. So true.

  29. AR said


  30. Orrin,

    Sounds like we are in store for a road map to a restored society. Looking forward to studying and following the map. GOD knows we need to take what may be a last opportunity to turn this once great country around. I know a community of people developing the Leadership to make a LeaderShift.

  31. Mike Coulter said

    Orrin, I have always had a desire to make a significant difference. I know that with you I have a vehicle to get it done. Lead the way!!!

  32. Rick Satterstrom said

    The West doesn’t know how bad it is getting. It may be too late before the masses even realize what was happening. All of us are going to spread the word as best we can. Thanks for all of this hard work you put in Orrin!

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