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    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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LIFE Seminars

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 7, 2013

Laurie and I are back from Michigan after one of the most enjoyable of seminars. The crowd in Saginaw was on fire from the moment the seminar got under way. I had the honor of sharing the principles behind the book LeaderShift, specifically the power pendulum and why governments must be limited. Afterwards, Marc and Kristine Militello gave a stellar teaching session on how to duplicate yourself in business and life through utilizing systems. Since Marc and Kristine were the speakers, they didn’t get recognized as Sr. Coordinator 3’s, but they will next month. Their ability to communicate the message of hope and consistency is second to none.

Next up was wave after wave of recognition. So many people are moving on in Michigan that the recognition ran over by 30 minutes even after we cut some out to attempt to make up time. Highlights included new RTs (Jason & Kathy Tingley) and a new Triple 100 (Scott and Missy Russell) to mention just a few! Laurie and I then shared the several stories on winners who have overcome. I especially enjoyed Laurie’s story of facing your fears. To close up the night Mark Paul interviewed me and I was extremely impressed by his ability to cull out the information behind the stories. I told Mark he would be doing interviews until he went PC and replaced himself. πŸ™‚ All kidding aside, he really was that good!

That is what happened up in Saginaw. Did you attend a local LIFE Seminar? If you did, please share some key nuggets, magic moments and interesting thoughts from your location. I will see everyone at the upcoming LeaderShift book tour!


Orrin Woodward

LIFE Business Major Convent

LIFE Business Major Convent

129 Responses to “LIFE Seminars”

  1. LIFE LIVE seminars rock! I look forward to them every month. The association is so key to success.

  2. Justin Stevens said

    Had an awesome time driving up to Mansfield Ohio from Cincinnati last night to enjoy some friends from the north Joce and Cynthia Dionne. They shared a great message last night from over coming silly and serious obstacles to teaching what kind of mental toughness it takes to be great in life and LIFE. Thank you Mr Woodward and God bless.

  3. Peggi Kern said

    My husband and I attended the LIFE seminar in Saginaw and came early to make sure we could get a good seat. The crowd was so large that we ended up without a seat, which I was pleased about!! Standing room only and a sold out crowd are all the signs of a BOOMING business!!! Great speakers! Amazing recognition!! Electric energy!!! Great, great night! Thank you!

  4. We look forward to seeing you and the Miletellos at our seminar in Cairns, Australia this weekend. We are growing down under and look forward to the launch of LIFE here as soon as possible.

  5. MARIO VEGA said


  6. Christine Fleury said

    Dean Frey came and spoke in Southern California. It was amazing! Some of the things that really hit me were “we have all been discouraged, but the truth is, when you’re discouraged, it’s because you are thinking of yourself. To get over this, focus on serving others.” And “you will always have a hard time having good relationships and being good with others if you’re not good with yourself. Good people skills starts with realizing that God doesn’t make any junk, that we all have unchangeable immeasurable value, and that that includes ourselves.” Also shared some great truths on belief and that doing the actions we know to take because it builds our self confidence even before the results come. Gave an incredible analogy of the impact of choosing to have character, bringing it home that every time we choose to read when we don’t feel like it, or listen to a cd, or make a phone call, or have courage, or forgive when it’s hard, or open up and allow someone to help us grow, or choose the high road no matter how hard it feels in the moment….that it ALL matters, and we often forget the legacy that is left by our choices
    Thanks to Dean Frey for one of the most impactful and life changing seminars I think we have ever had!

  7. Tim Dwyer said

    I’m looking forward to our TEAM Seminar here in Australia this coming week-end. Going on what I have just read it will be sensational as always. Thanks for sharing this Orrin God Bless

  8. Chad Waters said


    We are on our way to 1 million and beyond! Can’t wait to see you in London on the book tour!

  9. Nicole Allen said

    I had a great time in Saginaw,MI. Awesome information so much I need to rewatch next weekend to make sure I did not miss anything in my note.. see ya at the book signin.
    THANK YOU for a night.

  10. Chelsea said

    We had the pleasure of learning from new Policy Council members and our team leaders Wayne and Raylene Macnamara. They are amazing teachers and humble leaders, it is such an honour to be in their team! My favourite part always is recognition especially new people being recognized! All in all a great seminar in Aylmer, Ontario!!

  11. SOUPIE Shaw said

    Saginaw ROCKED Loved it all start to finish

  12. Rico Goncalves said

    I had the huge privilage of doing the sound for our seminar in Aylmer, Ontario. Its such a great feeling to help out for our amazing speakers last night. With out any doubt Wayne and Raylene packed out the seminar and there were no chairs left in the building. To hear Wayne on stage is just so powerful. Seeing people on their way to RT is so amazing. Also proud to see the respect between all the organizations that leverage this location. Such a fired up night. Can’t wait to see all the power players that roll out next month!!!!!

  13. Jamie Shaw said

    Last nights Seminar in Saginaw I think for my wife and I personally was a huge turning point. The teachings and lessons taught I believe not only for us but for the new people, solidified the real bigger picture of fixing this country!!! We are so grateful and forever indebt to the leaders that make this crazy journey possible!! Thank you Jamie and Soupie Shaw

  14. Matt Carter said

    April Seminar in Ottawa, On was fantastic. Melissa and I had the fortunate opportunity to host Mike and Sonia Rocheleau and the teachings they taught were absolutely phenomenal! We also witnessed the recognition of a 5 day POWER PLAYER! Brand new people in business for 5 days, team 10, team 25, turbo 10 and Power player!! Absolutely amazing! We are going to one million and super fast!!!

  15. Dean Frey tore it up in So. Cal.!!!
    Excellent message and, as always, very funny!

    Rascal Nation Spartacus

  16. TJ said

    In Houston we had Matt and Michelle Mielke. They were absolutely amazing, passionate and powerful at the same time. All three talks need to be out on cd ASAP, Michelle did a wonderful teaching on relationship building and her transparently was inspiring. Matt’s LIFE talk was gripping and his story talk was moving… The a/c was blowing a great deal and made a ton of us start having water come out of our eyes..kidding aside, my family and I feel so blessed to be apart of LIFE. To see real people step up and just be The best them is incredible. Speaker after speaker that come to Houston have been impressive none the less… We will make a difference no doubt. Thank you for your persistence early on and your dedication like Jerry Rice to never be out worked, because of that my family will never be the same… One million !!!

  17. Lori Beber said

    Our Team had a member who had to work until 5:00 yesterday, being 3 1/2 hours from Saginaw, the group decided to have a webcast so we could all be together. WOW were we glad we did. Your talk about the 78 year old couple bonded us more together. You showed us that while some of us are in our 60’s it is not too late.

  18. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin.Jan and I attended the seminar in Punta Gorda FL.It was unbelievable.Steve and Beth lit the stage up.What have you done to Steve Morgan? He’s so ready to go forward.This guy is 100% PC material.Wow.His posture has gone through the roof.I also finally had the opportunity to meet Mark Hueber.Ever since I heard the “ant and the elephant” cd I have wanted to meet him.When Bill Lewis says”just because somebody believed in me,unbelievable”.That has always driven me because we all need someone to belive in us. Thanks

  19. The Saginaw seminar was out of this world! Orrin, your first talk left me speechless! How you taught that history lesson was nothing short of phenomenal! When you finished it felt as though a literally SHIFT occurred right before our very eyes to a standing room only Michigan crowd! WOW! The LeaderShift has truly begun!
    As for Laurie, her talk left quite an impression on our daughters! They are quoting Laurie’s talk today! Not only is Laurie beautiful, inside and out, but her stage presence is so relatable and rememberable! I love that our girls can learn from a godly woman like Laurie!
    As for my husband, I never tire of listening to that man! He’s an amazing teacher! Everyone learns when Marc teaches!
    And lastly, the audience! SO DARN PROUD OF MICHIGAN! All kinds of teams GROWING! Power Player section packed! BIG levels of recognition! The place was ELECTRIC! Can’t say enough about how proud we are of EVERYONE IN MICHIGAN! Keep rockin and leading! Love being in the battle with all of you!
    My heart is blessed for having been in Saginaw! What a night to remember!

    • Carla Girard said

      It was a fantastic seminar last night! Your and Mark’s talks were just what I needed!!! We brought a new person last night and she was so lit up!!! It’s always great seeing LIFE through a new person’s eyes!!! Our business and lives will be changed because of the LeaderShift that’s happening. So happy to be a part of it!

  20. Colleen Long said

    We attended the LIFE seminar in Aylmer, Ontario with the amazing Wayne and Raylene! The best part for us was Wayne’s role playing on how to do a follow through. It was taped, and I can’t wait to see that come out on DVD. So many great nuggets!

  21. jovonna crater said

    I attended the Saginaw seminar! I just laughed because of the Kid Rock concert next door. His Limo pulled up I think he was sad ( I just wish I could of looked through the glass) not only was our line up wrapped around the building it was standing room only. on our side of the DOW. This was my second seminar I was so glad I got to hear you speak in person.

  22. Robert Berg said

    WOW!!!!!! Joce and Cynthia Dione were AMAZING!!! Joce covered several great books from the top 5 to several great leadership books. His focus was on the little habits every day that move us closer to excellence and doing the things we have a natural tendency to to steer away from. He also did an amazing job teaching 5 steps to sharing the plan that really helped clarify where to keep our focus. Of course I have heard many talks on this but this one really connected with me. Cynthia was amazing as well talking about Life Training system and the focus on 200PV vs the minimum PV and how much more impact full it is in your business. She also grabbed hold of our hearts as she shared her vision of Joce and her being accepted into PC from an amazingly detailed letter of that day. (I’m getting teary eyed writing about it) I think what stood out most since we have had back to back speakers (Terri and Annie Franks) for our seminars from Claude and Lana’s group was the tremendous amount of respect that Claude and Lana command from their servant leadership and how dedicated to winning for the sake of paying back what was so lovingly deposited in to them as people. I learned #1 I’m not doing enough to move my team forward and #2 it’s time to fire the manager and start leading! I love this organization and am so grateful to God for blessing me with this opportunity. (as Joce said “I was in the right place at the right time…..Amen!) Thank you Orrin for having the courage to cast a vision so big that we all want to be a part of the Leadershift that will happen in this country. One million is just the beginning and I will see you guys at the top! God Bless!!!!

    Fearless Dream Warrior Tribe


    Robert Berg

  23. Scott Heidrick said

    We attended the Wichita, KS seminar with John & Lynn Mossner. John hit one out of the park with his talk about the short cut to success. All the recognition was incredable too! Thanks Orrin for setting the vision and leading the charge!

  24. Chris Allen said

    Cody and Tara Newton were absolutely INCREDIBLE! Whatever they are paid to speak… there is no way it could ever match the value they brought. One of the best LIFE teachings I have ever heard on TRUST! Cody was on FIRE! Lyndon and Ruthie Bell achieving ROUND TABLE! Atlanta was out of control excited and we are planning to welcome you to the great state of Georgia because we are going to hit our goal of 500 people at a seminar very soon!!!! Can’t wait for the book and to watch the rebroadcast!!! Thanks for all you do Orrin!

  25. Rick Green said

    In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Mike & Sonia Rocheleau shared stories of their Dream, Struggle & Victory.

    As amazing as they were, the evening’s highlight had to be the recognition. Mouths dropped, with the recognition of a couple that went Power Player in 5 days!!!

    Being able to share in the victories of others, is what makes being in this business, truly remarkable.

  26. Tracey said

    Thanks for the post, Orrin! We were fortunate to have fired up new PC leaders Wayne and Raylene MacNamara in Aylmer, Ontario. We, too, had a ton of recognition…smiles, waves and tears from so many people moving up in this fantastic opportunity we call LIFE!! As in every seminar, dreams were renewed, and batteries were recharged…how can they not be when success is so obviously obtainable, just judging from the different pin level accomplishments every month! We are well on our way to a MILLION!!!

  27. Kristi McVicker said

    We had a wonderful seminar in Wichita, KS, with John & Lynn Mossner!

  28. Orrin, your fist talk was so incredible! The history lesson was beyond amazing! The entire seminar long I found myself wishing that I had done more to get my father there. I am so FIRED UP about the Leadershift coming! We are praying for more than just a revival but also a lasting restoration and change for the better. Thank you for having the courage to go do what God has called you to do and inspire many more to do the same. The Lord is at work in a big way! Something greater than we can imagine is approaching on the heals of LeaderShift!

  29. Louis Schwitzer said

    Sounds like an amazing event! In Ft. Wayne, IN, we had George Guzzardo. It was a fantastic experience, especially getting to talk to him after the ticket-holder talk, and find out that he’s just as kind and genuine in person as he seems on the stage, tv, and when he’s inside the cdplayer of my car.

  30. Scott Staley said

    Aylmer Ontario was a packed house to hear Wayne and Raylene Macnamara! It was a blessing to have them as they are often leveraged to serve other locations. Recognition was awesome, with newRT’s coming soon.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you guys in London on the Leadershift book signing tour!

    • David Smale said

      it was awesome to see the growth in Wayne and Raylene and the the teaching is second to none

  31. Sheri Lucas said

    The Saginaw, MI Seminar really rocked last night! Orrin’s opening talk was right-on-the-money about the Power pendulum. Now is the time for the people to rise and take a stand. Leadershift, many awesome leaders, growing numbers, huge recognition…you could feel the excitement in the air the moment Orrin came on stage! It was a night to remember and I feel blessed I was there to be a part of it and the LIFE organization. Thank you Orrin and Laurie, Marc and Kristine, and all the leaders for an awesome evening! Onward to one million!

  32. Alex Obiden said

    Saginaw was awesome! To see everyone moving on and the way LIFE is impacting those with the courage to step out and step up. Awesome.

  33. Tom and Ronda Taylor said

    We traveled six hours from Marquette, MI to Saginaw with fellow team members and it was electric! Orrin was on fire in the first talk. Laurie’s message was clear and extremely entertaining. The relationship the Woodwards have developed over the years sets an example for all to follow. Marc and Kristine Militello shared excellent information for the business owner. We are fired up and ready to rock this out.

  34. Ali Staneart said

    We had Joce and Cynthia Dionne in Ohio. Awesome! So much great information and I can’t wait for the cds to come down. The biggest nugget I took home and have started applying:) is that I am to be my husbands encourager, so his mentor can be his coach. I’m the wife, not the coach. Duh! Lol!

  35. David Kangas said

    It was the first live monthly seminar I attended (but have been to many Majors). Five of us drove down from Marquette, would have drove twice the distance. You could feel the electricity from the speakers and especially the crowd. Great experience, I think webcasts are a thing of the past for us! =)

  36. Grace Hynes said

    Alymer Ontario seminar rocked. Wayne and Raylene were amazing. What powerful teachers and servant leaders. Very proud to be a part of there rockin Team. Thanks Wayne and Raylene for all your leadership.

  37. Jill Heller said

    Orrin we were fired up at the Whitewater, WI Seminar where the Alex & Leighann Nickerson tore it up with great teaching and awesome with their stories! It was a hoot! The auditorium shook from the cheering everytime there was the mention of you coming to Madison on the 16th. Be prepared, there are many many folks looking forward to attend! Can’t wait to see you!

    • Angie Hebel said

      No kidding you are going to cause Barnes & Noble to be flooded with people on the 16th. I don’t know you better come early and learn to write with both hands. You may need a person there just to message your hand between signings. Can’t wait first four chapters were awesome

    • Jill Heller said

      Oops, Also we can’t forget having Dan and Lisa Hawkins in the house as well giving us all the low down on the status of “The Girls” in the oven as well as Dan showing us how your book Leadershift and the results of Leadership either way can also apply to the LIFE business. It was a great Seminar! Can’t wait to SEE YOU at our Madison open and can’t wait to read your book!

  38. David Smale said

    Alymer ON. was a jam packed hall wit the newest P,C.s absolutely on fire with their teaching and of course their story. Thanks Wayne and Raylene proud to be Kaizen

  39. Vicky Connell said

    Thank you for the Blog Orrin, seminar was awesome Wayne and Raylene rocked the place taught us so much. So proud to be part of there team. I am so proud of my sister and brother in law for everything they have become and have done for everyone on all of there teams and help peoples lives and families. Can’t wait to see u in London!!

  40. Chris & Danae’ Mattis were the best they’ve ever been – the new things they shared were awesome! What grace-filled, servant leaders they are! It was our 18 yr old son’s first official seminar “in the biz” and he said they got him to stop thinking “I can’t” and start thinking “How can I…?” For an 18 yr old young man, that’s FIRED UP!!

  41. Monique Hoffer said

    We were in Aylmer Ontario, watching Our very own PC leaders Wayne and Raylene, give amazing talks.
    I really enjoyed Wayne’s speech about “Leaders who build Leaders” ( not sure of the official talk name)I felt like if ever I needed to be fired up, and instructed at the same time, that would be the audio I would turn on. Right after I listened to the ” I am a Champion” talk… πŸ™‚

  42. Isaac Lapp said

    We sure had a great time in Lancaster,PA with Curtis & Debbie Spolar.Curtis ask the question,How many people would you want dulipcating what you are doing? IT sure made me think,we will strive to do better.We sure look forward to see them getting recognize for PC.

  43. Debbie Nicodemus said

    The seminar in PA was amazing. The speakers were AMAZING!!!! Curtis and Debbie Spolar were Amazing. The information they shared will help us all. Curtis and Debbie’s story was inspiring. Please have them come back to PA. as speakers again.

  44. Norman said

    George Guzzardo ,, Did a STELLAR Job in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Talk about The Cream Of the Leadership/Historin/Missionary/Visionary Crop Of the World,,, It is Mind Bogling what this LIFE Business/Leadership Factory is doing in Average Peoples Lives. THANK YOU Orrin and Chris and PC Members for all your Service and Sacrifise.

  45. Aage Smies said

    We owe you a debt of gratitude as the vision cast by you and the PC have provided so many of us with the sheer opportunity to gather and be recognized, re-sponsored, laugh, cry etc… in a safe and welcome environment while exploring our dreams and fighting for our freedom. Mike and Sonia Rocheleau were and are on FIRE!! The charisma that this couple has made the Ottawa seminar a success even before the recognition started. Without a doubt, helping one of our newest couples achieve power player in 5 days and only 5 days of being in business was and still is a thrill. The belief in the room couldn’t have been any higher. Steve and Rebecca Daynes were truly welcomed into the Life community and felt the heart that this group has.

  46. Thank you Orrin & Laurie for taking time out of your busy lives to share with us.. It was a fantastic evening. I Can’t wait to read your book. I can’t wait for America to read your book. Thank you.

  47. What a phenomenal success talk, Orrin! Our team was already on fire, and then you poured on the oxygen! Thanks for always learning and leading. And a special thank you for the edification and recognition you bestowed upon Larry and Marsie VanBuskirk, our upline leaders. They are the original Weebles, getting up and reaching higher levels every time they have been knocked down. We are so looking forward to them going PC this year, and we are in the run with them as supporters and producers.

  48. brian powers said

    I was at the St Louis and listened to Mark and Rita Haas share the LFE Program with a presentation that I’m certain will be Titled “You’ve Got What it Takes”. They are an amazing couple! And Sherry and I are so very proud of Jason and Kathy. We know they are in it to win it and make a difference in others futures.
    God Bless you and Laurie,
    Brian and Sherry

  49. Jamie Jewer said

    Orrin, LIFE Seminars are among my highlights of the month – which also includes the day my LIFE subscriptions arrive in the mail!

    My wife, my daughter and I attended the seminar in Aylmer, Ontario, where our hometown LIFE Policy Council Members Wayne and Raylene MacNamara shared great talks with us. Wayne’s success talk about the difference between developing followers and developing leaders was jam-packed with information. Also, Raylene gave a tremendous talk about some of the traits it takes to be a successful leader. I really hope these talks come out on CD, because I want to hear them over and over again!

    It is always special to see Wayne and Raylene – Wayne’s passion for this business is legendary to say the least, and Raylene is one of the best teachers involved with the LIFE business.

    Thanks Wayne and Raylene for making our daughter’s first seminar memorable, for your inspiring leadership, and your amazing teachings! Very proud to be associated with you!

  50. In Wausau, Wisconsin, we had the amazingly funny and heart warming couple Jerry and Polly Hartis. Jerry’s teaching through stories was so easy to follow and relatable to our life. His wrestling story I really appreciated because I spent three years of high school as a wrestling manager and it brought back so many great memories. Polly’s talk on her experience thru bad queen to good queen was inspiring. It gave me so much hope, I was a really bad queen when we got started, and like Polly, I can work hard too and become the good queen my husband can count on. Thank you Jerry and Polly, we truly appreciated you coming over to see us.

  51. Jenny Salter said

    Orrin, we were in Saginaw and it was an AMAZING night!! You and Laurie were on fire!!!! You both had so much passion and excitement it was contagious!!! We had so many people tell us that “they caught the vision last night”!! Exciting times!!! Can’t wait to see you in Lansing for the Leadershift book signing!!!
    And the Militello’s teaching was GREAT as always!!!
    Thank you so much for staying strong all these years and never giving up on your vision of a million peoples lives changed!! Jim & I will play our part to go to a million!!!
    Thanks for a awesome seminar! See you April 17!

  52. Marianne Ashton said

    The Nickerson’s were absolutely fantastic in Whitewater, WI Both Alex and Leighann taught with humor & they were so relatable! It was great to see Dan & Lisa Hawkins and to hear the announcement about the gender of the twins!!!! Dan did an amazing ticketholders talk about “Leadershift” and I know that we couldn’t be affiliated with a better group of leaders! FTGF!

  53. Tim McNeil said

    We had a terrific time last night in Whitewater, WI! Alex and Leighann Nickerson gave incredible teaching and story talks. Dan Hawkins (soon to be a father of 5 count them F-I-V-E girls) gave a fantastic ticket holder talk…FIRED UP!!

  54. Kirk Bigham said

    Liverpool N.Y. Had Bill and Jan Newton. It was fantastic! I know our leadership is looking for NY to Explode and with all the help we are getting from these great speakers its time. Thank you for blessing us and sharing your stories. Family Freedom project from Bill Newton was so inspiring, and any story that has running Satan over with your car is a good one. Fired up Bill keep it up.

  55. Elam Stoltzfus said

    We had some powerful speakers in PA, Curtis & Debbie Spolar !! They came in with the smoke of the battle coming off of them, I have no doubt that they will be one of the next PC on Team. There will be rumbles coming out of PA !! Tic Tic

  56. Ken Hendon said

    In Lancaster, PA we also had an awesome day. My highlight was Greg Johnson’s interview of Deb an Curt. Not only were the questions excellent, but the responses were VERY helpful. The Spolar ‘s sincerity, openness and humor were super.

  57. Steve.Meixner said

    I was at the Saginaw Seminar. Orrin’s speech was spectacular, made the Hairs stand up on the back of my Neck! I can’t wait for his book! Orrin always teaches in a way that is easy for everyone to understand! That goes for the Militello’s also! Truly an excellent Seminar to be at!
    Steve Meixner

  58. Stephanie Guizzo said

    I attended my first LIFE Seminar on Saturday! I met plenty of new people and learned a ton! I was reminded that as a person in the business of personal development you are the advertisement of your own product.

  59. Lisa Mangold said

    I was in Wausau, WI. Jerry & Polly Harteis were outstanding! Several people new to LIFE attended with me & all were impressed with the quality of speaking & the power of the message. We are definitely on our way to a million with the leadership that is currently in place & the leadership that is developing every day through LIFE!


  60. We had the pleasure of having Curtis & Debbie Spooler in to Lancaster PA and they sure sounded like PCs…..
    I knew they were close and told him that fired me up they were going PC, and he never let on that they did it last night. πŸ™‚

    CONGRATULATIONS Curtis & Debbie !!!!!!!!!!

    You fought the fight and deserve it !!!
    Very Proud of you…..

  61. Santa Clara, Northern California was Fired Up! Chris & Denae Mattis lit it up! Best part was the Ticket Holder with Roger Sitcler hosting Chris & Denae! A very surreal moment for me personally! After knowing Rog & Chris before LIFE and witnessing The Mattis’ growth and WISDOM, not to mention their success in LIFE/TEAM, MY BELIEF WINDOW ( or should I say , MY LIFE VIEW) IS WIDE OPEN! I’m very thankful to the PC AND to be part of THE-TEAM AND LIFE! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE BRADY’S to share in Nor Cal Next Month! ITS GONNA BE AMAZING & PACKED OUT ! It Only Gets Better w/ LIFE!!! FIRED UP!!!

  62. Michele Lewis said

    Aymer, ON crowd was on fire with Wayne and Raylene MacNamara sharing their wisdom and their hearts. Standing room only crowd, amazing recognition, hearts changed!

    Thanks Wayne and Raylene, so proud to be on your team.

  63. Georgia Baker said

    Here in Syracuse we had the privilege of Bill & Jan Newton . Bill did a great leadership talk on reframing . Then taught from solid history of their own story owning 30 different traditional business’s compared to our model !!!! Our investment in tools vs those tools ! Tractors or Cd’s Ha!!- Bill & Jan really ripped away excuses and put the crowd in a reframing mode all nite !
    Then their story …. Wow wow !! Every bit of the evening was absolutely awesome ! Several Powerplayer recognition’s .
    Fired up !

  64. Heidi said

    Orrin – Your first talk last night was absolutely amazing. All Americans need to read Leadershift and hear the cd which I am assuming will be made from that talk. Thanks for leading the way in being a student, a leader, and a critical thinker we can all follow proudly.

  65. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    In Punta Gorda, Florida Steve and Beth Morgan did an amazing job! They are so down to earth and relatable.
    I especially enjoyed hearing from Beth and learning how she plays a key role as they build their Rockin’ business together.
    I also enjoyed the night owl when Jim and Dolores interviewed Steve and Beth. I got a lot out of Beth explaining how she plays a role in keeping unity amongst the Band of Brother ladies.
    Steve shared some key information as well on how to work the squeeze play- we will put into practice immediatly!
    These were just a few highlights,not to mention all the incredible recognition! It’s pretty fired up when you have a brand new LIFE member is in attendance at their first seminar and they walk across stage as Team 10. It gave so much belief!!!
    The room was on fire!!
    The best part of the night is that we hit our goal of 300 people! That means we get to have Orrin at one of our upcoming seminars.
    Teamwork!! Florida is seamless!!

    • keith sieracki said

      The Morgans were awesome! Great crowd as well! Congratulations to Scott/Missy for Triple 100s!!

  66. Melissa Atchison said

    Hi, Orrin! We are SO excited here in Dallas, Texas! The seminar was incredible. Chris and Carol Miller were phenomenal! Chris’s talk on trust was truly inspirational, and, of course, he always mixes in hilarious humor the way only Chris can. But the riveting part of the seminar was their personal story. Absolutely incredible. If you feel like you have obstacles to overcome, just hear what they went through, and suddenly you’ll have hope. We really enjoyed their trip here, and it sounds like they might become residents of the Lone Star State again sometime — WAHOOO!

    But as wonderful as it was having Chris and Carol here, the truly amazing part of the seminar was the recognition. We’ve NEVER seen so many people fired up and MOVING ON!!! It won’t be long until TEXAS rivals Saginaw in numbers! We have a ways to go, but — judging from last Saturday — it’ll only take us a short time to get there!

  67. Saginaw blew my hair straight back! Like Kirk Birttles said. Lol!

  68. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, the Saginaw Seminar was PHENOMENAL! The energy level of the standing room only audience was at an all time high! The Militellos brought their “A Game”…as usual! Your talk kept people actively engaged and on the edge of our seats. Complex concepts made simple! The LeaderShift has BEGUN!!!

  69. Walter Bourdage said

    Curtis & Debbie Spolar hit a sweet spot saturday night that had the place caught up in a movement that’s going to sweep this nation, that movement is a LeaderShift!!!!!!!!! Curtis’s second talk was sooooooo what I was LOOKING for, he nailed it about our country, values, and who’s going to fix it!! The passion that was in his heart had mine jacked full!! A LeaderShift is on the move and WE are on the march!! Barnes&Nobel won’t be able to handle us here in PA!!! They better padlock the doors cause were bustin out baby. FREEEEEEEEEDDOOOOOMM!!

  70. Tom Bitson said

    I was dealing with a virus, but you & Laurie, Marc & Christine, and the energy of the crowd in Saginaw transferred into my home!!! Loved the ticket-holder interview and can not wait to see you in Lansing on 4/17!!! Thank you for serving and sharing to inspire others to do the same!!!

  71. Titi said

    My wife and I had the privilege of being at the Saginaw seminar!
    What a thrilling night to hear you break down the history of liberty so precisely!
    The crowd was amazing because the truth you shared reached very deep into the core of each soul!
    I can’t wait for Leadershift to hit the bookstores around the country, freedom has a chance to flourish again.
    Marc and Kristen were terrific and for any new person in that room, they went home with a new mindset “systems works”!!Thanks to you and Laurie and the PC for your courage to stand and for giving us LIFE!

  72. Eiron said

    I LOVE the seminars!!! This month we heard from Chris & Carol Miller, They are a true inspiration πŸ˜‰

  73. Tina Rasmussen said

    The Wausau, WI Seminar was absolutely amazing with Jerry and Polly Harteis. Their incredible wisdom and love for the business really inspired our teams. We hope their CD’s come down a.s.a.p. so all can hear. Thank you Jerry and Polly for a fantastic seminar!

  74. natalie plant said

    Alymer, Ontario was awesome! I love seeing the packed place and new team 10’s. Wayne and Ray’s teaching was so informative and straight to the point. It is obvious that they want all of us to win!

  75. Wow. We’re rebroadcasting next week! I can’t wait! So much new recognition! Amazing! Thankful so much for LIFE LIVE, and the process of change it invokes over time. Orrin Woodward is a man of honor!

  76. Jason Dames said

    All I have to say Orrin Is… Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  77. Scott Morrison said

    We were blessed to enjoy the stories and teachings of Mike and Sonia Rocheleau in Ottawa, Ontario! They are truly amazing speakers and showed us how the Life business and information was to thank for their incredible ability to share as a couple. Mike had us laughing so hard that tears were flowing… The recognition was amazing as we saw a 5 day power player! To top it off, we learned that local leaders, Charles and Manon McIntyre will be speaking to us in May! The Ottawa location is growing and is about to explode!

  78. Jacqueline Dallaire said

    We were blessed to have Denis and Lisa Leger to inspire their hometown crowd in Moncton, New Brunswick!! These two are some of the best teachers in this business, and we are so very proud of them. They are a perfect example of the results we can all get by applying the system and being consistent πŸ™‚ If you ever get the chance to see them live, pack the house!!

  79. Tony Hoffman said

    We attended the Lancaster PA seminar with Curtis and Debbie Spolars…NEW PC! Debbie’s smile lights up a room and she has such a beautiful way of communicating! Her talk on empathy and servant leadership was incredible! One of my favorite quotes that she shared was “The problem with communication is the illusion that is has occurred”!
    Curtis’ teaching in the 2nd session was FIRED UP! He gave a wonderful teaching lesson on the networking industry and why LIFE/TEAM is going to one million! Fortify…! His teaching was beneficial for the new person and delivered differently for the existing team. My favorite of all was his lesson on bondage and freedom! (complacency, scarcity, abundance etc) It is obvious to see Curtis and Debbie’s passion for freedom and the cause! Their story gave so many people HOPE!!! Thanks for your transparency!
    This couple will be an amazing addition to the PC!!! We were so honored to have them in PA this month! Congratulation to Curtis and Debbie and to their entire TEAM! We loved hearing about their team and what they are doing to explode during the ticket holder!
    Last….loved two quotes they shared…”Stop taking advice from THEY” and “Tell me yes, tell me no, Tell me quick, I gotta go!”
    Thank you Curtis and Debbie! You certainly blessed us with your time in PA!!! We love you!!!

  80. Steve Leurquin said

    We had a great seminar in Whitewater Wisconsin! The Nickersons were on fire! We had so many comments on great takeaways people had to help them move forward. We have enjoyed watching their growth journey on their pursuit to PC! Dan Hawkins ticket holder was a great finish to the night.

    Make sure your arm is ready because we are going to have a huge line waiting for you at the book signing on the 16th!

  81. Scott Morrison said

    The recognition is my favorite part of my favorite day of the month! It was incredible to watch a couple on our team, Rick and Jess Britton, cross as Go-Getters for the first time! Were so proud of them and everyone else that crossed the stage for doing the right things, helping others, and building their dreams in the Life community!

  82. Mary Le Feuvre said

    Looking forward to viewing this seminar in Brisbane on Saturday. Our crowd is not as large but our excitement huge.

  83. Tammy Darling said

    Had an awesome seminar with Matt & Michelle Mielke!!! They did an amazing job & were so relatable & great teachers!!

  84. Clint Fix said

    The Saginaw seminar was easily one of the best seminars I’ve ever seen. Your first talk relating to LeaderShift was incredible. A couple people at the team cast we had who had previously loathed history and politics absolutely loved your talk and were immediately asking when it would be out on CD. It was refreshing for us all to hear history presented in a way that is exciting and relevant to our country’s current situations along with solutions that aren’t just platitudes and partisan junk. To follow up your first talk, Marc and Kristine did a phenomenal job demonstrating the power of the Life training system. I love how both of them are able to construct such powerful analogies to nail home their point. Of course, the recognition was awe-inspiring! Congratulations to Jason & Kathy Tingly and Scott & Missy Russell and everyone else for achieving such great victories!

  85. Maribel said

    The webcast seminar was very powerful. We can never get any high caliber teaching as what we got last Saturday from the Woodwards and the Militellos! The recognition was awesome! The weekend gave us the feeling of having been to a Major convention! Fired up!

  86. Maura Galliani, Sons of Liberty said

    I attended the Punta Gorda, Florida LIFE Seminar under Keith & Elizabeth Sieracki and the Sons of Liberty where we were all blessed by Steve & Beth Morgan as they taught, shared of themselves, and TOTALLY fired us all up! When I become unfairly hard on myself I will remember Steve saying “do not measure your weaknesses against another person’s strengths.”

    And I’m very proud to be under the direction of Sons of Liberty leaders Scott & Missy Russell who deserve a huge CONGRATULATIONS for reaching Triple 100!! Fired up … Sons of Liberty: we are … UNITED!!! πŸ™‚

  87. Dawn Marx said

    We packed the room in Punta Gorda, FL to hear Steve & Beth Morgan, learning so much wisdom from such a young couple! We will need to find a larger venue for upcoming seminars! Sons of Liberty, Southern Division is reaching out all over the state and CONGRATULATIONS TO SCOTT & MISSY RUSSELL, NEW TRIPLE 100’S – OUR AWESOME LEADERS!!! Can’t wait to see the rebroadcast from Saginaw and learn some more!

  88. Tony Peerbolt said

    Orrin, we arrived at the Saginaw seminar nearly 2 hours early and we were quite a ways from the front of the line. My wife and I had our 18 year old daughter with us who signed up on her birthday. We also had our 16 year old daughter with us for her first seminar and she wanted to hear you and Laurie first hand. We have had the privilege to homeschool our 7 children. Your first talk on the power pendulum and summary of some of Greek and Roman history touched our daughters because they have learned much of that history though the years and recently from lessons on world views and where ours and others have been formed, molded and manipulated. Putting that knowledge into the framework of the economic and political systems you described in your talk was the cause of discussion at the break and on the way home and Sunday afternoon as stories of the seminar were related to the siblings at home. Thank you for being willing to follow God’s plan for you and your family! We love your passion, your drive, your integrity, your example, your humility and especially your unwavering faith in God. Susan an I are praying for you and Laurie and we are going to join you shoulder to shoulder on the Policy Council so we can protect, defend and advance this cause. Tony Peerbolt

  89. Hi Orrin!
    My wife and I attended the seminar in Punta Gorda, FL with Steve and Beth Morgan. They were excellent!!!! I’ve been so excited to invite folks to hear this couple because of their amazing story and because they got free at such a young age!!! There was a ton of excitement and recognition. The new team “Superman” towels were utilized for the first time. During the ticket holder meeting Steve and Beth shared several key nuggets that will help propel our business forward! Thanks for all you and the other leaders do to serve us all!!!

  90. Gloria Phibbs said

    Wayne and Raylene were amazing in Aylmer, ON – the place was packed and everyone got their money’s worth. Some of the highlites for me were:’Don’t beleive everything you think.”;I hote losing, more than I love winning.”;’If you fail faster, the sooner you can succedd.” and ‘re-write your plan every 30 days.’


  91. Bill Eder said

    Attended the seminar in Whitewater,Wisconsin. Alex and Leighann
    Nickerson were Grreat. Alex said do it now don’t wait. Dan and Lisa Hawkins cap the night off with gender annoucement. That’s five little princess awesome! Dan gave a seek preview Leadershift. I’ve read a sample and can’t wait for the 16th. Madison’s population will increase that day. Be ready.Thanks Orrin for your amazing leader ship.

  92. Meg McIlroy said

    Attended seminar in Ontario, CA last Saturday night. Was struck when I arrived, that we has TWO going in rooms right next to one another. One in English and one in Spanish! Both rooms were filled to the gills! ( that fishing reference is for Orrin and Tim! )
    Dean Frey was great. He reminded us that every day there are disappointments. It is how we come through them and grow from each one and how we are more focused on serving our Lord and one another because… after all… we are ALL, the least of these!
    We are rocking Southern California!

  93. Phil Allen said

    That seminar was AWESOME! I could not believe the line outside before the doors open, it looked like a major convention. I enjoyed hearing your history with Larry and Marsie. Being on Larry’s team we hear about the connection but we never hear what a role Larry played in you becoming who you are and what LIFE is.

  94. David Loos said

    Hello Orrin, Jerry and Polly Harteis did a wonderful job of sharing their story in Wausau, WI. I always enjoy
    listening to them. The ticket holder meeting in my eyes was the best part of the night. Thank You Jerry and Polly
    for serving the team.

  95. Mark LeMay said

    Hello Orrin,
    I cannot wait to see the rebroadcast this weekend of the Michigan seminar! Out here in Santa Clara,CA we got to hear Chris and Danae Mattis talk. Wow, Chris’s first talk was on going against our negative nature. I really appreciated when he stated, “God’s will, God’s way and God will provide the way.” Danae”s talk on having a winning attitude was stellar! Chris’s teaching talk on “the system” will make a great DVD in the system!!! Mark LeMay

  96. Ken Herman said

    Hi Orrin,
    We had a blast laughing and learning with Alex and Leighann Nickerson in Whitewater WI.Our hearts were also cheering for our team mates in Atlanta as they recognized Lyndon and Ruthie Bell as new Roundtable members. Can’t wait until the major to celebrate as one big team.
    Ken and Kim Herman

  97. kim ansty said

    We attended to aylmer ontario seminar. Wayne and raylene did a super job! Aside from the awesome teaching their story talk wasfrom the heart. We are so proud of them as our PC leaders. Whoever gets them speaking at their seminar is blessed.

  98. Turhan Berne said

    I attended the Atlanta seminar with Cody and Tara Newton. Although I had heard Cody on cd, I had never heard him in person. Boy was I thoroughly impressed. His passion, knowledge, and conviction was amazing. I received a lot of nuggets from Cody and Tara. The most impactful nugget was: “To change the heart, you have to change the information the heart receives. As a result, I have increased my amount of daily reading. This business is truly a blessing to the world. What’s so powerful is that as great as Cody was in Atlanta, there were equally as powerful speakers throughout the United States and Canada.

  99. Renee Oettinger said

    Jerry and Polly Harties hit a homerun in Wausau, WI. They certainly connect and instill hope. Jerry said “hope in the future gives power to the present” and I feel LIFE exploding because of that hope. Thank you all.

  100. Whitewater, WI seminar with Nickerson’s and Hawkins was awesome! I love our association. We are so looking forward to having you in Madison next week!

  101. Josh Dames said

    Good morning Orrin, I do have to say sat night was a unbelievable in St. Louis!!!!! We had Brian powers in for a fantastic LIFE talk and mark and Rita Haas are at a whole new level!! I can’t wait till the cd comes out titled “you’ve got what it takes”!!!!!

  102. CC Achilefu said

    In Houston, we had the privilege of having the Mielke’s share the heart, passion, and belief in the power of the LIFE self-directed education system. What powerful, insightful and transparent talks!! God really answered my prayers by allowing them to be our speakers this month. I walked away a huge dose of belief and courage.

    It was a great pleasure to meet them and witness them at this stage in their game. I earnestly look forward to their future contributions to the LIFE community and the power packed CDs and other LIFE products they will produce. I thank you Orrin for paving the way. Thank you George Guzzardo for being loyal and committed. Thank you Dan Hawkins for trusting the process and choosing to lead. Because of you and many others, we, in Houston, have been tremendously blessed by the Wisconsin LIFE family!!!!

  103. I had the privilege to be at the Saginaw seminar. It was out of this world!! Every talk was inspiring & educational. I particularly enjoyed the last talk given by Orrin. I was fired up, brought to tears, jumping out of my seat, clapping so hard my hands hurt πŸ™‚ Overall thoroughly moved emotionally, mentally & physically. Very powerful!
    I also greatly appreciate the 4000 year history lesson given in under an hour. I learned more on Saturday evening than I did in all my years in high school & college. Thank you very much for that. It feels great having a better understanding of the world you live in.
    I was thrilled to see Jason & Kathy go Round Table. They are my upline & I have the honor of working & learning from them directly on a daily basis. They are two of the most caring & serving people I have ever known. They have taught me valuable life & business principals every day since we began our journey together. They are phenomenal leaders & I look forward to the day I have the opportunity to watch them go PC!!!
    Orrin, I truly hope to have the chance to meet you April 17th Lansing at your book signing. I will be taking the day off work to hopefully have the blessing of meeting you & seeing you speak. Can’t wait!! Thanks again for all you do, I don’t think you’ll ever know how many lives you have touched & how many people you have restored or for the first time brought hope to. πŸ™‚

  104. Kim Decker said

    yes this seminar just like the others was awesome, but to get an insight on your book was awesome.
    Thank you for that…see you in Lansing

  105. Jessica Sorensen said

    We had Cody and Tara Newton down in Atlanta, Georgia and they did a phenomenal job. We got so much inspiration and excitement from them. They truly have a gift of speaking and relating to others. It was an awesome time for us!

  106. 5 DAY POWER PLAYER in Ottawa, Ontario… (5 days from being in the business to the seminar on Saturday)

    does anything more need to be said?

  107. Corey McMullin said

    We had the privilege of being in Wausau WI with Jerry and Polly Harteis for Life Live event. It’s tough to take notes with the nuggets and oneliners coming that consistently.Fantastic moving on recognition also!

  108. Lin Johnson said

    We attended the Lancaster, PA open with Curtis and Debbie. They did an amazing job of taking away excuses. Listening to their story of persistence really hit home with us. I love how Curtis said “Don’t throw away the solution because you have a problem.” I think too many people quit at the first sign of struggle in anything. We have come to realize that persistence and consistency is a must to succeed in anything and really appreciated their transparency.

    You are both great leaders and set a great example for us all to follow all the way to PC!

    Congratulations and God Bless You and your business!

  109. Roger & Marie-Germaine Sealy said

    Moncton was blessed with Denis & Lisa Leger. What a great evening of teaching and sharing we had. We sometime take them for granted and forget how special they are. They have a great future in this organisation and will change the life of so many families. Thank you for serving the Team.

  110. AR said

    I agree Laurie delivered an excellent talk … I believe that when people will understand that life has a purpose, a reason, fear will be minimized … I loved when Laurie encouraged the crowd to live their life … To live the life they are called to live … Ty

  111. Jessica Forbis said

    I was at the Saginaw LIVE event and it was awesome!! The Woodward’s and the Militello’s are amazing teachers and great leaders. Thanks to them all for what they do to make a difference in our communities and more importantly in the US! Nothing but good things to say from here in Michigan!!

  112. Aaron said

    Curtis and Debbie ROCKED here in PA. this leadershift book is going to change the thinking of a lot of people. TIC TIC

  113. Roman and Irene said

    Hi Orrin,
    From Aylmer Ontario, we had a fun filled evening with our very own Wayne and Raylene Macnamara. You know when this couple is in the house, you just feel the energy and excitement.Β  Wayne and Raylene truly lead from the heart and inspire so many people.Β Β 
    We look forward to the release of “Leadershift” and are excited to meet you at the book signing in London.

  114. Jim Martin said

    The Punta Gorda seminar in Florida was on FIRE!! Steve and Beth Morgan were awesome from the first Life talk to the ticket holder! It is obvious that they are in the zone. Thanks for sending them it played a part in helping us surpass 300 people at the Florida seminar!!


  115. Angie Ballah said

    St. Louis had an incredible seminar! We were blessed to have Brian Powers to come and do the LIFE session and ticket holder. He inspired and cast a vision of the future LIFE is creating across this nation and in Canada! We are so thankful for his willingness to serve when Sherry was sick and unable to attend! Their example of serving and commitment to a worthy cause is priceless! Mark and Rita Haas are STL own and we are blessed to have access to their thinking as they speak regularly at opens. This Saturday’s seminar talk “You have what it takes” revealed to everyone a couple that is intentionally on the grow! Many people were asking when the cd would be released! I love the duplication of great information being spread across the continent!

  116. Scott Ballah said

    The St. Louis, MO seminar was amazing!! Brian Powers started with a fantastic LIFE talk on the future of leadership. Then Mark and Rita Haas totally rocked the stage with teaching and their story about having what it takes to win in LIFE!!! I look forward to getting the CD’s from all three talks!!!!

  117. Jenna Depue, TEAM DESTINY said

    Looking forward to hearing some high caliber teaching from the Militellos and the Woodward’s at the Saginaw seminar rebroadcast this Saturday in Gilbert, AZ. It sounds like it was a very powerful seminar from all of the people who have commented. Thanks for all you and the other leaders do to serve us!!!

  118. Ken Hendon said

    Our seminar crowd (sro) was so good in Lancaster, PA was so good that Curt and Deb started the evening as a RT and ended as a PC! Pretty GOOD!

  119. J.J. said

    Watching the replay , Jaw dropping awesome

  120. Barry Bauman said

    Hi Orrin,
    I am still fired up over the seminar in London Ont. that Wayne and Raylene spoke and poured their hearts out to us.
    Thank you for creating such an amazing playing field for the normal average person to tap into.
    Life seminars are AWESOME!!
    about changing lives

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