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LeaderShift Book Signing Tour: Thank You

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 21, 2013

LeaderShift by Orrin Woodward & Oliver DeMille

LeaderShift by Orrin Woodward & Oliver DeMille

The LeaderShift Book Tour is just one location away from wrapping up and I wanted to take a moment to thank all the amazing people who came out and supported the book signings and meetings afterward. We had several locations with over 1,000 people showing up for the book signing! Oliver DeMille and I are truly am blown away by the encouragement, hunger, and attitudes of the communities across America and Canada that we visited.

Western Society is at the crossroads between chaos on one side and coercion on the other. What we do as citizens is crucial to the future of freedom in North America. LeaderShift was written to launch a shift in the dialogue taking place. No longer can North America afford party splits that paralyze real change. For instance, in America the labels Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian must be replaced by a new label like: Concerned Leaders of America.

We are concerned because any leader, taking a cursory look at the facts, can recognize the drift towards more coercive government within society. Sadly, however, as government increases, the need for leadership influence decreases. Consequently, leaders and entrepreneurs check out of political society, leaving liberty, the lifeblood of Western Civilization’s greatness, suffering from the debilitating effects of neglect.

I love America; I love Western Civilization; and I love liberty. Oliver and I met thousands of people who feel the same way on our travels across North America. Thank you for purchasing the book and reading it. But I have another question. Will you help us launch the LeadersShift? Let’s change the dialogue going on in North America by having the leaders, at all levels within society, read the book and wrestle with its implications. Leaders must initiate the crucial conversations needed to shift the Power Pendulum back into concord. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Society matters; liberty matters, you matter. Fifty years from now, history will record what we did when our country was sick and in need of help. Let us choose wisely.


Orrin Woodward

Lansing Center LeaderShift Launch

Lansing Center LeaderShift Launch

69 Responses to “LeaderShift Book Signing Tour: Thank You”

  1. Chad Waters said


    Thank you for including Canada on the tour! Their are many of the 10% here and onally will help you find them until the Lord above calls another Purpose!

    Orrin your a Man with a purpose who we thrieve to be like and we with you all the way! LeaderShift through Life is our purpose! We won’t just state it will carry it out and you will see us where you need us soon!


  2. Neal D Ruffner said

    And what an amazing book it is Orrin. I don’t remember the last time I was captivated by a book so much as to read it in one sitting. I could not set it down!!! Three and a half hours later you have me anxious and ready for the sequel!!! :):):) I pray God uses this book to change the tides in American history. The information is there, we just need the shift, the Leadershift.
    Thanks for serving your loyal supporters and doing the book signings.
    God bless,
    Neal & Mal

  3. Kathleen Smies said

    I didn’t have the honour of attending a signing but my husband and son did. I want to thank you for the impression you made on my 12 year old son. He came home and was excited about meeting you and hearing you speak. My husband was working the doors and our son found a seat in the front row by himself. You inspired him and reinforced the importance of leadership. We are proud to be part of the Life community and working to do our part for a better society. Thank you for all you do.

    • Aage Smies said

      Well said! I was oosing pride being able to share that day with our son and knowing that he gets it!

  4. Greg Oesch said

    Thank you Orrin for leading the charge. My wife and I are in the battle with you. Spirit of ’76’, return! For LIFE
    God Bless
    Greg & Paula

  5. Wendi Witkowski said

    Leadershift is such an amazing, thought provoking book. Thank you for it. I can’t wait to discuss it with my book club and help spread the word.

  6. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: Words can’t begin to say how great this book is. Truly “Leadershift” is a book whose time has come. I can’t begin to tell you how moved I was to see how many people turned out and bought and are reading this awesome book. I also love America and beleave there are leaders that can make a difference. Everyone who reads this and dialogues with others aboutit can and “must” bring about a Leadershift across America and beyond. Thank you and Oliver for this book.

  7. I was sure glad to be to the book signing in Salt Lake City. I am willing to do whatever I can. How do you create the hunger inside people to read and understand what’s going on? People that don’t already even know? Americans are presented with doom and gloom all over the place. News and media makes a fortune doing that. What will wake them up? What woke me up? 🙂 the LIFE business!! A true avenue to build trust and solid relationships, that open ears and hearts. Teaching truths in areas they are open to, causes a repaired heart. A heart that then listens and hears the message of Leadershift. That’s what happened for me!

  8. Heidi said

    Orrin, I got half way through the book and had to go back to the beginning to jot down notes as I read. There is so much in there and I didn’t want to read it and then forget about how the main points made me think and feel. Our 14 year old daughter is already a third of the way through her copy. I see all of your books being the basis for educating the children in America, as well as the adults who need to do something now. Thank you for showing us what that “something” is! So many well-meaning intelligent passionate people want to do something, but are mostly frustrated because they don’t know what to do that will actually make a difference.

  9. Scott Cook said

    I want to thank you and Oliver for writing this book and making London one of your stops on the tour.

    You are such a servant leader and I’m so proud to part of the LIFE business, everyone in Canada and the United States needs to read this book.
    God Bless!

  10. Dani Miller said

    Thank you so much for including Columbus,Ohio on your book tour. I have finished my first reading and have started my second reading. The talk that you gave after the book signing was riveting. I have not stopped talking about it to friends and family and everyone is anxious to read the book. Thank you for being a servant leader to all of us.

  11. Imelda Roman said

    Amen! Madison event was amazing, seen hundreds of people gathered for this event was inspiring. Thank you for your leadership!

  12. Beth Hartman said

    God has truly blessed you!!!… And in turn has blessed me!!! Your FREEDOM message and the love you show to the TEAM needs to be shared with our friends, families, towns…and the world! There are so many areas in my life that were lacking purpose! Living day-to-day is not enough! Thank you for not “giving up” on America! Thank you for your inspiration and courage! Thank you for helping me see Truth!… And I pray that God works through us all as we reach out to others!
    God bless!
    Beth Hartman

  13. Amy Antonucci said

    An amazing book in both its lessons and stories! It’s great to see lessons in your and Oliver’s other books be summarized here and surrounded by a story. I can’t wait to give this book to everyone I know!!

  14. Tim McNeil said

    As a Son and Nephew of WWII Veterans, and my Brother and myself Vets of the VietNam War Era, I humbly thank you, for restoring Hope and Pride for my Country back into my heart. I may have only two or three decades at best left here before I go and join my Father (and Dad) in Heaven, ’til then, I am proud to follow you into the fray.

    Yours in Christ Jesus,
    Tim McNeil

  15. Denny Suggitt said

    Thanks to you and Oliver for a fantastic book and compass to direct us back to the nation we once were ! It was well worth the 4 hr drive to Lansing to be a part of history with the worlds largest and most important book signing ! Thank you for your never ending pursuit of helping us personally and our country become all that we can be !

  16. Randy Donais said

    And th beat goes on!!!!!

  17. Barry Bauman said

    Orrin and Oliver,
    Thank you for ALL your hard work and commitment for true freedom.
    Your examples inspire me and give all who treasure freedom an active lived out true life picture of leaders who Lead ( get results!!)out of whole heart concern.
    Your book is amazing!!!
    about changing lives

  18. Ali Staneart said

    Thank you!

  19. Jim Martin said

    Orrin you are right on when you said meeting and seeing thousands of great people across America. I have had a front seat for the last 4 days seeing and meeting these people with you and the hunger and passion in their eyes to want to join the Leadershift! We are going to do it and your knowledge along with your leadership and actions I am convinced we together will do it. Thank you Orrin and Oliver for this book and I look forward to 50 years from now and say “I’m glad I joined the Leadershift and help preserve the freedoms of our country”

    God Bless

  20. Robert Berg said


  21. Great book. Thanks!

  22. Aage Smies said

    We truly feel that we are experiencing historical events in the making and I know that we are among many who are ever so grateful for your vision not only within the Life community but for all civilization in the west. I do pledge that we will do our part. Thank you Orrin, thank you Oliver and the leaders of the Life community.

  23. Gary Severson said

    Orrin, thanks so much for showing the world that what we do matters and that we all have a part we can and need to play for our country. I’ve never met someone that takes responsibility the way you do and puts it on their shoulder. Especially in a culture where many choose to run & hide. I’m with you all the way!

  24. Adam M Rossman said

    The book is fantastic and it was so great to see you in Madison!! Thank you for all your efforts. We are trying to reciprocate as well. It just makes sense that leaders involved at the local levels will know what is best in their community and be able to check the next level of govt appropriately. I passed on another copy of your book last night to a gentleman who could not wait to start reading it. I’m having a very hard time keeping any of these books on hand. SO MANY people want to read it!!!

  25. Thank you. Loved it. Am very inspired by your book. In-spirit-ed. 🙂 God Bless you all!

  26. MARIO VEGA said


  27. Maura Galliani, Sons of Liberty said

    This book should be a required class in all the junior highs, high schools, and colleges across the country! Thank you, Orrin and Oliver!! Fired up !!! 🙂

  28. Fifty years from now, history will record what we did when our country was sick and in need of help. Let us choose wisely.

    Powerful words! Even more powerful is putting my feet to the floor and taking the action steps to follow the wise choice so in 50 years the world will know we did something! Thanks for all you do!

  29. Dante Zompetti said

    I am absolutely loving the Leadershift book. It was a blast to meet you in Columbus this past friday. I can see God’s hand on you and Oliver and the impact that you will have in our culture. I pray that he will use me with a fraction of the influence that he has with you. As I am reading this book the thought hasn’t stop coming to me that as you discuss the “American Dream” the thought leaders in the Faith realm of America have taken a stance against such ideals. Some even so far as calling the american dream something of an enemy of faith. Now as much as I disagree that the two are not distant foes but rather harmonious, I am having trouble helping fellow brothers and sisters in christ see that as such. I was wondering what thoughts or readings you might have that may better equip me to handle such discussions.
    God Bless,

  30. Steve Duba said

    Thank you again for what you do.It is my humble opinion that before the year 2020 we will have brought concord to this nation.
    The other countries of this world will then realize the power of a small group of commited people to make great change truly happen.You both have blown oxygen on the ember of hope in this country,and as for me and my family,we will have your back.We
    believe in this cause and are “all-in”. God Be with you both.

  31. John Burns said

    Thanks Orrin! It was great getting to see you in our communities talking about these changes. I hadn’t read chapter 30 yet when I made the comment after your talk in Ohio that this was so cool, I guess I’m an early adopter! I’m thrilled to work hard, become part of that 10% and see what’s next!

  32. Elizabeth said

    Wow! What an amazing book!! Words cant describe- I am so proud, excited and amazed! The book is genius.. Thank you Orrin and Oliver!! Our path has been paved. ACTION is the step.

  33. Keith Sieracki said

    I would encourage all leaders to buy 2 copies of Leadershift. One to keep for yourself, the other to pass onto someone who influenced you in your life. Ask them to do the same. As we pass it forward, let the leaders find their leaders and what a difference we can make! Thanks Orrin and Oliver!

  34. Tim Dwyer said


    I am so looking forward to the arrival of my copy of LEADERSHIFT in the next week. We learned just yesterday here in Australia of a $7.5 Billion dollars our present Federal Government cannot account to where it has gone?? Australia like many other countries are in need of a Great Leadershift and I am all in with you.
    A BIG THANK You to yourself and Oliver for all you are doing for the world.
    God Bless
    Centurion Down Under

  35. Kristi Cortezano said

    I’m in. Orrin and Oliver, thank you for allowing me to rightfully live my God given purpose. I commit to a life if varacious reading and spreading truth. God Bless!

  36. Amen!

  37. Carrie Canniff said

    The atmosphere at thethe Lansing Center was amazing. It was a privileged to get to experience history in the making. The book, Leadershift thought provoking in itself, but to be associated with a group of people that represent its philosophy is inspirational. Thank you Orrin & Oliver. God bless!

  38. Chris Martin said

    We definitely need more books on this subject in our country. We have a culture of decline in America and we need to come together to reverse it! I’m excited and appreciate books like ” Leadershift ” and to know there are leaders willing to step up and offer solutions. I hope that the leaders of this country start thinking of the country, instead of their party politics. They need to start discussing real solutions. It’s time to turn the tide of our current culture. It starts with each of us doing our part. Each one of us has something to offer to our communities at home and abroad.I hope that this book will get people thinking and help lead us in the right direction. I also pray that we ask for wisdom and courage to help get our country back on track. It’s time for a Leadershift! It’s time to get our hearts back in our country! It’s time to take action and take a stand for what’s right, good, and true! May God help us!

  39. Mike Hellweg said

    We are all in, like William Wallace /(Mel Gibson) said in the movie Braveheart “FREEDOM!”

  40. Dave Hall said

    Thank you for your tireless efforts to lift the tide beneath our great nation. It was a wonderful thing that you chose Madison to launch Leadershift. God bless, Dave

  41. chris volkmann said

    Thanks for the hard work and we do need a change. God bless.

  42. Jason Dames said

    Thank you Orrin!!! God bless!!

  43. Kim Decker said

    the time is now as you say before it s too late. I beleive the ones who have opened their heart, mind and soul are all on the quest to make a difference.

  44. We are so thankful for your and Oliver’s service to the world =:)

  45. Orrin, we should be thanking you!!! You not only took the time to come out on a book tour, you also took the time to speak to each & every person that came to you to have a booked signed. You amazed me at the Lansing Center. Your speech was phenomenal as well. You are by far the most inspirational person I have ever had the joy to hear speak!! SO A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU!!!

  46. Adam Gonzales said

    As Douglas MacArthur said ” Every Man should be embarrassed to die until he accomplishes something great on this world” – Leadershift will be something Great!! One Million in Texas

  47. AR said

    To create a new conversation … People need to care about each other at a higher level … People need to be humble and serve … Especially me … Ty

  48. Rob Robson said

    What an amazing book Leadershift is! Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille have nailed it! Thanks so much for your leadership!

  49. Micah Kramer said

    Dear Orrin & Oliver:

    Your brilliance is already known and so appreciated within the LIFE community. You guys absolutely knocked the cover off the ball with this book and it will be known as one of the greatest works our civilization has ever known. Your vision and courage is so contagious. THANK YOU. What a moment for all of us to proudly go forth and scatter the darkness in our country with this amazing light! FREEDOM!

    God Bless,

  50. Steve Meixner said

    Great book Orrin, I’ve read my copy and now doing my best to get more in others hands. I’m proud to be associated with a man such as yourself who is willing to stand up and fix our Country. This book is full of Great Advice,and now there are several more books I plan to read that you have listed in this book! Thank You so much for all you do and you can count on my support!

  51. Jody & Robert said

    Thank you to Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille. Through your efforts and encouragement we are inspired. Inspired to raise our children properly, to voice our opinions intelligently, and to educate our minds so WE can control our lives.
    Thank you!

  52. Dean said

    You were on fire in Pa tonight! Thanks for the great book as well as the history lesson…Awesome

  53. Kevin Hamm said


    I have never had a book inspire me so much to learn. Any chance of a Freedom/History subscription or a Classics subscription? I know I would sign up for them. The shift is on.

  54. Peggi Kern said


    I attended the book signing in Lansing Michigan. Just want to say thank you for writing this book and thank you for sharing your thoughts that evening! You’ve inspired me to take the journey to educated myself on the history of freedom. The studies you have done and the way your share the information gives me the hope that we can make a difference.

    God bless,

  55. Just finished the book! Incredible, can’t wait to read it again and study it in way more depth. Thanks for serving and all you do for this community and country!

  56. Ken Herman said

    Just finished the book. So inspiring. I thought I had a good pace of learning started in my life. After reading this book, I realize I must double my efforts.Thanks for being the model and mentor for all of us.
    Ken Herman

  57. John Yoder said

    I was at the book signing in Columbus. Man if everyone would just take ahold of the principles in your book…. I guess that is our job!

  58. Chad Sutkay said

    Orrin, Thank you for launching a solution! We were honored to have you in Madison for the first stop. So many new people in our community had the chance to shake your hand and were thrilled to have a book signed on the day of the launch. We stand with you and God speed as the journey continues.

    Chad Sutkay
    Team Action

  59. Don Schultz, Team VIP Phalanx said

    We got our 10 Pre-ordered copies yesterday and I started reading as soon as I got home. Took time out for the Open in Wichita, my wife read on the way to the Open. I woke up at 4:00 and read some more. Just finished the book as I am finishing at the office.

    I was struck by how there were so many things that had been talked about from stage by you and Oliver at the Major Conferences and on audios. The book is an accumulation of so many ideas that have been espoused, especially over the past couple of years.

    I would have loved to been a “fly on the wall” as you and Oliver discussed what ideas to incorporate in the book. I was amazed at the references to so many books, authors and statesmen. Your grasp of history is awesome.

    Thank you for investing part of your life in the restoration of this great country of ours.

  60. Andrew Rockwell said

    Amazing book Orrin and Oliver! Thanks for all your research and studying to be able to create something so great.

  61. Thanks for making Leadershift such a great book. After reading it, I have a fire burning in my bones to make a difference in the lives of people around me. I’m stepping up to help find leaders and help some of them find themselves. This is what we need and we only have a short time to get it done. Lead on my brother.

  62. robert wilcox said

    Amazing job Orrin! I feel blessed and Honored just to read and be able to apply your information to life. Thank you for sharing your Wisdom!

  63. Easton Kelsey said

    I Am part of the 10%! Are you? We are going to lead 1,000 + citizen leaders

  64. Jason Dames said

    This has got to be one of the best book I have read Orrin!! I hope that you get to tour through St. Louis soon god bless and I can’t Wait for a free Nation!!! god bless!!

  65. Marsha Ward said

    LeaderShift is amazing! Thank you Orrin and Oliver for sharing your great wisdom.

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