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    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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LIFE Leadership Seminars

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 13, 2013

LIFE Leadership Seminar weekend just wrapped up Saturday night. Across North America, communities gather to learn leadership, life principles, and strategies to move their life forward. Laurie and I had the honor to speak in Pennsylvania with Jerry and Polly Harteis. We packed, fully packed, the high school auditorium with over 1,000 people and had an amazing day. Recognition included several new Turbo 100s along with LIFE Leader and LIFE Coordinator levels. Jerry and Polly were fantastic, bringing their A-game with posture, wisdom, and humor mixed together in a relatable style.

The LIFE Major Convention will have several new PCs recognized and numerous new RT and LIFE pin levels. Momentum is hitting across the community and I want to personally congratulate all the leaders who have stepped up and are moving on by serving customers, serving communities, and leading from the front. We are creating a LeaderShift across North America that will soon spread across the world. What part is the reader intending to play?

If you attended on of the seminar locations, please share who spoke and what nuggets did you learn to propel your life forward? My personal favorite from Jerry was when he said love is blind, but marriage is an eye-opener. 🙂 He had the crowd rolling and learning all night!


Orrin Woodward

95 Responses to “LIFE Leadership Seminars”

  1. Adriano Troli said

    We were blessed to have Charles and mannon McIntyre take the stage in the Ottawa location. This couple tore it up. Absolutely amazing.

  2. Ed Fancon said

    Here in Michigan we had John and Lynn Mosner! Man that couple is funny! Biggest, and I mean huge nugget…….if I travel to England I shall never ask if I may wear my khaki pants! lol Still laughing about that one!

  3. Eric Rascher said

    Alex & Leighann Nickerson were fantastic!!! Great story of how they both started as singles(speaks directly to me) and took on leadership roles to serve others and the Team! STL is going to 1,000! So looking forward to seeing you and Chris next month!

  4. Michael Rankin said

    Wow… Cody and Tara Newton in Anaheim. Great teachers and motivators. Very inspirational evening.

  5. Keith Sieracki said

    Jim and Delores Martin were fantastic and inspired the crowd to not quit during your “swim through”. Their conviction and passion encouraged the audience to not let critics influence the decision you make for your family. It was awesome!

  6. Kristi McVicker said

    Kirk and Cassie rocked the house in Wichita! I took away lots of nuggets from the evening but one is the need to master time, money and energy. Another big nugget — personal integrity.

  7. We had the swamp fox in MI! George did a great job teaching the 5 laws of decline. And John and Lynn shared a wonderful story during the second half. Team TBD is ready to play it’s part in reaching a million, breaking our first Power Players over the weekend!

  8. Justin Stevens said

    Can’t wait for the Major Convention. Claude and Lana Hamilton were amazing in Mansfield Ohio!!!

  9. Jesus Hernandez said

    Fort Wayne Indiana was packed. Over 650 people. Chris miller had a great testimony and Dan Hawkings was just tearing it up. Standing room!

  10. Zach & Flora Frey said

    Orrin, Flora & I literally had a front row seat to you & Laurie along with Jerry & Polly and then Tony Hoffman for the ticket-holders! We were again floored by how much wisdom could be imparted in a single evening! One of the biggest things I took away was realizing that you and your beginning clan all got rolling in your 20s. My young team and I got goose bumps as you told us after the leadership meeting on Friday night that we are the generation that is going to set this country back on its feet. As you shared the analogy both Friday night and Saturday night about the train moving on & teaching others how to drive it; we were inspired mentally, emotionally & willfully to move OUR train forward at all costs! We love you and are grateful for your unwavering belief in who we can become if we switch the lever to DRIVE! God bless! See you soon!

  11. We did the webcast and had John and Lynn Mossner with George Guzzardo too. It was great! My biggest nugget was from George. He said “Take the Team Builders Textbook and study it, Know that book, dive into it and read it in a way you’ve never read it before.”

  12. Steve Leurquin said

    We had a great weekend in Whitewater, WI. Starting with Friday’s Mens and ladies Leadership. Then a great seminar on Saturday with Tim and Amy Marks and Matt and Michelle Mielke. The two nights combined had over 1,500 hundred people learning how to create a LeaderShift!

  13. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    I attended the Michigan Seminar where John & Lynn Mosner and George Guzzardo spoke.

    The two nuggets I took away were:

    1) From John & Lynn… despite the outward appearance of “success”, they were time poor (and with Lynn being a stay at home mom- they had to live on 1/2 their previous income). And rather than using the demands on their time as an excuse, they used it as their REASON to build a business that gave them BOTH the time that they both desperately wanted, but also the money that they needed to live a lifestyle that exceeded what they had in the corporate shuffle!

    2)George made it very clear that the LIFE business is not a business as much as it is a LIFESTYLE that will lead to success; whatever WE define as success. The “products” we buy make us a better person. The business model that we use makes us a better person AND a successful entrepreneur! All from listening, reading and associating. Where else can you find a “product” that is sold through a “business model” that combine to better ourselves as people, make a lucrative living, and change culture?!?

  14. Adam M Rossman said

    I liked when Amy Marks said how important it is to not just set your goals with your spouse, but to also set your game plan with your spouse so that you are on the same page through the whole process.

  15. Melissa Atchison said

    “Success is not a destination; it’s how you’re living your life.” Just one of the great nuggets from Dean Frey. He and Teresa were AMAZING in Dallas!!!

  16. Dani Miller said

    Claude and Lana Hamilton rocked Mansfield, OH. Fun,educational, inspirational, and touched the hearts of everyone there. Thanks so much!

  17. Nancy Pope said

    Jim & Deloris Martin knocked it out of the park in Florida. Jim really hammered home what is needed as far as a time commitment to succeed significantly in the LIFE business – as well as the basic steps that have to be mastered & how to help a new person do that. The analogy that Deloris used of “everyone goes through a swim through at some point during your business – don’t give up while you’re in that swim through”! What an incredible analogy!!!

    Rick & Nancy Monsipapa
    Fearless Tribe

  18. We were in Lancaster for both sessions and my wife absolutely fell in love with Laurie and Orrins wisdom and motivation is beyond compare. Jerry and Polly did a great job as always and although we gained many nuggets from the weekend – the one thing that sticks out is to drive the train baby. The Leadership is moving on and we’re going too. Thanks for coming and we can’t wait until the major…

  19. scott russell said

    John & Lynn Mosner and George Guzzardo were on fire in Michigan!!!! Was a great night of Learning, Laughing and Living :))

  20. Nicole Allen said

    Orrin, I was in Ft. Wayne,IN. speaking was Chris and Carol miller. and Dan Hawkins.. awesome pack the room standing room only. I and other porthos musketters worked the tool room witch was in sidevthe room so we got to hear all yhe good tid bit. We sold out of 1st night and 2 pack thae top 50 and 5 love languages. I enjoyed serving. thank you nikki allen

  21. Headed up to WI to watch Tim Marks & Dan Hawkins for the leadership on Friday night! Learned so much that evening!

    Then our team got together for the webcast of the seminar. George Guzzardo is ALWAYS brilliant! My main nugget from him was the concept of the following:
    Dream -> Vision -> Image -> Light -> Insight -> Wisdom -> Breakthrough

  22. John Lewis said

    We were delighted to have Curtis & Debbie Spolar come to speak in Aylmer, Ontario. What a fantastic couple who are demonstrating their passion for LIFE and their love for people. It’s no wonder they are moving on!


  23. Robin Lawrence said

    We are so blessed in Cape Coral, FL to have Jim & Dolores Martin leading. They were on there home turf this weekend and gave their best talks ever! The most inspiring moment for me was when Dolores played the “death crawl” scene from Facing the Giants movie. She told us to imagine her as the coach on the ground right next to us encouraging us to do our personal best and take just one more step toward our victories, even though we think we’ve given it everything we’ve got!! Wow! From now on when I feel like I can’t push through something the picture of Dolores right there with me will give me the courage to defeat my Goliaths!!

  24. Scott Staley said

    We had the pleasure of having Curtis and Debbie Spolar come and share with us in Aylmer Ontario. They both have an amazing ‘presence’ about them, and I think that was my favourite nugget on Saturday – posture. Both are great teachers, and through everything, they were passionate and absolutely glowing with belief and desire to help others.

    We’re looking forward to seeing them again at major as some stories you need to hear more than once!

  25. Connie Seymour said

    Orrin, my husband, Roger, and I was in Wichita, KS. Kirk and Cassie Bartles was the seminar speakers. Kirk spoke about time, money, and energy and management of these resources. This is applicable in both our LIFE business and our traditional small businesses. We appreciate that many of the topics covered at various LIFE trainings are applicable in our traditional businesses, as well. It is encouraging to know that the “employee” sector of society is getting educated on business ownership, therefore, maybe that sector of society will be less prone to think of businesses as a segment of society who is out to take advantage of the employee. I also, teach at a small Christian school. Some of the principles that have been shared at various events can be used in the classroom. Thank you for your foresight and fighting for out country and society. I do wish we could commit more time to the LIFE business, but our traditional businesses (DBA) require so much of our time.

  26. Rosalind Miller said

    Monccton N.B. Wayne and Raylene rocked a packed house, message loud and clear, Are you a leader who develops followers or a leader who develops leaders? See you in Ohio !!!!

  27. Orrin,

    We had the pleasure of hearing from George Guzzardo and the Mossners. The night was dynamite. There were so many great nuggets I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I have decided to include the most surprising… George is so amazing at helping us think in sensus plenior (that is not surprising). I am now able to apply the 5 laws of decline to any area of my life, it is unbelievable. Assign yourself a monetary share of the LIFE business profits and it will help you get away from a decline in your LIFE! (paraphrase of George Guzzardo) Thanks to the Guzzardos and Mossners for serving the Team.

  28. Linda Sovey said

    In Gatineau, we shared the evening with Charles and Mannon McIntrye. We have know this couple for the past year as we have shared Tuesday Opens with them in Ottawa. I knew that they would be good but they were better than good; they were phenomenal. They made us laugh, they made us think and they made us cry…………we left feeling ” WOW, what a couple! What an evening!” I can’t wait to hear them again. WTG Charles and Mannon!!!!!

  29. Dean Boyer said

    Thank you so much for coming to PA and filling us with wisdom, hope, and belief. You and Laurie were sensational. Thanks also to Jerry and Polly Harteis for their incredible talk. Their wisdom and caring shines through everytime. And then the Ticket Holder Meting with Tony Hoffman was truly the icing on the cake. What a great opportunity we have. Many thanks.

  30. David Kangas said

    We drove 4 hours to Wausau to see Steve and Beth Morgan. What an awesome experience, well worth the drive (and the avoiding of nearly 100 deer on the way home lol). Their integrity is second to none, loved the life talk (too bad for “Big Mike”). Great job Steve and Beth!!

  31. Aaron Lapp said

    THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU!!! for coming to PA it was an amazing event with Orrin and Laurie,Jerry and Polly and then my favorite part was when Orrin was with Tony Hoffman at the ticket holder

  32. Tom and Jeanne Keena said

    Dan Hawkins & Chris and Carol Miller – Fort Wayne-685 people.
    Frame your business like a game. Define it.
    *what are objectives, parameters. Make it a game. Measure it, track it every 30 days have a scoreboard.
    Out-serve your Team
    Expect and Inspect.

  33. We attended a webcast seminar in Rifle, CO. George Guzzardo and John and Lynn Mossner were fabulous. Among many points, in particular I learned something about my personality and how it is creating some friction in some of my relationships. That was huge. It will help me move forward in life and business.

  34. Tom and Jeanne Keena said

    Also in Fort Wayne. Chris & Carol Miller:
    God puts a dream in your heart, but you have to grow and change to be all that God wants u to be!!

  35. Tom Keena said

    Great to see all the new levels being hit across the entire LIFE team. Thank you Orrin!!!

  36. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Great to see so many comments already today! That’s a LeaderShift in its self!

    We had the honor of having Curtis & Debbie Spolar with us in Aylmer Ontario Canada! This couple is moving on! What I picked up most from them is not what they said but how they said it. Their trust and friendship built with you giving the ability to do what they have done is truly amazing! I look forward to that ourselves! Friendship and trust a key to any mentor/mentee relationship! The bond you have with Curtis & Debbie is amazing and they showed it Satyrday night!

    You asked what the reader intends to do in LeaderShift?!
    Catherine and I are committed to be being, and will be 1 of 36 Good Men! We will help lead this turn around to the first million and many millions beyond! We will continue to add more reading daily (already from 4 to 6 books in the last 30 days) we will comment all blogs that we can and teach and grow more communities to do the same! Read, listen, associate and exicute!!!!

    Today Is Always A LeaderShift Day!!!!

    • Chad Waters said

      If your working on something exciting that really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. ~Steve Jobs

  37. Chris Murphy said

    Saw George And John and Lynn Mosner. Guzzardo really had such valuable points.
    * How experiences are worth a thousand pictures for the elephant. So in a life with negative experince you losing insight and wisedom and being lost in darkness.
    *To really study the books you read through a practical way
    *That the competition is not “well atleast i am better than that guy” or “I could never be as good as that guy” but rather to be in a consistent effort to go to bed tonight a better person then the person we were when we went to bed last night.
    And john and Lynn story had much value as well, Speakin through a cold, trusting mentors and so much more!!

  38. David & Catherine Thomas said

    Amazing leadership seminar in PA! The East Coast train is moving on!

  39. We had Mark and Rita Haas in Salt Lake City, they were totally inspirational! Great team teaching on developing a culture of duplication. We’re getting this round table thing behind us Orrin!

  40. Paul Horst said

    We had Chris and Terri Brady in Northern California and loved the talk Chris gave at Friday nights men’s/women’s leadership on the ziggurat of life . . . Preparatory/Pragmatic/Passion/Purpose. Very insightful and practical information to build a life of significance.

  41. What an honor and blessing to have Chris & Terri Brady not only do our Nor.Cal Seminar, but Men’s & Women’s Leadership on Friday Night, also!! Even my 2 teenage boys were smiling & laughing at Chris’ “troll people” talk. ;D

  42. What an incredible seminar! We had the privilage to watch via webcast. George Guzzardo can teach like nobody else. He is always able to bring complex topics down into simple, easy to understand nuggets of truth. LIFE is not so much a business as it is a LIFEstyle change for the better.

    The Mossner’s Rocked it also with great humility and humor. Lynn spoke in spite of her raspy voice! What an awesome display of servant leadership! She had such a great attitude about it the whole time. John and Lynn were both amazing! How could anybody hearing their story not want to get involved in LIFE?

    The seminars just keep getting better!

  43. Meko Arroyo said

    Jim & Delores Martin were amazing! Teaching Florida that we WILL ALL go through difficulties however we need to surround ourselves with Books, CDs & association to get us through our “swim thru’s.”

  44. Elaine Koleske said

    Friday night I went to the leadership talk in Whitewater, WI. Tim Marks gave a great talk on depth, numbers and volume. The focus needs to be on 10 deep in 30 days. Amy Marks talked about marriage – am I becoming better or bitter? Saturday’s seminar was in Schofield, WI with Steve and Beth Morgan. Work together as a couple for focus on each other’s strengths. Game plan and get the big rocks done first. I love the way this couple shares with passion and humor. Fabulous weekend 🙂

  45. Sent a prospect to the Ft Wayne, In seminar and the Morgans put her in…..Thx!!

  46. Peggi Kern said

    I was blessed to be at the Michigan seminar where George Guzzardo shared the vision of the leaderShift and the Mosners shared their story and built belief!

  47. Dan & Jen Schreiber said

    We had the ultimate pleasure of Steve & Beth Morgan in Schofield,wisc. They were phenomenal. Definitely came at the crowd with informational we all needed to hear with perfect posture. Thank you for sending them to us. God Bless – Dan & Jen Schreiber

  48. Mark Tobola said

    I got to spend the event in Wausau, Wisconsin and see Steve & Beth Morgan. WOW was I blown away! I’ve seen them speak many times, but this weekend they really unleashed themselves! Burn your ships! And Steve and Beth really hit the Life talk out of the park!

  49. Emily Bird and Kevin Koopmans said

    Amazing seminar! We attended the Ottawa location and got to hear from Charles and Mennon McIntyre! Awesome information shared and such great speakers! Can’t wait to hear more from them! It’s great listening to speakers who we haven’t got the chance to hear a lot from yet and watch the growth in the individuals and the community

  50. Jeanna Nasser said

    What an amazing experience we had in PA! It was a true blessing to have my 3 boys, brother and sister-in-law together to be educated by such amazing leaders and to see all the future leaders recognized!

    I look forward to more enlightening seminars knowing our team is ready to CHARGE into Servant Leadership!

  51. Andrea Renkas said

    We were blessed to have Steve and Beth Morgan in Wausau WI. What a load of wisdom! I could learn from those guys all day! And the story talk was particularly touching… I don’t think Steve has ever shared what he said before from stage. They are so relatable. We are not alone in our struggles, that’s for sure. Thank you!

  52. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    As usual, Jim and Dolores brought their “A” game to the crowd in Florida. They are so passionate and shared from their hearts.
    I especially liked the analogy Dolores gave in her story talk about “There is an air at the end of the swim-through.” I am hopeful that this talk makes it out on CD.
    Thank you Martin’s!!!

  53. Amy A said

    I was at the Pennsylvania seminar and the leadership meeting the night before and both events were amazing! I loved hearing about Patrick Henry since I’ve always felt a connection with him since I have his birthday (month and day; not year 😉 Also, my genealogically-minded mom tells me that we are descended from him. Not hard, I guess, but still pretty cool 🙂

    The ticket-holders’ meeting on Saturday was phenomenal too! Thanks so much to the Hoffmans for sharing what they are doing (and I’m sure thanks go to Orrin for suggesting the topic!)

  54. Tedd & Aleha Romero said

    We had the pleasure of having Chris & Terri Brady in northern California! Not only one night but 2. They lit the place on fire with humor and their amazing teaching style. Dust busters boats and troll people talk was so funny but it let you know that anyone can do this. We also had Chris Mattis do an amazing talk at men’s/ladies leadership. He is on fire and the crowd loved it..

  55. Sharon Hoffman said

    Words cannot describe the weekend that PA had with Orrin and Laurie in the house!!!! It started off with one of the most amazing talks on courage and conviction in the life of Patrick Henry! I literally had ‘goosebumps’ when he read the first hand account of the speech, the hand gestures, the emotion that must have been in the room during his ‘Give me liberty, or give me death” speech. I have to say that when Orrin asked the audience how many of us actually read the entire speech and the history behind, only a few hands went up. Next statement was a gut check for me and I hope it is for you…”It is hard to defend truth that we don’t know”. I sure hope this is a Freedom CD!
    Then Laurie did a the most powerful talk on Marriage as only Laurie can deliver. My favorite part had to be the ending when she shared the advise given to them by a pastor. She drew out a triangle and placed Orrin on the left and Laurie on the right. Then she put Christ at the top above the other two. He then said, “the closer that Orrin and Laurie choose to get to Christ, the closer you get to each other”. Pursue Holiness and happiness will come!
    Then our RHINO leader, Greg Johnson, gave another powerful talk on Posture! (If you haven’t listened to his talk on ‘The Little Things’, a must listen) The key nugget for me in his talk was that YOU have to have the belief that make people want to attach to you till they get their own belief! He is a system genius, quoting CD after CD during this entire talk. Proud to be on your team GREG!!!
    Orrin gave another great talk on trains leaving the station and finding those that want to drive their own trains. Can I just say that Orrin is the BEST at analogies!!!
    The Saturday seminar was packed with about 1000 people in attendance!!! Jerry and Polly are heroes of mine! Polly is so humble and magical. Jerry is hilarious and wise! They went back to the basics of building the business.
    Then our leading lady Laurie Woodward did an incredible talk on the baggage we carry in our luggage of LIFE! She went back to her humble beginnings as a young girl,young wife and young mother. Laurie has a way of delivering a message that is so funny and real! That is why we all love her so much!!!
    Orrin challenged PA and we are ready to accept that challenge!
    I have to tell you the highlight of the weekend for me was watching my husband on stage with Orrin for the ticketholder. Thank you Orrin and Laurie for inspiring and challenging us everyday to be all that God has called us to be. Words cannot describe how it felt to sit beside Laurie and watch a dream come true for Tony! You have taught us to trust people not by their words, but by their actions. Let our actions speak our thanks.
    We love you…Pennsylvania loves you…the TEAM loves you…! PA is up for the fight!!!

    • Ken Hendon said

      Sharon, you covered it all! We con only imagine your pride in watching Tony do such an awesome job on the night owl with Orrin. He showed everyone what great student leaders you are!

  56. JeanetteP said

    We had the privilege of attending the Ephrata/Denver seminar to see Greg, Jerry, Polly, Laurie an yourself! Everyone brought their A game so there were so many great nuggets to inspire! It’s hard to share only a couple but time is limited so…….
    I would have to say your talk on Patrick Henry was deeply inspiring. I loved how everyone was so open and honest about their story so as to give hope! Laurie’s talk was fantastic-including the part where someone popped out of back stage two-thumbs up —Twice, ha ha!!! Jerry, Polly and Greg had SO many wonderful nuggets it was hard to keep up. The level of passion and purpose in that room was impenetrable!!!
    Praise God!

  57. Stacey Arroyo said

    Jim and Delores were very inspirational here in Florida. This was my first time to hear them live outside of our Tuesday open meeting. Delores was so passionate and spoke from her heart. I love being involved with LIFE. A great company that encourages the leaders share from their hearts. Jim drove home this great nugget….Commit to be consistent!!

  58. lorraine satko said

    Michigan : George Guzzardo is a favorite of mine. I say kuddos to him for being bold and really laying out the truth,for all to understand. It is up to us personally to do our personal best! It was another awesome teaching night!

  59. Kyle Schwartz said

    We had Jim and Dolores Martin in Cape Coral Florida. They lit up the stage with excitement. It was one of the best seminars that we’ve ever had. It’s so great to be able to follow people who have results and are Leading by example. Florida is exploding!!!!

  60. Curtis and Olivia Shaw said

    Chris and Carol Miller were on fire in Fort Wayne.. Chris had the crowd laughing so hard that he couldnt not help but laugh with us. There story was amazing and should give believe to anyone who attended that location. Dan Hawkins did probably one of the best teaching talks that I have heard in the short period of time that we have been a part of LIFE. It was an awesome event, had to be close to 800 people in attendance.

  61. Sue Lohr said

    George Guzzardo was great! Love it when he cracks himself up…but the message, loud and clear, was “It’s MY fault!” I took it to heart. Lynn Mosner spoke with half a voice – what a servant to the team! And John always has a great message inside the humor. Great seminar in Saginaw! Looking forward to half the distance to travel in June when it’s in Lansing with Steve and Beth Morgan and Mark and Jen Paul.

  62. Chris Gerhart said

    What an incredible weekend! I would just like to personally thank you Orrin for your strong belief in us and your words of encouragement. Candi and I are in the fight with you for our country and our kids futures to the death. I would rather die fighting for freedom than live on my knees in tyranny. Thanks again, may God bless you and God bless America.

  63. Ron and Mary Knopp said

    Pennsylvania was truly blessed Saturday night with Orrin and Laurie Woodward in Denver, PA. They speak truth in everything they say. If anyone is tired of being lied to, misled or just plum tired of the rat race just get around this couple and the leaders of the LIFE organization and you will see a difference. It was good to hear the words, “Allow yourself to dream.” Thank you Orrin and Laurie for sharing your lives and your dreams.

  64. Leslie Ranlet said

    PA rocked it. There were so many nuggets between Jerry and Polly Go MAD(Move, Ahead, Daily) and you and Laurie (You can’t logically get through an emotional struggle). The recognition was so exciting and motivating. I am so fired up about June Leadership Convention. We are moving on.

  65. Roy Hamilton said

    We had the pleasure of having and hosting Renee Oettinger in Houston Texas. With a lot of new people there she laid out how to get started and power player in a systematic way that was just awesome. One prospect what her and sign up one the spot. It was a great learning experience.

  66. Elam Stoltzfus said

    Wow what an amazing seminar in PA, the ticket holder was on fire and also made me realize its PDCA time.

  67. Kimberly Schod said

    I wasn’t able to attend Friday night’s workshops, due to my regular work schedule, so was very fired up for Saturday here in PA! To be able to hear both Orrin and Laurie speak was fantastic. Laurie touched my heart in ways that I cannot even explain. Her talk on the baggage that we bring with us was so close to my own story. I don’t believe that daddy’s or husband’s stay, I don’t trust many men, and I have my own hurts and losses. She said one thing that has stuck with me since that evening: “You are worthy of your dreams”! What an awesome thing for me to hear. It was like she was talking straight to me. Thanks Laurie! You are amazing!

  68. Ali Staneart said

    We had Claude and Lana Hamilton!:) They were awesome!! Lana’s pregnant!:) Yay! Claude drew out what focused depth can accomplish. I learned a hard lesson when it comes to the art of promotion. A lesson I won’t forget. … The biggest nugget I took away was to have fun. To lighten up, this is my life’s story and I only get one chance to live it.

  69. Dave Mitchell said

    Wow! What an amazing evening in Lancaster Pa. The highlight for me was the ticket holder meeting with both Tony Hoffman & yourself Orrin. It’s evidence to me that Tony has studied, gone out and implemented the work, PDCA and continued the process again refining his skills each time. It’s amazing how we can hear the same materials covered, sometimes by the same person, but because of their refinement in the particular area of study, we can now see things in a different light ourselves. Tony & Sharon are an inspiration to myself & many.

  70. Kevin Hamm said

    Tim and Amy were incredible in Madison. And Matt and Michelle Mielke hit a story talk out of the park on the way to a future top 50!

  71. Andrew Murphy said

    Jerry and Polly Harteis were great! Orrin & Laurie Woodward were great! Greg Johnson friday night was great! However my favorite part was Saturday night’s ticket holder! For the last 4 months one of the RT woud interview the guest speaker, however Orrin turned it around and Interviewed Tony Hoffman on Game Planning! That was such an awesome talk I can’t wait for it to come down on CD. To have the Best in the Business not be interviewed but instead interview our leader Tony was so awesome to watch! The interaction between the two.. Man…

    Awesome weekend!

  72. Kyle and Nettie Embry said

    Absolutely amazing weekend starting with Tim and Amy on Friday night. I loved Amy’s marriage talk “my marriage,my responsibility” and Tim’s “depth, numbers, volume”. Then Saturday they spoke again and gave us a fantastic panel discussion in the ticket holder. Matt and Michelle Milke told their story and Matt had everyone on the edge with his passion! Definitely a fired up night!

  73. Rita Haas said

    We attended the Salt Lake City location and loved seeing the team recognition for Manasse & Lisa Fotu! They are an amazing couple with passion & purpose for LIFE!!

  74. Amazing night in Whitewater, WI with Marks and Mielke’s! Their transparency was undeniable. Some of the best talks I have heard to date. Thank you for continuing to serve and put your hearts out there!

  75. Aron and Mary Radosa did a fantastic job in Arizona!

  76. Kristi Cortezano said

    Dan Hawkins came to Fort Wayne, Lisa stayed home and we missed her but how profound is it that a business can offer that flexibility. Dan Hawkins electrified the audience by relating to so many people. Chris and Carol Miller blessed the crowd with their story which was aweinspiring. The struggles for an Amish to non Amish journey are rarely talked about but this dresm, struggle, victory was relatable and encouraging. Thanks for always having an amazing line up. To 1 million people!!!!

  77. Margaret Morris said

    We are so lucky and so honoured to have Jerry and Polly as our mentors here in Australia. We are really looking forward to Jerry arriving here Thursday 23rd for our May Leadership and with his help we will be ready for LIFE to be released here soon. Thankyou Orrin for your wonderful blogs and words of wisdom. We are looking forward to welcoming you back here at the LIFE launch accompanied by Laurie and others.

    • Heather Coleman said

      I wholeheartedly agree with Margaret. The Townsville group are really looking forward to coming to Brisbane to spend the weekend with Jerry.

  78. Matt Moser said

    Pennsylvania was so blessed to have Orrin, Laurie, Jerry, Polly, and Tony Hoffman hit the stage! Thank you Orrin for your LIFE talk explaining very simply how to get ahead in business and as an employee – Solve more problems. Laurie’s talk hit home big time as I realized I had some “baggage” I could, and should let go. Her talk came down to “give yourself permission to win”. At 3:30am on the ride home Casey and I were still talking about that. Polly shared a great story and offered advice on the basics, and of course Jerry’s unique “old school” style was hilarious. I filled my notebook with quotes and he straightened my spine with belief. On to Saturday’s Ticket Holder! Tony Hoffman did nothing less than WOW the crowd with specifics on depth. On leading in rotating the pattern and staying at the bottom: “This is it folks…you either don’t know this is what you’re supposed to do, or you don’t have the guts to do it.” On top of the Power House line-up of speakers we had some incredible recognition! Orrin and Laurie thank you for your commitment to PA and the RHINO Team!!!

  79. Ricci Horchar said

    We had Orrin and Laurie Woodward, and Jerry and Polly Harteis as speakers. Talk about the most awesome seminar. Where else can you learn about history, relationships, helping others, helping yourself, helping our country and more all in one evening while laughing and having so much fun. The principles taught, the feelings so deeply expressed, the knowledge imparted and the associations shared were priceless….without the credit card debt. 😉

  80. Don Harris said

    We attended the Moncton, NB, seminar with Wayne and Raylene MacNamara. I am always excited to hear their story. What a testimony to great mentoring and leadership.

  81. Scott & Teresa said

    Hey Orrin,

    We attended the Wichita seminar and it was AWESOME! Kirk & Cassie were incredible! The thing that stuck out for us was the importance of personal integrity, and who could forget Kirk’s story about the bobcat!

  82. Jesus Hernandez said

    Fort Wayne seminar was on fire! Chris and carol miller shared their story and Dan hawkings did some great teaching!

  83. Thera LeFeuvre said

    We in Australia are so much looking forward to launching LIFE later this year. You guys are growing so fast and having so much success we cannot afford to be left behind any longer. We are looking forward to our Major with great excitement and having Jerry here whose help and guidance has been invaluable as you can imagine. This blog of Orrin’s and the comments are a great promotional aid for Jerry.
    Thank you, sincerely.

  84. Robert Nava said

    Here in Dallas,Tx we had the Awesome Dean and Teresa Frey.I’d say the biggest point or nugget that I got from the Seminar was that we should have bigger numbers than what we drew. Everything is bigger in Texas and people are going to be attracted and going to get a ticket to a moving on train. I Robert Nava,will do my part on contributing to the massive explosion that Texas will bring in 2013. On to a million!!!!!!! 10%ers only.

  85. Carrianne Hall said

    Hey Orrin! We had the privilege of having Curtis and Debbie Spolar at the Aylmer Ontario Canada Seminar, wow! This couple shared so many incredible nuggets! Had the audience mesmerized with all the places they have traveled. Funny stories of running the roads… determined to make a difference. So humble and down to earth they made everyone feel as if they had become our new best friends! Some of the deepest servant hearts we have ever met!! Thank you Curtis and Debbie!!

  86. Ernie & Ellen said

    Wow, I didn’t understand how things worked but I have a much better idea after Tony Hoffman explained it in the ticket holder meeting. Polly Harties said, “Choose your thoughts on purpose.” That sure hit me hard. Also Laurie Woodward said, “Learn to extend grace, & Love people even when they hurt you.” I have a lot of growing to do. Thank you for choosing God’s plan & sharing it with all of us. God bless you!

  87. Tim McNeil said

    My wife Tammy and I had the pleasure and honor to attend the Leadership and Seminar events in Whitewater, WI. On Friday night we sat within “spittin’ distance” of the stage. To be that close to Tim Marks gave an amazing new perspective and is driving us more and more towards Power Player! Every time I see Matt Milke his intensity and passion just gets that much stronger. I totally agree with Tim Mark’s comment that Matt gave a “Top 50” talk on Saturday!

  88. Andrew Beiler said

    I want to say thank you Orrin n Laurie for coming to PA!!!! All the encouragement and belief you’ve given us over the weekend was absolutely incredible, thank you!!! :] My favorite part of saturday was all the recognition, and the key nugget for me was what Laurie said about the suitcase full of lies we carry around, and the only way we can get rid of those lies is to replace it with truth!!

  89. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, Curtis ans Debbie Spolar rocked the houae in Aylmer, Ontario. Curtis’ story talk was the perfect blend of tenacity and hilarity… I had tears in my eyes laughing so hard! What a great story to inspire the road warriors. Thanks Curtis!

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