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Jan “Mickelson in the Morning” Radio Interview

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 2, 2013

Jan “Mickelson in the Morning” Radio Interview

Last week, I had a thoroughly enjoyable discussion with Jan Mickelson, talk show host for WHO-AM, on the book LeaderShift. Interestingly, WHO-AM  is the same radio station where Ronald Reagan launched his meteoric career and Jan Mickelson is one of the most influential talk-show host in the midwest. In fact, according to The American View:

Every weekday morning, from 9 to 11:30, Mickelson presides over the No. 1 talk-radio show in Iowa, giving him more sway over national politics than perhaps all but the biggest names in the broadcast business.

Most Iowans live in cities. However, there is plenty of space in between — long stretches of interstate, endless acres of corn and soybeans — where the radio offers a welcome companion. From his perch here in the studios of WHO-AM1040, Mickelson reaches about 350,000 Iowans a week, twice the audience of his closest competition. That may be a pittance by big-city standards. But for a Republican campaigning in Iowa, which traditionally holds the first vote of the presidential race, the program is a must-stop — and a pathway strewed with hidden perils.

“I wouldn’t suggest that Jan is a kingmaker,” said Steve Grubbs, a pollster and former chairman of the state GOP, who found nearly two-thirds of Iowa Republicans listen to talk radio.”But I would suggest he has the avenue you need to become king.”

Early in the interview, I realized Jan is a reader, thinker, and truly concerned about the state of America. This made the interview discuss many topics and principles of political thought. Listen to the interview here. I closed with the way to check sovereignty and therefore the abuse of power. D. W. Brogan, in his introduction to Bertrand De Jouvenal’s fantastic book On Power said:

Being a ruler is a trade. So we can apply to all types of rulers the judgement of Swift. “Arbitrary power is the natural object of temptation to a prince, as wine or women to a young fellow, or a bribe to a judge, or vanity to a woman.” For the best of motives, rulers will, like courts, try to add to their jurisdiction. How is this never-ending audacity to be, at any rate, limited? By making sure that effective power is not monopolized.

Brogan has nailed it! Unchecked power leads to abuse over time. Why? Because the Five Laws of Decline are real and men are not angels. Make the local, state, and federal sovereign over specifically spelled out areas. If either of the three attempt to expand their powers, they must do so at the expense of the other two branches who would naturally check this overreach. Since money is limited, so is the ability to expand their power and thus, sovereignty is finally divided and limited as the founders intended. Listen to the interview and help the LeaderShift by sharing these concepts and the book with as many people who still love what America stood for.


Orrin Woodward

24 Responses to “Jan “Mickelson in the Morning” Radio Interview”

  1. Larry Pahl said

    That was an awesome interview! The more you know the more you want to do. We need go blanket the country with a wakeup call. We need more people with financial freedom so we can spread more political freedom. Thanks Orrin!

  2. What a Great interview! Thanks Orrin. What a way to start the week! Just finished Leadershift this week and what an inspiration to do more and make a difference.

  3. What a Great interview! Thanks Orrin.

  4. Gary Severson said

    Orrin, First off, I agree with Mr. Mickelson about your forward thinking, passion and never say no attitude. I sensed that Mr. Mickelson was caught off guard by someone who actually had a legitimate plan to save this country along with the conviction to see that plan through. I believe there are many noble, noteworthy media people out there who have difficulty differentiating
    politicians from leaders and underestimate, and/or don’t understand the power of developing communities with a strong principle based leadership source infused within it.
    It certainly sounded like Mr. Mickelson warmed up to your ideas and I think the more he get’s to know you and the leaders that are being created through your example and vision, the more convinced he will become that it’s really not too late, IF we all do what needs to be done!

  5. Tony Tefel said

    One of the things I love about The TEAM is our quest for knowledge. As the Leader of The TEAM you exemplify that attribute. We are all blessed by your willingness to Lead in all areas, that make out lives Significient. The Mickelson show revealed your ability to go head to head with any knowledgable seeker of the truth. I will step up my reading and learning of communication skills, to be able to help the PC do the work that we all have been called to do. I will not just say that I’m committed, I will show that I’m committed. “Attributes and Actions are related”, quote from Pastor Stephan Davey.

  6. Orrin, I love the interviews you’ve been sharing! Truely, LIFE is going mainstream! I’m looking forward to what God is doing in and through our lives and the LIFE business. The NorthWest is seeing God move in new ways and setting up something so BIG! We are excited to be a part of it!

    Thank you, Orrin for deciding to move forward into the things that our Lord has called you to do. We will continue to pray for you, your family, the TEAM, and the work God is doing through each.

  7. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Thanks once again for constantly leading the charge! LeaderShift is in full swing!
    God Bless

  8. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, I really enjoyed your interview with Jan Mickelson on the “Mickelson in the Morning Show.” It was a fair, unbiased and INTELLIGENT interview. I too was impressed with how well read Jan Mickelson was! And appreciated the CONVERSATION. He is obviously part of the 10%!

    The LeaderShift is GROWING!!!

  9. That is a fantastic interview. I am inspired… I have something I want to do, and I’ll have to tell you about it sometime. Thanks Orrin! God was with you on that interview! Thanks for spreading truth.

  10. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    The interview was very intriguing. Jan is very well read and seemed enjoyable to talk to. Orrin, you did an exceptional job of edifying him and i believe provoked new thoughts.
    It’s so exciting to hear you On Air talking about LeaderShift!!

  11. Turhan & Carol Berne said


    Excellent dialogue. The more you speak, the more we learn. Thank you!!

  12. Ben Zeier said

    What a vast difference this interview was in comparison to the last radio interview you blogged about! Jan was well read and asked pertinent questions to get the audience thinking. I like how he probed for not only the current problems, but for the answer. Thanks for sharing again & writing a book to get us thinking!

  13. Kevin Hamm said

    Great interview Orrin. Let us know if book sales go up in Iowa, if you can actually track that. It is great to see that the conversation has begun and is continuing.

  14. Clint Fix said

    The interview with Jan was fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Dave Thomas said

    Great interview! Kinda cool to hear your ideas, plans, and visions on the radio in our own back yard. Can’t wait for every station to broadcast this type of info so everyone can be talking about it in the breakrooms across the nations! Thanks for leading the charge!

  16. Steve Meixner said

    Great Interview Orrin! I am extremely proud to be following a man with such great character! Thanks for leading!!

  17. James Kozak said

    Great interview orrin. we are going to have a movement.

  18. Matt Mielke said

    Thanks Orrin for your vision to establish a leadership development engine in the life leadership model. Not only am I amazed at your level of study, but I’m amazed that I am starting to understand it myself. That in itself is a testimony to the life leadership education. I enjoyed the interview and look forward to being part of the 10%!

  19. Keith Sieracki said

    Great interview and discussion about what real leadership is… influence, through applied knowledge.

  20. CJ Calvert said

    Great interview, Orrin. I was impressed with Jan; he seemed well read, articulate and intelligent. His question of “why not do the Atlas Shrugged thing and just have the producers leave” was understandable but defeatist. In thr fictional world of Ayn Rand’s masterpiece, the top producers went on strike (the original name for the book)and walked away. People saw America crumbling and asked “Who is John Galt?” whenever they felt resigned to their fate. I am proud to think the phrase, “Who is Orrin Woodward?” might be a LeaderShift phrasethat embodies a sense of hope. I wonder Orrin, what you would say to John Galt if you could have coffee. You are helping the world change by changing the way people think.

  21. Elam Stoltzfus said

    Wow that interview was awesome !! I thought it was kinda funny how he started off just thinking that you’re just another person pointing out the problem without a solution and then seeing his attitude shift, and I could hear he was very impressed at the end. Jan is very well read on the right things and we have to get more people like him on the leadershift !

  22. MARIO VEGA said


  23. Excellent Interview! Answers for people who want to stand up and lead!!

  24. Great interview! I was wanting more!

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