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Happy Fathers Day Video

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 16, 2013

Laurie and I recently returned from a five day fishing journey with our three teenagers still living with us and what a trip it was. I love the bonding time, after a day of fishing, where there are no phones, no emails, just talking and listening to each other.



We caught one monster mahi-mahi bull pictured (sorry about the sideways picture. Not sure how to straighten out) here. He ran out 2/3 of my line before I finally slowed him down and started bringing him to the boat. I can sit at the back of the yacht, lost in thought over a book I am reading, and then BAM – fish on!

Over the years, I have learned the value of hard-work to achieve dreams, but also quality-time with family and friends. In fact, the longer I live the more I realize I enjoy and cherish the quality time with people more than the awards, recognition, and monetary gain.

For example, Pastor Tom Crawford asked the congregation who was the only player to win two Heisman Trophy Awards. Seven people out of 700 knew the answer. However, he then asked how many people can name a person in their life who took the time to listen, love, and encourage them. Every single hand, at least that I could tell, was raised on that one.

Life, in other words, is not about how much one accumulates as about how much serves. Being a father is a massive responsibility and blessing. One, unfortunately, that too many males seem to take frivolously. One of my goals is to teach males how to be men and I have been blessed to see this occur thousands of times in my life. Males have to step up and “Play the Man” like I said on an older blog post.

Most males want to be men, but lack role models, information, and encouragement to become good husbands, fathers, and men. This can change when these young males enter a community of men who can model manhood. LIFE Leadership is one such community and a good church is another.

Here is a fantastic video for Fathers Day that everyone should watch. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!


Orrin Woodward

37 Responses to “Happy Fathers Day Video”

  1. skip mason said

    Thanks Orrin for your leadership!!!!

    Teaching Men to be Men and lead themselves and their families !!!

    God Bless


  2. Dave Ober said

    Thank you for the Godly example of a Father you are to your children and to the world! I am so blessed to know you and your family!
    Dave And Beth Ober and family

  3. Amy K said

    What an amazing reminder for not only dads, but all of us parents! Happy Father’s Day!

  4. Excellent reminder on how we have others following in our footsteps, walk purposefully! Happy Fathers Day Orrin, thank you for the great example.

    • matt mielke said

      With so many “fatherless” children, whether emotionally, spiritually or physically, the fathers that are involved have an opportunity to impact not only our own children, but those who are without fathers. They are watching!!

  5. Randall Freeman said

    Great post. Happy Father’s Day.

  6. JeanetteP said

    Wow!!! Thank you Orrin!
    God Bless!

  7. Great article!

  8. Rick Britton said

    Happy Father’s Orrin! Wow ! That video touch my heart and it really shows what kind of ripple effect we have on our childeen weather we know it or not! thanks for share that video it meant alot.

  9. Richard Vollnogle said

    I appreciate the video. I have reared my children. Many things I did and said come back to “haunt me”. As the song “the Cat’s in the Cradle” talks about children learn from you in every area of life. I wished I could say I did OK but the things had some good and not so good results. The Life business has helped with those questionable areas and were I screwed up royally God has helped correct my children as they see me change. Thanks again Orrin

  10. Kristine Militello said

    Awesome! Dads are a big deal! Only had mine for 14 years, but he taught me so much in those few years! Thankful for all the men I know who are leading their families! Especially my husband, he is an exceptional father!

  11. Ken Hendon said

    And the cat’s in the cradle…

  12. Kevin Hamm said

    Great video Orrin, I hit play and my son Taylor heard it and watched it with me. Very fitting. Looking forward to Columbus. It is always a family affair for us. Our Daughters have each sponsored people in LIFE recently and one is riding with us to the major. It is no longer something Dad is doing, it is something we are doing :). It’s good to be a dad. I pray I make a great grandfather as well.

  13. Am blessed to live near my parents and get to visit them everyday, even if it’s just to say hi, my dad says
    “Everyday, is Father’s Day”. 🙂

  14. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    GREAT video Orrin! Thank you for the reminder!! We are LEADERS whether we like it or not… whether we are being a GOOD example or BAD.

    Thank you for YOUR leadership and EXAMPLE!!!

  15. Elam Stoltzfus said

    Great video Orrin, we don’t have kids yet but we are very excited to raise a family and have the time to spend with them because we will not have to give our life to the 45 year plan, all because of this amazing LIFE business !!
    Also because of what I learned from LIFE I realized that my Dad likes quality time and so we started having dinner every Friday at my parents.

  16. Sheri Lucas said

    Wonderful blog and video. Have already shared and gotten back many great responses. Thanks for being such a great leader. So proud to be associated with this business. Looking forward to Columbus this weekend. I’m sure it will be amazing!

  17. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin.Its mentors like you that drive me to be a better mentor and dad.

  18. Chad Waters said

    Happy Fathers Day Orrin!

    All Fathers enjoy your day while training the next generation what a father is and does! Proud of you all!

  19. Wow..,I can’t say more. What a fantastic message. I forwarded it to all the Dad’s in my family. Thank you Orrin
    See you in Ohio
    Team Kaizan

  20. Powerful Orrin, so blessed to be surrounded by this amazing community of role models for men and and women alike. Happy Father’s Day!

  21. natalie said

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Great video on the importance of leadership.

  22. Micah Kramer said

    Orrin, happy father’s day to you as well. For some reason, this post really resonates. I don’t know if it’s the freedom aspect of pulling anchor for 5 days with family, or the absence of email, cell phone, etc., or maybe the video clip of the boy reminding all of us dads that we are being watched, studied and duplicated. Or maybe it’s the call for men to stand up as men and lead, that I keep hearing EVERYWHERE, it seems lately. We will all leave a legacy – the question is who’s going to the one to define it? Thanks for reminding and challenging us to get better as people, fathers, husbands and leaders.

    God Bless,

  23. Jonathon Montgomery said

    Thank you Orrin, I am so grateful for your leadership, for your example, for your integrity, for your faithfulness. Happy Fathers Day!

  24. Awesome video! Fathers are so important. I know this community has helped me be a better dad every day. Thank you for your example Orrin!

  25. Michael Hartmann said

    That video strikes right at the heart! The positive or negative impact we, as fathers, make at each moment of every day is so easy to forget; it’s the practical application of “what you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.” Our children are ALWAYS watching and I’m so thankful to have begun my personal leadership development journey while they were still young. While I still have a long way to go, I know without a doubt that I am a much better father, husband and man as a result of the books I’ve been reading, CD’s I’ve been listening to and friends I’ve been associating with while raising my boys. Thank you for sharing!

  26. Bill Eder said

    This blog says it. Men take note Orrin has given us all some great advice.Who can make a difference in a culture that seems to looks down on or disrespects Fatherhood? Life Leadership can do it with help form all us fathers.
    Thanks Orrin. Men take note when a Father takes his children to church the percentage of children who continue to be faithful increases significantly.

  27. Keith Sieracki said

    Great video for those who are not fathers too. We have a role to play as uncles, cousins, and friends to all the “little” men and women of the world.

  28. kaizenfreedomchasers said

    That is awesome! It’s worth sharing again and again!

  29. Elizabeth said

    What a great video. I will pass this on.
    I had a wonderful father growing up and he impacted my life incredibly but I am also very thankful that we have such wonderful fatherly examples in this community to watch every day.
    One of the things I am most proud and thankful for my husband for is the things he is learning and the choices he has made to be different than the example he had growing up. He is learning the ways to be different through the Mentorship and learning in this LIFE community.

  30. Jason Dames said

    I was saddened yesterday as I thought of all the kids that don’t have a father in their life but thankfully we have a heavenly Father the loves unconditionally and is the Father of the fatherless.. Thank you Lord 🙂

  31. Melissa McClure said

    Thanks for sharing Orrin. I have been so blessed in my life to have a wonderful father. He is a great example to me of how to live. I have been blessed to have a great father-in-law as well who shows me how to be a servant in my own home. I am grateful for the LIFE and TEAM businesses that are teaching my husband to be a great father, when we are blessed with children of our own. Thanks for the leader you are and the leaders that are rising up to change the world.

  32. samuel weberman said

    It’s so true ! Our children need guidance , & the best way is to get it from their own father to go ahead for generations to come ! Amen !

  33. CJ Calvert said

    Our children watching our behavior is such a powerful motivator to be the best we can be. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing, Orrin!


    Orrin, our Heavenly Father has truley blessed us with our families and through HIS mightey grace he calls us HIS children and HIS love for us is AGOPE LOVE!!! Thank you Orrin for careing enough to take a stand and make a real change in all of our lives.YOU ARE A BLESSING MY BROTHER!!!

  35. Roy Hamilton said

    This is an Awesome video. My father died when I was five years old and I was raised by a mother who had to be strong. Like Tim Marks there were no strong father figures around. Only strong women. Some thing have been challenges. Today I wonder why my son-in-law who is mentally challenged tries to follow and do what I do. He also has not had a real father figure. From this video I know more why he is watching. Thank you for your leadership and example of what it takes to be a man.

  36. Leander Yoder said

    Awesome Post! Thanks for sharing !

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