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LIFE Leadership Weekend

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 24, 2013

LIFE Leadership: Columbus Nationwide Arena

LIFE Leadership: Columbus Nationwide Arena

LIFE Leadership packed out the Columbus Nationwide Arena this weekend. The speakers (which included three NY Times bestselling authors) provided the information and inspiration needed to move people past their situations.

The event included bestselling author and top educator, Oliver DeMille. He shared the key ingredients to protecting the freedoms in society. This talk alone was worth the price of admission. In addition, the two induction ceremonies for the new PCs (Curtis and Debbie Spolar and Holger and Lindsey Spiewak) topped off one of the most moving weekends in LIFE Leadership’s history.

Above all, Chris and Terri Brady, Tim and Amy Marks, Claude and Lana Hamilton, along with the rest of the Policy Councils (PC) were nothing short of amazing as they taught how to apply leaders into one’s life. Starting Friday night and through early Sunday afternoon, this weekend went from one mountain peak to another.

I have attended numerous leadership conferences, conventions, and seminars, but, in my opinion, this event had the best speaker mix of knowledge, wisdom, and proven results of any I have ever attended.

If any of the readers attended the event, please share some of your magical moments, key nuggets, and resolutions to win that you received from this weekend.


Orrin Woodward

94 Responses to “LIFE Leadership Weekend”

  1. Scott Staley said

    Phenomenal weekend Orrin! My fav moments were watching the PC recognition for the Spolars and Spiewak’s. Both are amazing couples – and both have such an amazing story on their journey to this achievement. The magical thing from this – belief!

    Thanks for everything you and all the PC members do to make all this possible.


  2. Aage Smies said

    This weekend was promoted to everyone as history in the making and it did just that! From the kick off until the close out, each speaker brought their “A Game” and removed all barriers from anyone thinking about moving their business and life forward! The recognition was outstanding and the inspiration created by couples like Stu & Carianne Hall, and all those who made the decision to win and help the masses was unparalleled. Thank you Orrin and Laurie and the Policy Counsel for creating such an amazing vehicle for people to win in and start living the lives they’ve always wanted to live.

  3. Kate Amdahl said

    I agree this weekends leadership convention was life changing! The higher level of belief that we can do this was pushed from a wish to a visualization of seeing and experiencing the feeling of.. “we accomplished it, its a done deal!” It was as if we were having the victory and we were looking at us .I’m so grateful to my heavenly father for giving us the gift of seeing the world and our lives thru His and this opportunity to run to fulfill his purpose for us thru this business .Thank you Orrin for receiving His vision and creating this new reality available for anyone. To the glory of our ALL MIGHTY..

  4. Wow! The growth of the Team, the recognition, the energy in everyone is a true testimonial of where the L.I.F.E. business is going. Seeing is believing! I know for our team, this was belief weekend! Everyone is excited to get started or move on.
    Magical moment is when Holger and Lindsey were recognised as PC an amazing classy couple to aspire to be like. Holger on his knee in front of the American flag was an emotional highlight. His candle burns brighter for america than most americans. A salute to you Holger! Heather and I resolve to have RT done by Oct and moving on to serve in all ways for God, Country, Family, and TEAM!
    Thank you L.I.F.E for an amazing platform on which to grow and move forward.
    John and Heather Richardson.

    • Carl and Nicole Urban said

      AMAZING!! Our first of many to come..When we were told that this is something that you could not miss..they were right!What an emotional weekend..filled with HOPE~BELIEVE~COURAGE~and the power to DREAM again!! Everything was simply amazing and true to form. Loved it all!!!

      Looking forward to October
      Band of Brothers lead the way!! 🙂

  5. Jeff Stockhausen said

    Orrin, I could not agree more. There was not just one talk that I could say was great for each talk was great. The whole weekend was solid, laser focused, incredibly motivational and personally intimate. You can feel the power of the Team, the commitment of community and yet it I felt it was so personal to me. Also thank you for your message Sunday morning focused on love…it is so true…without love you have nothing. I felt the love and it fuels me today.

  6. Alyssa M. said

    I completely agree that this was one of, if not the best, leadership conventions I’ve ever been to in the past 5 years. I laughed, cried, took many pages of notes and was completely inspired. For years this information has been a huge help in all areas of my life and here LIFE did it again by being absolutely amazing in all the right ways.

    The PC recognition probably was the biggest highlight of the weekend for me and what I will remember most.A good nugget (out of many in my notebook) was “If you don’t strive for your dreams and goals , nothing bad will happen but nothing good will happen either.” It’s a good reminder to get out there everyday and do something to make those dreams and goals a reality.

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done to make weekends and events and a business like this available to all of us!

    God Bless,


  7. Ann Jones said

    I had such an awesome time this weekend! Loved the speakers and seeing people inspire others. So exicted about the Financial Fitness pack!!

  8. Amazing weekend Orrin! You can see the conviction in each and every PC’s eyes that everyone was at the top of their game. The new PC recognition and Sunday’s worship service capped off the weekend perfectly. Just another reminder why we are so blessed and why we NEED to do this and win big. Thank you always!

  9. Beth iber said

    I don’t know how you guys do it! But you keep raising the bar on yourselves and the conferences get better every time! It is a blessing beyond words to be associated with such leaders who continually grow and lead by example! True servant leadership organization!

  10. O,
    Flora and I, along with our 11-day-old baby, Teylyr, enjoyed the most moving weekend that we’ve ever had the privilege of attending. As I think back over all of the magical moments, I can’t help but get emotional. Our teammates are at a place that they’ve never been before. Through struggle and perseverance, people were there that never should have been able to go. When you and Laurie talked on Saturday, the phrase, “It’s time” was going through my head at lightning speed…Then you SPOKE IT…and you SHOUTED IT…and you pointed right at me. We are in this fight with you, and this weekend confirmed God’s timing. Our child and future children are counting on what we do TODAY. Our generation is ready to move, and we are so thankful for the vehicle you’ve put in place to utilize.
    God bless you, your family, and all of our courageous leaders.

  11. Monique Bell said

    The PC recognition was phenomenal! The Spiewaks were so regal and heart touching! They have a beautiful family! LOVE LOVE the Financial Fitness Pack!!! Thank you so much for this LIFE-CHANGING business!!

  12. Paul Horst said

    The talk you and Laurie gave on Saturday night about helping people get on the LIFE train and patiently loving and accepting whatever car they chose to ride in was epic. There’s no doubt the LIFE train is moving on and this weekend was an excellent indication!

  13. Kevin Hamm said


    I agree, this one is the best so far. This will be the one that we look back to and say “that was the major that made the difference”. It is the first time Lisa attended a meeting after the meeting late at night and she shared from her heart her desire to serve others through this project. Both my daughters who are now members shared their passion that now is the time to build. My son Taylor (16 years old) simply said how frustrating it was that he can not do anything. He recently bought a Mental Fitness Challenge from his sister Jessa so I did inform him that he could get his money back by moving three of those. A smile appeared on his face. 🙂 For all of us it will be one to remember. For me, Lindsey’s first slide show featured the song that I had chosen for our PC song. There I was listening to our song and staring at a stage similar to the one we will walk out on. Let’s just say I was able to burn our picture into my brain. The elephant is moving. Thank you for giving us our picture Lindsey.

  14. Ted Hewing, Jr. said

    It was the best I’ve ever attended from the the time I stepped on the bus to the time I got off sunday night. I’ve heard testimony after testimony of how comfortable it is to open up & express things that’s been bottled up for years! This “TEAM SPIRIT” is healing! Thanks Orrin & Laurie for allowing the LORD JESUS to work thru you & bless us all! Love Always, Ted & Jennie Hewing

  15. Orrin,

    This weekend was definitely the best. The quality of speakers and content gets better every time. Hence, I expect the October 18 major to be even better. I loved every aspect of this event. What is so impactful to me as this company continues to keep improving, is the apparent research and great preparation that the speakers make for each talk, and the fact that husbands and wives make presentations together. To have couples empowering audiences on stage is powerful.

  16. Rick Satterstrom said

    I believe everyone stepped up as well, and my favorite was Oliver DeMille’s story of the ditch rider. Everyone knew he was passionate for our much needed cause, but when he got choked up just explaining it, the crowd went wild in support! Many other much needed nuggets also, from Orrin’s “It is time” to Wayne’s “transfer the feeling, not the facts while telling us to press the gas pedal a little and go go-getter” for those that haven’t! Awesome weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped put it together!

  17. Deborah Whipple said

    My Husband And I Joined The Life Community About 6 Weeks Ago. We Couldn’t Really Afford To Go, But We Made It Work By Driving 35 Hours There And Back. I Am So glad We Made The Decision To Go ( We’ll Have An Awesome Story When We Go PC). We Now Have Hope That We Can Get Out Of His School Debt, I Can Be A Stay At Home Mom And Now There’s Hope Of Affording A Fertility Specialist So I Can Be A MoM! We Learned So Much This Weekend And Left More Confident In Sharing The Plan With Others! We Look At The Business As A Testimony, If You Believe In Something So Strongly And Believe In The PUrpose, Why Would You Keep It To Yourself? My Husband Brad Whipple Says, “It’s Not A Get Rich Quick Business, But It Is A Get Smart Quick Business”. We Are So Excited About Everything We’re Learning And We’re Excited To Get Home And Get To Work! Thank You For A Life Changing Experience!

    • We are so glad you came! What faith and commitment!

      What she isn’t telling you is that she has health issues with head and neck so making that kind of a journey (70 hours in a van!) was very difficult on her.

      I am so proud of you both and look forward to the journey with you.

      • Deborah Whipple said

        Thanks Easton! We are loving LIFE!!! The long (and painful) drive just motivated us to work harder so we can afford to fly to all the rest of them 🙂

  18. Brian Steig said

    It is so hard to pin point one moment that inspired me every speaker did that for me.And my resolution is to go out there and make it happen orrin is right it is time thank you to all the PC form setting the bar for the rest of us GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  19. Cassie Morgan said

    Every leadership convention I attend tops the last one. Its an amazjng weekend that inspired me and built my belief. It is amazing to see the groups growth, recognition and so many new levels being broken. I laughed, cried, took many pages of notes didnt sleep and was completely inspired to move on. Thanks for all you do and for providing weekends like this.

  20. Paul Heiny said

    It’s time! Thanks go out to Orrin & Laurie and the rest of the PC for opening people’s eyes to the truth. This was my first major and really, truly remarkable. Oliver Demille is pure genius. My jaws are still open! For someone like Holger to be as passionate and devoted to this great nation we live in, and not even be born here speaks volumes for what this organization is capable of doing. If we won’t, who will! Thanks so much to everyone involved in making this happen!

  21. Gamliel Respes said

    This weekend was awesome, The Dream, The Vision, and ACTION.

  22. J.Beecher said

    Why do all these people NEED leadership training? Who are they leading, and to WHERE?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Leadership is influence and every person influences others. The only question is: is this influence in the positive or negative direction. By learning leadership, one’s influence goes up; therefore one’s value. For instance, we just had a young man double his salary on his job because he was asked to teach the leadership principles he was sharing in his small factory group with the entire plant. The plant manager promoted him to leadership trainer because of the principles he learned for LIFE Leadership. So, to answer the question. Who are the leading? Everyone they come into contact with. Where are they leading them? To truth in the 8F’s of life. thanks, Orrin

    • J. Beecher,

      Sometimes we just need to learn to lead ourselves. That alone is worthy of applauding because not many people do that. Following is easy, but leadership takes discipline, focus and so on…even if one is only leading herself.

  23. Anna said

    I wholewheartedly agree!! The best one so far. I laughed, I cried, I left with my bucket filled!! Thank you to You, Laurie and all of the policy council for giving us this association, awaken us to our dreams, putting us to the test, letting us challenge ourselves to become better in all areas of our lives!!!

  24. Kris Shier said

    Orrin and Laurie,

    My first major!! I keep saying WOW!!!!!!!!! I have been in the business just over 90 days. I’m on the Patriot Revolution team w/Mark and Kristine Millitello and Richard and Nichole Kroll! PHENOMENAL weekend…lots of notes, some tears, bonding w/teammates,being more and more inspired that this is where I want and need to be!! Absolutely incredible speakers, too many nuggets to count, thankfulness for being an American, helping me with re-finding my personal faith, feeling all the love and passion you both and everyone has for L.I.F.E.and what it stands for! I’m so excited to see where my future will! Thank you for the opportunities.

  25. Jim Carlson said

    It was an awesome weekend! I was moved by Jill Guzzardo’s story about their friend’s struggle to remain in the country. We are incredibly blessed in our country, but many, myself included, take it for granted. Hearing the things other people risk just for the opportunity to cross our border helped remind me to thank God everyday for the blessings in my life.

    Holger leading us in the singing of the national anthem was amazing. And one thing keeps coming to mind that Curtis Spolar said: 950 Mondays of no job. 950!!!! Wow!

  26. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    How can they get better?…..but they do!!!
    It was an amazing weekend. The overall recognition was astounding. One of the most fun is seeing the experience through new teammates eyes. They were all overwhelmed. In our “meeting after the meeting” it was hard for them to put words to their experience.
    Thank you LIFE founders and all the support staff for all your time and hard work.
    Thank you!!

  27. Elaine Mallios said

    Absolutely the best ever. Ready – Set – GO!!!

  28. I agree! This was my third Leadership Convention & I felt it was the best yet. The talk that stood out the most for me was Amy Marks. She moved me so deeply with her story & out look on what we as individuals can do to change others lives. The entire weekend was great! I truly loved the Sunday morning service as well. Lindsey Spiewak’s testimony was incredible & so easily relatable to many, myself included. Orrin really did a wonderful job delivering the message of the grace & spirituality. Over all I just loved every minute!!! Can’t wait for October!!!

  29. Jeff and lita wolf said

    Trust me their is no possible way to explain this weekend but nothing short of amazing !!!!!
    Word of advise
    DON’T MISS ANY MORE !!!!!!!!
    Get yourself there next time !!!!

  30. Sharon Marlow said

    I hope that Terri’s talk about things we have to let go will be out on a CD very soon. Her “Major” & “Minor” song illustration was awesome!

    The entire weekend was great! Recognition was moving. Induction of the Spolars and the Spiewalks was awesome. Great stories of their journey–inspiring.

  31. David Loos said

    Hello Orrin, the leadership convention this past weekend was amazing !!! I personally enjoyed Oliver DeMille giving
    another great story on freedom and the commitment that it takes to keep it. Holger Spiewak’s policy council talk
    was very moving as well.
    Thank You to all the PC members for sharing and serving this past weekend.

    Exodus Freedom On The March

  32. Matt Mielke said

    In a recent CD, you said hang around long enough and come to the leadership meetings and you will be convinced that this works. Well, I’m totally convinced!! The number of business owners making money in the LIFE leadership opportunity is astounding and the character an integrity of the leadership unmatched anywhere. I’m all in!! Now I just have to get the courage to make it work.

  33. Cat said

    Action brings your dream to a reality and Your dream is what fuels your action. Holger and Lindsey Spiewalk inspired me! I lost it when Holger started singing the Star Spangle Banner since getting out of the service,I see so few respect “old Glory” in such away. Their story gave me such hope as I know even though my husband and I have been moving slow we started to give up on ourselves the key is to keep going, God will make it happen at His timing not mine. I think a big thing for us (LIFE Leadership) is the dream so when your down and out go drive that car, walk through the house, have sand sit in your window so you can put your feet in it. What ever it is to keep you going and sometimes having a small taste of the dream is touching it for a moment. I didn’t know how I love driving fast top down in a sports car! Thanks Terri for sharing that on a CD my honey couldn’t believe the dealer ship let me drive their car when we pulled up in a vehicle far lesser! So TEAM DREAM it’s okay to DREAM and DREAM BIG. Then get into action mode!

  34. Joe Hoffer said

    I loved the entire weekend. My favorite parts were the New RT and PC recognition and the panel discussion with out newest PC’s. Their knowledge and fire have made all the difference for my wife and I to go out and tear it up these next four months.

  35. I LOVED the weekend from the very beginning!
    Congrats to the Spolars and the Spiewaks! What an amazing night!
    I thought Chris Brady’s talk on analyzing depth was eye opening! I thought Bill Lewis’s talk on the learn/work cycle was spot on! I loved Laurie’s story of the difference one life can make; it was fantastic! Every time you speak from stage you reach in our hearts and pull out the winner in all of us! Your Sunday message was excellent as well. The talk that struck my heart was Oliver DeMille’s talk on the little girl who brought her umbrella. Praying is one thing but praying with the expectation that a mighty God hears and answers is another. I want to be the girl who always brings her umbrella.

    Thanks for all you do! LIFE is amazing!

  36. Rob Robson said

    What an amazing weekend! Watching the Spolars and the Spiewaks get recognized into the PC was the picture I needed! Thanks for all you do Orrin!!

  37. MARIO VEGA said


  38. Diane Hussey said

    Inspiring, emotional, and challenging. Narrowing it down to one thing – the responsibility to share the hope and future offered to anyone who is open to the opportunity or wants to help others. Laurie’s “Thread of Life” story, was both moving and sparked a personal challenge within. Your story of how Life changed an avowed communist, and the testimonies of the PCs- WOW!!! I have been hit with an urgency to introduce LIFE and make a difference.

  39. Juan roman said

    This by far was the most amazing weekend ever. I have seen new PC take the stage before but Holger and Lindsey Spiewak introduction as PC he brought me to tears for the first time ever I saw myself up there doing it the only way I know how. My gears are ready to shift gears it’s not about me nor my wife it’s about our team and what Dean and Teresa Frey have done for us and to let them down hurts. The line is drawn this WILL be team explosion time. We will be heard and we will be force to be wrecking with so watch out cause we are gunning for TOP GUN. ; )

  40. Phillip Fielder said

    This weekend was incredible, and will become one of the stepping stones for the launch of The Rascal Nation’s Team TBD!

  41. Jessica sorensen said

    This weekend was what “flipped our switch” as Chris Brady says! When I say the new PC’s being inducted, I vividly saw Zach Frey introducing us as new PC’s and you giving my husband Tj his PC ring! I left this weekend with such inspiration, determination, and excitement to move forward and be on purpose about it 🙂 I will not stop until my husband is on stage receiving his ring because he deserves it and much more for everything he does for our family 🙂 thank you to all the leaders who did amazing talks to help push everyone forward! We feel so blessed to be apart of Life and the purpose it has in this world:)

  42. This leadership conference was absolutely stellar! LIFE Leadership never ceases to amaze me as they, yet again, produced the best convention yet. The teaching, passion, emotion, and cause for freedom were completely over the top. The highlight (and I didn’t think anything could have topped Chris Brady’s talk about free enterprise and LIFE Leadership being the best business on the planet) of the weekend was Holger’s PC talk. I was overcome with emotion as he sang the National Anthem and bowed before the flag of the United State’s of America. All I can say is, “WOW!”

  43. The whole weekend was packed with so much great info my mind is still digesting and processing it! The most moving moment for me was definitely Holger leading The Star Spangled Banner. When that song is sung from the heart out of respect for our great nation and not out of requirement & repetition, it moves my heart and I am brought to tears! I am honored to have witnessed that event, to have gained the knowledge from the entire weekend, and to be in association with a group of individuals who choose deliberate excellence over complacent mediocrity in a time where the majority choose the easy path. Let’s all continue on our quest for excellence, share our light and love with those who need it, and influence a LeaderShift in this world! To one million and beyond!
    Brandon Lindsen
    Sons of Liberty

  44. Orrin I had 2 moments I loved. One was getting to be backstage with Chris on Saturday afternoon. What a blast to watch all the PC interact with each other and seeing you guys work at making this event so special. Also Holger, words cannot even describe. I had tears streaming down my face. It was huge to watch a man from Germany pay so much respect and honor to our nation and our flag, I hope one day more Americans can have the same respect and honor as him. Also I’ve been with Team since April 26, 2001 so I’ve seen most of his journey and watching him earn his PC ring was worth the price of admission alone. Thank you for all you do.

  45. kim lundberg said

    i had so much fun this weekend… i loved all the speakers and got lots of nuggets… my favorite part was seeing the pc recognition… like wayne said i had pictured me and steve up there recieving the team pendant and ring… i am very thankful for the pc and roundtables paving the way to help with others success… you all are an inspiration… i was so fired up i went out today and started investing in making more contacts to stp to people i respect and admire… thank you again… kimmy lundberg

  46. Mike Bentzel said

    The crowning moment was Holgar,whose only been an American since 1993, leading us in the National Anthem and then kneeling at the foot of the American Flag. The hair is still standing up on the back of my neck as I write this. Thank you Orrin and the policy council, we could not be in better hands. Charge!!!!!!!

  47. John Wessell said

    My first major and it rocked! And I’m still stoked!

    Tic! Tic!

  48. Justin Jones said

    Every moment was amazing always is. Watch a young man hop in the van and just come with us not even in and seen him come out with dreams he never knew possible. The Finance Fitness pack is a great addition to the information y’all produce for us to leverage. Tim’s book is breaking through my issues, no book like it. Was proud to serve volunteering in the tool room, can’t wait for the next opportunity to do it again.

  49. Jon Stern said

    Orrin, this has been a truly inspiring weekend. I loved your talk on how it is time. I wanted to share with you that during your talk I kept hearing the title of a book my mother had given me some time ago called It is time to step out in your calling, by Michael Marcel. Thank you again for the inspiring and faith filled weekend. I look forward to many more!

  50. lorraine satko said

    Oliver’s talk about the girl that had the umbrella was my favorite talk. I loved the whole line up of speakers but mostly I felt the flow of the whole convention, from start to finish, was excellent! I so looked fwd to the Sunday worship time and was so filled with Orrin’s annointed speaking

  51. Theresa Ahner said

    I thought Oliver’s response to why he promotes this business was outstanding. Have you seen the materials? And Holgar’s PC talk has been the most moving so far. Where else can you get a stadium full of people to sing the national anthem on a whim and without music

  52. Albert Maglines said

    This was truly a life changing weekend, starting from the leaders meeting on Friday and on..every talk, session and interaction had something to offer. I witnessed the new people who came have a change of conviction many of them stated they were not sure what to expect but by Saturday night had reached a high level of emotional conviction as the business moved from their heads to their hearts. The message that Lindsey and Holger shared on Sunday was an amazing testament to the love and grace that you have exemplified to all, time and time again. Thank you Orrin!

  53. Kerry Lee Korper said

    This was one of the best weekends of my life! I am so proud to be part of this organization. I joined LIFE a few months back when Denny Smith showed me the plan. I knew without a doubt that I was joining, pretty much on the 2nd page of the flip chart, lol Little did I know what an incredible team I was joining, what a great community with wonderful people…inspiring each other, helping each other to grow and build their dreams. I’ve been searching for something for a long time, and I am so thankful and grateful for Orrin and Laurie, the Policy Council, and all the members of team. I just achieved Go Getter, and expect to go Power Player soon. And yes, I can see myself on the stage, receiving flowers and a necklace. But for now, I’ll sit patiently in the Apprentice seat in the stands and cheer on my mentors. 🙂

  54. Jessica F. said

    This was my first Major event and it was nothing short of magical! I took 25 pages of notes and got several key pieces of information to help me grow personally and professionally! I laughed, cried and had several bouts of feel good goose bumps. Watching Holger and Lindsay’s dreams come true was amazing. When several of the speakers were talking I felt as if they were speaking directly to my heart. I can’t wait until the next one!

  55. Debbie McMichael said

    I struggled with whether or not I was attending this Major. Had no belief in myself due to personal reasons. Also I knew I didn’t have a dream to fight for. Sharon Hoffman, Lynn Kelley, and Tammy Murphy encouraged me to attend. Sitting there listening to Oliver DeMille, I got my nugget for the weekend! I saw that passion in that man, along with his tears, about gaining freedom for our country and realized I didn’t even have any passion for gaining my own freedom. Orrin, when you became so passionate saying, “IT IS TIME!” I knew it was time for me to wake up and see what you have offered me…a way to become job optional and start doing my part to save our beautiful country! Thank you, Orrin and the rest of LIFE Leadership.

  56. Christy Moody (Alabama Christy) said

    I had a blast! It was my first major and just two nights before did I see a house meeting (Dan Hawkins was great) other than my friend that showed it to me. I was doubtful, yet my friend insisted that this is perfect for me. After Friday night I was so encouraged that the vision God has given is obtainable. It was amazing how everyone was available to share what they have been through and where they are going. I look forward to going all the way. I have been encouraged to jump in and just go for it. Already showed the plan for my first time! Going for Power Player!

  57. The whole weekend was amazing but honestly what got me was Holger coming on stage and singing the national anthem and telling ppl that even a guy from Germany can his dreams come true! That gave me such inspiration that I’m going to do this business for the rest of my life!

  58. Steve Leurquin said

    WoW! What an amazing weekend. Thank you to Spolars and Speiwaks for their courage to show everyone what is possible no matter how long they have been running for their dreams.

    Running for any dream is never a logical decision, it’s an emotional decision. Many this weekend made the emotional decision. I am thankful to Life for providing a vehicle for so many people who thought the American dream was dead and now realize their goals and dreams are possible!

    Steve Leurquin
    Team Stealth

  59. Rich Dudek said

    Best event yet! Thanks to all for paving the way! IT IS TIME!!!

  60. Nicole Zdrojewski said

    I Had so much fun!!! This Was my first major and I have to say WOW!!! I learned so many knew things and amazing information. I loved everything!!! I also loved that I got to help volunteer in the tool room. It was so amazing seeing everyone and the experiences that everyone has had. Hearing the journey’s that people have gone through is so inspiring. This major has touched my heart in so many ways. I am so excited for the next major in Milwaukee WI!!!! My home town!!! FIRED UP!!! RED EAGLES… WE ARE THE FIRST TO SERVE!!!!
    God Bless,
    Nicole Zdrojewski

  61. Dean said

    It is great to go into a major weekend knowing that you will get what you need. God has great plans and He knows what we all need to improve our thinking and results. I am so grateful for you Orrin and all the pc that allow yourselves to be used by Him to get the message to all of us. Awesome weekend…the best is yet to come. Thanks!

  62. Christine Fleury said

    The new policy council recognition was amazing. Hearing Holgar and Lindsay’s testimony Sunday was huge- so incredible how people choosing to simply live in truth and pursue it can set an environment for countless others to have their lives changed so drastically. I love what we do!

  63. Justin Rowe said

    An inspiring weekend hearing the stories of people struggling and achieving victory installing the belief that I too shall achieve my victory day!
    Justin Rowe
    Surrendered to Serve
    Chicago , il

  64. Greg Oesch said

    It seems like we always say that it was the greatest ever but it’s really true. And it seems like the more you put into it to prepare the more you get out of it. My favorite two parts were when you spoke of the train diagram. We can see where we are and where we can go in our business and the steps to take toget there or move ahead on the train. Especially how to treat everyone on the train wherever they are.
    The other part was when we watched our Upline commit to going PC and RT. That was really inspiring!!! Thank you LIFE Leadership. Thank you Orrin and Laurie.

  65. Micah Kramer said

    Where can you even begin to put a candle next to the encouragement, light and truth shared this past weekend. Kudos to the event department, all the speakers and to the LIFE office for knocking the ball out of the park as always!!! From cookies and creme on the train, to Holgar kneeling at the flag, to Terri singing the scales of LIFE, to a call out for the Ditchriders, to you and Laurie presenting the first new LIFE Leadership PC ring and pendant to the Spolars, to Alive at 75 and to watching new attendees ABSOLUTELY FIRE UP WITH HOPE AND VISION!! LIFE is GREAT thanks to you all. Oh yes, “IT’S TIME.”

  66. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin… in many ways this weekend cannot be properly described in mere words- they seem inadequate and powerless.

    For me personally, I was again reminded to face the brutal reality about myself; both positive and not so positive. And to continue to GIVE MY PERSONAL BEST!

    Seeing the Spolars and the Spiewaks recognized as new Policy Council members, DOUBLING the number people making more money in a month than most do in a year…from the last convention, just strengthens my already firm belief that this is the most incredible endeavor a person could invest their time, money and effort in- not only to improve ourselves, but others…and just importantly, our culture.

    Thank you for creating and leading this AMAZING mission and business!!!

  67. Jason Dames said

    I agree as well!!! It was filled with so much belief!!!

  68. Jenna Depue, TEAM DESTINY said

    What an amazing weekend! Since April I’ve been feeling–I need a Major! I need a Major! I need a Major! This weekend was everything I could have hoped for. I feel rejuvenated and belief is stronger than ever.

    The Roundtable recognition was amazing. To have people at Turbo 25 in January and hitting Roundtable by June! Absolutely unbelievable! A BIG congrats to our new AZ Roundtable members–Rob & Kenyon Robson.

    I appreciate the opportunity to volunteer in the tool room. I enjoyed meeting the other volunteers and hearing their story of how they were introduced to LIFE Leadership. Hopefully we helped LIFE Support a little bit. They run a tight ship and they do a GREAT job!

    Excited to dig into the Financial Fitness Pack and learn what it’s all about. Thanks to LIFE Leadership for continuing to move the business forward.

    Saturday night’s recognition was definitely a highlight. Seeing the Spolars and Spiewaks inducted into the PC level was so phenomenal. They each brought their own style to their acceptance speeches and each was emotionally touching.

    I’m very grateful to be a part of this business opportunity. I believe the leaders when they say “It’s not a coincidence that your here this weekend”. I truly believe God’s hand is on this.

    Thanks to the PC and all the leadership for all they do to move this charge forward.

  69. David Nelson said

    Hello Orrin,
    It was Like a 2 week vacation in 2 days, like being at Grandma and Granpas house and being loved on by them, my hotel was awesome, the weather was less humid than Florida-I could breathe, I walked around the State house of Ohio every day and prayed in the quiet alcoves, I love buildings with giant stone pillars, of course the speakers were the best, on Sunday Holger and Lindsay gave an awesome testimony which emphasized there are not enough people planting seeds or harvesting crops both for God through Jesus Christ or for the LIFE business. Leadership Convention is escaping from the World for a weekend and being in a special place with special people. We learned how to help people quit camping and start the climb to our dreams by building relationships with them.

  70. Curtis and Olivia Shaw said

    Out of all of the leadership conventions I have attended this was by far the best one. I often think “can they do any better than the last one” and sure enough it happens. The success that was paraded across the stage this weekend was unbelievable. It really helped me grasp how real this is, and where this is headed. I had my “its time” moment, and have made the decision to throw my heart over the bar and make it happen. All of the lives changed, encouraged so many to realize that its not only about changing their lives, but how many lives will we not change if we dont share this with people. Just a constant reminder that what we do makes a difference!

  71. Kim Decker said

    Yes i was at the major as I have never missed an event yet and don’t ever plan on it. The weekend was the best one yet as all the speakers are truely amazing but when Holger and Lidsey came up it gave me more belief than anything ever. Thanks to the policy council as you are truely amazing!!!

  72. David Cadarette said


    It was a life changing weekend. I agree with you on the mix of knowledge and teaching was AMAZING! I appreciated Tim’s talk on covering objections in the plan. I’ve heard it before but not quite like Tim described – I’ve implemented that one concept the last three days and already have seen some great return!

    Thanks for all you guys do!

    David and Victoria Cadarette

  73. Shari said

    It truely was amazing.. the church service was great also. thanks for the great leadership!

  74. Ben Zeier said

    Laurie Woodward spoke to my heart when she said everyone plays a part in the team & that it doesn’t matter how long it takes, our role is so important to the influence of the team & one person can affect so very many! Curtis & Debbie Spolar sharing additional struggles in their Policy Council journey. Holger & Lindsey Spiewak’s passionate & purpose filled Policy Council recognition talk. I loved seeing the young Spiewak’s on stage as my wife Shelby & I have four young children as well and look forward to having them on stage one day. Wayne MacNamara spoke to me Sunday afternoon when he said that one of leaders on his team went from low tickets counts at events to 90 days later starting his Round Table qualification by committing to significantly more than go-getter activity – about more than 1 plan a day! I also was very much impacted by seeing Huey & Sabra Barnett reach the Round Table level after finally finding LIFE Leadership and investing in so many others to help them with the 8 F’s of life!
    Loving the journey, God Bless, Ben

  75. Maura Galliani, Sons of Liberty South said

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said, Orrin, since I received too many key nuggets and resolutions to win to list here. But I will share a true magical moment for me, though: Holger and Lindsey Spiewak — both Saturday night and Sunday morning. I tear up even now just thinking about it all … their speeches, their five little “cherubs,” the Sunday morning testimonies. Class act. I dare anybody who witnessed what I did this past weekend to suggest this community does not put God, serving, heart, and love first! 🙂

  76. Kimberly Heller -"Team STP" Share the Passion said

    I have to agree! This event was by far the best Leadership Convention I have attended yet. Everything this Organization turns out is top notch! I have SO many wonderful “nuggets” that is it hard to pick, but what will last forever in my heart as a “Magical moment” for me, were two… It was the first time I was recognized on that stage as a Power Player…and it was Double! The second was watching Holger and Lindsey Spiewak Saturday night! I can not wait to see more from them!

  77. Carrie Canniff said

    Wonderful weekend invested with other people that want to be better and give better!

  78. This was such an amazing weekend. I’m so glad I was able to make it!

  79. Elaine Lacey said

    I loved the entire weekend ! Oliver Demille inspired me, he was so emotional when he spoke about his passion for freedom. The story of the ditch rider was such a great analogy. When he said that after 20 plus years of study and teaching freedom principles he finally found you Orrin, that was amazing ! God’s hand at work for sure. And the way he responded to those who asked him why he was promoting an MLM, WOW ! What a testimony to you and the TEAM.
    I also was very moved by the last talk on Sunday by Wayne Mcnamara, when he used the analogy of the sonagram of his baby when he saw the heart beat and said, ” where’s the head ” and coming to the realization that everything begins with the heart beat, that is truly spectacular. God has blessed him with such humility and wisdom and all because of the culture you and Laurie created. So proud to be a part of something so awesome.

  80. Peggi Kern said

    The Leadership Convention last weekend was outstanding!! I had a new LIFE member come for this weekend and she described it as the “red carpet” of leadership stars! I totally agree. And what’s even more amazing is that even the newest LIFE members were seen on that “red carpet” for already hitting new levels of success! The new PC talks were an inspiration to me and my highlight!! I’m so thankful to be in the environment where success is taught, expected, available to all and celebrated by all!!

  81. Charlie mallios said

    This is my new email and comments. Most excited conference I’ve ever been too the energy it was pouring out
    now they are sold a lot of my real estate I will focus on life that is my focus for the future to help others

  82. Yes the weekend was jammed packed with nuggets of wisdom on how to live by success principles, straight from the Word of God. The Leadership Conventions are so motivating and inspirational it’s hard to put into words you just have to go and make your own words. It’s breath taking to see and hear first hand how so many people have lived the dream struggle victory life and brings so much hope for anyone who is breathing and who wants to live the life they’ve always wanted! It reassures that life isn’t based on luck it’s based on living on purpose for something greater and bigger than you! You can fill in w/e fits for you but for me and my home it’s for Christ and the Freedom He alone brings!! If you are reading these and want a mild stone in your life to where you can pin point a key change in direction for you and your families future for success, then attend the next conference in October! God Bless

  83. Derek Crawford said

    As always, this was the best weekend ever. The leaders are all at a new level. This convicted me that “it’s time”. It’s time for me to move on.
    I would like you to know that the thing that impresses me most about you is how you handle God’s word. As you have said- we lead people to truth in all areas. The most important area is the area of our faith and how to have a relationship with our Creator. Since each one of us is going to live somewhere forever, the most important thing to get settled during our journey here on earth is just exactly where we are going to dwell for eternity. I have a question for you that I trust will be taken the right way and also that you can and are willing to answer. After you preach such a convicting gospel message, why don’t you draw the net? Give an invitation? Take the next step? Apply Tim Mark’s famous line- Here’s what we do next? I heard Pastor Dickie preach an undeniable, convicting gospel message(much like yours) at my first Major followed by an invitation to receive Christ. I don’t believe I was magically saved as a result of the prayer I prayed along with him that day, but if he hadn’t led me that next step, I don’t think I would have known how or even that I should pray later as the Holy Spirit convicted me… I had the feeling that hundreds were brought to the peak, but instead of summiting, they repelled back down the same way they came up. I hope I am wrong, but had to share.
    I had this on my heart after spending time in prayer and thought I would share it with you.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day! With the utmost respect, Derek

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Derek, Great question. My goal is to share God’s Truth and allow the Holy Spirit to work on people. If God is working on them, the Holy Spirit finishes the job, not my, or anyone else’s altar call. The goal is for people to ask questions after the sermon and for people to to lead them into the Bible and the search for His truth. I do wish I would have closed with more encouragement to dig into the Bible to ensure each person finds peace with God. I will make sure I note that for a stronger encouragement next time. thanks, Orrin

  84. Esther Yoder said

    Thank you so much Orrin n the rest of the leaders!! It was indeed a magical weekend!! Terry Brady’s teaching being one of those moments then the recognition time,,,!! But most of all that magical moment of PC recognition!! Holger n Lindsey Spiewak,, no words to describe!! All of it was amazing!!

  85. I have been going to leadership conventions since July 2011 and I would have to say that this was the best of them so far. It is so fun to see the growth in power players in our PC group and also to see my upline represented on stage for TOP GUN and to see my friend and coach be recognized for RT. My elephant was feed and I saw myself getting introduced as RT at the next Major.

    I loved seeing the new PC’s and especially loved Holger’s passion for his wife and the cause and patriotism for his country. Pretty amazing for a man who was foreign born atheist.

    Of course, I loved Chris talks and it was also fun to see how crowded it was in the leadership meeting Friday afternoon.

    The very best part for me was having a couple of power players there with me that I assisted in their leadership development journey.

    This works. It is worth it and destiny and God are on our side.

  86. Dale Smith said

    I was on an emotional roller coaster with all of the powerful explosive information there I couldn’t write fast enough and when Hogar kneeled at the flag I got so choked , the rush of Patriotism was flowing through me it was nothing short of incredible ….

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