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Zinzino Leadership Conference: Exponential Compound Growth

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 5, 2013

This past week, I went to Norway to speak at a leadership conference hosted by my good friends and Zinzino founders Orjan and Hilde Saele. The conference was impressive as the crowd was over the top excited and the leaders are growing numbers. Not surprisingly, the Saele’s model this behavior and are constantly growing and changing to become better leaders. In fact, that is why they value the LIFE Leadership training materials so highly.

Interestingly, during the weekend, Orjan shared with me a concept of how a domino can knock over another domino 50% larger than itself. After only a few dominoes, the size of the domino being knocked over increases greatly from where one originally started. I quickly saw the connection of dominoes being knocked over that were 50% bigger and an organization growing at 50% compounded yearly. For in both examples, the small beginnings lead to huge results after several iterations of compounding.

Indeed, Orjan later shared a video confirming the domino compounding effect (see below). Notice how a small domino (5 mm X 1 mm) after 29 iterations of 50% larger dominoes leads to a domino larger than the empire state building being knocked over from the energy initiated by the tiny first one. This is a wonderful example of the power of leverage over time and why the largest of movements begin with a few proper actions performed consistently.

This was my 3rd leadership conference in Norway and the Saele’s are leading an organization that is increasing at 50% per year just like the model describes. For every large company starts small, but through consistently compounding its results, it eventually dominates the field. However, in order to compound results, it’s the leaders who must first do what needs to be duplicated. This is the key for all great leadership cultures.

LIFE Leadership has built a great leadership culture because the leadership teams leads from the front. LIFE is an information company that started as a tiny domino, but is multiplying rapidly with time as each person touched by the information shares it with a friend. The three mainstays of LIFE Leadership are Finances, Freedom, and Following (leadership). These seem to resonate with hungry leaders who want to advance in today’s marketplace. Cradle to grave job security is a thing of the past and a person’s true security is in their ability to perform.

What is the readers plan for personal development? Perhaps its time to subscribe to LIFE Leadership’s Launching a Leadership Revolution (LLR) Series where 4 CDs and a book per month can be purchased for $50! If a person thinks education is expensive, he is forgetting about the massive lifetime cost of ignorance. Remember, nothing has a greater ROI than an investment in yourself.


Orrin Woodward

35 Responses to “Zinzino Leadership Conference: Exponential Compound Growth”

  1. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin

    The “dominoe effect” is a lot like the “ripple effect” and both together with such great materials at unbelievable pricing I don’t think the average person understands the big dominoe were about to knock over!

    God Bless

  2. Maura Galliani, Sons of Liberty South said

    Not only am I on the LLR subscription [and of course the Training cd’s], but I regularly read the incredibly relevant and applicable personal [and professional] development books that are available through LIFE. I’m currently reading Tim Marks’ “Confidence of a Champion.” WOW … a must-read for everybody! 🙂

  3. Ken Hendon said

    super! Masterminding at work.

  4. Carrianne Hall said

    Great Blog Orrin! Awesome perspective!

  5. Scott Staley said

    Awesome blog – I love the domino effect. Anything is possible from even the humblest of beginnings when preparedness meets opportunity.

  6. Mika Heinonen said

    Thank you Orrin for giving us such inspiration!

    Hilde and Örjan are both just amazing leaders and they show us the path really by example. Actually they are capable of turning 50% to 100% or 150% wich is really exciting 🙂

    Looking forward to see you on stage again Mr. Woodward, keep on setting us on fire!



  7. Vinzent Zazzi Osman Schou said

    Thank you for everything Orrin!
    Truly inspiring, motivating and Empowering!

  8. Jason Dames said

    That is an amazing concept!!!

  9. Orrin
    Thanks for the visual reminder of The Power of Compounding. It’s easy to “yup slap” speakers when they talk about it, but the video example really drives home the point for me.
    It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking that I need to do everything to go PC today. When all I need to do is take the first step today- show the next plan, make the next phone call, read the next chapter, listen to the next cd, etc.
    Thank you for having the courage to fight the battles you have had to fight, and for fighting the battles that you continue to fight to give freedom a chance.

    God bless
    Jason Fredrick

  10. dave hall said

    I’ve never seen a better visual of the power of compounding! Great food for my elephant. Thanks Orrin.

  11. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    POWERFUL illustration Orrin! LIFE Leadership + Team Approach + Momentum = LeaderShift!!!

  12. Gudrun Brynjolfsdottir said

    Thank you Orrin for a fantastic weekend in Oslo!
    It was the best Leader School ever!

  13. Elaine Mallios said

    Norway eh? Cool! Say hi to the fjords. Great example of building a powerful group with leverage. Compounding strength accumulating over time. Just can help but feel a bit like I’m crawling sometimes.

  14. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I’m thankful you made it back safely. How cool to be creating relationships halfway across the globe. The ripple effect at work.
    Neat concept on leverage. Visual examples always cement the facts for me. Thank you!

  15. Magnus Stridh said

    Great blog and super great speach in Oslo. I was there! I was inspired and motivated….. GREAT!!!

  16. How powerful. Here we come! Timber!

  17. Clint Fix said

    The LLR Subscription is fantastic! You’re missing out if you’re not getting it!

  18. J.J. said

    I bet if those dominos where people the smallest one would look at the 100 pounder and think that there was know way his effort could make a diffrence, but it effected where it could effect and by its efforts was able to influnce another to do the same and so on and so on, until the big one fell, showing that know matter how insignificant or small you may feel, if you focus on what you can control, one person can make a diffrence.

  19. Tim Dwyer said

    Orrin, sometimes the smallest of things are in front of us though it takes a great leader to help us to see them. Thank you for the guidance to help make a difference to others

  20. Miina said

    Orrin was just GREAT!

  21. Kris Leinatamm said

    Thank You Orrin, for that weekend in Oslo! You really made us think and the results are already showing also in our actions! Thank You very-very much!


  22. Keith Sieracki said

    Great visual! I guess we don’t really know our true potential until we magnify it 1.5x over and over!!

  23. Juanita said

    Thank YOu Orrin for all you share, and Thank You is hardly enough.

  24. Elin Vintereidet said

    Thank you so much for an amazing weekend in Oslo Orrin!

  25. Mary Jo said

    Awesome visual!!

  26. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: Amazing video and explanation of the compound effect. On to one million and beyond.

  27. Larry said

    Orrin, what a perfect example of starting small, and keeping the momentum going thru until the end! From 15 plans until Policy Council, and beyond.
    I’d love to see the 29th domino – what an image!

  28. Jill Heller said

    Thank you much for showing us the video of the exponential growth concept and also it was a great pleasure to have my mind stretched this weekend. Dreams really are only as far away from our reality as where we put them in our minds and as tangible as we make them so thank you for giving us the motivation and the stretch.

  29. Denny Suggitt said

    The power of compounding !!! The eight wonder of the world ! (Life Training system?) Thanks Orrin !

  30. Kimberly Heller said

    Thank you for your Leadership! You have courageously stepped forward to Drive the “Engine” of change on this Train! We will do our part to “push”! This video interpretation of exponential growth is Awesome. Thank you SO much for the peanuts to “feed my Elephant” this weekend! You gave us the motivation and the stretch…We needed!!!


  31. Glad to have You back in North America! Great video! After the last Leadeship convention and the 2 new PC I think we will be knocking down some huge dominoes!!

  32. kaizenfreedomchasers said

    That is awesome! It must be wonderful to share and learn with people from another country and culture. That proves how the correct principles are universal. Great post Orrin!

  33. Rob Robson said

    This is such a powerful illustration, especially when the domino is FREEDOM!

  34. Don Schultz, Team VIP Phalanx said

    Great reminder Orrin,

    Many times we see ourselves as small and insignificant but we don’t realize how impactful we may be in someones life. I like the quote by Marianne Martinson which says something to the effect that “the world does not benefit when we see ourselves as small and that we are more powerful than we know.”

    Thanks for the illustration.

  35. CJ Calvert said

    What a brilliant visual example of the power of compounding… No wonder LIFE LEADERSHIP is exploding! Thanks for sharing, Orrin!

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