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Curtis & Debbie Spolar: LIFE Leadership Policy Council

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 15, 2013

New Policy Council Members Curtis and Debbie Spolar

Curtis & Debbie Spolar

Curtis & Debbie Spolar

LIFE Leadership would like to welcome Curtis and Debbie Spolar as new Policy Council  (PC) members. They, along with Holger and Lindsey Spiewak, are the newest members of the strategic planning board. The Spolar’s have over 20 years experience in the leadership field and bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to our leadership team.

More importantly, however, is the Spolar’s impressive lives of character and integrity. Curtis has consistently done the right thing because it is the right thing since I began mentoring with him back in 2006. In fact, I have never seen him take the path of least resistance rather than do what is right.

Above all, Curtis and Debbie have become some of our best friends, as we discovered we had so much in common, through building leadership organizations together. The future is bright for the Spolar’s and LIFE Leadership as we develop plans for international expansion.

Everything rises and falls on leadership; therefore, LIFE Leadership is poised to rise to the top through the leadership competence of new PCs like the Spolars and Spiewak’s. Please help me congratulate Curtis and Debbie on a job well done. Below is a video interview with Curtis on the mentoring process.


Orrin Woodward
LIFE Leadership Chairman of the Board

31 Responses to “Curtis & Debbie Spolar: LIFE Leadership Policy Council”

  1. Maura said

    Congratulations, Curtis and Debbie! Thank you for your hard work, leadership, and inspiration. You both deserve this and our community is blessed to have you!! 🙂

  2. Peggi Kern said

    I’m so proud of the Spolars and have been blessed to watch them rise in their leadership! Congratulations on your achievement as Policy Council members in LIFE; congratulations to your teams, too! Thank you for serving the entire LIFE community with your insight on leadership and building communities! Your seminar talk in Lansing, Michigan was amazing!

  3. Titi said

    Congratulations Curtis & Debbie!
    Your story is amazing and my wife and I just admire the level of professionalism, tact and humor through which you deliver your message! God bless you as you serve on this amazing organization.
    Titi & Katie

  4. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Watching these great couples hit these amazing goals and causing a ripple effect yet to be know is just another greayt side of The Life Business that I look forward to being part of!
    Great job on leading these couples who will help change the world!
    God Bless

  5. Phil Bates said

    I am very excited to have Curtis and Debbie Spolars as new pc’s, they have always been some of my favorite speakers. Thank you Orrin for sharing this with all of us!

  6. Wendi Witkowski said

    Congrats to the new PC’s. I am so encouraged by your victory!

  7. Phil Bates said

    I am so excited to have Curtis and Debbie Spolar as new PC’s. They have always been some of my favorite speakers from the life stage. Thank you Orrin for sharing this with all of us!

  8. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    What a wonderful couple! It was amazing watching them inducted as new Policy Council members.
    Thank you Spolar’s for paving the way!!

  9. Judy Stockdale said

    Awesome!!! Thanks to each one of you for your leadership and this interview. I watched all of it and am blessed and encouraged today.

  10. Adam Gonzales said

    Fantastic! The Dream has not been choked out for this couple! Great job of proving that success is a product of the will not skill.
    Thank you for giving my wife and I a vision of what is possiable.

  11. JeanetteP said

    Fantastic interview Orrin, thank you for sharing!
    Congratulations Curtis and Debbie! You’re an inspiration!!!

  12. Joseph & Mouena said

    Honor to know and to be a part of your team, Congrats to Curtis & Debbie. May God continue to bless U & Life/ Teams leadership and setting a great example in Cali. Lookin forward to duplicating your leadership efforts & beyond:)

  13. Congratulations spolars! You’re teaching is very powerful. We love and appreciate you!

  14. Jessica Pykiet said

    “If I’m frustrated with people it’s because I’m selfish– because if they could do more then I could do less. Watching Orrin be a true servant leader has really helped.” — Curt Spolar
    Thanks for the reframing guys!

  15. Jason Dames said

    Congradulations Curtis and Debbie!!

  16. Huey Barnett said

    So proud of Curtis & Debbie. Great leaders, trusted mentors, friends, and special people touching lives in significant ways. Thanks for your character, integrity, and all you do. Huey & Sabra

  17. CC Achilefu said

    Congrats to you two!!! I’m so excited for your accomplishment and for what God has in store next. I’m proud to be apart of your organization, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of you guys. Thanks for your dedication, hard work, leadership and encouragement.

    Love you guys!

  18. Anna Javier said

    I love their story.. Curtis and Debbie are great teachers! May their future continue to be blessed by God!

  19. Jim Craig said

    Congratulations Curtis and Debbie! You are a true inspiration and example of how our system builds the individual as well as the organization. Thank you Orrin for taking the lead by developing a real SYSTEM that teaches us all how to live the life we always wanted by developing our Character, Integrity and mixing in some good ol’ sweat equity! We are truly making a significant impact on this country one person at a time. I am so proud of our team and grateful for the opportunity! God Bless! Jim

  20. Roy and Carolyn Hamilton said

    Debbie and Curtis – you constantly lead by example. We are blessed to have you as friends and leaders. Thank you Orrin for all you have done for the Spolar organization and all of LIFE and TEAM.
    Roy and Carolyn

  21. Tina Abernathy said

    Congrats to such a great couple. I so enjoy there energy and story-telling abilities.

  22. J & P Harteis said

    Curtis & Debbie are truly servant leaders, & the love they have for their team & the love their team has for them,is so evident! CONGRATULATIONS to a great couple!

  23. Curtis & Debbie,

    What an AWESOME achievement and a great example of leadership.
    We are so proud of you both.

  24. Andrew Rockwell said

    Congrats guys!

  25. John Hatchell said

    Congratulations, You guys deserve this !! Make no mistake about it, You guys are the inspiration for the rest of us waiting to be PC. You have arrived to truly living the Life you always wanted !!

  26. Miguel and Jennife Martinez said

    I’m super excited because we are part of the Liberty Quest Team and to have this couple lead us is a blessing. Thanks for being leaders with character, poise and determination we love you so much. Now triple policy council here we come.

  27. What a great interview!

  28. jammie said

    This was an amazing major in great part to what Spolars spent their time becoming on their leadership journey. Thanks for modeling commitment and perseverance.

  29. CJ Calvert said

    A MASSIVE Congrats on PC, Curtis and Debbie!

  30. Alicia Sánchez said

    Congratulations Curtis and Debbie! you give gift to the people who share with you this business, I hope some day we can start it in my beautifull country Mexico.
    Alicia Sanchez

  31. Alicia Sánchez said

    Congratulations Curties & Debbie, You give a present to all the people who is part of the Team, God Bless you!I hope we can start soon this business in my beatiful country Mexico!
    Alicia S.V.

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