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Law of Diminishing Returns in Network Marketing

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 19, 2013

Art Jonak is the founder and creative genius behind the MasterMind Events where the top six-figure network marketers gather to sharpen the entire profession. He recently visited me at my Florida house where we shot a series of videos on the Five Laws of Decline (FLD). These laws were first articulated in RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE and expanded further in Oliver DeMille and my NY Times bestseller LeaderShift. Captured within these videos are many secrets to build a culture that endures the test of time.

For instance two of the top leaders in LIFE Leadership (Chris Brady and George Guzzardo) have been partners of mine for nearly 20 years now! And, many others key relationships are over a decade long. This is a direct outcome of producing a culture that has no special deals, a performance oriented culture, and constantly focused on improving. If a person is going to build a community, he might as well build it once and build it right! Learn to build your business and watch these videos to learn how to bond it together through checking the FLD.


Orrin Woodward

14 Responses to “Law of Diminishing Returns in Network Marketing”

  1. Chad Waters said

    Thanks Orrin!

    These video are crutial to watch again and again as information repeated is information gained! Who really wants to do the same work twice? That just would be employee mentality one of which a community builder need to escape!
    God Bless

  2. Scott Russell said

    Thanks Orrin great video!!

  3. keith sieracki said

    Great video I think we have all felt this law after eating too much at dinner on Thanksgiving! I know we can apply this information to all areas of our personal life and business. Why is it so hard to do?! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Larry Pahl said

    Awesome series! I love learning these truths. You can’t expand your business without duplicating leadership. Thanks for your leadership Orrin.

  5. Ken Hendon said

    EXCELLENT! Everything truly revolves around leadership. Super video.

  6. Larry Kirkley said

    Thanks Orrin for the Fantastic Video’s!

  7. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Thank you Orrin! I enjoy hearing the Five Laws of Decline (FLD) applied in business. It’s time for a LeaderShift in ALL industries!!!

  8. RussRamey6 said

    Agreed, this is our fifth time around from Amway/Quixtar, Legacy, Mona Vie, Zeek, and now LIFE TEAM… we lose credibility constantly chasing the “New” ground floor MLM opportunity. Bravo to Orin and Chris for maintaining their team and hence their integrity from the beginning. Though I must admit it is hard to trust and have faith once again, but without faith nothing happens. Bravo Orin!

  9. Powerful Orrin! I am loving these videos – thank you!

  10. Melissa McClure said

    Great teaching by both of you. Thank you.

  11. Kirk Birtles said

    Big O… Love watching you and Art apply the 5 laws of decline to building communities! kb

  12. Mike Kusbel said

    Great information, we need to get this out to the world. We all need it, thank you

  13. multisoft said

    Great video Orrin, Nice to hear about all those laws in Network marketing (just checked your other videos too). Very clear explanation about diminishing returns.. excellent… cheers..

  14. Demasiado fantástico, gracias por la información.

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