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Summer PDCA Fun

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 21, 2013

PC Team

PC Team

What a summer it has been in Michigan. In fact, it may be the best summer of fun since Laurie and I purchased the property in the Columbiaville area. The LIFE Leadership promotions we ran on Saturdays were blessed with great weather and taught the communities how to Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference. Moreover, because I desired to stay in shape but loath treadmills or any other fitness activity not involving competition, I asked Bill Lewis if he thought some of his free RT guys would be interested in a little three-on-three driveway basketball.

At the time, I had no idea what a big part of the summertime fun this would become. For Bill Lewis, Holger Spiewak, Aron Radosa, Kirk Birtles, Steve Morgan, and I became engaged in a basketball war in a best of seven series that will be talked about for years. It all started when we divided the teams into the PC Members (the old guys) and the Band of Brothers (the younger guys). This created two teams that refused to back down, let down, or stay down. In fact, only minutes into the first game, I realized that shooting around with my teenagers was not proper preparation for the level of intensity required to compete in these games. Not surprisingly, my timing was off the whole first day as I attempted to adjust to the level of competition.

My teammates, on the other hand, picked up the slack. Holger Spiewak, despite not knowing the game of basketball, had starred as a soccer player in his younger days, and his athleticism reminded me of a young Dennis Rodman with the Detroit Pistons. However, the quintessential basketball player and stalwart of the PC team was Bill Lewis. His playing on opening day carried us to victory, as his outside jump shot, inside drives, and quick passes allowed the PC team to win all three games. After the games, I suggested maybe we could do it again on Thursday, and an epic series was born.

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

I believed, since we won each of the first three games, we would really hurt them on Thursday after I started playing at the new rhythm and speed of the game. My thinking, however, foolishly missed one very important point, namely, the PDCA process. The Band of Brothers (BoB) consisted of three great athletes who understand and implement the PDCA process daily in their lives. With the inside/outside combination of Radosa and Birtles, a competitive series was  guaranteed as these two relentless rebounders pack solid muscle on their chiseled, near 200-pound frames. Moving them out of their post, in other words, was practically impossible. Interestingly, both starred in football and baseball in high school (but thankfully for us, not basketball), and neither comprehends the word quit.

The final BoB opponent was Steve Morgan. This gentleman did play basketball in high school (and in pickup games across Michigan) and thus quarterbacked his team. His knowledge of the game allowed him to make the needed adjustments to check our strategies. This ensured that neither team would run away with this series and that every victory would be earned. Steve played the point guard position, distributing the ball to whomever had the hot hand. And if we relaxed at all on defense, he would drive right past us for easy hoops. Above all, Steve’s killer instinct, upping his intensity and focus when the game was on the line, made each game a war. Nonetheless, because of our impressive victory on day one, I was lulled into passivity and only awoke after the BoB storm of day two.

To be continued tomorrow.


Orrin Woodward

22 Responses to “Summer PDCA Fun”

  1. Michael Wright said

    Too much fun. I had heard about these games. Sounds like a great way to build culture.

  2. Now this is my kind of fun! I hope some day you’ll welcome a girl on the court 😉


  4. Tim Marks said

    Love the life lessons we can learn from sports!
    Great post


  5. Kirk Birtles said

    O… As I lay here in bed, icing my torn calf muscle and reading this blog post, my adrenaline instantly started pumping! Thanks for the fellowship and the great life lessons. The only thing I ask is that next time we play, you don’t kick in me in the leg!! LOL

    Game on,


  6. Mike Ferris said

    One goal for me is to play with you guys in some of those epic bball games. Will love the bonding time with you mighty men! God Bless!

  7. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Great examples on how to win while having fun! Leadership and PDCA principles apply everywhere!
    God Bless

  8. Turhan & Carol Berne said

    Another reason for me to go round table. Can’t wait. I have also heard of the Epic volleyball games as well. Glad you had a great time!!

  9. Nancy Crumback said

    Sounds like you are determined to show us how to do the 8th “F”–FUN!!! I know my husband, Terry, cannot wait to join the BOB team and show everyone how a 50 year old can still hit an unblockable JUMP HOOK!! ( So sorry Kirk went down in the final tie breaking game! That just means Game ON for Summer 2014!)

  10. John Burns said

    Band of Brothers Never Quit!
    I have the pleasure of associating with Aron & Mary and the culture they have developed in our team is so tight and so strong, it truly is a brotherhood.
    This blog makes me smile because I already have memories with all six of you guys in my journey to some capacity and can’t wait for the day when I’m getting dunked on with you all, because frankly, I stink at the sport but I love the association.

  11. Kim Decker said

    This was so nice to read after hearing of this friendly competition. It is great to know that even the to leaders in this game to win all stick together in the end. Thanks for sharing

  12. Zoe Tatar said

    Can’t wait until my husband and I reach our RT…he would love playing with you guys!

  13. Elizabeth said

    How fun! The only addition recommended would be LIVE fans!! Can’t wait to hear the outcome.

  14. Mary Hermsen said

    What a fun time!! Thanks for sharing and giving us all incentive to get our freedom! I love the competitiveness between the 2 groups. Way to go, all of you!


  15. Jason Dames said

    Man that looked like a lot of fun!!! I would Love to see chris brady out there!! I know How he loves basketball Lol!

  16. Michael Hartmann said

    Love it! Can’t wait to be job free to help the Revolution field a full 3-Person Team. Mili & Schill: I’m running to catch up w/ you two . . . Can’t wait to unleash all of my basketball prowess on the concrete courts of Columbiaville, MI!

  17. CJ Calvert said

    Awesome example of the PDCA process in action!

  18. Your basketball games sound like a ton of fun!!! PDCA can definitely be a “game changer”!!!

  19. Kathryn Ramirez said

    Hey, how come the band of brothers aren’t dripping wet? As I remember when you, your brothers and your dad played, everyone came back looking like they jumped in the lake with their clothes on.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      I think they were smart enough to bring a change of shirts for the picture, where I didn’t run in and change mine. 🙂

  20. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait til the next installment.

  21. Alex Johnson said


    Would have been awesome to see..

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