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Good Companies Make Money; Great Companies Make Meaning

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 27, 2013

Tim Marks sent me a video recently from Guy Kawasaki that captures the essence of LIFE Leadership‘s Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference. Guy was the mastermind marketer behind Apple’s Macintosh computer revolution. He explains that many companies set out to make money but only the great ones are on a quest to make meaning. Even though this video is less than three minutes, Guy packs a lifetime’s worth of marketing wisdom within it. Indeed, his elaboration of the three ways a company can make meaning is priceless.

1. Increase the quality of life.
2. Right a wrong.
3. Prevent the end of something good.

Interestingly, LIFE Leadership makes meaning in all three ways. First, LIFE provides wisdom to live by in the 8F’s of life. Anyone can increase his or her quality of life for anyone willing to read, listen, and associate. For instance, while flying home from Michigan on Sunday, I happened to sit next to a gentleman who works as a top corporate leader. After speaking with him shortly, I discovered he was  also involved in LIFE Leadership. He proceeded to explain how the LIFE  information had changed him personally and professionally. What an inspiring story! This will become the norm as more customers and members experience the life-changing information.

Second, LIFE Leadership desires to right a wrong in the networking marketing field. In the past, the majority of the profits flowed to a few corporate credentialist instead of the field leaders. LIFE Leadership, on the other hand, has reversed this trend, flowing the rewards into the field leaders pockets in a true meritocracy. Too many Network Marketing companies treat field leaders as little more than chattel while they enjoy ROI’s of 30% or more. LIFE Leadership, in contrast, has limited corporate ROI to no more than 10% which ensures the biggest rewards flow to field leaders, not corporate credentialist.

Third, LIFE Leadership aspires to build leaders of character around the world to restore the lost joy of a servant-based community. Historically, America was the land of opportunity, where the world’s oppressed, hungry, and driven people joined the great melting pot. America’s ideal was to reward people based upon the content of their character, not the color of their skin or other credentialists measures. Unfortunately, in today’s politicized environment, people are divided, isolated, and polarized rather than united. This must end and true unity restored. Accordingly, LIFE refuses to complain about what is; instead, it chooses to build what can be.

In sum, LIFE Leadership was designed to not criticize what is wrong, but rather to create what is right. John Locke stated long ago that mankind had an inalienable right to life, liberty, and property. I believe this is still true today regardless of the endless communist and socialist rhetoric. People ought to be rewarded based upon their willingness to learn, grow, and produce. LIFE is one of the few places left that does not measure people based upon where they started; instead, it rewards them based upon how far they are willing to go.

LIFE is world-class leadership training for the common man and woman. One doesn’t need royal blood or billionaire roots to enjoy the fruits of leadership and opportunity available in a true free-enterprise environment. In fact, all it takes is the hunger to grow and change. LIFE Leadership, in a word, is helping the common person become uncommon.  Has the reader ever dreamed of doing something uncommon with his life? Then what are you waiting for? The uncommon life is available to anyone who is willing to do the common things uncommonly well consistently.

Guy’s message is embedded below.


Orrin Woodward

26 Responses to “Good Companies Make Money; Great Companies Make Meaning”

  1. Juan Alcala said

    Well said sir! This is a great example of what LIFE Leadership is all about.

  2. Carrianne Hall said

    Great blog Orrin! I love and appreciate all that the Life business stands for and represents! Thank you for leading the charge in “Having fun, Making Money and Making a Difference” God Bless

  3. I am so proud to be a member of LIFE Leadership! Thanks Orrin for creating such an amazing company in every way!

  4. Powerful Orrin! Another reason why I love LIFE leadership so much! Thanks for sharing.

  5. John Lewis said

    Excellent article Orrin! We are thrilled to be associated with such a fine organization as LIFE. I appreciate your blog so much.

  6. John Hatchell said

    Great Post…Simple plan to follow…nuggetness…at Lexington County Sheriff’s Dept our mission statement is “To provide professional Law Enforcement services that Enhance the Quality of Life for all people in Lexington County” Orrin don’t ever stop helping us around you my brother…and awesome teamship on the B ball games !!!

  7. That is awesome Orrin! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Albert Maglines said

    The definition of LIFE Leadership is so clear and our mission is made straight. Thank you for sharing this information that again gives us direction and a purpose beyond our own needs. We can make a difference, we can affect change, we can influence and change the direction of where this country goes..one leader at a time. Thanks Orrin

  9. Great post! Thank you!

  10. Nancy Pope said

    Thanks Orrin. Our information changes lives!
    Loving LIFE

  11. Dave said

    Thanks for pointing this out Orrin and Tim. These are Great nuggets that we all can use in our leadership journey.

  12. I have never heard of LIFE leadership training, thank you for taking the time and sharing an example with me.

  13. Peggi Kern said

    I am so glad to be part of a community that has all 3 of the principles Guy Kawasaki talks about in his video. Thanks, Orrin! The LIFE Leadership company is all about making meaning in people’s lives. It definitely has in my family!

  14. Aaron said

    Awesome blog Orrin!! Yes, the common man creating uncommon results by doing the common things uncommonly well consistently!

  15. Ryan Lopez said

    Amazing blog sir! This is exactly the reason why I am so proud and blessed to be a member of LIFE! Thank you!

  16. Luis Nunez said

    Thank you Orrin for stepping outside your comfort zone and creating such an amazing organization where leaders are developed and dreams become possible! excellent article and im truely blessed and honored to be apart of LIFE!

  17. Scott Russell said

    A great video describing LIFE :))

  18. Judy Stockdale said

    Thanks Orrin and all the LIFE Leadership Leaders that has made this opportunity stand out in GREATNESS. At the time of this reading and typing, I was not able to view the video, but I’m sure it was good and meaningful.

  19. Janet Johnson said

    This is an AMAZING synopsis of the LIFE purpose/business. So proud to be a part of the LIFE community. Thank you, Orrin, Laurie and all of the LIFE Founders!

  20. Thank you for this blog and the LIFE company! I was going through some old tax info the other days and checking statements from other companies we have worked with…..a definite difference in income. You can’t even begin to compare. On our way to a million!

  21. CJ Calvert said

    Thanks Orrin, fantastic message on the power of LIFE Leadership!

  22. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin,

    Great blog! Life has so much to offer from every aspect of person from customer to Life changer everyone wins! Win/win is the only way!
    Proud to be part of Life!

  23. wes said

    Great post orrin! Its amazing how this company is designed to educate and inspire!

  24. Norm Bacheldor said

    I forwarded your excellent blog post to Mary K Bush. I figured that she would be inspired by it, and one never knows upon which shore the information wave will break. Mary is an acquaintance who is currently on the Board of Marriot International, and in her public career was a director of the International Monetary Fund and board of Fannie Mae.
    Thanks for your excellent blog posts.

    Ps. I thought I would mention how I met Mary, because it would not have happened without the skill-sets learned through LIFE Leadership. I was standing under a shade tree, waiting for the 4th of July parade to begin in Aspen. I started talking with Mary and “Oh really why is that?…how did you get started…how interesting etc” And it indeed was very interesting talking with her, nothing contrived. It turns out we have some mutual friends etc.
    In the conversation she mentioned that she was appointed to various posts by President Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 (her words), and is close friends with Bush 43…I assume not many people have his cell phone.

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