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Claude Hamilton’s Book: Toughen Up

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 22, 2013

Claude and Lana Hamilton: Toughen Up

Claude and Lana's House

Claude and Lana’s House

Claude Hamilton’s new book has been released and the early reports from readers is fantastic! Claude’s style and attitude permeate the book with a posture that helps people, well, toughen up. 🙂 What an impressive story Claude and Lana Hamilton have moving from broke kids in the military to wealthy business owners with one of the nicest houses in the posh district of Atlantic Canada. Dreams come true for those who are true to their dreams and Claude and Lana model this daily. For many others had the same opportunity to grow and change, but fell victim to their own stinking-thinking. The Hamilton’s, in contrast, allowed the challenges to strengthen their resolve and convictions as they changed to become champions. Here is a short video on Claude’s new book Toughen Up from LIFE Leadership.


Orrin Woodward

25 Responses to “Claude Hamilton’s Book: Toughen Up”

  1. Jon said

    Reading this book right now! Loved the chapter on Relationships, a few deep relationships trump many shallow ones every time.

  2. Orrin, you got it right when you said “Claude’s style and attitude permeate the book with a posture that helps people”… At first when I heard he was writing a book, I hoped his writing would be in the same style (direct & to the point) as his speaking. And it is. As a real close friend of Claude’s, it’s almost as if I can hear Claude talking as I read his book. Very well written and great book!

  3. Troy Gallant said

    Hi Orrin, I can’t wait to dive into this book. Claude Hamilton has definately helped me toughen up in my journey and change my life. With Claude in my corner, I can move mountains. He is a great friend and a amazing leader.

    Troy and Bonnie
    Kaizen Vanguard

  4. Imelda Roman said

    Looking forward to reading another great publication from Obstacles Press. Mr Hamilton story is inspiring!

  5. Fantastic book!

  6. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I have always loved hearing Claude and Lana talk about the peaks and valleys that led them to success. I purchased the book this weekend at convention. I can’t wait to start reading it! Thank you Claude for sharing your journey.

  7. I love hearing Claude’s stories on CD so reading it in print will be just as awesome if not better! Thanks Claude for always setting the example!

  8. Wendy Crockett said

    Hi Orrin,

    I started reading this book last night and there are so many nuggets just in the first two chapters that I felt like I was highlighting everything! If this is how the book starts, I cannot wait to get back at it tonight to learn more! As Joce said, it feels as if Claude is right there speaking to me – and he doesn’t even know me…yet!) 🙂

  9. Jeremy Pottberg said

    Got the book earlier this month and was able to read it before the Major. Then was fortunate enough to meet Claude during the book signing and had it autographed. The Chapter on Passion was probably my favorite section of the book, page 165 especially.

  10. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin!

    Claude & Lana are an amazing couple who through their experience of not giving up will help mold many people to come! It’s a please to know them and one day as well as you do!
    See you in Ottawa
    God Bless

  11. keith sieracki said

    Great personal story!!!

  12. Carrianne Hall said

    Hey Orrin,

    Looking forward to getting a signed copy this weekend in Ottawa!!

    Claude is passionate about all he does! The Hamiltons are Kaizen ~ on a quest for excellence. This will surly be a book that you go back to again and again!!

    Proud of him and Lana for all they do for the Life Business and there community. Blessed to know and be apart of there lives.

    Thank you Orrin, with you coming into all our lives we can truly ” Make a Difference” !

    God Bless

  13. I simply cannot wait to read Claude’s book. I’ve been working with Claude for over 1 year now, and I can say that he doesn’t just talk the talk. That man really walks in what he believes! I love how he uses life’s experiences as personal growth in his life. Integrity all the way… and very worthy to be listened to. Many blessings being released on his book, to change more and more lives!!! <3

  14. Nancy Monsipapa said

    Loving Claude’s book! It’s packed with great nuggets about Courage, Sacrifice, and what it takes to succeed…. I can’t wait to read it a second time.

  15. Claude’s book is incredible… written straight from the heart, it connects with your heart with powerful results! Read it and review it on Amazon -> People need to get their hands on great information! Page 161 helped me resolve some nasty self-talk I’ve been struggling with for awhile; this book connects – so I agree with Jeremy above; the chapter on Passion connected with me too… and the chapter on Courage… and Tenacity… and well, read the book!

  16. Steve Meixner said

    Read it! Awesome story! Fun and easy to read. Entertaining and educational also. Being a former Swabby myself I can relate to Claude well. Former Military members will relate well and the lessons Claude teaches are great for the Civilian world. Great book, Thanks Claude,

  17. John hatchell said

    Recieved it yesterday morning finished it for first time at 1143pm,,,pumped , it’s just what I needed to hear at the right time!! I needed to hear the story dream struggle VICTORY!! Claude and Lana earned their success, Champs!!

  18. Jeremy Pethke said

    I have never seen my fiancé,Samantha, so drawn into and excited about a book before. That book has really helped her step up her leadership! Thank you Claude for the book and thank you Orrin for the post. You guys are really making a huge difference out there, one book at a time!
    God bless!

  19. Adam Rossman said

    I am loving this book! So many good quotes and messages all the way through it.

  20. Antonio Rosselli said

    HI …





  21. Dawn Andermann said

    Just started this book this morning. It is like Claude is sitting here sharing with me. The attitude chapter is inspirational and a great reminder of how much our attitude affects every aspect of our life! Thanks for sharing such inspirational words!

  22. This is a book that sets itself apart from most our leadership books I have read. Claude Hamilton’s amazing stories of over coming and striving for excellence in everything he does is truly inspiring. It is an easy to read book that I found myself not being able to put down. A 5 Star in my books!!

  23. Brittany Schlabach said

    I am so excited about this book! Well done, Claude!!!

  24. JeanetteP said

    Love it Claude! Going to be studying it with my kids:) Great job!

  25. Louise McKeen said

    Thanks to Claude for writing his story and including the nuggets he & Lana have learned while on this journey.The book reads as if Claude is telling it aloud!
    We are blessed to have been introduced to this Business of Life and to have mentors like Claude & Lana. Now to take their information and apply it ourselves and follow along to achieve even some of their level of success. (& I’m not just saying financially 😉 Their children are among many in this business to have parents who see a bigger picture and therefore will help teach others of all area’s of the 8F’s through the tools we have access to.There is HOPE for us,our kids & future generations. =D

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