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Income Tax: The Goose and Golden Eggs

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 8, 2014

I am still plugging along on my new book. The long history of taxation has been both a treat and disappointment to me. On one side, it has been a treat to learn all the various methods that society has sought to check the exploitive State. On the other side, though, it has also been disappointing to realize how many times the State has won this contest against society. LIFE Leadership is a company on a quest to learn truth so it can be shared with others. The only agenda is truth, wherever that may lead in life. Understanding taxation is an important aspect of State/Society truth. More pointedly, understanding the Income Tax, that goose that has laid so many golden eggs for the State at society’s expense is essential. There are few areas in the history of mankind that have been subjected to more Five Laws of Decline outcomes than the taxation policies. Hence, let’s turn to the Income Tax in today’s blog.


Orrin Woodward

USA Income Tax Amendment

USA Income Tax Amendment

Income tax has proven to be the goose that lays the golden eggs for government. Although all governments, even those performing its limited and delegated role, need constant funding, the creation of income tax has led to the unlimited State. Indeed, expecting a limited-government to restrain itself when it has been handed the power to tax the people’s income indiscriminately is like expecting the local drunkard to restrain his drinking when he has a free pass for unlimited drinks from the local brewery. It cannot be emphasized enough that power is an insatiable drug and money is its means of purchase. Hence, any government given a practical unlimited ability to tax (restrained only by society’s rebellion or destruction) will use this power over the purse to build State Power by taxing Social Power. The State’s view of society is akin to a the shepherd over his sheep, namely, seeking to shear them as close as possible without slaughtering them. Montesquieu recognized the State and Social Power and Social symbiotic relationship when he wrote:

The revenues of the state are a portion of that each subject gives of his property in order to secure or to have agreeable enjoyment of the remainder. To fix these revenues in a proper manner, regard should be had both to the necessities of the state and those of the subject. The real wants of the people ought never to give way to the imaginary wants of the state. Imaginary wants are those which flow from the passions, and from the weakness of the governors, from the charms of an extraordinary project, from the distempered desire of vain glory and from a certain impotency of mind incapable of withstanding the attacks of fancy. Often has it happened that minsters of a restless disposition, have imagined that the wants of the state were those of their own little ignoble souls.

The State and society, however, have had an ongoing dispute over the definition appropriate, equitable, and just levels of taxation. Indeed, when John Marshall wrote, “the power to tax is the power to destroy”, he articulated why limiting government’s ability to tax is just as important as limiting as its sphere of operation. In fact, the only proven method for limiting the State has been by limiting its funds. For anytime the funds are available to do so, government’s “force hammer,” has routinely usurped its delegated boundary to becomes the exploiters agent of injustice. Accordingly, if society intends to enjoy its inalienable rights, it must minimize the level of taxation to a limited and equitable amount that permits the government to perform its delegated role. Anything above this minimum amount is dangerous to the inalienable rights of society’s members since government will seek to use these funds to interfere with the SDS. Unhappily, few societies have successfully walked this tightrope and thus why the FLD has historically thrived under government taxation schemes. Taxation has typically been used by the rulers to optimize their profits and power by providing special deals for the few funded by increased taxation upon the many. Tax historian Charles Adams wrote:

A government that taxes excessively is like a spouse that engages in adultery. Its destructiveness is usually not apparent until it is too late. . . A society can best be evaluated by examining who is taxed, what is taxed, and how taxes are assessed, collected, and spent. Those in control of the political process invariably bear lighter tax burdens than those on the outside. . . Taxes are forced exactions. The loss of money through taxation often enrages people and drives them to revolt. Governments, therefore, must face their tax management with the utmost prudence and wisdom. . . A government that shackles its people with grossly inequitable tax laws and despotic enforcement practices loses all moral persuasion with respect to compliance, and can hardly complain if its taxpayers resort to all kinds of schemes to protect themselves . . . The ethics then, of society’s tax policy should develop from two moral maxims: First, it is the duty  – the first duty – of every government to develop just and sound revenue systems. . . Second, it is the duty of every person to pay his (or her) fair share of the costs of maintaining the government that serves and protects them. 

Regrettably, the history of taxation reveals the inability of those in power to lightly shear society’s sheep. As the tax rates increase, the shearing transforms into slaughter as the the people are plundered mercilessly. Moreover, the increased taxes rob the people of the capital needed to grow the SDS. As a result, societal growth slows before it begins its inevitable decline. Although people can endure injustices for extended periods of time, they will not tolerate an unjust tax system indefinitely. If the FLD continues to expand within the tax system, then evasion, exile, and rebellion become the potential paths of action. But when the rebellion against the State’s oppression reaches a certain point, the SDS collapses as either chaos or coercion overthrows societal concord.

18 Responses to “Income Tax: The Goose and Golden Eggs”

  1. Steve zobro said


    Thank you for making the best company in the world based on truth!!! Will dedicate the next 10 yrs of my life 2 spread truth 2 the world! When I die grave will say we spread truth about federal reserve bank! God bless u brothera,

    Steve Paul zobro

  2. Titi said

    Truly, the power to tax is power to destroy! Oh how many companies have fled our shores to places where they can find more equitable tax rates. How many of our cities would still be standing on their own had they understood this principle! How many nations have fallen by following this folly? Your book is long overdue Orrin, the world needs to know the truth about taxation and how it without fail – if taken to the excesses that we are seeing across the US and around the world, it will destroy a nation! I can’t wait for this book!

  3. Lewis M said

    Awesome,thanks for bringing out the truth

  4. Elaine Mallios said

    Great article! What do you expect in taxes this year?

  5. Chad Waters said

    Hi Orrin,

    Great article! Can’t wait for the book and more facts and education on how we created this monster ans how we can fix it.

    God bless

  6. Kevin Hamm said


    Thank you for working so diligently on solutions. I recently shared four of the freedom Cds with an old friend and mentor, Dr Stephen Cushman. A brilliant professor of music history, master pianist and organist, and an undergrad at Harvard when it was $2500/year! He has studied the economy extensively in his retirement years. He is now dying of ALS, very sad, but if ever I knew I was dying, I would want to die like him. He painstakingly typed a two page response to those freedom cds. I’ll pass them to you some time. He passed me the book How the Economy was lost, by Paul Craig Roberts. I read it the other day as I avoided the sub zero cold of Wisconsin. In my opinion, Roberts’ approach, though not left or right, does not come close to what you are proposing. It seems so many have an awareness of what is wrong but have not systematically attempted a solution. Continue on the line you are on. I believe much good will come of it. My good friend Dr. Cushman’s only concern was that enlightenment thinking, apart from God, and, specifically the saving work of Jesus Christ, is a futile path. He cautioned that “at the theological base, the Enlightenment is overtly hostile to Biblical Christianity and its own Hebrew origins.” He continued, “that the constants of unregenerate human nature make the appeal to ‘social freedom’ an impossible vision. Should one give up trying? Heavens no!” , but it was his opinion that “the appeal to freedom will forever remain a conundrum to its supporters.” On that note, I would say that the conundrum of the power pendulum, may never be fully resolved in human controlled government, but I believe that your line of thinking could definitely provide some welcomed relief. I am confident you have solid answers to my good friends concerns. I assured him of your solid theological base.:) I am looking forward to your new book. Your efforts have completely impacted my purpose in life of which I believe there will be much fruit, God willing. Thank you

  7. Luke Barnett said

    Thanks Orrin! I can’t wait for this book to be done, I’m learning so much from your posts. It’s really amazing to see all this information come together and to read the final product is going to be awesome!

  8. Bill schmidt said

    Great article Orrin, this book is going to wake a lot of people up on what’s going on with our controlling and out of control government. The people need to be educated on what’s going on around them and learn to not just do what the government says. Stand up for your Freedom America or we as a society are going to lose it!!
    We get to everyday Orrin because of you ,to go out and share this information with everyone we can and lead people to the TRUTH!!
    Thanks Orrin ,
    God Bless

  9. Clint Fix said

    Excellent article Orrin! I can’t wait until the book comes out!

  10. David Fidler said

    Question for you. Perhaps you will address this in your book.

    In this article you broach the subject of the impact of taxation on government and how the FLD play into it. In recent decades our government has “reduced” taxes a few times and has shown meager results of an improved economy, but apparently not sufficient to create a strong argument to the naysayers that increased taxes make any real negative impact. Granted the vision of many seem to be not much beyond the past decade or two of life. My question is this: Doesn’t taxation and regulation go hand in hand? Isn’t the impact of reducing taxes severely mitigated by the level of regulations/laws that our government has in place?

    Thanks for the good work and I want you to know you are severely teasing us with these excepts as we await the final book. 😉

  11. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    This book is going to be such an awakening!! Thank you for the breakdown and deep concern and action towards change. You have started the movement!!

  12. Steve Meixner said

    Great Work Orrin! I’m wondering just how close we are to that last Line of yours? Thanks Orrin,

  13. claude hamilton said

    OW, I am excited for your book to be released!

  14. Don Schultz, Team VIP Phalanx said

    Orrin, thank you for your diligence in studying and also your ability to communicate, in oral and written forms.

    As I was reading your article I was thinking of taxation in regard to what Oliver DeMille wrote in his book “We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident”. Because man has a sinful nature he/she will invariably seek to exert control over those people around him. One of the ways a national government garners increasing power is to control more of the money flow. Taxes and government expenditures are ways this happens, almost under the very noses of most of the American citizenry.

    God bless you as you seek to greatly impact this great country of ours.

  15. Kirk Birtles said

    Orrin, The sheep are getting slaughtered with no end in sight! Cant wait for the book my friend!! Thanks for being a leader worth following!!!

    God bless, kb

  16. Steven Tokarski said

    Read in Book of Samuel today about the Israelites wanting a king. God told Samuel to remind them of the taxes the king would want the people chose “security” over freedom. Do we ever learn?

  17. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, every post serves to whet my appetite for your upcoming book. Fantastic blog

  18. Brenda Most said

    Wow! So many people need to hear this! Can’t wait for your book! Thank you for all you do!

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